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Class Mechanics,Prerequisite None,Lecture 2 hours per week. Two Lectures Week S M,ESRI VC Free Course,Getting Started with GIS. Course Point Allocation,First Exam 15,Second Exam 15. Attendance and Discussion 10,Final Exam 40,Lecture Resources. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems,5th edition by Kang Tsung Chang McGraw Hill.
Lecture notes,www kau edu sa keldrandaly,Lab Resources. GIS Tutorial 3rd ed ESRI Press,ESRI Training and Education. http training esri com gateway index cfm,Overview of GIS. As of February 2006 Geotechnologies is listed by the U S. Department of Labor as one of the three most important. emerging and evolving fields along with Biotechnology. and Nanotechnology, Geotechnologies have turned computer mapping into a. powerful decision making tool,Global Positioning Systems GPS.
a system of earth orbiting satellites which can,provide precise 100 meter to sub cm location. on the earth s surface in lat long coordinates or,Remote Sensing RS. use of satellites or aircraft to capture,information about the earth s surface. Geographic Information Systems GIS,at a minimum comprises a capability for input. storage manipulation and output of geographic,information.
GPS and RS are sources of input data for a,What is a GIS. Where did GIS come from,GIS is built upon knowledge from. geography cartography computer,science Information Systems and. mathematics,Geographic Information Science is a new. interdisciplinary field built out of the use,and theory of GIS.
Knowledge Base for GIS,Science IS,graphics Application Area. visualization,public admin,database GIS planning,system administration. mineral exploration,site selection,Geography marketing. and related civil engineering,cartography criminal justice. geodesy surveying,photogrammetry,landforms The convergence of technological.
spatial statistics fields and traditional disciplines. Defining GIS,Different definitions of a GIS have evolved. in different areas and disciplines,All GIS definitions recognize that spatial. data are unique because they are linked to,maps Space matters. A GIS at least consists of a database map,information and a computer based link. between them,GIS Definition,A geographic information system is a.
computer based information system that,enables capture modeling storage. retrieval sharing manipulation analysis,and presentation of geographically. referenced data Worboys and Duckham,Why does GIS Matter. Almost everything happens somewhere,Knowing where some things happen is. critically important,Position of country boundaries.
Location of hospitals,Routing delivery vehicles,Management of forest stands. Allocation of funds for sea defenses,GIS is a special class of information. systems that keeps track not only of,events activities and things but also of. where these events activities and things,happen or exist. Why Study GIS, 80 of local government activities estimated to be geographically.
plats zoning public works streets water supply sewers garbage. collection land ownership and valuation, a significant portion of state government has a geographical. natural resource management,highways and transportation. businesses use GIS for a very wide array of applications. retail site selection customer analysis,logistics vehicle tracking routing. natural resource exploration petroleum etc,precision agriculture. civil engineering and construction,scientific research employs GIS.
geography geology botany, anthropology sociology economics political science. Epidemiology criminology,Five Ms of Applied GIS,Monitoring. Examples of Applied GIS, Urban Planning Management Civil Engineering Utility. Policy Locating underground facilities, Zoning subdivision planning Designing alignment for freeways transit. Land acquisition Coordination of infrastructure,Economic development maintenance.
Code enforcement Business,Housing renovation programs Demographic Analysis. Emergency response Market Penetration Share Analysis. Crime analysis Site Selection,Tax assessment Education Administration. Environmental Sciences Attendance Area Maintenance. Monitoring environmental risk Enrollment Projections. Modeling stormwater runoff School Bus Routing,Management of watersheds Real Estate. floodplains wetlands forests Neighborhood land prices. Traffic Impact Analysis,Environmental Impact Analysis. Determination of Highest and Best Use,Hazardous or toxic facility siting.
Groundwater modeling and Health Care,contamination tracking Epidemiology. Political Science Needs Analysis,Redistricting Service Inventory. Analysis of election results,Predictive modeling,Brief History of GIS. 1960 70s Innovation,First GIS Canada Land Inventory. DIME US Bureau of Census,Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics.
Major vendors started e g ESRI,Intergraph,Landsat satellite launched. Key academic conferences e g AutoCarto,Brief History of GIS. 1980s Commercialization,Commercial GIS software e g ArcInfo. First GIS textbooks,First global data sets,Clinton Executive Order. 2000s Exploitation,Internet becomes major deliver vehicle.
As of February 2006 books professional societies the World Wide Web IEEE Transactions on Computer Graphics and Applications

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