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73 net hp 78 net hp with turbocharger,14 ft 3 in backhoe digging depth. 17 ft 11 in with extendable dipperstick,8 500 lb loader breakout force 1 0 cu yd bucket. 15 090 lb typical operating weight,M O D E L N O,All the backhoe. you may ever need, Don t let its competitive price fool you With many of the same features found on our bigger. backhoes the 310G comes equipped not stripped easily making it the value leader in the. 14 foot class And just right for fleet owners rental yards and moderate duty applications. Exceed your expectations,M O D E L N O,91 net hp 310SG.
14 ft 6 in backhoe digging depth,18 ft 5 in with extendable dipperstick. 10 210 lb loader breakout force 1 25 cu yd bucket,15 955 lb typical operating weight. Need a 14 foot backhoe for medium to heavy duty tasks You ve found it In fact many. consider the 310SG the best all around backhoe available For good reason Balance. feel maneuverability and muscle this backhoe delivers it all Offers an outstanding. list of available options too,M O D E L N O,15 ft 10 in backhoe digging depth. 20 ft with extendable dipperstick,10 210 lb loader breakout force 1 25 cu yd bucket. 18 500 lb typical operating weight,big ability, Ever wonder why so many dirt contractors and road crews run 410Gs Maybe it s the.
extra strong digging and craning specs and high production ability Or the excavator. style hydraulic system that delivers superior metering and control You ll just have to. try one and find out for yourself,Far more than just a. big backhoe, The 710G looks like a big backhoe but works like something else It digs deep. cranes heavy objects and employs an ever changing arsenal of attachments Equipped. with optional limited slip front wheel drive it heaps the bucket with four wheel drive. loader like productivity In fact the top of the line 710G does so much so well it s like. getting several machines for the price of one,M O D E L N O. 122 net hp 710G,17 ft 10 in backhoe digging depth,22 ft 6 in with extendable dipperstick. 14 800 lb loader breakout force 1 87 cu yd bucket,26 500 lb typical operating weight.
S U B J E C T, PRODUCTIVE Wrap your eyes around a G Series cab Its spacious interior. and unsurpassed visibility help an operator do his best. Work circles around other backhoes, Add a quick coupler and attachments Curved knee provides exceptional Front wheel drive delivers extra traction. to either end and put more work within reach easily dumping to the center letting you maneuver on marginal job. your grasp of most trucks sites Also helps heap the bucket. Sure most backhoes perform the same typical tasks But when you want one that typically. outperforms the others at most tasks you ll choose a John Deere To find out what a G Series. Backhoe can do for you ask your dealer for a demo, Extendable dipperstick adds digging Your choice of pilot two lever three lever Craning heavy objects These backhoes. depth reach and ability Outer box four lever or SAE excavator style controls get it done with plenty of swing torque. grasps objects between the bucket delivers smooth combined function metering and boom and dipperstick lift Rearward. and exclusive gripper teeth eliminat For top productivity whether you re baling angled stabilizers and no drift cylinders. ing the need for an extra cost thumb dirt or working around obstacles contribute rock solid stability. It takes guts to build a,backhoe this good,Separate service and park brake systems. provide an extra measure of security,Replaceable spin cast.
Wet disc brakes self adjust park brake,wet type cylinder. never needs adjusting,liners dissipate heat,reducing oil break. down and ring wear,Unlike axles that rely on internal augers. to direct oil to critical components John,Deere s design provides full time full axle. lubrication on any terrain or angle,Rear axle bearings self lubricate so you ll.
never need to grease this frequently over,looked service point. S U B J E C T,Boom dipperstick stabilizers and loader. are box constructed of low alloy steel for,maximum strength. Planetary final drives distribute loads,over three gears and are sealed in. a cooling oil bath for long life and,trouble free service.
Large pins and replaceable bushings help,keep backhoe and loader structures tight. and digging true, Not all backhoes have what it takes to deliver a long term commitment. Get to the heart of the matter and you ll discover the differences that. keep the G Series up and running day after productive day. When you know how they re built you ll run with a Deere. Simpler to service,cheaper to keep, Easy tilt hood Same side ground level daily servicing Extended service intervals. John Deere engineers sweat the small stuff so you ll spend less time and effort getting. your backhoe ready for work And more time getting work done. S U B J E C T, No maintenance beats low maintenance every time SERVICEABLE. The G Series have that covered too with self adjusting. serpentine belts park brakes and wet disc brakes that. seldom if ever require attention,Compare routine maintenance.
day costs for John Deere and other,backhoes during their first 3 000. hours and you ll discover what,7 000 G Series owners already know. It costs less to run a Deere,engine coolant reservoir. air filter,fuel filter,engine oil fill 3 000,transmission fluid dipstick fill 2 000. engine oil dipstick,hydraulic fluid sight gauge,remote front axle lube point.
fuel tank fill, 310G and comparable models Periodic maintenance costs over 3 000 hours. Service performed according to manufacturers specs Labor calculated 50 hour. Transmission hydraulic coolers and a c Split floor mats and large removable floor panel Periodic maintenance chart helps. condenser swing out simplifying radiator allow top side access to the park brake and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. clean out Unlike some backhoes no other internal components Grease chart is also nearby under the. hose or fluid removal is necessary battery box cover. Extended service intervals John Deere engineers sweat the small stuff so you ll spend less time and effort getting your backhoe ready for work And more time getting work done 14 15 SERVICEABLE SUBJECT BACKHOES remote front axle lube point fuel tank fill hydraulic fluid sight gauge engine oil dipstick transmission fluid dipstick fill fuel filter engine oil fill air filter engine

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