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Scheme of Studies MSc Physics,MSc Physics 4 Semesters 2 years program. Code Title,Semester 1,PHY 551 Methods of Mathematical Physics I 3 3 0. PHY 553 Classical Mechanics 3 3 0,PHY 555 Electrodynamics I 3 3 0. PHY 557 Electronics I 3 3 0,PHY 559 Relativity and Cosmology 3 3 0. PHY 561 Lab Course I Electromagnetism 3 0 3,Semester 2.
PHY 552 Methods of Mathematical Physics II 3 3 0,PHY 554 Quantum Mechanics I 3 3 0. PHY 556 Nuclear Physics I 3 3 0,PHY 558 Electrodynamics II 3 3 0. PHY 560 Electronics II 3 3 0,Lab Course II Atomic Nuclear. PHY 562 3 0 3,Semester 3,PHY 651 Quantum Mechanics II 3 3 0. PHY 653 Nuclear Physics II 3 3 0,PHY 655 Statistical Mechanics 3 3 0.
PHY 657 Solid State Physics I 3 3 0,GC University Faisalabad. Scheme of Studies MSc Physics,PHY 659 Particle Physics I 3 3 0. PHY 661 Advanced Electronics 3 3 0,PHY 663 Environmental Physics I 3 3 0. PHY 665 Health and Medical Physics I 3 3 0,PHY 667 Climatology and Metrology I 3 3 0. PHY 669 Lab Course III Electronics 3 0 3,Total 18 15.
Semester 4,PHY 652 Plasma Physics 3 3 0,PHY 654 Computational Physics 3 3 0. PHY 656 Solid State Physics II 3 3 0,PHY 658 Laser and Optics 3 3 0. PHY 660 Particle Physics II 3 3 0,PHY 662 Advanced Electronics Lab Course 3 3 0. PHY 664 Environmental Physics Lab Course 3 3 0,PHY 666 Health and Medical Physics II 3 3 0. PHY 668 Climatology and Metrology II 3 3 0,PHY 679 Seminar 1 1 0.
PHY 680 Thesis 6 0 6,PHY 681 Project 3 0 3,Total 16 19. One optional subject to be chosen in 3rd and 4th semester. Projects may be opted in lieu of option II of the subject already taken by the student. in 3rd semester,GC University Faisalabad,Scheme of Studies MSc Physics. Thesis will be allotted in the 3rd semester However the credit hours for thesis will. only count towards the 4th semesters, Internship will be offered to students during summer vacations as an optional activity. M Sc Physics,1st Semester,PHY 551 Methods of Mathematical Physics I 3 3 0. Vector operations Physical significance of DEL operator Gauss s divergence theorem Green s. theorem Stokes s theorem Orthogonal curvilinear coordinates system Gradient Divergence Curl and. Laplacian in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates Spherical polar and Cylindrical coordinates systems. Complex numbers Euler s formula De Moivre s theorem elementary functions analytic functions of. complex variables Cauchy Riemann equation harmonic functions complex integration Cauchy s. theorem Cauchy s integral formula Taylor and Laurent series Contour integrals singularities and. residues residue theorem branch points and integrals of multivalued functions Tensors Analysis and. applications,Recommended Books, 1 Dass H K R Verma 2011 6th Edition Mathematical Physics S Chand Company Ltd New.
2 Kreyszig E 2011 10th Edition Advanced Engineering Mathematics Wiley New York. 3 Riley K F M P Hobson and S J Bence 2006 3rd Edition Mathematical Methods for Physics and. Engineering Cambridge University Press Cambridge, 4 Arfken G B and H J Weber F E Harris 2012 7th Edition Mathematical Methods for Physicists. A Press New York, 5 Spiegel M R 2009 1st Edition Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists Schaum s. outlines series McGraw Hill, 6 Collins R E 2011 2nd Edition Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers Dover. Publications, 7 Tang K T 2010 2nd Edition Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists 2 Springer. PHY 553 Classical Mechanics 3 3 0, Historical development of classical mechanics Newtonian mechanics of single particle system of.
