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1 The Careers Enterprise Company context,2 Compass and Tracker. 3 The Gatsby Benchmark toolkit,This is what good careers and enterprise support. And this is why it matters,Our young people Our economy. deserve flourishing needs to fill a,and fulfilled lives using productivity gap that. their skills and following will widen with Brexit,their passions Skills drive productivity.
Today youth unemployment is 2 5x higher,than national average. We know what works, 1 Encounters with employers young adults surveyed who recalled. with workplaces with further greater levels of contact with. and higher education employers whilst at school were. significantly less likely to be NEET,2 Information about local jobs. and earned on average 18 more,how the curriculum connects to. than peers who recalled no such,activities,3 A plan tailored to an.
individual s needs and, supported by guidance Latest research finds 86 reduction in. chance of being NEET following 4 or,Sir John Holman. more encounters,But it s patchy and patterned, Proportion of students that have at least one meaningful encounter with an employer every year that they are at school. Proportion of schools,In less than 40 of schools 25. do young people have one 13 0,encounter each year 10.
None 0 A few 1 25 Some 26 50 Most 51 75 Overwhelming. majority All 76,Proportion of students,66 businesses believe work. experience is critical for,recruitment,yet only 38 offer work. experience in England,We are not there yet,1 Encounters. 2 Information,But we are seeing improvements,31 Fall of 10 in schools. hitting No,benchmarks,Increase of 10 in,schools hitting HALF.
25 the benchmarks,15 Emergence of,schools hitting most. and in some cases,10 ALL the benchmarks, Schools hitting NO benchmarks Schools hitting HALF the benchmarks Schools hitting MOST of the. benchmarks, 2014 original Gatsby survey 2017 Compass audit tool. And we know it is achievable, We have a national network that connects schools and colleges. employers and career programme providers to create high impact. careers opportunities for young people,The good news the network is at scale.
Growth of the Network over time,Present in every 2500. geography of England,with all Local Enterprise,Partnerships engaged. Over 2 000 schools and 1500,Over 2 000 Enterprise 1000. 70 matched,50 Cornerstone 0,Sep 15 Jan 16 May 16 Sep 16 Jan 17 May 17. EAs School and colleges,It is having an impact, 50 increase in employer encounters among our schools and colleges.
3 new employers on average now working with our schools and colleges. 250 000 new encounters through our fund 75 in Cold Spots. 20 more invested by schools and colleges 2 years into the Network. 80 of EAs have had a good experience,It is diverse. 50 50 men and women,And people like it, Enterprise I d strongly commend others to become EAs I ve found it. really rewarding to play this part in my community. Advisers supporting my local high school and helping open young. people s eyes to role models technologies and,enterprises which inspire. Enterprise Adviser Oxfordshire, Schools and Our Enterprise Coordinator was very dynamic and got the. relevant people around the table It was because of her. colleges drive that it s been effective and moved forward so well. Academy Sheffield City Region, Local Enterprise This is the best careers programme I have ever seen.
implemented, Partnerships We have had fantastic feedback from employers and. already about impact,Enthusiasm of EAs and schools is great It s been. described as a dynamite moment when they meet,Range of LEPs. It is underpinned by investment in high performing. programmes,Over 14 million,invested in 124,proven careers. and enterprise,programmes,75 of funding in,Cold Spots.
450 000 young,people to benefit,including 25 000,from mentoring. 2014 original Gatsby survey 2017 Compass audit tool Fall of 10 in schools hitting No benchmarks Increase of 10 in schools hitting HALF the benchmarks Emergence of schools hitting most and in some cases ALL the benchmarks And we know it is achievable We have a national network that connects schools and colleges employers and career programme providers to create high impact careers

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