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Share life,give blood,On the cover stills from,the Share life give blood videoclips. Watch them on YouTube,www youtube com watch v njZfIVhRpDM. www youtube com watch v 1av99MkddhA,www youtube com watch v pdb3txuWqUU. 8 African Region,Global Report Celebrations Burkina Faso 8. World Blood Donor Day around Congo 9,C te d Ivoire 10.
the world Ghana 11,Liberia 12,Madagascar 13,South Sudan 14. 4 American Region,O cial Argentina 16,Bermuda 17,Nicaragua 25. speeches Brazil 18 Paraguay 26, Dr Hernan Montenegro 4 Chile 19 St Vincent and the Grenadines 27. Drs Dirk Jan van den Berg 5 Colombia 20 Suriname 28. Costa Rica 21,Ecuador 22,Host country Mediterranean. Global Event Region,Afghanistan 29 Saudi Arabia 35.
The Netherlands,Egypt 30 United Arab Emirates 36,Lebanon 32. Pakistan 33,Palestine 34,European South East Western Paci c. Region Asian Region Region,Czech Republic 37 Bangladesh 40 China 45. Kosovo 38 DPR Korea 41 Fiji 46,Poland 39 Maldives 42 New Zealand 47. Nepal 43 Philippines 48,Thailand 44,WBDD16 GLOBAL REPORT.
Official speech,Dr Hernan Montenegro,Health Systems Adviser WHO. Your Majesty King Willem Alexander It is a privilege and a pleasure to be invited to the same vital blood pumps through all our A safe blood supply is an essential part of any. Mr Dirk Jan van den Berg and Mr Jeroen de Wit this very special occasion World Blood Donor veins Without it none of us can live The act health system and is indispensable for achieving. Board of Directors Sanquin Day has been celebrated annually since 2004 of giving blood is therefore an expression of universal health coverage However many. Representatives of the International Federation with the aim of improving the safety and solidarity with our fellow humans This year s people in the world do not have access to safe. of Blood Donor Organizations adequacy of national blood supplies by slogan Share life give blood draws attention blood The demand for blood continues to grow. the International Society of Blood Transfusion promoting a substantial increase in the number to the role that voluntary donation systems play faster than the supply a fact that makes safe. and the International Federation of Red Cross of safe voluntary unpaid donors who give blood in encouraging people to care for one another blood more precious than ever and makes. and Red Crescent Societies Dear Blood Donors regularly and promote community cohesion today s message more urgent than ever too. Distinguished invited guests ladies and So I encourage you all therefore not just to. gentlemen The Netherlands has a long and successful Voluntary blood donors come from all walks of applaud and repeat this year s slogan of Share. history of self sufficiency in safe blood and blood life even royalty But they have one thing in life give blood but to act on it I salute and. products based on 100 voluntary blood common they put others before themselves congratulate all blood donors for sharing the. On behalf of the World Health Organization donations for its national blood supply On behalf people they don t even know Each time they precious gift of life Together you have saved. I would like to express my deepest appreciation of the World Health Organization I would like to donate blood they commit an act of selfless millions of lives. to Sanquin Blood Supply the Blood Donor congratulate the people and the Government of heroism People who choose to donate blood. Association of the Netherlands and the Ministry the Netherlands on this achievement on a regular basis are the cornerstone of a Thank you. of Health Welfare and Sports of the Netherlands sustainable blood supply no one should suffer. for organizing and hosting World Blood Donor This year the theme of World Blood Donor Day or die simply because no blood is available or it. Day 2016 is Blood connects us all It reminds us that is unsafe. although we have many external differences,WBDD16 GLOBAL REPORT. Official speech,Drs Dirk Jan van den Berg,Chair Board of Directors Sanquin. no shortage and the blood is safer Blood that score 27 A challenge to our younger. donations are an important cornerstone in people to become a blood donor I hope the clips. societies you will see in a couple of minutes will encourage. them subscribe,Blood connects us all cannot only be applied. in the Netherlands but in the entire world Majesty ladies and gentlemen If in fact all good. The number of blood donations worldwide is things come in threes I have for you 1 thank. 108 million Half of these donations are done you donors all over the world all year long. in the high income countries that count 18 of 2 promote voluntary non remunerated blood. the world s population What you expect is true donation and 3 help our colleagues in middle. the availability of blood in the countries with and low income countries to make their blood. a middle and lower income is much lower supply safe and sufficient. compared to our part of the world The WHO, uses the number of donations per one thousand Blood connects us all.
