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Teacher Notes, ACPS will utilize a theme approach to integrate the English strands of reading writing research and communication To the extent possible a. variety of genres should be utilized during a unit of study Best practices include. Paired texts Paired texts can include books plays articles poems functional text graphics or digital media. Use of text dependent questions QAR,Use of inference questions QAR. Use of text based vocabulary,Writing components in every lesson. Frequent research components, ACPS Literacy Plan outlines seven comprehension strategies that will be incorporated during units of study throughout the reading process. Strategies are conscious flexible plans a reader applies to a variety of texts both narrative and expository The use of strategies implies. awareness reflection and interaction between the reader and the author Strategies do not operate individually or sequentially but are interrelated. and recursive The goal is the active construction of meaning and the ability to adapt strategies to varying reading demands Vogt Verga 1998. Explicit teaching and modeling of the strategies is necessary to assist students in learning to use them independently to make sense of the text they. Monitoring Comprehension Metacognition,Predicting Activating Background Knowledge Schema.
Questioning,Visualizing,Determining Importance,Summarizing Synthesizing. ACPS utilizes Thinking Maps in order for students to create mental visual patterns for thinking based on the fundamental thinking processes. ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 1, The following are examples of reading skills associated with each of the maps These can be expanded upon based on teacher discretion. Predictions Summarizing Making Connections Ask Answer Questions. Story Elements BME Problem Solution Main,Idea Details etc. Character Analysis Fact Opinion Context Clues Author s Purpose. Vocabulary Multi Meaning Words Locate Information Cause Effect. Affixes Compound Words Phonics,Homophones Synonyms Antonyms. All resources and products listed within this document are for guidance purposes. ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 2, Content Knowledge for Implementation of the Standards.
taken from 2010 VDOE English Curriculum Framework,Authorship Who constructed the message. Format This is not just the medium being used but also how the creators used specific elements for effect i e color sound emphasis on certain. words amateur video kids voices, Audience Who is the person or persons meant to see the message How will different people see the message. Content This is not just the visible content but the embedded content as well which includes underlying assumptions of values or points of view. facts and opinions may be intermixed, Purpose Why is the message being sent is it meant to persuade inform entertain sell or a combination of these. Auditory media can be heard e g music radio shows podcasts. Visual media can be viewed e g television video Web based materials print ads. Written media includes text e g newspapers magazines books blogs. Close up only shows part of a subject usually in great detail. Long shot often establishes the scene car driving up to a hotel or an overview of a city. Medium shot shows the whole subject a person car etc. Simile figures of speech that use the words like or as to make comparisons. Hyperbole intentionally exaggerated figures of speech. Metaphor a comparison equating two or more unlike things without using like or as. Imagery is the use of words to recreate sensory impressions Verbal imagery is most often visual but imagery may also be words that recreate. sound smell taste or touch impressions,ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 3. Haiku a 17 syllable delicate unrhymed Japanese verse usually about nature. Limerick a 5 line rhymed rhythmic verse usually humorous. Ballad a songlike narrative poem usually featuring rhyme rhythm and refrain. Free verse poetry with neither regular meter nor rhyme scheme. Rhyme recurring identical or similar final word sounds within or at the ends of lines of verse e g farm harm. Rhythm the recurring pattern of strong and weak syllabic stresses. Repetition repeated use of sounds words or ideas for effect and emphasis. Alliteration repetition of initial sounds e g picked a peck of pickled peppers. Onomatopoeia the use of a word whose sound suggests its meaning e g buzz. Definitions which define words within the text, Signal words which alert readers that explanations or examples follow.
