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Revision Summary 4,1 0 Introduction 5,2 0 Supplier Quality System Requirements 6. 3 0 Purchase Order Clauses 7,4 0 Supplier Quality Management Systems 9. 4 1 General Requirements 9,4 2 Documentation Requirements 9. 4 2 1 General 9,4 2 2 Quality Manual 9,4 2 3 Control of Documents 9. 4 2 4 Control of Records 10,5 Management Responsibility 10.
6 Resource Management 10,7 Product Realisation 11,7 1 Planning of Product Realisation 11. 7 1 1 Project Management 12,7 1 2 Risk Management 12. 7 1 3 Configuration Management 12,7 1 4 Control of Work Transfers 12. 7 2 Customer related Processes 13,7 2 1 Requirements Related to the Product 13. 7 4 Purchasing 13,7 5 Production and Service Provision 14.
7 5 1 Control of Production and Service Provision 14. 7 5 1 1 Production Process Verification 14,7 5 1 2 Control of Production Process Changes 14. 7 5 1 3 Control of Production Equipment Tools and Software Programs 15. 7 5 1 4 Post Delivery Support 15, 7 5 2 Validation of Processes for Production and Service Provision 15. 7 5 3 Identification and Traceability 15,7 5 4 Customer Property 15. 7 6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment 16. 8 Measurement Analysis Improvement 16,8 1 General 16. 8 2 Monitoring and Measurement of Product 16,8 2 1 Customer Satisfaction 16.
8 2 2 Internal Audit 17,8 3 Control of Non Conforming Product 17. 8 4 Analysis of Data 17,8 5 Improvement 18,8 5 1 Continual Improvement 18. 8 5 2 Corrective Preventative Action 18,9 Supplier Documentation Requirements 18. 10 Gardner Aerospace Supply Chain Portal 19,Revision Summary. Revision Date Details of amendment,1 12 9 14 M Rae New Document.
1 0 Introduction, This document details the quality requirements for suppliers delivering items against Gardner. Aerospace purchase orders The aim of this document is to ensure that all suppliers in to. Gardner Aerospace understand the required Quality conditions and to ensure that all suppliers. are aware of Gardner and their customers requirements. The quality requirements include the supplier s process of procurement planning. manufacturing inspection and testing storage packaging and release against Gardner. purchase order requirements, Suppliers shall comply with these requirements in full and should the supplier be in doubt. about whether they can comply with these requirements they shall notify Gardner Aerospace. listing any discrepancies, In case of any conflict between this document and the commercial terms and conditions listed. at www gardner aerospace com terms the commercial terms of contract shall take. precedence Suppliers should read this document in conjunction with our commercial terms of. purchase to understand all Gardner requirements are being fulfilled. 2 0 Supplier Quality System Requirements, Suppliers in to Gardner Aerospace will require varying level of approvals depending on the. product and service they are providing to Gardner Aerospace The minimum approval. requirements for each category are given below Exceptions to this list may be possible but. only when a Quality Plan is in place between Gardner and the supplier in question to support. this exemption, If a supplier believes they have been asked to provide services in contradiction to the below.
requirements they shall contact Gardner Aerospace to advise them of the potential. discrepancy, Should a supplier lose any of its accreditations that will affect supply in to Gardner Aerospace. they shall notify Gardner at the earliest possibility to allow a contingency plan to be developed. Product Gardner Order Type Supplier Minimum Quality system. signified by first letters of PO Remarks,Category number Service Approval. Production Sub Contract Manufacturer AS9100 or EN9100 1 2. Special Process,AS9100 or EN9100 and,provider i e,Production Sub Contract NADCAP approval for 1 2 3. applicable process, Production Consumable Stockist AS9120 or EN 9120 2 4. Consumable Tooling No Approval requirements,Consumable Calibration UKAS or ISO17025 5.
Consumable General supplies No Approval requirements. 1 Prime customer approval may be required completed processes depending on the. particular quality clause as per section 3 of this document. 2 Items are to be supplied with a certificate of conformity providing evidence of. conformity to the order requirements as per section 9 of this document. 3 Gardner internal companies do not require NADCAP approval to complete special. process work for other Gardner sites providing that they have prime approval to. complete the process and that they have a plan in place to achieve NADCAP. certification, 4 Prime customer approval may be required for stockists depending on the particular. quality clause as per section 3 of this document, 5 All equipment calibrated must be traceable to UKAS or ISO17025 calibrated. equipment and a certificate of calibration provided which demonstrates this. traceability,3 0 Purchase Order Clauses, For all airborne requirements as defined in Section 2 Gardner Aerospace will list the. applicable Quality Clauses against the particular order line on the supplier purchase order. These purchase order clauses are specific to the package of work and the prime customer. and the supplier requirements for each clause are defined below It may be possible that. more than one clause will apply for certain product and in case of any conflict between the. two documents the supplier shall seek clarification from Gardner. In addition to the purchase order clause each purchase order line may include reference to a. customer condition of supply a copy of which will be made available to the supplier by the. Gardner purchasing function, Each purchase order clause listed and its definition is given below These are organised in. alphabetical order, Supply in accordance with your Airbus approval number.
All special processes shall only be completed by approved. suppliers listed on the QSPL available at,http www airbus com tools airbusfor suppliers. All standard parts and materials must be supplied from. approved sources as listed on the Airbus Qualified Parts List a. copy of which is available within the Airbus supplier portal or. from Gardner on request Any products that do not have a. listing on the QPL shall be highlighted to Gardner for query with. Airbus Please reference your Airbus approval number on any. certificates of conformity released to Gardner, In certain circumstances suppliers may be approved by. Gardner to supply product for use on Airbus contracts without. the supplier having direct Airbus approval This is limited to. non special processes as defined in the MASTERLIST. ME0721033 or for stockists For stockists approved under this. method the requirements to procure product from the Airbus. Qualified Parts List still applies and a quality plan shall be. generated between Gardner and the supplier, Retention of records in support of Airbus contracts shall be in. accordance with Airbus directive AP2003, All transfer of work packages shall be completed in accordance. with AP5176 and notification shall be provided to Gardner. Aerospace to initiate this process, As per Airbus clause above but with the following addition.