particles constraints generalized coordinates D Alembert s Principle Derivation of Lagrange s. equations simple applications of the lagrangian formulation Hamilton s Principle Techniques of the. calculus of variation Derivation of Lagrange s equation from Hamilton s principle Applications of. Hamilton s principle shortest distance between two points in a plane and space minimum surface of. revolution the Brachistochrone problem conservation theorem Two body central force problem its. reduction to the equivalent one body problem Kepler s law as an inverse square law problem. Differential equation for the orbits and the different shapes of the orbit planetary orbits their equations. Legendre transformations and its applications Derivation of Hamilton s equation of motion Hamiltonian. cyclic coordinates Routh s Procedure The equations examples of canonical transformations. Poisson s brackets their properties Poisson s brackets other canonical invariants Poisson s. theorem invariance of Poisson s bracket under canonical transformation. Recommended Books,GC University Faisalabad,Scheme of Studies MSc Physics. 1 Goldstein H P Charle and J L Safko 2001 Classical Mechanics Addison Wesley. 2 Hand L N and J D Finch 1998 Analytical Mechanics Cambridge University Press Cambridge. 3 Barger V D and M G Olsson 1995 Classical Mechanics McGraw Hill New York. 4 Landau L D and E M Lifshitz Mechanics 1960 Pergamon Oxford. 5 Classical Mechanics by J W Leech Methuen and Co Ltd London 1958. PHY 555 Electrodynamics I 3 3 0, Electric dipole Electric field and electric potential at a point due to dipole mutual interaction energy of. two dipoles Force and Couple on the dipole placed in an external electric field Dielectrics Polarization. and polarization density vector surface and volume charge densities due to polarization electric field. inside the dielectric electric susceptibility and dielectric constant Poisson and Laplace equations both. for dielectric and space Solution to Laplace equation in Cartesian spherical and cylindrical coordinates. Uncharged conducting and dielectric sphere in uniform electric field Electrostatic Images Point charge. near an infinite grounded conducting plane Electric potential electric field intensity and surface charge. density in case of point charge and conducting sphere Electric current nature of electric current current. density equation of continuity Ohm s law steady current in media without source of e m f Approach. to electrostatic equilibrium Magnetic properties of steady current Current carrying element Force on. current carrying conductor Biot savart law and their applications Ampere s circuital law and their. applications Magnetic vector and scalar potential Magnetic field of a distant circuit Magnetic properties. of matter Magnetization vectors M Magnetic current densities due to surface and volume currents and. vector potential Magnetic field due to the magnetized material Magnetic scalar potential and pole. density Magnetic intensity vector H Relation between H and M Field equation Magnetic susceptibility. and permeability Boundary conditions on the field vectors. Recommended Books, 1 Griffiths D J 1999 Introduction to Electrodynamics 3rd Edition. 2 John R Reitz 1992 Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory 4th Edition. PHY 557 Electronics I 3 3 0, Liner network analysis superposition Thevenin Norton and Mill man s theorems Electronics the p n. junction Bias the p n junction diode diode characteristics of diode different models and types of. diodes half wave and full wave rectifier full wave bridge rectifier capacitor inductive and R filters. Clipping and clamping circuits Zener voltage regulators regulated power supply varactor diodes. Optical diodes Light emitting Diodes Bipolar junction transistor BJT transistor characteristics biasing. circuits such as base bias emitter bias voltage divider bias feedback bias circuits amplifier. classifications common emitter amplifier the emitter followers the common base amplifier RC coupled. amplifiers Power amplifiers class A class B amplifiers class C amplifier introduction to Junction field. effect transistors JFET JFET biasing circuits the common source follower introduction to MOSFET. Recommended Books, 1 Floyd T L 2010 Electronic Devices 9TH Ed Prentice Hall Intern Inc Englewood Cliffs USA.
