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IN ST ALL A TION MA N U A L,1 Introduction,2 CE declaration. 3 1 General,3 2 Regulations, 3 3 Precautions safety instructions during installation. 3 4 Second thermocouple safety,3 5 Oxypilot safety. 4 Removing the packaging,5 Installation,5 1 Type of gas. 5 1 1 Reconstruction to different type of gas,5 2 Gas connection.
5 3 Placing the appliance,5 4 Placing a built in appliance. 5 5 Placing the chimney breast,5 6 Placing the control hatch. 5 7 Flue gas discharge system in appliances with open combustion. 5 7 1 General,5 7 2 Connection flue gas discharge system. 5 8 Flue gas discharge combustion air supply system in appliances with closed combustion. 5 8 1 General,5 8 2 Construction of the concentric system. 5 8 3 Placing the concentric system,5 8 4 Connection existing chimney.
5 9 Additional instructions,5 10 Glass pane,5 10 1 Removing glass pane. 5 10 2 Placing glass pane,5 11 Adjustment of the appliance. 5 11 1 Restrictor slide,5 11 2 Air inlet guide,5 12 Placing the wood pebble set. 5 12 1 Wood set,5 12 2 Pebble set,6 Wireless remote control. 6 1 Connecting the receiver,6 1 1 Connecting the receiver.
6 1 2 Placing replacing the receiver s batteries,6 2 Setting the communication code. 7 Final inspection,7 1 Gastightness,7 2 Gas pressure line pressure. 7 3 Ignition pilot and main burner, 7 3 1 First ignition of the appliance after installation or adjustments. 7 3 2 Main burner,7 4 Flame picture,8 Maintenance,9 Delivery. 10 Malfunctions,Appendix 1 Diagnosis of malfunctions.
Appendix 2 Various tables,Appendix 3 Figures,IN S T A LLA T ION M A N U A L. 1 Introduction, DRU a manufacturer of gas fired heating appliances develops and produces products that comply with the. highest quality performance and safety requirements This appliance has a CE label which means that it complies. with the essential requirements of the European gas appliance directive The appliance is supplied with an. installation manual and a user manual Installation and maintenance of the appliance should be performed by a. professional certified expert with proven knowledge and demonstrable competence in this field A professional. expert takes all technical aspects such as heat output and gas connection into account as well as the flue gas. discharge requirements The installation manual will give you the information you need to install the appliance in. such a way that it will operate properly and safely If the installation instruction is not clear national local. regulations must be observed, This manual discusses the installation of the appliance and the regulations that apply to the installation In. addition you will find the appliance s technical data as well as information on maintenance possible malfunctions. that might occur and what may cause them, The figures can be found at the back of this booklet in the appendix. Please read and use this installation manual carefully and completely prior to installing this appliance If you use. the DRU Powervent system or the DRU Smartvent system you must carefully and fully read and use the. accompanying installation manual as well prior to its installation. The following symbols are used in the manual to indicate important information. Work to be performed,Tip Suggestions and recommendations.
Caution You will need these instructions to prevent problems that might occur during installation and or use. Caution You need these instructions to prevent fire personal injury or other serious damages. After delivery you should give the manuals to the user. 2 CE declaration, DRU declares that company internal measures guarantee that appliances produced by DRU meet the essential. requirements and guidelines of the regulation concerning gas fired appliances and the accompanying standards. This declaration loses its validity if changes are made to the appliance without written permission from DRU The. instructions in the manuals must also be observed at all times. A copy of the CE test certificate can be downloaded via www druservice com. Product Gas fired heating appliance,Type Global 60XT BF RCE. Product identification number 0063CN3853, Conformity assessment agency Kiwa Netherlands B V 0063. Wilmersdorf 50,Postbus 137,7300 AC Apeldoorn,Regulations EU 2016 426 EU 2015 1188. Standards EN 613 2000 EN 613 2000 A1 2003 EN 613 2000 PrA2 2002. DRU Verwarming B V Duiven 09 02 2018,Postbus 1021 NL 6920 BA Duiven.
Ratio 8 NL 6921 RW Duiven,www drufire com,R P Zantinge Managing director. IN ST ALL A TION MA N U A L,3 1 General, Caution Please observe the generally applicable regulations and precautions safety instruction in this manual. First check the exact technical version of the appliance to be installed in Appendix 2 Table 2. 3 2 Regulations, Please install the appliance in accordance with the applicable national local and constructional installation. regulations, 3 3 Precautions safety instructions during installation. Carefully observe the following precautions safety regulations. You should only install and maintain the appliance if you are a certified and competent installer in the field of. gas fired heating,Do not make any changes to the appliance.
If you are installing an appliance that must be built in. use non combustible and heat resistant material for the chimney breast including the top of the chimney. breast the material inside the chimney breast and the back wall against which the appliance will be placed. For this you can use both sheet material and stone like materials. take sufficient measures to prevent high temperatures of the wall behind the chimney breast including the. materials and or objects that are behind the wall, comply with the minimum required internal measurements of the chimney breast. vent the chimney breast by means of ventilation holes with a combined passage as stated further down in. the text When placing an appliance with open combustion type B 11 AS BS no chimney breast ventilation is. required as there is an existing chimney with a brickwork fireplace that is sufficiently able to absorb the heat. use heat resistant electric connections and make sure that they do not make contact with the appliance. If you are installing an appliance with open combustion please use a suitable flue gas discharge system provided. with the CE label and make sure there is sufficient ventilation of the room where the appliance is installed. according to legislation, If you are installing an appliance with a closed combustion only use the concentric systems supplied by DRU. If you are installing a free standing appliance, place the appliance away from the back wall by the minimum distance stated further down in the text. make sure you observe the minimum distance in relation to the side wall s and the space above the. appliance see Appendix 3 fig 2, Do not cover the appliance and or do not wrap it in an insulation blanket or any other material. Unless stated otherwise make sure that combustible objects and or materials have a distance from the appliance. of at least 500 mm, Only use the accompanying wood pebble set and place it exactly as described.
