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Instrument Panel,Express Down, Power Power Door Turn Signal Lever Driver Information Windshield. Windows All Locks Button Exterior Lamps Control Center Wipers Lever. Cruise Control Forward Instrument Panel Tilt Telescopic Audio Steering. Collision AlertF Lane Illumination Steering Wheel Wheel Controls. Departure WarningF Buttons Control Lever, Safety Belt Reminder Antilock Brake Airbag Readiness. System Warning,Check Engine Security,Charging System. Low Tire Pressure Brake System Warning,Oil Pressure. Infotainment Climate Controls,System Navigation Hazard Warning Heated Seat.
SystemF Flashers Button ButtonsF, Center Vent eco Button StabiliTrak Accessory Driver Center Vent. Open Close 4 cylinder Button Power Outlet Information Open Close. Control models Center Controls Control,Refer to your Owner Manual. to learn about the information,Cruise Control On Set StabiliTrak Traction. being relayed by the lights,Control Warning gauges and indicators of the. Traction Control Off,Lights On instrument cluster,StabiliTrak Off.
See In Brief in your Owner Manual,F Optional equipment 3. Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter,Unlock Remote Vehicle StartF. Press to unlock the driver s Press and release the Lock button and. door Press again to unlock all then press and hold the button until. doors and the liftgate the turn signal lamps flash to start the. The Unlock setting can engine from outside the vehicle After. be changed in the entering the vehicle turn the ignition to. Vehicle Settings menu the On position,During a remote start the engine. Lock will run for 10 minutes,Press to lock all doors. Repeat these steps for an addi,and the liftgate,tional 10 minutes A remote start.
Liftgate can be extended once,Press and hold to open Press and hold the button. stop close the power until the parking lamps turn off. liftgateF to c ancel a remote start,Vehicle Locator. Panic Alarm,Press and release to locate your,vehicle The turn signal lamps will. flash and the horn will sound,Note To change the remote lock unlock and. Press and hold to activate the alarm The remote start settings go to Remote Lock Unlock. turn signal lamps will flash and the horn Start in the Vehicle Settings menu. will sound until the button is pressed, again or the ignition is turned on See Keys Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Tilt Telescopic Steering Wheel, With the vehicle in Park push down the lever on the left side of the steering column to. adjust the steering wheel The steering wheel can then be moved up or down and in or. out After adjustment pull up the lever to lock the steering wheel in place. See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual,4 F Optional equipment. Driver s Seat Adjustments,Manual Driver s Seat A Seat Fore Aft Adjustment. Lift the handle under the front of the,seat to manually slide the seat forward. or rearward,B Seat Height Adjustment,Press the vertical control to raise or.
lower the seat,C Lumbar Adjustment,Press the horizontal control to adjust. A B C D the amount of lumbar support,D Seatback Recline Adjustment. Lift the lever to manually recline or,raise the seatback. Power Driver s SeatF A Seat Adjustment,Move the front horizontal control to. move the seat forward or rearward and,D to raise lower or tilt the seat.
B Seatback Recline Adjustment,Move the vertical control to recline or. raise the seatback,C Lumbar Adjustment,A B C Press the rear horizontal control to. adjust the amount of lumbar support,Memory Driver s SeatF. Set Memory Positions, 1 Adjust the driver s seat and power outside mirrors to the desired position. 2 Press and hold the MEM button and button 1 D on the outboard side of the driver s. seat until a beep sounds, 3 Repeat these steps using button 2 for a second driver.
Recall Memory Positions, Press and hold button 1 or 2 until the memory position is reached. Note To change the memory recall and exit settings go to Comfort and Convenience in the Vehicle. Settings menu,See Seats and Restraints in your Owner Manual. F Optional equipment 5,Rear Seat Adjustments,A Seat Fore Aft Adjustment. Lift the bar under the front of the seat,to manually slide the seat forward or. B Folding Reclining Seatback,Unbuckle the rear safety belts and.
place the front seatbacks in the upright,position Lift the lever on top of each. seatback to fold down the seatback,Lift and hold the lever to adjust the seat. back to any of three recline positions,See Seats and Restraints in your Owner Manual. Exterior Interior Lighting,Automatic Headlamp System Headlamps. Rotate the outer band to operate the Manual operation of the headlamps. exterior lamps,Parking Lamps,Manual operation of the parking lamps.
