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Tanquary Fjord Ellesmere Island Nunavut Canada Wayne Lynch Getty Images. A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 2 16 02 15 10 54 PM,An Introduction to Physical geography. Geosystems,Fourth Canadian Edition,Robert W Christopherson. American River College Emeritus,Ginger H Birkeland. Arizona State University Ph D,Mary Louise Byrne,Wilfrid Laurier University. Philip T Giles,Saint Mary s University,A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 3 16 02 15 10 54 PM.
Vice President Cross Media Publishing,Services Gary Bennett. Editorial Director Claudine O Donnell,Executive Acquisition Editor Cathleen Sullivan. Sr Marketing Manager Sciences Kimberly Teska,Manager of Content Development Suzanne Schaan. Developmental Editor Katherine Goodes,Program Manager Darryl Kamo. Project Manager Sarah Gallagher,Production Editor Cindy Sweeney.
Copy Editor Marcia Youngman,Proofreader Brooke Graves. Full Service Vendor S4Carlisle Publishing Services. Permissions Project Manager Kathryn O Handley,Photo Researcher Divya Narayanan Lumina. Datamatics Ltd,Permissions Researcher Tom Wilcox Lumina. Datamatics Inc,Cover Designer Anthony Leung,Interior Designer Anthony Leung. Cover Image S J Krasemann Getty Images Tributary to. Duke River Kluane Mountain Range Kluane National,Park Yukon Territory Canada.
Printer Courier Kendallville, Dedication page quote Barbara Kingsolver Small Wonder. New York HarperCollins Publishers 2002 p 39, Credits and acknowledgments for material borrowed from other sources and reproduced with permission in this. textbook appear on the appropriate page within the text. Original edition published by Pearson Education Inc Upper Saddle River New Jersey USA Copyright 2016 Pearson. Education Inc This edition is authorized for sale only in Canada. If you purchased this book outside the United States or Canada you should be aware that it has been imported without. the approval of the publisher or the author, Copyright 2016 2013 2009 2006 Pearson Canada Inc All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of. America This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any. prohibited reproduction storage in a retrieval system or transmission in any form or by any means electronic mechanical. photocopying recording or likewise To obtain permission s to use material from this work please submit a written request. to Pearson Canada Inc Permissions Department 26 Prince Andrew Place Don Mills Ontario M3C 2T8 or fax your request. to 416 447 3126 or submit a request to Permissions Requests at www pearsoncanada ca. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication. Christopherson Robert W author, Geosystems an introduction to physical geography Robert Christopherson.
Mary Louise Byrne Philip Giles Fourth Canadian edition. Includes bibliographical references and index,ISBN 978 0 13 340552 1 bound. 1 Physical geography Textbooks I Byrne Mary Louise 1961 author. II Giles Philip Thomas 1967 author III Title,GB54 5 C47 2015. C2014 906527 2,www pearsoncanada ca ISBN 13 978 0 13 340552 1. A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 4 16 02 15 10 54 PM,dedication. To the students and teachers of Earth and,to all the children and grandchildren for it.
is their future and home planet,The land still provides our genesis. however we might like to forget that our,food comes from dank muddy Earth that. the oxygen in our lungs was recently,inside a leaf and that every newspaper. or book we may pick up is made from the,hearts of trees that died for the sake of. our imagined lives What you hold in your,hands right now beneath these words is.
consecrated air and time and sunlight,Barbara Kingsolver. Environmental Statement, This book is carefully crafted to minimize environmental impact Pearson Canada is proud to report that the materials. used to manufacture this book originated from sources committed to sustainable forestry practices tree harvesting. and associated land management The binding cover and paper come from facilities that minimize waste energy usage. and the use of harmful chemicals, Equally important Pearson Canada closes the loop by recycling every out of date text returned to our warehouse We. pulp the books and the pulp is used to produce other items such as paper coffee cups or shopping bags. The future holds great promise for reducing our impact on Earth s environment and Pearson Canada is proud to be. leading the way in this initiative From production of the book to putting a copy in your hands we strive to publish the best. books with the most up to date and accurate content and to do so in ways that minimize our impact on Earth. A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 5 16 02 15 10 54 PM,brief contents. 1 Essentials of Geography 2,Part I The Energy Atmosphere System 40.
2 Solar Energy to Earth and the Seasons 42,3 Earth s Modern Atmosphere 64. 4 Atmosphere and Surface Energy Balances 90,5 Global Temperatures 116. 6 Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulations 142,Part Ii The Water Weather and Climate Systems 178. 7 Water and Atmospheric Moisture 180,8 Weather 206. 9 Water Resources 240,10 Global Climate Systems 274.
