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This Lesson at a Glance, What Children Will Do Classroom Supplies Learning Lab Supplies. Arrival Welcome Time Receive a Name tags p 8 scissors. Activities warm welcome from the teacher marker tape or safety pins CD. and Cuddles the Lamb,Direct children to, one or more of the Option 1 Growing by Leaps Masking tape. optional activities and Bounds Balance hop and,walk on a tape tightrope. until everyone, arrives Option 2 Dressing Up and Boxes of adult and baby sized. Down Try on different sizes clothing such as shirts shoes. of clothing and see how they re and hats,Pick Up Time Sing a song as CD player.
they help clean up the room, Bible Story Bible Song Sing about the Bible CD player. Time Bible,God Makes Things Grow Flashlight paper cups milk. Interact with sensory items on hard boiled egg apple slices. the StoryBoard as they hear how cotton balls paper sacks or. God makes things grow from envelopes water,Psalms 65 9 13 104 14 147 8 and. Matthew 6 25 30,God Makes Things Grow CD player,Song Sing a song about how. God makes them grow,Bible Let s Grow Play a game where Water.
Activities they help each other grow bigger,and bigger. Interactive Bible Bulletin Children patterns pp 50 51. Board Review the Bible Point scissors tape flashlight. with Cuddles the Lamb as they,create a bulletin board together. Sing It Out Sing a song about CD player,how God makes them grow. Bible Craft Make unusual Pencil marker craft sticks tape. paper hands to show how they re paper scissors, Bible Game Use their paper Paper hands from Bible Craft. hands to act out a growing rhyme, Closing Growing Thank Yous Say a Apple slices napkins.
prayer and have a snack, See the end of this lesson for extra time ideas and supplies. 40 Hands On Bible Curriculum Toddlers 2s,God Makes People Grow. Arrival Activities,n Welcome Time,Repeating the Bible Point over. SUPPLIES name tags p 8 scissors marker tape or safety pins CD player. and over will help the children, Play God Makes Things Grow adapted from 1 Corinthians. track 4 remember it and apply it to their, 3 7 track 4 from the CD as children are arriving lives Help children learn one point.
Use Cuddles the Lamb to help you greet each child by name that will stay with them for days. and with a warm smile and even years to come,Tape or pin a name tag to each child s clothing. Say Today we re going to learn that God makes things. Place Cuddles out of sight so the children won t be distracted by. him during the next activity,n Option 1 Growing by Leaps and Bounds. SUPPLIES 4 foot length of masking tape, Before class tape a 4 foot length of masking tape to the. As children arrive invite them to hop from one end. of the tape to the other Then encourage them to balance. crawl and walk forward and backward on the tape Point out. that when they were little they couldn t walk backward or hop. but now that they ve grown they can do lots of things Remind. children that God makes things grow Tell children that today. they ll learn how God makes people grow so they can do lots. of fun exciting things,n Option 2 Dressing Up and Down. SUPPLIES boxes of adult and baby sized clothing such as shirts shoes and hats. Let children try on clothing of different sizes In one box provide a variety of adult. dress up clothes such as shirts shoes gloves hats and pants In another box place baby. clothing and items such as bonnets booties sweaters and blankets Invite children to. have fun trying on different clothes As children play ask questions such as Why don t. the baby clothes fit and Why do we need big clothes Explain that God helps them. grow bigger and that they don t stay small very long Tell children that God makes. things grow and God is helping them grow this very moment. n Pick Up Time,SUPPLIES CD player, As Arrival Activities draw to a close gently mention that it will.
soon be time to clean up Encourage children to help you pick up. things in the room as you lead them in singing Let s Pick Up All. Our Things track 2 Use the CD and sing the song to the tune of. Hands On Bible Curriculum Toddlers 2s 41,Let s pick up all our things. Let s pick up all our things,Let s pick up all our things. And put them all away,Everyone here can help,Everyone here can help. Everyone here can help,Let s put it all away,Let s pick up all our things. Let s pick up all our things,Let s pick up all our things.
