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Labuan Faculty of International Finance SYNOPSIS 2. FACULTY CORE,GT00103 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING, Principles of Accounting is a course of study that provides an introduction to the principles and techniques that accountants. employ in measuring processing evaluating and communicating information about the financial performance and position. of a business This course helps students to develop an understanding of a range of theoretical and practical techniques. used in accounting It helps to develop skills that should enable them to participate more effectively and responsibly in. today s business environment to improve the management of personal financial activities such as budgeting savings and. investment In addition this course prepares students for post secondary and professional studies in accounting . References, Warren Carl S Reeve James M Duchac Jonathan E 2014 Accounting 25th edition South Western . Wild J J Shaw K W Chiappetta B Kwok W Venkatesh S 2013 Fundamental Accounting Principles Mc Graw Hill . Wild J J Shaw K W Chiappetta B Kwok W 2013 Principles of Financial Accounting Mc Graw Hill . Nobles Mattison Matsumura 2014 Horngren s Financial Managerial Accounting Pearson Education Limited . Needles Powers Crosson 2014 Principles of Accounting Int Edition 12th Edition South Western . GT00303 BUSINESS STATISTIC, This course exposes student to the basic statistics concepts used in business and economics Topics covered in this course. include data ranking frequency distribution table and graph central tendency measurement standard deviation basic. probability theory probability distribution and statistical inferences especially t test F test ANOVA Chi squared regression. and correlation Time series and index numbers will also be included . References, Williams T A Sweeney D J Anderson D R 2012 Essentials of Contemporary Business Statistics 5th edition . South Western Cengage Learning , Levine D M Szabat K A Stephan D F 2016 Business Statistics A First Course 7th edition Pearson .
Sharpe N D De Veaux R D Velleman P 2014 Business Statistics 3rd edition Pearson . Keller G 2012 Managerial Statistics 9th edition South Western . Lind D A Marchal W G Wathen S A 2012 Statistical Techniques in Business Economics 15th edition McGrawHill . GT00403 ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR, This course is designed to help the students or future managers understand human and organisational behavior and develop. interpersonal skills The course will discuss conceptual introduction ideas and theories of organisational behavior as well as. ethical and globalization issues Throughout the course students will have the chance to learn and discuss matters. pertaining management roles workforce diversity individual behavior groups in organizations processes in organisation. and organisation system ,References, MCShane and Von Glinow 2015 Organizational Behavior Emerging Knowledge Global Reality 7th Edition USA . McGraw Hill Irwin , Griffin Moorhead 2014 Organizational Behavior Managing People and Organization 11th Edition USA South Western . Cengage Learning , Schermerhorn John R Jr Hunt James G Osborn Richard N 2011 Organizational Behavior 11th Edition John Wiley . Sons , MCShane and Von Glinow 2009 Organizational Behavior Essential 2nd Edition USA McGraw Hill Irwin Nelson Debra L .
Quick James C 2006 Organizational Behavior 5th Edition Ohio South Western Robbins S P 2005 . Organizational Behavior 11th Edition New Jersey Prentice Hall . GT00503 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, Effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial in enhancing student employment opportunities and. competitiveness in the business environment This course supplements the faculty curriculum with soft skills training to. develop student personality and communication skills . References, Bovee C Thill J 2007 Business Communication Essentials 3rd Edition Pearson Prentice Hall New Jersey . Guffey M E Almonte R 2009 Essentials of Business Communication 6th Canadian Edition Nelson Education . Guffey M E Rhodes K Rogin P 2009 Business Communication Process and Product Nelson Education . Thill J Bovee C 2007 Excellence in Business Communication 7th Edition Pearson Prentice Hall New Jersey . Thill J Bovee C 2005 Business Communication Today 8th Edition Pearson Prentice Hall New Jersey . 3 Labuan Faculty of International Finance SYNOPSIS. GT00603 INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, This course enlightens student the development and the overall trend in international business The core elements of this. course are globalization influence of national culture on national trading business and investment policy laws international. trade and investment theory research ways of entering foreign market multinational corporation and strategic planning. References, Daniels J D RadeBaugh L H Sullivan D P 2015 International Business Environments and Operations 15th Edition . Global Edition New Jersay Pearson , Hill Chales W L Wee C H Undayasankar K 2015 International Business 2nd Edition New York McGraw Hill .