AUTO Automatic Headlamp System,Activates the Daytime Running Lamps. DRLs in the daytime and the headlamps,and other exterior lamps at night or when. TIP Push the lever to turn on the high beam,headlamps pull the lever to return to low beam. operation Pull the lever to activate the flash to,pass feature. Instrument Panel Lighting Instrument Panel Brightness. The control knob is located on the left Turn the knob to increase or decrease. side of the instrument panel next to the the instrument panel lighting. steering column,Dome Lamp Dome Lamp Override Off, The dome lamps are controlled by a Door Open Default position.
three position switch on the front over,head console On. TIP The second row dome lamps also can be, turned on off using the buttons by the lamps See Lighting in your Owner Manual. Wipers and Washers, Windshield Wipers and Washer HI Continuous High Speed. Move the lever up or down to operate LO Continuous Low Speed. the windshield wipers,INT Intermittent,Rotate the band to adjust the delay. between wipes,B 1x Single Wipe,C Washer Fluid,Pull the lever toward you to spray washer.
fluid on the windshield,Rear Wiper and Washer A ON Continuous Low Speed. The rear wiper switch is located on the B OFF,end of the wiper lever. C INT Intermittent,Washer Fluid,Push the lever away from you to spray. washer fluid on the rear window,See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual. Power Programmable LiftgateF,Programming the Liftgate Height.
1 Turn the power liftgate switch to the,3 4 mode position. 2 Open the liftgate by pressing the power,liftgate switch RKE transmitter liftgate. button or the touchpad on the center,of the liftgate. 3 Stop the liftgate at the desired height,MAX by pressing any liftgate button Adjust. Fully open the liftgate manually to the desired height if. 4 To save the setting press and hold the,Open the liftgate to the programmed.
button next to the liftgate latch for,three seconds The taillamps will flash. OFF when the setting is saved, Operate the liftgate manually See Keys Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual. F Optional equipment 7,Audio System, Refer to your Owner Manual for important safety information about using the infotainment system. while driving,FAV SOURCE BACK Tune radio,Display pages Select radio 1 6 Move back stations. Power of favorite radio band or Preset radio HOME one level in Open and select. Volume stations auxiliary source stations Main screen the menus a menu. DESTF RPTF NAVF AS INFO CONFIG, SEEK Open the Repeat Map Phone PLAY Autostore Display Configure.
Previous Navigation Navigation screen Mute PAUSE presets available system. Next radio Destination voice list information settings. station or track menu guidance,See your Infotainment System Owner Manual. 8 F Optional equipment,Audio System,Setting the Time. 1 Press the Config button and select Time and Date settings or press the. Clock button,2 Touch the Set Time screen button, 3 Touch the plus or minus screen button to adjust the hours minutes or date. 4 Exit the screen to confirm the setting,Storing Favorite Stations. Radio stations from all bands AM FM or SiriusXMF can be stored in any order on up to. six pages of favorites,1 Tune in the desired radio station.
2 Press the FAV button to display the page where the station is to be stored. 3 Press and hold one of the six preset screen buttons until a beep is heard. 4 Repeat the steps for each desired station,Portable Audio Devices. An accessory power outlet an auxiliary input jack and a USB portF are located in the. center console,An iPod iPhone MP3 Player a USB,flash drive or a USB mass storage device. can be connected to the USB port,GMC IntelliLinkF will read the device. build a list of voice commands and fill,in missing song information and album. graphics Search for music on screen or,by voice commands.