11 Climate Change 306,Part Iii The Earth Atmosphere Interface 344. 12 The Dynamic Planet 346,13 Tectonics Earthquakes and Volcanism 382. 14 Weathering Karst Landscapes and Mass Movement 422. 15 River Systems 452,16 Oceans Coastal Systems and Wind Processes 490. 17 Glacial and Periglacial Landscapes 532,Part Iv Soils Ecosystems and Biomes 568. 18 The Geography of Soils 570,19 Ecosystem Essentials 604.
20 Terrestrial Biomes 640, Appendix A Maps in This Text and Topographic Maps A 1. Appendix B The 12 Soil Orders of the U S Soil Taxonomy A 6. Appendix C The K ppen Climate Classification System A 10. Appendix D Common Conversions A 13,A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 6 16 02 15 10 54 PM. Preface xviii,Digital and Print Resources xxii,Book and MasteringGeography. Walkthrough xxii Location and Time on Earth 20,Latitude 20. Longitude 22,Great Circles and Small Circles 23,Meridians and Global Time 23.
Maps and Cartography 25,The Scale of Maps 26,Map Projections 26. Modern Tools and Techniques for Geoscience 30,Global Positioning System 30. Remote Sensing 31,Geographic Information Systems 33. Geosystems connection 37,1 Essentials of Geography 2. Key Learning concepts review 37,Key Learning concepts 2.
geosystems in action 1 Exploring Earth Systems 16,GEOSYSTEMS now Canada s Borders Not Just Lines. on a Map 3 Critical Thinking 1 1 What Is Your Footprint 11. The Science of Geography 5 Critical Thinking 1 2 Latitudinal Geographic Zones. The Geographic Continuum 7 and Temperature 21, Geographic Analysis 7 Critical Thinking 1 3 Where Are You 23. The Scientific Process 7, Critical Thinking 1 4 Find and Compare Map Scales 26. Human Earth Interactions in the 21st Century 8,Critical Thinking 1 5 Test Your Knowledge about. Earth Systems Concepts 11,Satellite Imagery 34,Systems Theory 11.
Systems Organization in Geosystems 14 A QuantitativeSOLUTION Map Scales 36. Earth s Dimensions 19 GEO reports 7 reports,Part I The Energy Atmosphere System 40. Solar Energy From Sun to Earth 45,Solar Activity and Solar Wind 46. Electromagnetic Spectrum of Radiant Energy 47,Incoming Energy at the Top of the Atmosphere 49. The Seasons 51,Seasonality 52,Reasons for Seasons 52. Annual March of the Seasons 55,Geosystems connection 60.
2 Solar Energy to Earth,Key Learning concepts review 61. and the Seasons 42 geosystems in action 2 Earth Sun Relations 56. Key Learning concepts 42,Critical Thinking 2 1 A Way to Calculate Sunrise. GEOSYSTEMS now Chasing the Subsolar Point 43,and Sunset 52. The Solar System Sun and Earth 44, Critical Thinking 2 2 Astronomical Factors Vary over. Solar System Formation 45,Long Time Frames 54,Dimensions and Distances 45.
A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 7 16 02 15 10 54 PM,viii Geosystems. Critical Thinking 2 3 Use the Analemma to Find A QuantitativeSOLUTION Radiation and Temperature 60. the Subsolar Point 58,visual analysis 2 Dryland Agriculture 63. ThehumanDenominator2 Solar Energy and the Seasons 59 GEO reports 4 reports. Anthropogenic Pollution 76,Natural Factors That Affect Pollutants 80. Benefits of the Clean Air Act 81,Geosystems connection 85. Key Learning concepts review 87,geosystems in action 3 Air Pollution 82.
Focus Study 3 1 Pollution 74, 3 Earth s Modern Atmosphere 64 Focus Study 3 2 Pollution 78. Key Learning concepts 64 Critical Thinking 3 1 Where Is Your Tropopause 71. GEOSYSTEMS now Humans Explore the Atmosphere 65 Critical Thinking 3 2 Finding Your Local Ozone 72. Atmospheric Composition Temperature Critical Thinking 3 3 Evaluating Costs and Benefits 84. and Function 66 The humanDenominator3 The Shared Global Atmosphere 85. Atmospheric Profile 66,A QuantitativeSOLUTION Lapse Rates 86. Atmospheric Composition Criterion 67, Atmospheric Temperature Criterion 69 visual analysis 3 The Atmosphere and Inversion Layers 89. Atmospheric Function Criterion 71 GEO reports 5 reports. Pollutants in the Atmosphere 73,Natural Sources of Air Pollution 73. Energy Balance at Earth s Surface 103,Daily Radiation Patterns 103.