Griffin R W Pustay M W 2010 International Business 6th Edition New Jersay Pearson . Ball D McCulloch W Geringer M Minor M McNett J 2008 International Business The Challenge of Global. Competition 11th Edition New York Irwin McGraw Hill . Czinkota Micheal R Ronkainen Illka A Moffett Mocheal H 2008 International Business 7th Edition Singapore . South Western Cengage Learning , GT00703 MICROECONOMICS. This course is intended to introduce students to concepts and the discipline of microeconomics that will enable them to. understand and analyse structure and performance of the market economy The five key principles of economics the. principle of opportunity cost the marginal principle the principle of diminishing returns the principle of voluntary exchange . and the real nominal principle are addressed and applied repeatedly in different circumstances The course starts with. providing a foundation for more detailed study of individual decision making and markets After a brief introduction the. course proceeds with a closer look at supply and demand including elasticity government actions in market and consumer. behaviour Following this the course explores the production and costs setting the stage for an examination of alternative. market structures including the perfect competition monopoly monopolistic competition and oligopoly . References, Case K E Fair R C Oster S C 2014 Principles of Microeconomics 11th Edition Pearson . Parkin M 2014 Microeconomics 11th Edition Pearson . Besanko D Braeutigam R 2011 Microeconomics 4th Edition USA John Wiley Sons Inc . Sexton R L 2010 Exploring Microeconomics 5th Edition South Western College Publishing . GT00803 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING, Marketing is the business function that identifies customer needs and wants determines which target markets the. organization can serve best and designs appropriate products services and programs to serve these markets It guides the. entire organization The goal of marketing is to create customer satisfaction by building value based relationships with. customers in conjunction with other internal and external business units The end result is gaining market leadership by. understanding consumer needs and finding solutions of superior value quality and service . References, Kotler P Armstrong G 2016 Principles of Marketing 16th Edition Global Edition Pearson Education Prentice Hall . Kotler P Armstrong G 2014 Principles of Marketing 15th Edition Global Edition Pearson Education Prentice Hall . Kotler P Armstrong G 2012 Principles of Marketing 14th Edition Global Edition Pearson Education Prentice Hall . Etzel Micheal J Walker Bruce J Stanton William J 2007 Marketing 14th International Edition New York . McGraw Hill Irwin , Kerin Rojer A Hartley Steven W Rudelius W 2007 Marketing The Core 2nd Edition New York McGraw Hill Irwin .
GT00903 INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT, In the changing environment of management today s managers face a complex web of difficult yet exciting challenges A. solid grounding in management is thus essential to successfully manage and guide organizations This course introduces. students to effective management principles and conduct It not only aims at equipping students with knowledge of. contemporary management concepts and skills but it also demonstrates to students how real managers apply these. concepts and skills In addition students will be equipped with management competence and an understanding of. management s social and ethical responsibilities for their future career . References, Robbins S P Coulter M DeCenzo D A 2015 Fundamentals of Management Essential Concepts and Applications 9th. Edition London Pearson , Robbins S P Coulter M 2015 Management 13th edition Essex Pearson . Bateman T S Snell S A 2015 Management Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World 11th Edition New York . McGraw Hill , Lim G S Chua S B Skulkerewathan U Daft R L 2015 New Era of Management in a Globalized World An Asian. Perspective Singapore Cengage Learning , Kinicki A Williams B 2013 Management A Practical Introduction 6th Edition New York McGraw Hill .
