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Academic Balance 4,Enrichment 6,Additional Information 12. John Curtin College of the Arts has successfully delivered quality Arts programs for more. than 35 years Our outstanding reputation makes us the school of choice for talented Arts. students and we are Western Australia s only Selective Arts School. The college was the first school in Australia to offer theatre arts and dance as Gifted and. Talented courses and has offered Arts programs for selected students in music ballet and. drama since 1973, John Curtin is an Independent Public School that identifies the potential talent of students. in ballet contemporary dance drama media arts music music theatre and visual arts. A unique curriculum for Gifted and Talented Arts students and those identified as. academically talented is delivered at the college John Curtin provides students with. opportunities for extension acceleration and enrichment not only in the Arts but also in all. academic studies, The college provides the opportunity for all students in Western Australia to develop their. identified creative intelligence in an environment of like minded peers who share the same. passion motivation and value of education, All students can access unique high quality learning experiences that add value to their. education and contribute to their development of life long skills such as empathy creative. thinking problem solving and communication to name a few that all contribute to. learning for life,Dean of the Arts,Travis Vladich,ACADEMIC BALANCE.
Academic Balance, At John Curtin your child will partake in an exceptional and balanced academic program. The college has an academic balance policy which identifies how essential it is for all students to achieve to their full. potential in all areas of their learning in order to have a variety of choices of pathways at the completion of secondary. John Curtin provides a rigorous curriculum focusing on high academic achievement in all learning areas for students. across all year groups, Gifted and Talented courses have a minimum of four hours per week which is the same amount of contact time as the. core academic subject areas of English mathematics science and society and environment The selective arts program. becomes one of the student s core subjects and a focus on academic balance ensures students have the opportunities to. excel in all areas of the curriculum, Students study their arts course alongside these core subjects and have equal access to all academic programs They also. have access to design and technology languages Italian home economics business education computing health and. physical education programs, Academic balance is about creating pathways of choice for whichever direction students choose to take in their future. The focus on a well rounded education allows students to continue careers in the arts industry or pursue careers in. numerous other professions including medicine law education politics and science. WHAT IS ACCELERATION, The Gifted and Talented curriculum follows a model which takes into account all students needs and abilities The most.
able students need appropriately paced rich and challenging instruction and a curriculum that differs significantly from. normal classrooms, John Curtin follows a specialised differentiated approach to curriculum delivery which provides your child with. opportunities to accelerate extend and enrich their learning. Acceleration allows your child to move through key concepts at a faster pace while fostering your child s intellectual. growth and proficiency levels, Educators conduct pre tests to find out what each student already understands and or is able to do The curriculum is. then condensed so students can engage in activities that provide depth diversity difficulty and density. Research in Gifted and Talented education shows that students achieve their full potential when they work with like. minded peers in a stimulating learning environment facilitated and taught by expert teachers Students should be. challenged continually to work towards their personal best enjoy the learning and embrace the challenge. WHAT IS EXTENSION, Extension provides your child with open ended activities that invite curiosity exploration and manipulation of ideas. and materials at a deeper and broader level Students focus on creativity innovation critical thinking responsibility and. leadership, Gifted and Talented programs involve additional lessons workshops rehearsals and performances that are scheduled. beyond the normal college day All scheduled activities are designed to extend the knowledge skills and development of. gifted and talented students and are a compulsory part of their program. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE PROGRAM, For intellectually gifted students we offer specialised academic courses in English and society and environment.
mathematics and science as part of our Academic Excellence Program in Years 7 to 10. The college s Academic Excellence Program places like minded students in a challenging and rigorous environment. designed to support students to achieve academic excellence. Arts students can participate in this program alongside their Arts course The Academic Excellence Program is not an. additional course it is part of the student s core curriculum. Participation is based on results of the selective entrance academic test taken by all students applying for Gifted and. Talented Education Programs in WA public schools and or Nelson testing administered by the college Further supporting. information ensures accurate judgements are made that are supported by more than one source of data. In addition to the general college costs students are required to pay an annual charge for each Academic Excellence. Program subject Extension activities such as university visits interschool debating incursions excursions and. Academic Balance, competitions enrich the college programs These are subsidised by the Academic Excellence Program levy however there. may be small additional charges at times, To find out more about the Academic Excellence Program contact Deputy Principal Georgina Wigley at. georgina wigley education wa edu au,PARTICIPATION AND ACHIEVEMENT. Academic balance is a priority and there is a requirement that students aim to achieve high standards in all their learning. programs The college encourages students to seek assistance from their Student Services manager or assistant manager. or Gifted and Talented teachers if they are experiencing difficulty achieving a balance across all programs. It is expected that the college s Arts activities take priority over external activities Students are required to discuss. external commitments with the Gifted and Talented heads of learning areas to ensure they do not conflict with college. activities, In the performing arts performance is an integral part of Gifted and Talented performing arts programs and all. workshops rehearsals and performance commitments are regarded as essential extension and or assessment activities. Activities including performances rehearsals and workshops are identified and scheduled prior to the commencement. of the school year in order for families to plan around these commitments Information regarding these requirements. will be provided to students and parents carers in advance Sometimes however it is necessary for changes to be made. to schedules and it is essential that students communicate all correspondence provided by the college to the parents. carers The timing of some activities depends on the availability of community artists performers and directors and some. opportunities arise throughout the year,SELF MANAGEMENT PRACTICES.
