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Vous consultez la version 2020 2021 du catalogue, GEO 2113 Paleontology 3 units GEO 2334 Quaternary Geology and Climate Change 3 units. The nature of fossils particularly the fossilized remains and traces of Examination of the past two million years of Earth history including. common macro invertebrates Study of aspects of morphology most Pleistocene glaciations sea level fluctuations arid pluvial cycles and. useful in identifying and classifying fossils and in interpreting their holocene migrations and extinctions Cycles and mechanisms of natural. paleoecology and evolutionary history Offered in alternate years with and anthropogenically driven climatic change through the Quaternary. GEO 2513 and up to the present Field excursions A minimal fee is required to cover. Course Component Laboratory Lecture transportation for eld trips Offered in alternate years with GEO 2734. Prerequisites GEO 1111 BIO 1130 Course Component Laboratory Lecture. Prerequisite GEO 1111 or GEO 1115,GEO 2163 Introduction to Mineralogy 3 units. Fundamental concepts of mineralogy Systematic examination of crystal GEO 2513 Pal ontologie 3 cr dits. structure physical and chemical properties of minerals uses and tude et classi cation des principaux invert br s fossiles Interpr tation. occurrence of the principal minerals in nature Introduction to principal pal o cologique et volutive partir des traits morphologiques Offert. analytical methods available for the identi cation and study of minerals tous les deux ans en alternance avec GEO 2113. and rocks Propagation of light in crystalline media and the use of the Volet Laboratoire Cours magistral. polarizing microscope is highlighted and the applications of other Pr alables GEO 1511 BIO 1530. microscopy and spectrometry analyses are discussed GEO 2563 Introduction la min ralogie 3 cr dits. Course Component Laboratory Theory and Laboratory Notions fondamentales de min ralogie Examen syst matique de la. Prerequisites GEO 1115 CHM 1311 structure cristalline des propri t s physiques et chimiques des min raux. GEO 2165 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation 3 units de leurs utilisations et de la pr sence des principaux min raux dans la. The origin of sedimentary rocks Characteristics of primary structures nature Introduction aux principales m thodes d analyse disponibles. and secondary alteration Basic principles of stratigraphy pour l identi cation et l tude des min raux et des roches La propagation. Course Component Laboratory Lecture de la lumi re dans les milieux cristallins et l utilisation du microscope. Prerequisites GEO 1111 GEO 1115 polarisant sont mises en vidence et les applications d autres analyses. en microscopie et spectrom trie sont discut es,GEO 2166 Oceanography 3 units. Volet Laboratoire Th orie et laboratoire, Introduction to marine science through the combined perspectives of. Pr alables GEO 1515 CHM 1711, physical geological chemical and biological oceanography Topics.
include history of oceanography plate tectonics and the ocean floor GEO 2565 Stratigraphie et s dimentation 3 cr dits. ocean basins and their sediments seawater chemistry biochemistry Origine des roches s dimentaires Caract ristiques des structures. ocean waves tides and currents ocean atmosphere interaction marine primaires et des ph nom nes d alt ration secondaire Principes de base. life study of selected marine environments and associated processes en stratigraphie. sediments and organisms marine resources and environmental Volet Laboratoire Cours magistral. concerns This course will be offered in alternate years with GEO 2566 Pr alables GEO 1511 GEO 1515. Course Component Lecture GEO 2566 Oc anographie 3 cr dits. Prerequisites GEO 1111 or GEO 1115 PHY 1121 or PHY 1321 or Introduction aux sciences marines travers les perspectives combin es. PHY 1331 de l oc anographie physique g ologique chimique et biologique Parmi. GEO 2307 Environmental Geology 3 units les sujets abord s on compte l histoire de l oc anographie les plaques. Natural hazards and environmental problems related to the exploitation tectoniques et le plancher oc anique les bassins s dimentaires et leurs. of mineral resources fossil fuels and nuclear energy Physical and s diments la chimie et biochimie des eaux marines les vagues les. chemical characteristics of surface and subsurface environments mar es et les courants oc aniques l interaction oc an atmosph re. biogeochemical cycles water soil and air pollution Remediation la vie marine l tude d environnements