Direct explanations which explain terms as they are introduced. Synonyms which provide a more commonly used term, Antonyms which contrast words with their opposites. Inferences which imply meaning and help readers deduce meaning. Composing the structuring and elaborating a writer does to construct an effective message for readers. Written expression those features that show the writer purposefully shaping and controlling language to affect readers. ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 4, Usage mechanics the features that cause written language to be acceptable and effective for standard discourse. Voice shows an author s personality awareness of audience and passion for his or her subject It adds liveliness and energy to writing. Tone is used to express an author s attitude toward the topic. Modifier an adjective an adverb or a phrase or clause acting as an adjective or adverb. Coordination joining words phrases clauses or sentences by using appropriate coordinating conjunctions. Subordination establishing the relationship between an independent and a dependent clause by using appropriate subordinate conjunctions. Indefinite pronouns refer to a person s or thing s not specifically named and include all any anyone both each either everybody many none. Primary source is an original document or a firsthand or eyewitness account of an event. Secondary source discusses information originally presented somewhere else Secondary sources provide analysis interpretation or evaluation of. the original information,ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 5. The VDOE Curriculum Framework should be utilized when preparing units found in this curriculum map. http www doe virginia gov testing sol standards docs english index shtml. NINE WEEKS 1, Division Required Assessments ACPS Writing Prompt narrative NW1 Division Reading Writing Assessment. Ongoing Assessments Common Assessments, THEME Strategic Reading and Thinking Introduction to Seven Comprehension Strategies.
SKILLS TARGETED Genre Characteristics, STRATEGY FOCUS Background Knowledge Making Connections Determine Importance Question Visualize Infer Predict Draw Conclusions. Summarize Synthesize Self Monitor Metacognition, APPROXIMATE TIME Comprehension Strategies Weeks 1 2. COMMUNICATION READING WRITING RESEARCH RECOMMENDED POSSIBLE. MULTIMODAL RESOURCES PRODUCTS,LITERACIES Including Paired. 6 1a c d Listen actively 6 4f Extend general and 6 7a d Engage in writing 6 9b Collect and Mentor texts trade Annotations of. and speak using cross curricular as a recursive process organize information books teacher selected. appropriate discussion vocabulary through choose audience use from multiple sources Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella b y literature. rules participate in speaking listening prewriting strategies Tony Johnston. collaborative reading and writing organize to fit topic A Chair for My Mother by Interactive notes for. discussions and ask Vera Williams future reference. questions for clarity 6 5f Draw conclusions 6 8a c The student will Henry Freedom b y Ellen. and make inferences self and peer edit for Levine Strategy bookmarks. 6 2b Use language and using the text for subject verb Love that Dog b y Sharon. vocabulary appropriate support agreement Creech Thinking Maps. to audience topic and pronoun antecedent describing strategies. purpose 6 5k 6 6k Use reading agreement consistent CommonLit Circle Map defining. strategies to monitor verb tense Teacher Tamer by Avi Bubble Map. comprehension fiction describing, 6 8g Use correct spelling Joan Benoit 1984 U S Double Bubble Map. 6 5g Identify the for frequently used Olympic Gold Medalist comparing Tree Map. characteristics of a words by Rina Ferrarelli categorizing. variety of genres nonfiction,See related media clips Thinking Maps Sorts to.
6 6e Draw conclusions as well comprehend for Genre. and make inferences Varieties Tree Map,ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 6. using the text for Double Bubble Map,support Newsela Circle Map. Linked Text set for B Write a reflective writing, 6 6 j Analyze ideas within Movie Reviews piece about the. and between selections application of the,providing textual Functional Text strategies. evidence Sample Explanations,Additional Resources,VDOE Released Writing.