A portable audio device connected to,the auxiliary input jack can be con. trolled only by using the portable device,controls To optimize speaker volume. fully increase the volume level of the,portable device. Active Noise Cancellation 4 cylinder models only, The Active Noise Cancellation ANC system monitors and effectively cancels out poten. tially undesirable vehicle noises at certain vehicle speeds For optimal ANC performance. do not block the rear speaker located on the right side of the cargo area. See your Infotainment System Owner Manual,F Optional equipment 9.
Audio Steering Wheel Controls,VOL Volume,Press or to adjust the volume. SRC Source,Press to select an audio source,Next Previous. Rotate up or down to go to the next or,previous favorite radio station or track. Push to Talk,Press to answer an incoming call or,use voice recognition. End Call Mute,Press to end or reject a call,Press to mute the vehicle speakers.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual,Bluetooth System. Before using a Bluetooth enabled device in the vehicle it must be paired with the in. vehicle Bluetooth system Not all devices will support all functions The pairing process. is disabled when the vehicle is moving For more information about Bluetooth pairing. device compatibility and text messaging visit my gmc com learn. Pair a Phone, 1 To use voice recognition press the Push to Talk button on the steering wheel. after the beep say Pair, To use the screen buttons press the CONFIG button and then select Phone Settings. Bluetooth Pair Device, 2 Start the pairing process on the phone Locate your vehicle name or IntelliLink on. 3 Confirm the codes that appear on the infotainment screen and the phone. 4 When pairing is complete the phone screen is displayed on the infotainment screen. Depending on the phone the phone book is downloaded automatically. Text MessagingF, Text messages can be displayed or played back over the audio system or a predefined.
message can be sent Only SMS text messages are supported Your phone s Bluetooth. settings must be set to allow access to messages or show notifications. 1 Touch the Messages screen button on the home page after pairing your Bluetooth. enabled phone, 2 Once all messages are retrieved the Text Message Inbox displays. 3 Select a text message to view available only if the vehicle is not in motion or listen to. A pop up screen will display when there is an incoming text message. 10 F Optional equipment See your Infotainment System Owner Manual. GMC IntelliLinkF, IntelliLink uses a Bluetooth or USB connection to link a compatible smartphone cell. phone USB flash drive or portable audio player iPod to the touch screen infotainment. display It offers a variety of entertainment options and features enhanced hands free. voice control music information and the ability to play music files from a USB flash drive. For assistance with the operation of the IntelliLink system contact Customer Assistance. at 1 855 4 SUPPORT 855 478 7767 or visit www gmc com and click the More GMC link. PANDORA Internet Radio, Listen to personalized radio stations based on favorite artists or genres. Download the Pandora app to your smartphone Restart the smartphone and sign in. to Pandora, Create a station on your phone to listen to a customized song list in the vehicle. Connect your smartphone device to the system by Bluetooth or for Apple devices. by a USB cable, Touch the Pandora icon on the touch screen to access Pandora A slight delay may.
occur when loading a song or changing a station,Stitcher SmartRadio. Stream favorite podcasts radio shows and news to your vehicle. Download the Stitcher app to your smartphone Restart the smartphone and sign in. to Stitcher,Select a category to listen to, If you like the station touch the Star screen button to add it to your Favorites list. SiriusXM Satellite RadioF subscription required, SiriusXM provides access to over 180 channels of commercial free music sports talk. entertainment comedy and weather using the radio controls or voice commands. XM Travel Link includes fuel locations and prices weather and movies with theater. locations Additional subscription fee required, XM Tune Select finds your favorite artists or songs on all XM stations and. alerts you,Voice Pass Thru and Siri Eyes Free, Voice pass thru allows access to the voice recognition commands on a compatible cell.
phone i e Siri or Voice Command Visit my gmc com learn for more information. To activate phone voice recognition press and hold the Push to Talk button on the. 3 Refer to your Owner Manual to learn about the information being relayed by the lights gauges and indicators of the instrument cluster See In Brief in your Owner Manual

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