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Author Ilpo Jauhiainen, Title of thesis Future Forest Space the philosophy of becoming in site specific generative sound. installation,Department Media,Degree programme Sound in New Media. Year 2019 Number of pages 49 Language English, This thesis examines my site specific generative sound installation and musical composition Future. Forest Space through Deleuze s philosophy of becoming and proposes a dynamic ontological. perspective on generative music sound and interdisciplinary art. Future Forest Space was an interdisciplinary public artwork created for the Radio Forest pavilion. in the Klankenbos forest in Neerpelt Belgium in 2017 Its objective was to develop a new musical. aesthetic and function by transforming sounds from the forest into an abstract musical environment. that would correspond to and elevate its architectural environmental and social surroundings the. idea was to create a space of the future a conceptual as well as an actual space between. architecture music and environment that would invite visitors to engage in the idea of long term. thinking while providing a contemplative environment for everyday activities. The thesis considers the practical realisation of the installation and provides an ontological. analysis of the empirical processes behind the work the focus is on the complexity indeterminacy. and ambiguity of these processes Brief overviews of generative music site specific art sound. installation and the history of becoming are provided as an introduction The three key elements of. the installation sound generative composition and site specificity architecture and environment. are examined using both a system theoretic approach to the ontology of becoming and Deleuze s. original concept of it other major concepts of Deleuze s ontology difference virtuality. multiplicity assemblage and deterritorialization are applied similarly The practical work is. examined in regard to its aesthetic and technical actualisations. The emergence of complex liminal and ambiguous conditions and processes within such an. interdisciplinary heterogeneous and generative work presents novel and dynamic creative. potential which is however often left unaddressed when discussing sound s relation to space and. environment or the function of music in general it is also difficult to address for further. applications without reducing it into idealised representations of art and science the paradigms of. which continue to be largely based on static transcendent ontologies e g those of Aristotle and. Hegel To understand this emergence and explore its potential from a similarly dynamic and. creative paradigm the philosophy of becoming offers a system that is capable of presenting actual. ongoing existence it provides an ontological ground based on change heterogeneity and the. inexhaustible novelty producing process that underlies all phenomena capturing the fundamental. aspects of complexity and complex systems through its conceptual tools. Keywords becoming complexity Deleuze environment generative music site specificity sound. installation,Tekij Ilpo Jauhiainen, Ty n nimi Future Forest Space tulemisen filosofia paikkasidonnaisessa generatiivisessa ni. installaatiossa,Laitos Media,Koulutusohjelma Sound in New Media.
Vuosi 2019 Sivum r 49 Kieli Englanti,Tiivistelm, T m opinn ytety k sittelee Future Forest Space nimist paikkasidonnaista generatiivista ni. installaatiotani ja musiikkis vellyst ni Deleuzen tulemisen filosofian pohjalta ja esitt. dynaamisen ontologisen n k kulman generatiiviseen musiikkiin neen ja monitaiteeseen. Future Forest Space oli monitaiteellinen julkinen teos joka toteutettiin Klankenbos mets n Radio. Forest paviljonkiin Neerpeltiss Belgiassa 2017 Hankkeen tavoitteena oli kehitt uudenlaista. musiikin estetiikkaa ja funktiota muuntamalla kyseisen mets n ni abstraktiksi musiikilliseksi. ymp rist ksi joka vastaisi ja nostattaisi sit ymp r iv arkkitehtonista ymp rist llist ja. sosiaalista tilaa ajatuksena oli luoda tulevaisuuden tila k sitteellinen ja todellinen tila. arkkitehtuurin musiikin ja ymp rist n v lill joka houkuttelisi yleis pitk j nteiseen