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2 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE P2 EC SEPTEMBER 2018,NOTE TO MARKERS. This marking memorandum is intended as a guide for markers. Candidates responses must be considered on their merits. MARKING GUIDELINES, Wherever a candidate has answered more than the required number of. questions mark only the first answer response The candidate may not. answer the essay and the contextual question on the same genre. In SECTION A if a candidate has answered all four questions on seen. poems mark only the first two, In SECTIONS B and C if a candidate has answered two contextual or two. essay questions mark the first one and ignore the second If a candidate. has answered all four questions mark only the first answer in each section. provided that one contextual and one essay has been answered. If a candidate gives two answers where the first one is wrong and the next. one is correct mark the first answer and ignore the next. If answers are incorrectly numbered mark according to the memo. If a spelling error affects the meaning mark incorrect If it does not affect. the meaning mark correct, Essay question If the essay is shorter than the required word count do not. penalise because the candidate has already penalised him herself If the. essay is too long consider and assess a maximum of 50 words beyond the. required word count and ignore the rest of the essay. Contextual questions If the candidate does not use inverted commas when. asked to quote do not penalise, Answers to contextual questions must be assessed holistically Part marks.
should be awarded in proportion to the fullness of the response to each. Copyright reserved Please turn over,EC SEPTEMBER 2018 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE P2 3. SECTION A POETRY,QUESTION 1 PRESCRIBED POETRY ESSAY QUESTION. The Garden of Love William Blake, In a well planned essay of 250 300 words about ONE page discuss how the poet. used the TITLE IMAGERY and PUNCTUATION to help create the MOOD of the. TITLE The title proves to be ironic Initially it creates the expectation that the. poem will be a love poem that it will describe the delights of a literal or figurative. garden but it is not It is the opposite Thus the irony of the title creates the. sombre mood of the poem, IMAGERY The poem has three stanzas There is a development in each one. In the first stanza the speaker returns to a green garden in which he used to. play It suggests pleasant times even Innocence In the second stanza the. garden has been replaced with a forbidding Chapel Its doors are shut and no. entry is allowed into the Chapel The green garden has been replaced by a. Chapel that cannot be entered Figuratively the freedom of the garden has been. restricted by the Chapel s presence The image of a chapel that instructs Thou. shalt not suggests that the Church has become hostile it no longer provides a. green garden The mood changes from a pleasant one to one of enmity In the. last stanza the images of graves tomb stones and black gowns are in direct. contrast to the green garden of the first stanza The priests in black gowns are. ominous and threatening Instead of sweet flowers there are now binding. briars that cause pain The presence of the Chapel and the Priests has created. a malevolent mood, PUNCTUATION The use of capital letters in the first stanza shows that the.
Garden probably is a reference to the Garden of Eden it is a figurative garden. that has familiar connotative ambiguous meanings The Chapel that has. replaced the Garden is also capitalised it indicates the Church and her powers. rather than a small place of worship The phrase Thou shalt not ends in a full. stop in the middle of the line to highlight the finality of the command The use of. capital letters and the full stop in the middle of the line add to the stifling mood. the church will not allow freedom such as a garden would give a child in which. to play That innocence is prohibited which helps create an oppressive mood. Copyright reserved Please turn over,4 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE P2 EC SEPTEMBER 2018. QUESTION 2 PRESCRIBED POETRY CONTEXTUAL QUESTION, somewhere i have never travelled gladly beyond EE Cummings. 2 1 your eyes have their silence line 2,Identify and explain the figure of speech. It is a metaphor 1, Eyes cannot be silent The speaker experiences the eyes as. mysterious difficult to understand interpret 1 2, 2 2 Refer to stanza 2 What do the contradictions in unclose line 5 closed.
line 6 and open line 7 signify about the relationship between the speaker. and the other person, Despite his efforts to remain closed this person has the power to. open his heart emotions easily, He cannot shut himself off closed from her love she can unclose. his emotions by touching skillfully mysteriously 2. 2 3 Refer to stanza 4 Identify the tone the speaker creates when he describes. his feelings Quote in support of your answer,Tone intense accepting obliging. He says that nothing compares to the effect the person has on him. it is a new destination, The person compels him to experience love emotions He has no. His love is intense he loves forever until death rendering death. and forever with each breathing He has succumbed to it and it will. remain with him until he dies, Award 2 marks for discussion of feelings 1 mark for tone 3.
2 4 Critically comment on the poet s use of pronouns. He uses first i we and second you person throughout. It emphasises the intimacy of the relationship it suggests a. closeness and immediacy which supports that idea that it is a love. By using the lower case i the speaker s insignificance and. powerlessness are emphasised 3,Copyright reserved Please turn over. EC SEPTEMBER 2018 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE P2 5,QUESTION 3 PRESCRIBED POETRY CONTEXTUAL QUESTION. FIRST DAY AFTER THE WAR Mazisi Kunene, 3 1 Refer to the whole poem Why is the image of a wedding party appropriate. Weddings are happy occasions Similarly the end of war is a. happy occasion, Weddings symbolise the joining of two different families. Similarly two different groups i e different races are joined in. marriage 2,3 2 Comment on the personification in lines 4 6.
The use of feminine pronouns she her indicates a new. beginning Females represent birth life, Feminine images are usually associated with nurture kindness. life It ties in with the main idea of liberation from the harshness of. The gradual emergence of the female shape is friendly a smile. and contrary to the war that has just ended, Award 2 marks for any 1 explanation well discussed 2. 3 3 In lines 9 11 references are made to open and rural places Critically. discuss how this contributes to your understanding of the poem s context. The news of Apartheid s collapse affected everybody also those. in the most remote areas, The image of an open space is in contrast with the restrictive. Apartheid laws which inhibited movement,Award 3 marks for 2 ideas well discussed 3. 3 4 How does the poet use repetition in lines 12 15 to set the tone in the poem. All 4 lines start with the pronoun we, The repetition emphasises unity cohesion even reconciliation.