inhabitants as indicator in the Western world, 36 8 and in the low income countries 3 9 This is I wish you a great day. a nine fold difference If this gets you thinking,I have a few more figures In our modern. company we separate your donation into, Your Majesty welcome I am also very happy to We will show you three fabulous clips that are different components This way we can help as. be able to welcome so many blood and plasma meant to motivate people to become a donor many patients as possible In the Western world. donors It is your day today And our other Patients and donors never actually meet but 90 of all donations is processed this way. guests Commissioner of the King the major of imagine that you would run into each other in In low income countries 45 of all donations is. Amsterdam our international guests and our the street momentarily you feel something is separated into components So the availability. colleagues I wish you all a warm welcome here there you feel that blood connects us to each of blood is lower and the use is less efficient. in Amsterdam The WHO had chosen Amsterdam other Blood connects us all That moment Knowledge transfer education and cooperation. as the centre of the celebrations for World Blood is beautifully captured in these clips I hope between Sanquin and our colleagues in low. Donor Day 2016 Sanquin is honoured to organize they will affect the audience and encourage income countries should get a boost The. this day in collaboration with the Dutch Donor people all over the world to become a blood availability of safe and sufficient blood for. Association donor transfusions for every person who needs it. should perhaps be a human right I hope we can, Today is World Blood Donor Day Today we have Your Majesty ladies and gentlemen today is motivate politicians and policy makers to support. 352 of the 370 000 Dutch donors present also about voluntary non remunerated blood this. Together they donate 720 000 times a year A big donation The WHO The International Red Cross. thank you is in place Employees of Sanquin are and the International Red Crescent strive for In the comparison between high and low. proud to be able to do their job Thanks to donors the importance of voluntary non remunerated income countries one thing stands out in which. our Blood bank Diagnostics Plasma Products blood donation This is a guarantee for a secure the lower income countries have an edge. Reagents and Research all under one roof The a high quality and safe blood supply system the percentage of young people under 25 in the. gift of donors saves lives We feel it is an honour The WHO can show us that in the 62 countries donor community is 47 which is almost twice. to bring that gift to patients Therefore Sanquin s where blood is collected on the basis of the number of the higher income countries. motto is together for patient and donor voluntary non remunerated donations there is. WBDD16 GLOBAL REPORT,6 National Blood Transfusion Service Sanquin in.
collaboration with the Ministry of Health WHO,Highlights of the World. Host country ISBT and Dutch Blood Donor Association Blood Donor Day opening. The Netherlands, successfully organized the celebrations The in Amsterdam. theme the World Health Organization chose this, year is Blood connects us all It focuses on To express our gratitude to donors we put. thanking blood donors and highlights the together a special program in the. dimensions of sharing and connection Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on June 14th. between blood donors and patients In addition Attending the official opening were 350 Dutch. WHO has adopted the slogan Share life give blood and plasma donors representatives of. blood to draw attention to the roles that international blood supply organizations and. voluntary donation systems play in encouraging donor associations We were very proud that his. people to care for one another and promote Royal Highness King Willem Alexander was. community cohesion present to underline the importance of blood. and plasma donors to health systems all over, June 13th In the afternoon we visited the Rijksmuseum. Social Program and saw amongst all the unique art pieces the. famous Dutch painting by Rembrandt The Night,Watch After the visit to the museum there was.