2 Nashelsky L Robert L B 2009 Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory 10TH Ed Prentice. Hall Intern Inc Englewood Cliffs USA, 3 Malvino A P 2008 Electronic Principles 7TH Ed Glencoe McGraw Hill Book Co. 4 Grob B 2003 Basic Electronics 9TH Ed McGraw Hill. PHY 559 Relativity and Cosmology 3 3 0, Special Relativity Galilean relativity Einstein s postulates of special relativity Consequences of special. relativity Michelson Morley experiment Lorentz transformations consequences of Lorentz. transformations the relativity of length the relativity of time concept of simultaneity Relativistic. Mechanics Transformation of relativistic velocities addition of relativistic velocities Relativity of mass. GC University Faisalabad,Scheme of Studies MSc Physics. Force equation in relativity rest mass KE and total energy conservation of energy and momentum. the conversion of mass to kinetic energy in Uranium Fission pair production and annihilation The. Cerenkov Effect and Cerenkov radiation Einstein s mass energy relationship and its practical examples. particle of Zero rest mass Relativistic Doppler Effect Aberration of Light Tachyons structure of space. time Geometry of space time Minkowski space time tensors the light cone and four vectors position. four vector four velocity four momentum four force General relativity Gravity as a Geometry The. equivalence principle clocks in a gravitation field space time is curved geodesics the geodesic. equation equation of geodesic deviation Einstein field equation Manifolds and coordinates curves and. surfaces tensor fields metric tensor Cosmology cosmological redshift Hubble s law microwave. background the Big Bang Theory Historical background of universe stars neutron stars pulsars. black holes quasars singularity measuring the distance to stars concept of open closed and flat. universe dark matter MACHOs and WIMPs,Recommended Books. 1 James B 2005 An Introdu ing to Einstein s General Relativity Hartle Pearson Education. 2 Beiser A 2002 6th E Perspectives of Modern Physics McGraw Hill. 3 Resnick Halliday and Krane 2002 Physics Vol I 5th Ed John Wiley and Sons Inc New York. 4 Inverno R D Introducing Einstein s Relativity 1992 Oxford University Press. 5 McComb W D 1999 Dynamics and Relativity Oxford University Press. 6 Narlikar J V 1989 Introduction to Cosmology Cambridge University Press. PHY 561 Lab Course I Electromagnetism 3 0 3, 1 To determine the resistance of various DC conductors by recording their current voltage.
characteristics, 2 To study the internal resistance and matching in various voltage sources and draw their power. 3 Establishment of relationship between electrostatic force and charge electrostatic force and. distance between charges and to determine the electric constant using Coulomb s Law image. 4 To study the ferromagnetic hysterisis of a two ring shaped iron cores by continuous adjustable. direct current and to determine the remanence and coersive field strength. 5 Investigation of induced current and voltage in secondary coil of a transformer as a function of. number of turns and current flowing in the primary coil. 6 To determine the inductance and phase displacement of coil single parallel and series. formations in AC circuit as a function of frequency of voltage source. 7 To determine the capacitance and phase displacement of capacitor single parallel and series. formations in AC circuit as a function of frequency of voltage source. 8 To determine the dielectric constants of different materials. 9 To study the ripple of the output voltage of various rectifier circuits as a function of the load. current strength and the charging capacitance, 10 To study the frequency response of simple RC filters by point by point measurements and the. sweep displayed on the oscilloscope, 11 To investigate the filter characteristics as a function of frequency of a coil a capacitor an Ohmic. resistance and combinations of these components and to determine the phase displacement of. the filters as a function of frequency, 12 To study the behavior of RLC series and parallel circuit and determination of its resonance. frequency Optional To determine the dielectric constant using RLC series circuit. Recommended Books, 1 Kraftmakers Y 2007 Experiments and demonstrations in Physics World Scientific Publishing.
2 Griffiths D J Introduction to Electrodynamics 3 Edition. 3 Isenberg C 1996 Physics Experiments and Projects for students Physics experiments. Projects Taylor and Francis USA,GC University Faisalabad. Scheme of Studies MSc Physics,2nd Semester,PHY 552 Methods of Mathematical Physics II 3 3 0. Fourier Analysis Fourier cosine and sine series change of interval Fourier integral complex form of. Fourier series Fourier transform Fourier transform of derivatives Laplace transform Inverse Laplace. Transform Convolution theorem Initial boundary value problem Laplace transform of derivatives. Physical significance along with examples of Fourier and Laplace transforms Special functions Hermite. Laguerre Legendre and associate Legendre polynomial Bessel function Neumann function and. spherical Bessel function Gamma function Nonhomogeneous equations Green s function Green s. function in terms of Eigen function the Sturm Liouville problem Green s function for Dirac Delta. Recommended Books, 1 Dass H K R Verma 2011 6th Edition Mathematical Physics S Chand Company Ltd New. 2 Kreyszig E 2011 10th Edition Advanced Engineering Mathematics Wiley New York. M Sc Physics 1st Semester PHY 551 Methods of Tang K T 2010 2nd Edition Mathematical Methods for Mathematical Methods for Engineers and

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