It s time to stop our play,Bible Story Time,n Bible Song. SUPPLIES Bible CD player, tracks 3 11 Say Who makes things grow God makes things grow. How do we know that The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 3. Show children the Bible The Bible is God s special book The. Bible tells us about God and Jesus Let s sing a song about. the Bible Using the CD lead children in singing God s Special. Book track 3 to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat,This is God s special book. Yes it s God s book you see,I learn about all God has done. And his love for me, Say The Bible is God s special book In the Bible we can read all about how.
God makes things grow God makes you grow and God makes me grow. Ask What else does God make grow Pause as children respond. Say It s important to learn about the Bible because the Bible is God s. special story Let s sing a fun song all about the Bible Lead children in singing. The Bible Is God s Special Book track 11 with the CD Play the song several times. if possible Lyrics are on page 24, Say God makes things grow and we can learn all about how God does. that in the Bible Let s learn more,42 Hands On Bible Curriculum Toddlers 2s. God Makes People Grow,n Bible Story God Makes Things Grow. SUPPLIES water flashlight cotton balls apple slices paper cups milk hard boiled. egg paper sacks or envelopes,Before class please check to make sure. the sensory items are still securely attached,so the children can touch them without.
danger of pulling off the items or putting,them into their mouths In addition fill. the little fish squirter from Sensory Packet 3,with water Set a flashlight and cotton balls. behind the StoryBoard Place thinly cut,fresh apple slices in the basket on Panel 3. and have extras to give the children, Fold the StoryBoard back so children see only Panel 1 Say Today. we ll learn that God makes things grow We ll pretend we re. farmers planting seeds Let s stand up and rake with our. pretend rakes Make raking motions Back and forth back and. forth It s hard work to rake a field Now we ll use our pretend. shovels to dig holes to plant seeds Make digging motions Whew This is hot. work Wipe your forehead to show how hot it is, Let s plant our seeds I ll give you some seeds but don t plant them.
yet Hand each child five or six cotton balls When everyone has cotton say When. we count to three toss your seeds in the air Help me count One two three. Toss your seeds Toss the cotton into the air Whee Planting seeds is fun But. now we have to care for our seeds If we care for them God makes things. grow What do seeds need in order to grow They need water Give each child. a turn squeezing the little fish squirter and feeling the mist. God also makes sunshine to help things grow Put your arms in the air. like a big round sun Good Oh you re shining so bright I need to cover my. eyes Shade your eyes Sunshine helps make plants grow big and tall I think. our pretend garden is ready We can pick the plants Here s a bag to put. your plants in Hand paper bags or envelopes to the children and have them gather. the cotton balls from the floor Bring your bags and sit by the StoryBoard Have. children hand you the bags You re good helpers But who really makes things. grow Pause God does God makes good food grow to help people grow big. and strong Let s see what else grows,If you have very young children. in your class let them simply find,Panel 2 and touch StoryBoard pictures and. Hold the StoryBoard on your lap so children see Panels 1 and 2 sensory items Repeat the Bible. Say Let s shine the flashlight on things that grow Invite each Point often and reinforce learning. child to shine the flashlight on an animal or plant picture in Panel 1 with hugs and smiles. or 2 Encourage children to name what they see Then help them say. God makes object grow, Cows and chickens grow They give us food to help us grow. too Hold up a hard boiled egg,Ask What animal lays eggs Chickens I don t know. Hands On Bible Curriculum Toddlers 2s 43, Say Chickens lay eggs for us to eat Let s pass the egg to each other.