marins s lectionn s et des. processes and environmental rules and regulations Offered in alternate processus s diments et organismes associ s ressources marines et. years with GEO 2707 pr occupations environnementales Ce cours sera offert tous les deux. Course Component Lecture ans en alternance avec GEO 2166. Prerequisite GEO 1111 Volet Cours magistral, Pr alables GEO 1511 ou GEO 1515 PHY 1521 ou PHY 1721 ou. GEO 2321 Structural Geology and Tectonics 3 units, Stress and strain analysis geometrical analyses of rock structures. deformation mechanisms fabric forming mechanisms introduction to GEO 2707 G ologie environnementale 3 cr dits. plate tectonics Dangers naturels et probl mes environnementaux reli s l exploitation. Course Component Laboratory Lecture des ressources min rales combustibles fossiles et nergie nucl aire. Prerequisite PHY 1121 GEO 2163 is prerequisite or corequisite to Caract ristiques physiques et chimiques des environnements de surface. GEO 2321 Offered in alternate years with GEO 2721 et sous surface grands cycles biog ochimiques pollution de l eau des. sols et de l air Processus de d pollution et normes environnementales. Offert tous les deux ans en alternance avec GEO 2307. Volet Cours magistral,Pr alable GEO 1511,http catalogue uottawa ca fr cours geo index html. Vous consultez la version 2020 2021 du catalogue, GEO 2721 G ologie structurale et tectonique 3 cr dits GEO 3191 Applied Geophysics 3 units. Contraintes et d formation analyses g om triques de structures Introduction to geophysical techniques used to characterize Earth s. m canismes de d formation m canismes formateurs de fabriques subsurface structure for resource exploration engineering and. introduction la tectonique des plaques environmental studies Course includes data acquisition processing. Volet Laboratoire Cours magistral inversion and interpretation of individual and multiple eld surveys. Pr alable PHY 1521 GEO 2563 est pr alable ou concomitant Laboratory experiments will focus on seismic gravity and magnetic. GEO 2721 Offert tous les deux ans en alternance avec GEO 2321 methods. Course Component Laboratory Lecture, GEO 2734 G ologie quaternaire et changement climatique 3 cr dits.
Prerequisites MAT 1332 or MAT 1322 or MAT 1325 PHY 1122. Examen des derniers deux millions d ann es de l histoire de la Terre. glaciations du Pl istoc ne changements du niveau de la mer cycles. arides et pluviaux extinctions et migrations de l Holoc ne Cycles et GEO 3342 Introduction to Hydrogeology 3 units. m canismes naturels et anthropog niques conduisant aux changements The water cycle groundwater and aquifers theory of groundwater flow. climatiques pendant le Quaternaire Excursions sur le terrain Des frais groundwater resources contaminants and contamination risks impacts. minimes sont exig s pour d frayer le transport lors des excursions Offert of over exploitation Laboratories to include soil physics and saturated. tous les deux ans en alternance avec GEO 2334 flow experiments Offered in alternate years with GEO 3742. Volet Laboratoire Cours magistral Course Component Discussion Group Laboratory Lecture. Pr alable GEO 1511 ou GEO 1515 Prerequisites GEO 1115 MAT 1332 CHM 2330 or CHM 2353. PHY 1121 or PHY 1331 or PHY 1321,GEO 3163 Igneous Petrology 3 units. Fundamentals of igneous rock classi cation crystallization GEO 3352 Geological Data Analysis 3 units. differentiation and tectonic af liations Microscopy of igneous rocks Introduction to commonly used quantitative methods of geological. Survey of the common volcanic and plutonic rocks data analysis Review of basic statistics Types of data and methods. Course Component Laboratory Lecture of presentation descriptive statistics probability and sampling theory. Prerequisites PHY 1122 GEO 2163 CHM 2330 or CHM 2353 error analysis statistical tests linear regression and correlation. spatial statistics Vector analysis Experimental design and analysis of. GEO 3164 Metamorphic Petrology 3 units, variance Non parametric statistics Multivariable analysis Examples. Fundamentals of metamorphic rock classi cation Metamorphic facies. and applications in geology hydrogeology and environmental sciences. and isograds mineral equilibria and thermobarometry microscopy of. Previously GEO 3152 Offered in alternate years with GEO 3652. metamorphic rocks and metamorphic processes,Course Component Laboratory Lecture. Course Component Laboratory Lecture,Prerequisites GEO 1111 MAT 2379 or MAT 2377. Prerequisites CHM 1311 PHY 1121 GEO 2163,GEO 3372 Petrology of Mineral Deposits 3 units.