The space surrounding the pilot burner 2nd thermocouple or ionisation pins must remain free. Make sure there is no dirt in gas pipes and connections. Place a gas tap in accordance with applicable regulations. Prior to putting into operation check the complete installation for gastightness. If your appliance is provided with explosion hatches on its top you must make sure that they cannot be blocked. and check whether they fit well onto the sealing surface prior to building in the appliance. Do not ignite the appliance before the gas and discharge connections have been fully installed first observe the. procedure described in chapter 7 3,Replace broken or torn glass panes. The appliance was designed for atmospheric and heating purposes This means that all visible surfaces including. the glass pane can become hotter than 100C It is recommended to always place a protective grating in front of. the appliance when there are children elderly people or handicapped persons in the same room as the appliance. If it is possible that vulnerable people are regularly present in the room with no supervision a fixed guard should. be mounted around the appliance, Caution In case of broken or torn glass panes the application may not be used. IN S T A LLA T ION M A N U A L, 3 4 Second thermocouple safety if applicable see Appendix 2 Table 2. It is possible that the appliance to be installed has 2 thermocouples Thermocouple 1 is always next to the pilot. burner thermocouple 2 is always elsewhere above the main burner. If the appliance is provided with a second thermocouple safety on the main burner you need to know that it will. intervene if no proper transfer has taken place from the pilot burner to the main burner or from the main burner. itself The gas supply will be interrupted after 22 seconds In order to solve a poor or non existent transfer from the. pilot burner to the main burner please use the malfunction search diagram in Appendix 1. 3 5 Oxypilot safety if applicable see Appendix 2 Table 2. If the appliance is provided with an oxypilot safety you need to know that it will intervene the pilot flame and the. gas supply to the main burner will be switched off if insufficient combustion air oxygen is supplied and or if the. discharge system has insufficient thermal draught, Once the supply of combustion air is sufficient again the appliance can be restarted. The supply of fresh air can be controlled by installing opening ventilation holes in the room where the appliance. is installed,4 Removing the packaging, Note the following items when removing the packaging.
Remove all packaging materials, Remove all supplied components in on and or at the appliance. Check the appliance and accessories for damages during transport. If necessary contact your supplier,Never install an appliance that is damaged. Remove any screws that are used to fix the appliance to a platform or pallet. Caution The glass pane s is are made of a ceramic material Very small irregularities in the glass pane s cannot be. avoided but are within the required quality standards. Caution Keep plastic bags away from children, In Appendix 2 Table 1 you can see which parts you should have after removing the packaging. Contact your supplier if you do not have all the parts after you finished removing the packaging. Dispose of packaging in accordance with local regulations. 5 Installation, Read this manual carefully to ensure the proper and safe installation of the appliance. Caution Install the appliance in the order described in this chapter. Please install the appliance in accordance with the applicable national local and constructional installation. regulations, Observe the regulations instructions in this manual.
5 1 Type of gas, The data plate indicates for which type of gas gas pressure and for which country this appliance is intended. The data plate can be found on the appliance or can be attached to a chain to which it should remain attached. Caution Check whether the appliance is suitable for the type of gas and the gas pressure used at the location. 5 1 1 Reconstruction to different type of gas, If you want to convert this appliance into a different type of gas please contact DRU s service department and ask. what is possible Reconstructions should only be performed by authorized gas installers. IN ST ALL A TION MA N U A L,5 2 Connection,5 2 1 Gas connection. Place a gas tap in the gas pipe in accordance with the applicable regulations. Caution Make sure there is no dirt in the gas pipes and connections. No soldering may take place at the flexible gas hose s as this could cause leaks. The following requirements apply to the gas connection. use a gas pipe with the correct dimensions so that no pressure loss can occur. the gas tap must be approved in the EU this will be the CE mark. you should always be able to reach the gas tap,5 2 2 Electric connection. In case of a 230 Volt electrical connection provide proper grounding if applicable. Place this electrical connection away from the appliance as low as possible in the chmney breast. This has to do with the temperature development in the chimney breast. If possible place the receiver after any building work has been completed. If this is not possible, Caution Protect the receiver against dust and moisture created during the building process.
5 3 Placing the appliance, Caution Unless stated otherwise always place the appliance with a minimum distance of 500 mm from combustible. objects or materials, Place the discharge pipes in such a way that situations with risk of fire can never occur. Always place the appliance in front of a wall of non combustible and heat resistant material. Always maintain a minimum distance between appliance and back wall if indicated in the dimensional. drawing Appendix 3 fig 2, Take sufficient measures to prevent high temperatures of a possible wall behind the chimney breast. including the materials and or objects that are behind the wall. Do not cover the appliance and or do not wrap it in an insulation blanket or any other material. Make sure that the appliance to be installed has a stable position Attach the appliance if applicable to the. Global 60XT BF RCE 0063CN3853 Kiwa Netherlands B V 0063 Wilmersdorf 50 Postbus 137 7300 AC Apeldoorn EU 2016 426 EU 2015 1188 EN 613 2000 EN 613 2000 A1 2003 EN 613 2000 PrA2 2002 3 DRU Verwarming B V Postbus 1021 NL 6920 BA Duiven Ratio 8 NL 6921 RW Duiven www drufire com R P Zantinge Managing director Duiven 09 02 2018 English INSTALLATION MANUAL 3 SAFETY 3 1 General

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