Throughout the program students are encouraged to be responsible for all aspects of their learning This includes. constructing and keeping to schedules and timelines organising resources for productions managing their progress. negotiating and problem solving with peers teachers and parents and making necessary changes to ensure student. Students should be focused motivated and committed to the overall life of the college Our teachers provide an. education that is inspiring challenging and one that enhances all learning experiences. ENRICHMENT, A unique feature of the Gifted and Talented Arts Programs is Enrichment This important. college program is designed to reinforce the holistic and evolving nature of the Arts. highlighting students Gifted and Talented disciplines and how they are influenced by other. Enrichment also provides students with the opportunity to work with a range of peers from. other Arts programs, There are two Enrichment Programs Rotational Enrichment and Music Enrichment. Gifted and Talented Music Program students are automatically enrolled in Rotational. Enrichment,Rotational Enrichment, In Years 7 8 and 9 students are arbitrarily allocated into term rotations for enrichment programs and over the duration of. the year students will experience four different programs The Rotational Enrichment Programs aim to enrich students as. artists and learners, The following are examples of Enrichment Programs that may be offered in Year 7 8 and 9. Circus and Confidence Physical Arts and Wellbeing, Draws on circus related skills including juggling diablo Active participation in activities that lead to fostering self.
and tumbling along with providing participants with esteem and confidence Provides insight into developing. aspects of balance coordination and team work to interpersonal skills and team work in practical physical. develop confidence and collaborative skills activities Techniques in relaxation and managing stress. are explored to discover self awareness and wellbeing. Communication and Self management,Production and Design. Students look at the media and produce recorded pieces. that promote publicise and communicate ideas and Explores the roles of the production team and different. issues to the public There is also a focus on managing aspects of theatrical production including design. and creating schedules to make more effective and construction and publicity A focus on the element and. efficient learners design principles assist student creations through creative. thinking and analysis,Movement and Awareness,Enrichment. Yoga and Mindfulness, Students explore the importance of health and keeping. active through the Arts Types of movement are explored The practice of yoga develops strength and flexibility. along with the influence of music to create mood and and provides students with techniques and strategies. movement There is a focus on developing coordination to soothe nerves and calm the mind Explored are the. and rhythm along with awareness of space and others connections between the body and the mind and the. importance this connection has in society and the Arts. SFX Make up,StageCraft, Involves the theory and practical application of make. up to create SFX for the theatre including cuts bruises Students experience and develop skills in using different. aging techniques and the enhancement of facial features technologies to create props and simple theatrical set. to create character construction to be are used in future college productions. In Year 10 students who participate in Rotational Enrichment select one Arts program for the whole year This selection is. similar to students participating in a minor Arts course alongside their gifted and talented program. Dance Drama Media Arts Music Theatre Production Visual Arts. Photography,Music Enrichment, Students with ability and experience in music may elect to do Music Enrichment This program includes instrumental.
lessons and ensemble rehearsals Students who have been learning an instrument in primary school can continue with. that instrument There is an expectation that students remain in Music Enrichment for the four years of lower school. Students can also continue music in upper school,The components of Music Enrichment are. musicianship aural perception skills music language and theory. music literature genres eras composers and compositional styles. concert practice techniques of public performance,Instrumental. Students have small group instrumental tuition once per week on the instrument they began in primary school. Participation in ensembles is compulsory and music enrichment students are placed in the ensemble appropriate to their. instrument and skill level,OVERVIEW LOWER SCHOOL PROGRAM. Our leading drama program provides your child with opportunities to develop high level dramatic skills alongside other. gifted arts students Students are encouraged to develop skills as independent learners use the dramatic form to make. their own statements and develop an appreciation of how the Arts are an integral part of society. The benefits of our drama course are diverse Students are given the opportunity to develop reading writing listening. speaking and performance skills as well as foundations for interpreting reflecting and analysing creative modes of. expression, The lower school program is a unique course that focuses on students practically exploring drama conventions. developing academic understanding and workshopping practical skills in order to provide learning experiences in. drama that other schools in the State cannot offer. Your child will broaden their knowledge and appreciation of drama as an art form profession and life skill Students. Students with ability and experience in music may elect to do Music Enrichment This program includes instrumental lessons and ensemble rehearsals Students who have been learning an instrument in primary school can continue with that instrument There is an expectation that students remain in Music Enrichment for the four years of lower school

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