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Global Consumer Banking,Our Franchise Contribution to Citi. Global business with presence in 19 markets GCB ICG Corp Other. Business model designed to meet the full financial needs of. attractive client segments in high growth markets 1 864 959 71 15. Leading positions in Cards Wealth Management across U S. Asia and Mexico 22 30,1 credit card issuer globally by loans 45. Strong position in retail in U S wealth markets, Top 3 wealth manager in Asia 1 NPS in key markets 1. Leading franchise in Mexico 1 in deposits AUMs, Light physical presence with high digital capability 73 70. Unique commercial banking solutions leveraging ICG network. Source of stable low cost funding, Strong track record of expense and credit discipline pivoting to.
revenue growth Assets 2 Deposits 2 Revenues Net Income. GCB 419 309 32 5, Note Throughout this presentation LTM is defined as last twelve months ended June 30 th and totals may not sum due to rounding GCB Global Consumer Banking ICG Institutional Clients Group. 1 1 1 Citigold Net Promoter Score NPS in 9 of 14 markets where survey results are available 1 Citi Priority NPS in 7 of 9 markets where survey results are available. 2 End of period as of 2Q 17, Poised for Sustainable Growth and Improved Returns. A streamlined diversified franchise and business model with significant opportunities for. global leverage, Strong franchise Common segment driven model focused on affluent and emerging affluent target clients. in growing with world class value propositions for each segment. markets Light physical footprint and leading global capabilities and partnerships that differentiate us. from peers,Disciplined risk management framework, Executing on important investments across the business in areas like Branded Cards U S. wealth management and Mexico, driving client Able to rapidly deploy new digital capabilities across markets.
led growth and Optimizing how we engage with clients to improve client experience deepen client. improved returns penetration and also lower cost to serve. Clear path to longer term RoTCE of over 20 reflecting client led growth and the benefit of. higher interest rates along with continued expense and credit discipline. A Diversified Global Business With Leading Market Positions. U S Asia Mexico,Net Income Net Income Net Income,17 Branded Branded. Branded Retail Cards Retail,Cards Revenue 20B Banking 37 Revenue 7B Banking. Revenue 5B,Retail 46 63 59,Net Income 3B Net Income 1B Net Income 0 6B. 72MM clients 16MM clients 21MM clients,700 branches 400 branches 1 500 branches. 1 deposits per branch in core Leading wealth management 1 client share 3. markets 1 franchise 1 in bank brand recognition, 2 credit card issuer by loans Citigold NPS 1 in key markets 2 Citibanamex 4.
Iconic card partnerships American Strong cards and loans business 1 bank in total deposits and AUMs 5. Airlines Costco The Home Depot 2 credit card issuer by loans. Note Shaded portion within Retail Banking represents Commercial Banking. Totals may not sum due to rounding Revenue and net income represents LTM 17 results Throughout this presentation Asia GCB includes the results of operations of GCB activities in certain. EMEA countries for all periods presented, 1 Source FDIC as of June 2016 National Average across Top 15 deposit institutions. 2 1 Citigold NPS in 9 of 14 markets where survey results are available. 3 PRM Base study on banking market in Mexico 2016,3 4 Source Brand Finance Mexico 50 2017 report. 5 Source CNBV and competitive analysis, Our Business Model Creates Opportunities for Global Leverage Scale. Our Global Operating Model Benefits of Global Leverage. Delivered Globally Managed Locally Value Propositions. Brand Marketing Client Service,Segmentation Design Sales Advisory. Partnerships Suppliers,Value Proposition Product Pricing.
Network Playbook Distribution,Process Platform Mobile Execution ATMs. Partnerships Merchants,Suppliers Success Transfer Across Markets. Risk Control,Framework Underwriting,Mobile Banking. Agile Development,Next Generation Digital Capabilities. Formats and Partnerships, Our Client Led Growth Model is Supported by Unique Global Capabilities.
Our Clients, Segment Definition 1 Retail Wealth Management Cards Payments. 200K in DM,Affluent 100K in EM,Emerging 50K in DM,Affluent 25K in EM. Mass Market,Borrow Pay Save Invest Protect,Fulfilling Client Needs Across Life Stages. Our Capabilities,Class Leading Value Propositions Partnerships. Retail Wealth Management Cards, Network Digital Innovation Risk Data Analytics Distinctive Brand.
Talent Culture,5 Note DM Developed Markets EM Emerging Markets. 1 Balance requirements for each segment refer to total deposits and assets under management. Strong Foundation For Growth,Path to Achieving Our Targets. Our Businesses,Key Takeaways,Strong Foundation for Growth. Efforts to streamline franchise and enhance global capabilities are now delivering results. Reduced presence to 19 markets with large growing revenue pools. Market Focus,Concentrated branch presence in urban locations. Completed common platform in U S to enable holistic client view and segmentation strategy. Value Propositions, Rationalized card products and continued roll out of global products and rewards.
Renewed all key co brand card and Retail Services relationships through 2020. Partnerships, Established important digital partnerships to support eCommerce and client acquisition. Continued to reduce branches and optimize formats e g wealth centers. Rapidly migrated transaction activity from tellers call centers to self service channels. Radically accelerated time to market with new digital capabilities. Innovation, Enhanced risk analytics and client acquisitions using big data. Value Propositions Partnerships Retail Wealth Management. Segment driven Business Model 1 Citigold Value Proposition Accelerating Growth. Segments Client Footings Rev Client Citigold Clients. In depth research on markets,Insight trends and opportunities from 12. Citi Institutional Research,Citigold 230B 25x,Custom always on end to end. Wealth Management solutions,2Q 16 2Q 17,Citi Priority 70B 6x Citi Priority Clients.