ajatteluun. samalla kun tarjoaisi mietiskelev n ymp rist n p ivitt iselle toiminnalle. Opinn yte tarkastelee installaation k yt nn n toteutusta ja esitt ontologisen analyysin teoksen. taustalla vaikuttavista empiirisist prosesseista painopiste on n iden prosessien. monimutkaisuudessa m rittelem tt myydess ja moniselitteisyydess Johdantona esitet n. lyhyt yleiskatsaus generatiiviseen musiikkiin paikkasidonnaiseen taiteeseen ni installaatioon ja. tulemisen historiaan Installaation kolme avainelementti ni generatiivinen s vellys ja. paikkasidonnaisuus k sitell n k ytt m ll sek systeemiteoreettista l hestymistapaa tulemisen. ontologiaan ett Deleuzen alkuper ist konseptia siit Deleuzen ontologian muita keskeisi. konsepteja ero virtuaalisuus moneus sommitelma ja deterritorialisaatio sovelletaan samalla. tavoin K yt nn n ty k sitell n suhteessa sen esteettiseen ja tekniseen toteutukseen. Monimutkaisten liminaalien ja ep selvien olosuhteiden ja prosessien syntyminen. t m nkaltaisessa monitaiteisessa heterogeenisessa ja generatiivisessa ty ss sis lt uudenlaista. dynaamista luovaa potentiaalia joka kuitenkin j usein huomiotta k sitelt ess nen suhdetta. tilaan ja ymp rist n tai musiikin funktiota yleens kin sit on my s vaikea k sitell uusia. sovelluksia ajatellen pelkist m tt sit idealisoituihin taiteen ja tieteen representaatioihin joiden. ajatusmallit perustuvat edelleen pitk lti staattisiin transsendenttisiin esim Aristoteleen ja. Hegelin ontologioihin T m n emergenssin ymm rt miseen ja sen potentiaalin tutkimiseen. samankaltaisesta dynaamisesta ja luovasta ajatusmallista k sin tulemisen filosofia tarjoaa. j rjestelm n joka kykenee ilment m n varsinaista tapahtuvaa olemassaoloa se tarjoaa. ontologisen perustan joka pohjautuu muutokseen heterogeenisuuteen ja ehtym tt m n uutuutta. synnytt v n prosessiin kaiken ilmi llisyyden taustalla tavoittaen n in konseptuaalisten. ty kalujensa avulla kompleksisuuden ja monimutkaisten j rjestelmien perustavanlaatuisen. Avainsanat tuleminen kompleksisuus Deleuze ymp rist generatiivinen musiikki. paikkasidonnaisuus ni installaatio, The audio material for this thesis can be found at https ilpojauhiainen com portfolio future. forest space 2017 site specific generative sound installation music composition for klankenbos. neerpelt belgium,Acknowledgements, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the following people. Taina Riikonen for her invaluable role and feedback as my advisor for this thesis. Antti Ikonen for his invaluable role and support as my supervisor. Prof Andreas Old rp HBKsaar for challenging my work and thinking for making me to pay. attention to the relation between sound and space and encouraging me to think more. philosophically and for giving me the opportunity to realise Future Forest Space in the first place. Stefan Zintel HBKsaar and Yvan Vander Sanden for their technical advice on Future Forest Space. Heta Kaisto for her advice and support and for introducing me to the concept of becoming. Janne Vanhanen University of Helsinki for his advice on Deleuze and becoming and for our. subsequent discussion music becomes interesting when it has a problem which it is trying to. Josu Moreno Sibelius Academy for all our discussions on generative music and art. Koray Tahiro lu and Andy Farnell for helping and inspiring me to learn Pure Data. Kari Hans Kommonen Mia Muurim ki and the whole ARKI research group for their Redesign of. Society course creating a challenging and critical space for long term thinking and multidisciplinary. Petteri M kiniemi for all the music and conversations and wine in Alsace. My parents Raili and Unto for all their support, Missla Libsekal for her support and for all our ever inspiring conversations. Table of Contents,Introduction 10,1 1 Structure and Scope 11.
1 2 My Motivation 12,1 3 Generative Music 14,1 4 Site Specificity and Sound Installation 15. 1 5 A Brief History of Becoming 16,Research Becoming Future Forest Space 18. 2 1 Becoming in Future Forest Space 20,2 2 Sound 21. 2 3 Composition 24,2 4 Architecture Space and Environment 28. Practical Application the Musical Composition and Installation 31. 3 1 Location 31,3 1 1 Klankenbos and Radio Forest 31.