Before the official kick off of World Blood Donor some leisure time Later that evening we met up. Day on June 14th guests from 11 different to enjoy a wonderful dinner on a canal boat that Official opening act of World Blood Donor. countries joined the Social Program The day took us around Amsterdam Day 2016 by His Royal Highness King Willem. started with a reception and tour at Sanquin Alexander Ewald Lausberg patient and Tjibbe. Headquarters in Amsterdam The guests were de Louwere patient. welcomed by Jeroen de Wit DPharm Vice June 14th O cial. Chairman of the Executive Board of Sanquin,Prof Wim de Kort MD PhD principal investigator. kick off and celebration Ewald Lausberg wanted to thank donors because. of the Research Department Donor Studies at he was able to conquer his disease thanks to them. Sanquin and Marian van Kraaij MD PhD Director The Netherlands were privileged to be selected His story was very heart warming and Ewald was. Donor and Medical Affairs Haematologist as the host country for the 13th Global Event of able to touch the hearts of the audience. Transfusion Medicine Specialist at Sanquin World Blood Donor Day after the last event in. The People s Republic of China,WBDD16 GLOBAL REPORT. Leo Blokhuis likes to think of himself as a music,lover rather than a pop professor He gave a mini. lecture on the role blood plays in music, At the end of the ceremony there was one last official. moment handing over the flag to the new World Blood. Victor Mids is an illusionist and physician Donor Day host of 2017 Mister Jos Peeters chairman. He combines science and illusions in a unique of the Dutch Donor Association handed the flag to the. way He took the audience to a world where Ambassador of Vietnam Mr Nguy n V n Do n. nothing is what it seems,Remy van Kesteren composed the music in the.
WBDD campaign video clips Remy is regarded,a world class harp talent and one of the most. adventurous harpists of the moment Remy also,won the prestigious Dutch Music Award this year. Tjibbe de Louwere 8 years suffers from an,autoimmune deficiency and uses medication. that is made from blood plasma Thanks to this,medicine Tjibbe can live a normal life He came. on stage to thank all donors for their gift and he. even made a painting for them as a symbol of his,More information.
Professor Hans Zaaijer MD PhD is head of, the Department Blood borne Infections at Imke Sikkema. Sanquin Research professor of Blood borne Organization Sanquin. Infections at the University of Amsterdam and Telephone 31 243279440. medical microbiologist at Clinical Virology of E mail i sikkema sanquin nl. the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam He,gave a presentation on blood safety and how we. prevent infections through blood donation,WBDD16 GLOBAL REPORT. 8 1 Family picture,Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso,2 Health minister paying tribute to the. blood donors,3 Speech from a representative of donors.
4 Some recipients with their recognition,certificates. It should be noted that before the main event From an organizational point of view the. in Ouagadougou other socio cultural activities activities were well managed Thanks to the. were held in all the regional centers from 11 to 14 involvement of clubs 25 of several youth. June Hundreds of blood donors social partners movements of the CNTS staff and to technical. and journalists participated in the events at and financial support from partners. the blood collection facilities throughout the,country Let us also note that the theme Blood. connects us all was perfectly highlighted,More information. through the honorary distinction of two Dr Honorine Dahourou. Blood the universal bond Blood donors and officials from organizations personalities of foreign nationality Cameroon Organization Centre National de Transfusion. involved in blood donation were honored by the and France alongside the Burkinabe recipients sanguine. authorities through the issuance of certificates These personalities were honored in recognition Telephone 226 25304218 19. Since the establishment of the first World Blood and gadgets CNTS staff were also honored of their actions in favor of strengthening the Mobile 226 70132919. I have a few more figures In our modern company we separate your donation into different components This way we can help as many patients as possible In the Western world 90 of all donations is processed this way In low income countries 45 of all donations is separated into components So the availability of blood is lower and the use is less efficient Knowledge transfer education and

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