A Simplified Surface Energy Budget 104,The Urban Environment 107. Geosystems connection 112,Key Learning concepts review 113. geosystems in action 4 Earth Atmosphere Energy B,alance 100. Focus Study 4 1 Sustainable Resources 108,Critical Thinking 4 1 A Kelp Indicator of Surface. Energy Dynamics 102, 4 Atmosphere and Surface Energy Critical Thinking 4 2 Applying Energy Balance.
Balances 90 Principles to a Solar Cooker 105, Key Learning concepts 90 Critical Thinking 4 3 Looking at Your Surface. Energy Budget 111, GEOSYSTEMS now Melting Sea Ice Opens Arctic Shipping. Lanes However 91 The humanDenominator4 Changes in Atmospheric. and Surface Energy Budgets 112,Energy Balance Essentials 92. Energy and Heat 92 A QuantitativeSOLUTION Zero Dimensional Global Energy. Energy Pathways and Principles 94 Balance Model 113. Energy Balance in the Troposphere 98 GEO reports 3 reports. The Greenhouse Effect and Atmospheric Warming 98,Earth Atmosphere Energy Balance 99. A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 8 16 02 15 10 54 PM,Contents ix.
Earth s Temperature Patterns 130,January and July Global Temperature Maps 130. January and July Polar Region Temperature Maps 132. Annual Temperature Range Map 133,Recent Temperature Trends and Human Response 134. Record Temperatures and Greenhouse Warming 134,Heat Stress and the Heat Index 136. Geosystems connection 139, 5 Global Temperatures 116 KEY LEARNING concepts review 140. geosystems in action 5 Heat Waves 121,Key Learning concepts 116.
GEOSYSTEMS now The Mystery of St Kilda s Shrinking Focus Study 5 1 Climate Change 136. Sheep 117 Critical Thinking 5 1 Compare and Explain Coastal. Temperature Concepts and Measurement 119 and Inland Temperatures 127. Temperature Scales 119 Critical Thinking 5 2 Begin a Full Physical Geography. Measuring Temperature 120 Profile of Your Area 132. Principal Temperature Controls 122 The humanDenominator5 Global Temperatures 139. Latitude 122,A QuantitativeSOLUTION Humidex 140,Altitude and Elevation 122. Cloud Cover 123 GEO reports 4 reports,Land Water Heating Differences 124. Monsoonal Winds 160,Local Winds 162,Oceanic Currents 163. Surface Currents 163,Thermohaline Circulation The Deep Currents 165. Natural Oscillations in Global Circulation 168,El Ni o Southern Oscillation 168.
Pacific Decadal Oscillation 170,North Atlantic and Arctic Oscillations 171. 6 Atmospheric and Oceanic Geosystems connection 172. Circulations 142 Key Learning concepts review 174, Key Learning concepts 142 geosystems in action 6 Atmospheric Circulation 156. GEOSYSTEMS now Ocean Currents Bring Invasive,Focus Study 6 1 Sustainable Resources 166. Species 143,Critical Thinking 6 1 Measure the Wind 148. Wind Essentials 145, Air Pressure 145 Critical Thinking 6 2 What Causes the North.
Wind Description and Measurement 146 Australian Monsoon 162. Driving Forces within the Atmosphere 148 Critical Thinking 6 3 Construct Your Own Wind Power. Pressure Gradient Force 148 Assessment Report 163, Coriolis Force 148 The humanDenominator6 Global Circulation 172. Friction Force 150,A QuantitativeSOLUTION Wind Regimes 173. Summary of Physical Forces on Winds 151, High and Low Pressure Systems 151 visual analysis 6 Atmospheric Circulation 177. Atmospheric Patterns of Motion 151 GEO reports 5 Reports. Primary Pressure Areas and Associated Winds 151,Upper Atmospheric Circulation 158. A01 CHRI5521 04 CE FM indd 9 16 02 15 10 54 PM,x Geosystems.
Part Ii The Water Weather and Climate Systems 178,Atmospheric Stability 190. Adiabatic Processes 190,Stable and Unstable Atmospheric Conditions 191. Clouds and Fog 194,Cloud Formation Processes 194,Cloud Types and Identification 194. Processes That Form Fog 197,Geosystems connection 200. Key Learning concepts review 203, 7 Water and Atmospheric Moisture 180 geosystems in action 7 Adiabatic Heating and Cooling 192.
Key Learning concepts 180 Critical Thinking 7 1 Iceberg Analysis 184. Geosystems An IntroductIon to PhysIcAl geogrAPhy Fourth canadian edition Robert W Christopherson American River College Emeritus Ginger H Birkeland

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