GEO 3165 Carbonate Sedimentology 3 units, Identi cation of major metallic minerals and their host rocks Reflected. Processes and products of deposition in warm to cool water carbonate. light microscopy of metallic mineral assemblages and textures Offered in. and associated evaporite producing environments concepts of facies. alternate years with GEO 2371, and microfacies diagenetic processes and products microscopy of. Course Component Laboratory Lecture, carbonate and evaporite rocks Offered in alternate years with GEO 3565. Prerequisite GEO 2163,Course Component Laboratory Lecture. Prerequisite GEO 2165 GEO 3382 Geochemistry 3 units. Basic concepts and applications of geochemistry to other geological. GEO 3166 Siliciclastic Sedimentology 3 units, disciplines Introduction to geochronology radiogenic isotope.
Classi cation and origin of siliciclastic sedimentary rocks Processes. systematics and stable isotope geochemistry Particular emphasis on the. of sediment transport deposition biogenic structures and diagenetic. present day composition of the Earth and the processes modifying the. alteration during burial Microscopy of siliciclastic rocks. distribution of elements in rocks and natural waters Offered in alternate. Course Component Laboratory Lecture,years with GEO 3782. Prerequisite GEO 2163 GEO 2165 Offered in alternate years with. Course Component Discussion Group Lecture,Prerequisites GEO 2163 CHM 1311. GEO 3167 Mineral Deposits 3 units,GEO 3393 Planetary Geology 3 units. Fundamentals of metallic and industrial mineral deposits Lithological. Geology of Moon Mercury Mars and Venus compared with the Geology. and mineralogical characteristics plus geological processes of formation. of Earth the outer planets and their satellites meteorites and tektites. of the deposits including diamonds precious metals nickel copper and. impact craters origin and development of the Solar System Laboratory. iron Laboratory examination of the mineralogy and textures of principal. photo interpretation of surface features of Moon study of geological. metallic types identi cation of metallic minerals in hand specimen and. maps of Moon and Mars microscopic examination of lunar rocks. polished section using reflected light microscopy, meteorites and terrestrial impact breccias Not offered each year. Course Component Laboratory Lecture,Students must check with the department.
Prerequisite GEO 2163,Course Component Laboratory Lecture. GEO 3163 is corequisite to GEO 3393,http catalogue uottawa ca fr cours geo index html. Vous consultez la version 2020 2021 du catalogue, GEO 3563 P trologie ign e 3 cr dits GEO 3752 Analyses de donn es g ologiques 3 cr dits. Concepts de base de la classi cation des roches ign es processus Introduction aux m thodes d analyse quantitative des donn es. de cristallisation et de diff rentiation discrimination et identi cation g ologiques Revue des statistiques de base types de donn es et. tectonique Microscopie des roches ign es Aper u des principales m thodes de pr sentation statistiques descriptives probabilit. roches volcaniques et plutoniques et th orie de l chantillonnage analyse de l erreur estimation et. Volet Laboratoire Cours magistral d cision statistique r gression lin aire et corr lation Statistiques. Pr alables PHY 1522 GEO 2563 CHM 2730 ou CHM 2753 dans l espace Analyse de vecteurs Design exp rimental et analyse de. variance M thodes non param triques S ries statistiques multiples. GEO 3564 P trologie m tamorphique 3 cr dits, Exemples et applications en g ologie en hydrog ologie et en sciences. Concepts de base de la classi cation des faci s et des isogrades. environnementales Ant rieurement GEO 3552 Offert tous les deux ans. m tamorphiques quilibre des min raux et thermobarom trie. en alternance avec GEO 3252, microscopie des roches m tamorphiques processus m tamorphiques.
Volet Laboratoire Cours magistral,Volet Laboratoire Cours magistral. Pr alables GEO 1511 MAT 2779 ou MAT 2777,Pr alables CHM 1711 GEO 2563 PHY 1521. GEO 3782 G ochimie 3 cr dits,GEO 3565 S dimentologie carbonat e 3 cr dits. Concepts de base et applications de la g ochimie dans les domaines. Processus et produits de la s dimentation carbonat e et vaporitique. de la g ologie Introduction la g ochronologie syst matique des. dans les milieux marins chauds et froids concepts de faci s et. isotopes radiog niques g ochimie des isotopes stables Accent mis. Physical and chemical characteristics of surface and subsurface environments biogeochemical cycles water soil and air pollution Remediation processes and environmental rules and regulations Offered in alternate years with GEO 2707 Course Component Lecture Prerequisite GEO 1111 GEO 2321 Structural Geology and Tectonics 3 units

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