The list of things that people we did together underlines the joy. of sharing experiences,Tone joyful hopeful conciliatory. Award 2 marks for discussion of repetition 1 mark for tone 3. Copyright reserved Please turn over,6 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE P2 EC SEPTEMBER 2018. QUESTION 4 PRESCRIBED POETRY CONTEXTUAL QUESTION,MOTHO KE MOTHO KA BATHO BABANG Jeremy Cronin. 4 1 Explain the relevance of the title, The title s suggestion that humans are dependent on one another is. underlined in the poem which describes the prisoners support of one. another under the eagle eyes of the prison warders 2. 4 2 How does the structure of the poem reflect the relationship between the. wardens and the prisoners, The explanations are given as indented lines which underlines the.
division separateness between the two groups 2, 4 3 Given the context discuss critically the poet s use of different languages. The languages are all South African which makes the poem South. The wardens speak Afrikaans They represent Apartheid and the. reason many prisoners are in jail, Language is used for communication In this case the prisoners had. designed their own sign language to communicate secretly They. were not allowed to do so, The different languages indicate the social structures complexity of. Apartheid South Africa, Award 2 marks for explanation 1 mark for interpretation of context 3. 4 4 What is the tone of the poem Explain your answer by closely referring to the. The tone is defiant subversive, The prisoners are united in their plight brother They have.
developed ways to communicate despite the wardens attempts to. control them, The image of the black fist in the speaker s mirror symbolises the. resistance, Award 1 mark for tone and 2 marks for 2 relevant explanations 3. Copyright reserved Please turn over,EC SEPTEMBER 2018 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE P2 7. QUESTION 5 UNSEEN POETRY CONTEXTUAL QUESTION,ONE SUMMER Steve Turner. 5 1 Refer to stanza 1 Was the separation a permanent arrangement Explain. your answer,No no mark, The separation was just for a single summer not permanently 2.
5 2 Discuss how the poet s use of unusual words in line 2 and line 12 indicates. the speaker s attitude, The repetition of images related to airflight emphasises the. speaker s attitude He experiences loss and loneliness because the. other person is far away He is disconsolate, aeroplaned line 2 emphasises that the person left by air It is a. fact the speaker saw the plane leave He has been left behind. airletter line 12 indicates a letter sent by aeropleane which. continues the idea that the pair is separated by a long distance it. can only be covered by sending the letter by air, Award 1 mark for attitude and 2 marks for explanations 3. 5 3 Explain how the poet maintains the extended metaphor. The metaphor is based on flying by aeroplane, In the first stanza the speaker refers to the cost of aeroplane tickets. that prevents him from joining his partner, In the second stanza the speaker uses the unusual word airletter.
to show how communication can only now be by letter sent by. In the last stanza the speaker refers to hijacking and landing. Award 3 marks for 3 ideas 3, 5 4 Refer to the last stanza Hijackerplane and crash land are usually. associated with disastrous events Why do you think does the poet use. these words here, The speaker misses his companion so much that he will do anything. to be with her His feelings for her especially when she is away are. intense as are disastrous events, He uses these terms to express his frustration rather than anything. sinister 2,TOTAL SECTION A 30,Copyright reserved Please turn over. 8 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE P2 EC SEPTEMBER 2018,SECTION B NOVEL.
QUESTION 6 ESSAY QUESTION THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY. In a carefully planned essay of 400 450 words 2 2 pages in length critically. discuss to what extent Dorian Gray s character shaped his life. NOTE This is a guide Consider other relevant answers. To a large degree Mostly Dorian s life and death turns out to be of his. own making, As a young and innocent man Dorian Gray is strikingly beautiful He is. made aware of his exceptional beauty by Lord Henry whose flattering. remarks are supported by Basil Hallward who paints a portrait of Dorian. that confirms how beautiful he is, When Dorian realises how beautiful he is his own beauty came on him. like a revelation Lord Henry s warning that his beauty will not last is a. sharp pang of pain He is enchanted by his own beauty and also. enchanted by Lord Henry who opens up a new world that is based purely. on the appreciation of beauty and outward appearance. Lord Henry leads a debauched life He professes that when we are good. we are not always happy Dorian is strongly attracted to this philosophy. and sets out to live a life based on enjoyment and pleasing himself. without much regard for the consequences, Dorian gradually immerses himself into the hedonistic lifestyle. According to Lord Henry the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield. to it and it is exactly what Dorian does He believes that he can do what. he wants because he retains his beautiful youthful looks he does not. age Why would he be good if he gets away with being bad. The argument that Dorian is the victim of Lord Henry s manipulation does. not hold water Dorian chooses to follow Lord Henry s example He is. entranced by his own beauty and the wish that he will not age is enough. to spur him on to lead a degenerate life Lord Henry does influence. Dorian at first but Dorian eventually makes life choices without Lord. Henry s involvement, While he is not looking at the painting he can do what he wants This. includes murdering Basil enticing Adrian Singleton into opium addiction. without any accountability blackmailing Alan Campbell and indulging in. dubious activities that he hides from his society friends. Basil is a good person whose love for Dorian is obvious and true He. wants what is best for him and shows concern when he sees Lord. Henry s undue influence on Dorian Yet Dorian remains unmoved by. Basil s presence, Sibyl Vane probably loved Dorian He rejects her when she does not.
perform in a way that pleases him He is callous in the way that he deals. The languages are all South African which makes the poem South African The wardens speak Afrikaans They represent Apartheid and the reason many prisoners are in jail Language is used for communication In this case the prisoners had designed their own sign language to communicate secretly They were not allowed to do so

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