Labuan Faculty of International Finance SYNOPSIS 4. GT01003 MACROECONOMICS, The objective of the course is to provide a basic understanding of concepts and theories in macroeconomics This course. discusses gross national product unemployment consumption and investment aggregate demand and aggregate supply . macroeconomics change and stability economics growth money supply and foreign exchange rate . References, Parkin Micheal 2014 Macroeconomics Global Edition Pearson . Case K E Fair R C Oster S M 2012 Principles of Macroeconomics 10th Edition Prentice Hall . Mankiw N G 2012 Principles of Macroeconomics International Edition 6th Edition Cengage Learning . McConnell C Brue L Flynn S 2011 Macroeconomics 19th Edition McGraw Hill Irwin . O Sullivan A Sheffrin S Perez S 2011 Macroeconomics Principles Applications and Tools 7th Edition Prentice Hall. International ,GT01103 BUSINESS LAWS, The aim of this course is to introduce to the students the general principle of business law in Malaysia The students will be. taught on the important elements of business contract and the laws which govern them Such contract includes the contract. of agency partnership sale of goods and hire purchase The law of negotiable instruments insurance and incorporation will. also be analyzed Apart from learning the theory of business law relevant case law will also be referred to in order for the. students to understand the practical side of the law as well . References, Pheng L M A Detta I J 2009 Bussiness Law 1st edition Oxford University Press . Bidin A 1997 Undang Undang Syarikat di Malaysia Kuala Lumpur DBP . Mohammad Kamil I S 2000 Pengenalan kepada Undang Undang Perniagaan Antarabangsa Universiti Malaysia Sabah . Pheng L M 2005 General Principles of Malaysian Law 5th Edition Shah Alam Fajar Bakti . Pheng L M Samen D 1997 Commercial Law in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MLJ . Yusoh M S Abd Rahman S 1996 Asas Undang Undang Perniagaan di Malaysia Kuala Lumpur DBP Alsagoff S A . 2010 Principles of the Law of Contract in Malaysia 3rd edition lexis nexis . GT01203 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Understanding finance is essential for success regardless of personal life or in one s specific job as everyone have to deal.
with financial matters one way or another This makes it important for everyone especially those who plan to work for. business organization to learn the fundamentals of finance Tasks can be performed better in any business functions if. personnel understand finance Thus this course is designed for all business students not just for finance major The topics. covered are time value of money financial statements and financial markets as part of fundamental concepts of financial. management bonds stocks rates of return interest rates cost of capital and capital budgeting . References, Brigham E F Houston J F 2010 Essentials of Financial Management 2nd Edition Cengage Learning . Block Hirt Danielsen 2009 Foundations of Financial Management 13th Edition McGraw Hill . Brigham Houston 2007 Essentials of Financial Management Thompson Learning . Brooks M Raymond 2010 Financial Management Core Concepts Pearson Education . Brigham Eugene F 2016 Fundamentals of Financial Management 14th Edition Cengage Learning . GT01303 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS FOR BUSINESS, This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge of computer for the purposes of business setting The. course is of its interest to disseminate the real usage of computer for business Along with this the course will touch the very. important topics which are served as the fundamental for computer applications for business Among others are Microsoft. Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access and etcetera These applications on the other hand will. help students to apply them into their working environment in the future . References, Alter S 2002 Information Systems The Foundation of E Business 4th Edition New Jersey Prentice Hall . Turban E Lee J K King D Liang T P Turban D 2009 Electronic Commerce 2010 A Managerial Perspective 6th. Edition United States of America Prentice Hall , Ramachandran N T M 2003 Business Application Using Computers BPB Publications . Gray D 1998 Business Using Your Computer Self Counsel Press . Meyer M W Baber R L Pfaffenberger B 1999 Computers in Your Future 3rd Editio. bachelor of international business international finance with honours bpkp code specialisation he19 international finance bachelor of international finance international and offshore banking with honours bpkp code specialisation he20 international and offshore banking bachelor of international marketing with honours bpkp code specialisation he21 international marketing bachelor of

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