3 1 2 Existing Soundscape 32,3 2 Future Forest Space 32. 3 2 1 Concept 33,3 2 2 Technical Setup and Sound Reproduction 34. 3 2 3 Sound Design and Composition 35,3 2 4 Mixing 38. 3 2 5 Generative Engine and Behaviour 38,Conclusion 43. Bibliography 47, Appendix I Future Forest Space 44 33 USB flash drive 50.
Introduction,Gardening not architecture Brian Eno, Future Forest Space 2017 is a site specific generative sound installation and musical composition. created for the Radio Forest pavilion in the Klankenbos public park and sound forest in Neerpelt. Belgium It is made of sounds recorded in the Klankenbos forest and transformed into an abstract. environmental music or musical environment The idea has been to create a public artwork that. corresponds to and elevates its architectural and environmental condition through sound and to. develop a new musical aesthetic through the use of environmental sounds and generative processes. as well as contemplating the idea of future forests and our evolving relationship with the nature The. piece has been inspired by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist s comment about how art and architecture. should provide spaces of the future physical and immaterial spaces that allow us to experience. a different possible better world The aim has been to provide such a space a conceptual as well. as an actual space between architecture music and environment that would invite visitors to engage. in the idea of long term ecological and societal thinking while providing a contemplative. environment for everyday activities, The composition is self organizing i e generative in nature and basically infinite with the. sonic events occurring and combining in random and probabilistic manner It has silent passages of. variable lengths allowing sounds from the environment to come into focus again and appear as part. of the composition The sound is reproduced into the space through the walls of the pavilion and the. body of a large metal sculpture outside by audio transducers installed inside which turn the. structures into large invisible speakers which softly emits the sounds into the environment The. music blends sonically and behaviourally with the existing sounds of the forest and appears almost. as a natural part of the soundscape yet introduces layers of newness unfamiliarity and artificiality. to it The architecture and spatial perception of the pavilion as well as the everyday function of the. space an information and meeting point a refreshment area and a workshop and educational. facility have been other considerations for the aesthetics of the work the piece should enhance. visitors experience of the building while being non intrusive enough to accommodate and create a. new aural space for all these everyday activities, The installation was made for the Pfeifen im Wald summer exhibition in July 2017 and it ran. from 21 July to 23rd September 2017 The exhibition was realised as part of a sound art course. taught by professor Andreas Old rp at HBKsaar1 during which six students from the school. developed temporal sound installations for the Klankenbos forest After the exhibition I was asked. by Musica the arts organization managing Klankenbos to submit an audio recording of Future. Forest Space for their permanent collection a 6 minute version is now available at the Radio Forest. 1 The host school of my exchange studies, pavilion as part of their soundscape archive accessible to visitors from a digital information stand. inside the pavilion, This thesis consists of a practical work which is the Future Forest Space installation the.
musical composition of which is presented here on the accompanying USB flash drive and of a. written analysis which examines the aesthetic and practical realisation of the installation with. respect to its three main aspects sound generative composition and site specificity Since the. installation operates in between music sound art installation and environmental art the thesis aims. to understand the actual identity existence as well as creative potential of such liminal and. heterogeneous work My aim is to provide a dynamic ontological perspective on generative music. sound and interdisciplinary art and as a theoretical framework I will be using the philosophical. concept of becoming from the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze 1925 1995 Deleuze s ontology of. becoming could be summarised as an on going creative expression of difference of endless novelty. and it is this that makes it such an interesting tool for analysing fields like generative music which. itself is about on going processes of change and interdisciplinary aesthetics like those of site specific. art which in their very construction move between creative expressions of differences Deleuze. asserts that his philosophy should not be read as any authoritative and static transcendent truth. e g in the Platonist and Aristotelian sense but instead employed as a dynamic toolbox for. generating new understandings and philosophical concepts from empirical observations This is also. what I have attempted to do here the thesis is equally an understanding of becoming from the. Forest Space for their permanent collection a 6 minute version is now available at the Radio Forest 1 The host school of my exchange studies pavilion as part of their soundscape archive accessible to visitors from a digital information stand inside the pavilion This thesis consists of a practical work which is the Future Forest Space installation the musical composition of which is

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