Dedicated Citi Relationship,Manager and team of experts. Citibank Exclusive curated lifestyle and,90B 1x Privileges banking privileges preferred. pricing and service,2Q 16 2Q 17, 8 1 Clients by segment qualified by maintaining deposits investments balances above local currency thresholds Asia clients qualify based on deposit investments and insurance balances Client. footings includes deposits investments and loan balances Footings and rev client across retail banking and cards for 2Q 17. Value Propositions Partnerships Cards, Proprietary Global Products Platforms 1 Iconic Partners 2 Accelerating Growth. Constant B,Branded Cards Retail Services Costco,1 Home Improvement.
LTM Purchase Sales 478,1 No fee product 342,1 Cash back U S 1 World s Largest. Airline 295,1 General purpose reward card program 262 281. 2Q 15 2Q 16 2Q 17,Warehouse EOP Loans,1 Club 144,1 Electronics Retailer 87 100 110. 1 Entertainment,2Q 15 2Q 16 2Q 17, Note Constant dollar excludes the impact of foreign exchange translation into U S dollars for reporting purposes For a reconciliation of constant dollars to reported results please refer to Slide 55. 1 Simplicity rank based on number of countries where no late fee card offered Double Cash rank based on NPS as measured by JDPower Reward cards rank based on number of markets where general. purpose rewards cards offered excluding charge and commercial cards Rewards Platform based on number of markets where online redemption offered Entertainment Platform based on Private Pass ticket. 9 sales and events including those offered through our Live Nation partnership. 2 Source Forbes THD AA and Market Realist COST BBY based on total sales volume relative to overall industry. Network Light Physical Footprint with Leading Digital Capabilities. Client Centric Ecosystem,Relationship,Next Generation.
Managers ATMs Mobile Banking Digital Partnerships,Financial Advisors. 21 15 57 42 50, Branch Count Banker Expansion in U S Global ATMs Mobile Users Digital Partnerships. 2013 to 2Q 17 2Q 16 to 2Q 17 2Q 16 to 2Q 17 May 16 to May 17. Digital Innovation Engaging Clients Through Digital Mobile Channels. Increased Acquisitions Improvements in NPS Cards Example. Accounts Acquired through Digital Channels since,YoY r Mobile App NPS tracking. 2Q 12 2Q 13 2Q 14 2Q 15 2Q 16 2Q 17,May 16 May 17,Increased Adoption. Digital Mobile Users YoY r Digital NPS,42 1 650bps.
2Q 12 2Q 13 2Q 14 2Q 15 2Q 16 2Q 17,May 16 May 17,Increased Engagement Industry Recognition. Digital Usage 90 day Mobile Usage 30 day,World s Best. Mobile Digital Bank,11 May 16 May 17, Risk Data Analytics Building Next Generation Targeting Capabilities. Moving To Advanced Analytics in a Big Data Environment With Great Potential to Deliver Greater Value. Over 160 use cases identified for leveraging Big Data. Targeting Channels Analytic Models Data Type Successful tests Global Cards. 2011 Direct Mail 10 Internal,models limited 3rd 1X 5X. Segments Retention,Without Big Data With Big Data,Direct Mail 550 Internal data.
2016 Above the models spend,Individuals Line behavior with. Digital competitors Balance,Without Big Data With Big Data. 2017 Omni 1 000 Internal data,Individuals Channel models 3rd party data. Real Time On 110B Branded Cards portfolio,2B balance retention opportunity. Our Strategy is Driving Improved Client Engagement. Constant B,LTM Purchase Sales EOP Loans EOP Deposits.
Branded Cards ex Costco Costco Cards Mortgage Retail Banking Commercial Banking. Retail Services YoY Commercial Personal Other YoY,299 4 295 301. 269 27 2 39 1,364 28 35 6,281 295 ex,262 Costco, 2Q 15 2Q 16 2Q 17 2Q 15 2Q 16 2Q 17 2Q 15 2Q 16 2Q 17. 13 Note Constant dollar excludes the impact of foreign exchange translation into U S dollars for reporting purposes For a reconciliation of constant dollars to reported results please refer to Slide 55. Resulting in a Return to Revenue Growth, Business growth accelerating as investments mature and headwinds moderate. Constant B, From Flat Revenue Trend to Growth Over Last Twelve Months. CAGR 0 2 0 7,30 9 0 2 30 8 30 8,Underlying Growth Underlying Growth.
U S 0 U S 2,Asia 0 Asia 4,Mexico 2 Mexico 6,Total 0 Total 3. LTM 14 Business Investments Regulatory Exits LTM 16 LTM 16 Business Investments Regulatory Exits LTM 17. Revenue Growth Revenue Revenue Growth Revenue, 14 Note Constant dollar excludes the impact of foreign exchange translation into U S dollars for reporting purposes For a reconciliation of constant dollars to reported results please refer to Slide 55. Mobile Banking Agile Development Digital Capabilities and Partnerships Our Global Operating Model Benefits of Global Leverage ATMs 5 Our Clients Our Client Led Growth Model is Supported by Unique Global Capabilities Affluent Emerging Affluent Mass Market 200K in DM 100K in EM 50K in DM 25K in EM lt 50K in DM lt 25K in EM Our Capabilities Fulfilling Client Needs Across Life

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