Airbus GRAMS, Items are to be planned manufactured inspected and tested in. accordance with AP2190 GRAMS General requirements for. Aerostructure and Material suppliers, Augusta Westland Supply in accordance with Agusta Westland Supplier Quality. requirements for Suppliers QRS01 a copy of which can be. found http www agustawestland com content agustawestland. Supply in accordance with BAE Systems Aircraft Business. BAE Systems Units Quality Management Requirements for Suppliers. BAE AG QC SC1, This order is subject to certification and inspection by your. Quality Assurance Organisation as approved by Boeing D1. Boeing 4426, http active boeing com doingbiz d14426 GetAllProcessors cfm. EASA Part 21G Release in accordance with your EASA Part 21G approval. Release in accordance with your EASA FAR Part 145 approval. EASA form 1 release with FAA release in remarks box is. EASA FAR Part 145 acceptable if approved in your approved Maintenance. Organisation Exposition otherwise an FAA Form 8130 is. Supply in accordance with GKN Cowes Supplier Quality. Requirements SQA01 a copy of which is available at. GKN Cowes https www gkncowes co uk store asp f under Quality. Supply in accordance with Triumph Supplier Quality Assurance. Requirements SQAR a copy of which is available at, https www triumphsupplysource com suppliers index php.
Triumph under Quality Requirement or from your Gardner contact. Note that all metallic components are subject to additional. hardness conductivity requirements as per SQR 010, Manufacture in accordance with Sabre requirements which are. available on the Rolls Royce supplier website, Rolls Royce Please reference your Airbus approval number on any. certificates of conformity released to Gardner, Sections 4 8 list key clauses that suppliers of airborne products in to Gardner Aerospace are. expected to comply with These requirements mirror the clauses of the AS EN9100 standard. with specific information relating to Gardner Requirements Gardner may choose to audit. suppliers against these requirements, For Non Airborne suppliers Sections 4 8 are for information only however they can be. utilised by those suppliers for further information or to help identify continuous improvement. 4 0 Supplier Quality Management Systems, 4 1 General Requirements as per to AS9100 standard.
The supplier shall ensure that Gardner Aerospace and their customers are given full right of. access to the suppliers premises and to any of the suppliers sub tiers premises within a. reasonable period of notice,4 2 Documentation Requirements. 4 2 1 General, The supplier shall establish document and maintain a Quality Management System QMS in. accordance with the latest revision of the AS EN 9100 standard as requested in section 2 of. this document,4 2 2 Quality Manual, The supplier shall prepare a quality manual covering the requirements of AS9100 including. any specific variations listed within this document The quality manual shall include or make. reference to the quality system procedures and outline the structure of the documentation. used in the quality system,The supplier shall, a Prepare documented procedures consistent with the requirements of AS9100 and this. b Effectively implement the quality system and its documented procedures. The range and detail of the procedures that form part of the quality system shall be dependent. upon the complexity of the work the methods used and the competence needed by. personnel involved in carrying out the activity,4 2 3 Control of Documents.
Suppliers shall be fully responsible for the safe custody of all drawings instructions and. specifications supplied by Gardner Aerospace The supplier shall ensure revision levels of. drawings specifications operation sheets and technical plans are as stated on the Purchase. Order Any discrepancies shall be resolved with the Gardner Aerospace Purchasing. department prior to commencing work The supplier shall ensure that only the relevant issue. levels of documents are readily available for personnel at required work areas Supplier shall. not use or disclose to third parties any customer and or Government design data without prior. authorisation of Gardner Aerospace,4 2 4 Control of Records. Supplier shall establish a documented procedure to define the controls needed for the. identification storage protection retrieval retention and disposition of records Suppliers shall. meet any specific records requirements specified by purchase order. No records shall be destroyed without written permission from Gardner Aerospace Retention. periods begin upon shipment of the item specified in the Purchase Order to Gardner. Quality records shall be legible identifiable to product involved and be stored and maintained. in such a way that they are readily retrievable Originals of documents shall be retained in an. area that meets all local fire and life safety codes. Sub Tier Supplier quality records shall be maintained in the same manner and suppliers shall. flow down requirements to their sub tiers as required. Quality records shall be available for viewing by Gardner Aerospace and regulatory authorities. upon request,5 Management Responsibility, The Supplier s management is responsible for providing and maintaining resources to the. extent necessary to comply with the Gardner Aerospace purchase order requirements. Suppliers shall provide training to their employees to the extent necessary in order to carry out. and meet Gardner Aerospace and its customer s requirements Training shall include. interpretation of Gardner specific requirements including the requirements of this document. The Supplier s management shall be focussed on customer satisfaction with emphasis key. performance activities of on time delivery zero quality defects continuous improvement and. risk management,6 Resource Management, The Supplier s management is responsible for providing and maintaining resources to the. extent necessary to comply with Gardner Aerospace requirements This shall include but is. not limited to training of the supplier s employees to meet purchase order requirements for. Airbus Please reference your Airbus approval number on any certificates of conformity released to Gardner In certain circumstances suppliers may be approved by Gardner to supply product for use on Airbus contracts without the supplier having direct Airbus approval This is limited to non special processes as defined in the MASTERLIST

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