ACPS Literacy Plan,THEME Overcoming Obstacles, SKILLS TARGETED Elements of a Narrative Structure Main Idea Details nonfiction Summarizing Sequencing Character. protagonist antagonist Development and Character Traits Conflict internal external Resolution Compare Contrast Drawing Conclusions and. Making Inferences Context Clues,SKILLS SPIRALED n a. STRATEGY FOCUS Background Knowledge Making Connections Determine Importance Visualize Infer Predict Draw Conclusions. Summarize Synthesize Self Monitor Metacognition,APPROXIMATE TIME Overcoming Obstacles Weeks 3 5. COMMUNICATION READING WRITING RESEARCH RECOMMENDED POSSIBLE. MULTIMODAL RESOURCES PRODUCTS,LITERACIES Including Paired. 6 1a b Listen actively 6 4a b c Identify word 6 7a d Engage in writing 6 9a b c Formulate and Elements of Literature Personal autobiography. and speak using origins and derivations as a recursive process revise research Just Once in Collection 1 or biography poem. appropriate discussion use roots affixes choose audience use questions collect and Pair with YouTube clip. rules participate as a synonyms and antonyms prewriting strategies organize information Cal Stanford The Play Participate in research. facilitator and use context and sentence organize to fit topic evaluate analyze to beat the Band about biographical. contributor in a group structure to determine credibility of sources The Land I Lost in characters using. word meanings 6 7e f Write a narrative Collection 5 multiple mediums. 6 1j Work respectfully to include plot elements 6 9e f Avoid plagiarism The Sneetches in. with others and show 6 4e Use word reference and establishes a by following ethical and Collection 7 Group presentation to. ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 7, value for individual materials central idea legal guidelines for The Mysterious Mr compare and contrast.
contributions 6 5a Identify the elements incorporating evidence gathering and using Lincoln in Collection 6 multiple biographical. of narrative structure and maintaining an information characters using. 6 2a d The student will including setting organized structure demonstrate ethical use Flocabulary story various mediums. create multimodal character plot conflict of the Internet element rap Google slides Prezi. presentations that and theme 6 7h j Write a Rap Link Student Artistic. effectively multiparagraph Creations Powerpoint, communicate ideas 6 5c Explain how an compositions using Newsela etc. author uses character transitional words and Tammi Jo Shults. 6 3b Identify the development to drive phrases with with Southwest Airlines Pilot Narrative about. characteristics and conflict and resolution elaboration and unity Honored for Courage by overcoming obstacles. effectiveness of a enhancing the central Washington Post. variety of media 6 5f Draw conclusions idea tone and voice Entrepreneurs Steve Thinking Maps Graphic. messages and make inferences Jobs by Biography com Organizers to illustrate. using the text for support 6 8a d The student will editors comprehension Flow. self and peer edit for Map for sequencing and, 6 5i Compare Contrast subject verb CommonLit Tree Map for main. details in literary and agreement y,Little Things are Big b ideas details transfer. informational nonfiction pronoun antecedent Jose Colon into writing. texts agreement consistent Louis Armstrong by, verb tense as well as Jessica McBirney Complete participation. 6 5k 6 6k Use reading eliminate double See related media clips rubrics on peers and. strategies to monitor negatives as well self,comprehension.
6 8e Use quotation Functional Interactive notes for. 6 6b c d Identify main marks with dialogue Informational Texts future reference. idea summarize VDOE Practice Guide p, supporting details and 6 8f Choose adverbs to 22 42. create an objective describe verbs,summary adjectives and other Roots Affixes. adverbs Resources,6 6e Draw conclusions Teacher s Guide. and make inferences 6 8g Use correct spelling Sample. based on explicit and for frequently used Roots Affix Practice. implied information words,Additional Resources,Teacher Student. Selected Biographies,and Autobiographies,Consult librarian and or.
ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 8,Gifted Hands Ben. Carson autobiography,Short documentary and,news clips YouTube. Ted Talks Current Event,News Commercials,Scholastic News. THEME Friendship, SKILLS TARGETED Figurative Language Imagery Cause and Effect. SKILLS SPIRALED Elements of Narrative Structure setting character character traits plot conflict theme Main Idea and Details Sequencing. ACPS 6th GRADE ELA PACING GUIDE June 2019 7 value for individual contributions 6 2a d The student will create multimodal presentations that effectively communicate ideas 6 3b I dentify the characteristics and effectiveness of a variety of media messages materials 6 5a I dentify the elements of narrative structure including setting character plot conflict and theme 6 5c Explain

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