Careful Eggs break easily Be sure each child has a turn to hold the hard boiled egg. Ask What do eggs feel like They re cold hard they re white. Point to the cow Say Cows give food to people too Cows give milk to drink. They give milk to make cheese and ice cream Let s taste good cold milk. Hand each child a half filled paper cup of milk to drink If you like milk come ring. the cowbell Pause for children to respond, God helps people grow by giving them good food Let s see what the. family on the StoryBoard is eating today,Fold the StoryBoard so children see only Panel 3. Ask Who s at the dinner table A mommy a daddy a baby a. Say There s a mommy a daddy and a little baby The, people in this family are ready to eat Let s help them say a. prayer Fold your hands Pray Dear God thank you for good food Amen. Let s peek in the basket and see what s for dinner Invite children each to. peek in the basket and then give each child an apple slice to eat The family is having. apples What else is the daddy eating Point to the corn The daddy is eating. corn Yum Rub your tummy to show how good corn tastes Pause We can. touch the corn Let children feel the corn,Ask What color is the corn Yellow. Say Babies are too little to eat apples or corn Let s feed the baby pretend. milk to help the baby grow Let children take turns feeding the baby with the baby. bottle from Sensory Packet 1, After everyone has had a turn say You did a good job feeding the baby.
Babies grow little girls grow and little boys grow You re growing too Let s. sing a song about how God makes things grow,n God Makes Things Grow Song. SUPPLIES CD player, Using the CD lead children in singing God Makes Things. track 4 Grow adapted from 1 Corinthians 3 7 track 4 to the tune of. Jesus Loves Me For extra fun do the motions in parentheses as you. Trees and bees both big and small stand up high then bend low. God s the one who makes them all Spread arms wide, Important Put the StoryBoard God makes things grow every day squat down then slowly rise up. away and out of reach of children And cares for them in lots of ways Place hands on heart. Return the baby bottle and little fish God makes things grow Hold arms out at sides. squirter to the Learning Lab God makes things grow Raise arms higher. God makes things grow raise arms higher,Because he loves us so Place hands on heart. 44 Hands On Bible Curriculum Toddlers 2s,God Makes People Grow.
I am growing big and tall Stand on tiptoe,I m bouncing up just like a ball Jump in the air. God helps us grow every day squat down then slowly rise up. And cares for us in lots of ways Place hands on heart. God makes things grow Hold arms out at sides,God makes things grow Raise arms higher. God makes things grow raise arms higher,Because he loves us so Place hands on heart. Say God makes people grow When people first start out in life they re. little babies Let s see what that s like,Bible Activities. n Let s Grow,SUPPLIES water,Partially fill the fish squirter with water.
Say You boys and girls are getting so big You used to. be little babies but God helped you grow Let s pretend. we re tiny tiny babies Everyone lie on your backs on the. floor Kick your feet and wiggle your arms like a newborn. baby Pause while the children pretend to be new babies. You didn t stay tiny babies for long God made you grow Soon you. could crawl Let s pretend to be crawling babies But remember if we re. crawling babies we still can t talk So you can make some baby noises while. you crawl but you re not ready to talk yet Pause while the children crawl around. And soon after you could crawl God made you grow some more Soon. you could walk Let s pretend to be babies just learning to walk Show the. children how to stand slowly and then take slow careful steps Encourage the children. to join you Pause while the children walk slowly around the room. And now look at you You re even bigger aren t you God makes things. grow God makes babies and people grow, We re going to play a pretend game with our fish squirter We re going to. pretend to grow bigger and bigger when our friend sprinkles us with water. Have each child squat very low to the ground Walk to a child and spray water over. the child s head so that just a little sprinkles down on him or her Show that child how. to grow by slowly standing all the way to tippy toes After that child has grown let. him or her use the fish squirter to help another child grow Make sure each child has a. turn to grow, Say It was fun to pretend to grow from little babies. Ask In real life who made you grow from a tiny baby to the big boy or. girl you are now God did Mommy and Daddy,Who makes people grow God does. Who makes everything grow God does,Hands On Bible Curriculum Toddlers 2s 45. Say God makes everything grow including people Now let s add people. God makes things grow adapted from 1 Corinthians 3 7 Growing Closer to Jesus Children will n understand that God helps them grow n explore ways that show they re getting bigger and n thank God for helping them grow Teacher Enrichment Bible Basis n God makes people grow God s care for the earth provides an image of healthy spirituality In Psalm 1 the person who knows and loves God

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