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Course Material, There will not be a formal textbook required for GGR305 Each lecture will be. accompanied by lecture notes slides developed by the instructor Readings associated with this. material will also be assigned throughout the term. For those students who wish to have a textbook for further reading the three books listed below. are recommended Note we will not be following any of these books directly and you are not. required to purchase any of them though all three as well as any previous versions are all. excellent reference guides, Some of these resources are available electronically through the library course reserve on. Blackboard and others are physically available at the Gerstein Library. Cox CB Moore PD Ladle R 2016 Biogeography An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach. 9th Ed Wiley Blackwell ISBN 978 1118968581, MacDonald G 2017 Biogeography Introduction to Space Time and Life 2ND Ed Wiley. ISBN 978 1118315255 available December 2017, Lomolino MV Riddle BR Whitaker RJ 2016 Biogeography Biological Diversity across Space. and Time 5th Ed Oxford ISBN 978 1605354729,Blackboard Online Environment.
There will be an active Blackboard environment associated with the course This will be. your portal for accessing lecture material submitting assignments and liaising with your fellow. students related to course material I expect that you will be checking Blackboard regularly for. updates related to the course,Important Dates, Last day to cancel S section code courses without academic penalty Mar 14th 2018. Evaluation and Mark Breakdown,Item Weight Due Date. Extinction Assignment 15 March 1 2018,Island Biogeography Assignment 20 March 15 2018. Conservation Assignment 15 March 29 2018,Midterm Examination 20 February 15 2018. Final Examination 30 Final exam period,Assignments.
There will be three assignments during the term which will cumulatively account for. 50 of your final grade A brief description of the assignments is provided here Further details. will follow available in lecture and on Blackboard. Extinction Assignment The question of whether the Earth is in the midst of a mass. extinction event is a topic of intense debate among biogeographers In this assignment you will. Updated November 29 2017, summarize the arguments for and against the classification of the ongoing biodiversity crisis as a. mass extinction, Island Biogeography Assignment The concepts associated with the dispersal ability of. organisms as it relates to islands is among the most unifying concepts of modern biogeography. In this assignment you will re visit some of the classical data used to develop and support this. theory in order to develop a complete understanding of this critical topic based on empirical. Conservation Biogeography Assignment The application of biogeographic principles. including those you will have learned as they relate to islands to questions of conservation is. among the most exciting ways biogeography is contributing to modern science By choosing and. focusing on a threatened species of interest you will explore the geographic and ecological. factors that are central to developing conservation plans in the modern multiple stressor. environment,Examinations, A mid term examination for GGR305 will take place during the normally scheduled class. period on February 15 2018 The midterm examination will account for 20 of your final grade. in the course The final examination for GGR305 will take place during the university scheduled. examination period which runs from April 9 30 2018 The schedule for final examinations. will be released in February The final examination will be cumulative and account for 30 of. your final grade,Deadlines Late Assignment Policy, The penalty for handing in a late assignment will be the deduction of 5 of the. assignment mark per day i e an assignment marked out of 40 marks will lose 2 marks per day. late Weekends will count as two days if applicable. Missed Term Examination Policy, Students who miss the term test on February 15 2018 for valid reasons should contact the.
instructor immediately Students who miss the term test are required to submit paper. documentation as support The instructor will coordinate with students to offer a makeup. examination at the earliest mutually available date time once proper documentation has been. Where the reason for absence is a medical issue students should have their medical. practitioner fill out the Verification of Student Illness or Injury form as documentation. http www illnessverification utoronto ca index php. For non medical documentation the Faculty of Arts and Science has guidelines and a. relevant form that should be reviewed and followed. http www artsci utoronto ca current petitions process documentation. Accessibility Services, The University of Toronto is committed to accessibility If you require accommodations. for a disability or have any accessibility concerns about the course the classroom or course. materials please contact Accessibility Services as soon as possible. disability services utoronto ca,Updated November 29 2017. Email Policy, Instructor student interaction occurs in the classroom and during office hours Email. contact is limited to questions requiring simple yes no answers making appointments and. dealing with emergencies Please come to my office hours or see me after class if you wish to. discuss matters related to the class,Academic Integrity. Plagiarism is an academic offense at the University of Toronto Plagiarism is quoting or. paraphrasing the work of an author including the work of fellow students without proper use. of citation Quotation marks are required when using an author s words Students also should not. be submitting any academic work for which credit has previously been obtained or is being. sought without first discussing with the instructor Please consult the Rules and Regulations. section of the Arts and Science Calendar https fas calendar utoronto ca rules. regulations marks for further information and check the How not to plagiarize website at. http www writing utoronto ca advice using sources how not to plagiarize. Course Schedule,Date Topic Assigned Reading, January 4 2018 Course Introduction Browne J 2001 History of.
Where Did Biogeography Biogeography Encyclopedia,Come From of Life Sciences Wiley. January 11 2018 Historical Biogeography A Narbonne GM Gehling JG. History of Life on Earth 2003 Life after snowball,The oldest complex. Ediacaran fossils Geology, January 18 2018 Evolution and Speciation Kozak KH Wiens JJ 2007. Climatic zonation drives,latitudinal variation in,speciation mechanisms Proc. R Soc B 274 2995 3003, January 25 2018 Biological Dispersal the Wonham M Carlton J Ruiz.
Movement of Individuals G Smith LD 2000 Fish and,ships relating dispersal. frequency to success in,biological invasions Marine. Biology 136 1111 1121, February 1 2018 The Concept of Ecological Mart nez Meyer E Townsend. Niches Peterson A Hargrove WW,2004 Ecological niches as. stable distributional,constraints on mammal, February 8 2018 Extinction and species with implications for.
Paleoenvironments Pleistocene extinctions and,Updated November 29 2017. climate change projections,for biodiversity Global. Ecology and Biogeography,13 305 314,February 15 2018 Midterm Examination In Class. February 22 2018 Reading Week No Class, March 1 2018 The Theory of Island Whitaker RJ Triantis KA. Biogeography Ladle RJ 2008 A general,dynamic theory of oceanic.
island biogeography Journal,of Biogeography 35 977. March 8 2018 Disturbance and Succession Hume et al 2016 Soil. C N P dynamics during,secondary succession,following fire in the boreal. forest of central Canada,Forest Ecology and,Management 369 1 9. March 15 2018 Landscape Heterogeneity and Goddard MA Dougill AJ. Biodiversity Benton TG 2009 Scaling up,from gardens biodiversity. March 22 2018 Biogeography and conservation in urban. Conservation Science environments Trends in,Ecology and Evolution 25.
March 29 2018 Global Environmental,Course Review,April 9 30 2018 Final Examination Period. and time Topics covered include ecological and evolutionary dynamics disturbance dispersal migration continental drift speciation extinction paleoenvironments and island biogeography We also examine terrestrial and marine biomes the meaning of biodiversity conservation

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