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This guide updated December 13 2017,What is PCMark 8 4. Latest version numbers 5,System requirements 6,Benchmark accuracy 7. How to benchmark performance 8,How to benchmark battery life 9. PCMark 8 settings 11,Home benchmark 13,Home benchmark version history 14. Creative benchmark 15,Creative benchmark version history 16.
Work benchmark 17,Work benchmark version history 18. Storage benchmark 19,Expanded Storage 20,Storage benchmark version history 22. Applications benchmarks 23,Adobe Creative Cloud test 2 0 24. Microsoft Office test 25,Applications benchmark version history 26. Battery life testing 27,Benchmark workloads 29,Web Browsing JunglePin 30.
Web Browsing Amazonia 32,Writing 33,Casual Gaming 35. Mainstream Gaming 36,Photo Editing v2 in Home 3 0 Creative 3 0 37. Photo Editing in Home 2 0 Creative 2 0 Compatibility Mode 38. Batch Photo Editing v2 in Creative 3 0 39, Batch Photo Editing in Creative 2 0 Compatibility Mode 40. Video Editing v2 in Creative 3 0 41, Video Editing in Creative 2 0 Compatibility Mode 42. Page 2 of 90,Media To Go 43,Video Chat v2 in Home 3 0 Work 2 0 45.
Video Chat in Home 2 0 Compatibility Mode 46,Video Group Chat v2 in Creative 3 0 47. Video Group Chat in Creative 2 0 Compatibility Mode 48. Spreadsheet 49,Storage workloads 50,Consistency test 56. Adaptivity test 57,Application workloads 58,Adobe Photoshop light 59. Adobe Photoshop heavy 61,Adobe InDesign 63,Adobe Illustrator 64. Adobe After Effects in Adobe Creative Cloud test v2 0 66. Adobe After Effects in Adobe Creative Suite test v1 0 Compatibility Mode 67. Microsoft Word 68,Microsoft Excel 70,Microsoft PowerPoint 72.
Benchmark Scores 73,How to report scores from PCMark 8 74. Scoring 75,Release notes 82,About Futuremark and UL 90. Page 3 of 90,What is PCMark 8, PCMark 8 is a complete benchmark for Windows an essential tool for testing. the performance of all types of PC from tablets to desktops in the home and. at the office, PCMark 8 includes a variety of benchmark tests reflecting the different ways. people use their computers Each test can be run individually allowing you to. choose the benchmark that best matches your own situation or the main. purpose of your system, Each benchmark produces a score you can use to compare systems as well as.
detailed results for gaining a deep understanding of performance during each. individual workload Scores are not comparable across tests nor are scores. from PCMark 8 comparable with results from other versions of PCMark. Unlike previous versions of PCMark there is no overall PCMark score When. testing devices or components be sure to use the most appropriate. benchmark for the hardware s capabilities and report your results using the. full name of the test for example, Notebook scores 5 800 in PCMark 8 Creative Accelerated benchmark. Notebook scores 5 800 in PCMark benchmark, PCMark is used by hundreds of hardware review sites and many of the world s. leading manufacturers We hope it will prove to be valuable for you as well. What s new in this version,New Adobe and Microsoft application tests. One of the most exciting new features in PCMark 8 is the Applications. benchmark which measures system performance using popular applications. from the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office such as Photoshop and. Microsoft Word You can choose which tests to run based on the applications. installed on your system,Battery life testing, For the first time in the series PCMark 8 combines performance testing with. battery life measurement giving you two ways to judge the capabilities and. value of a device PCMark 8 even supports external instrumentation with 3rd. party power measurement equipment,Page 4 of 90,Latest version numbers.
PCMark 8 application 2 8 704,Home benchmark 3 0,Creative benchmark 3 0. Work benchmark 2 0,Storage benchmark 2 0,Applications benchmark Microsoft Office 1 0. Applications benchmark Adobe Creative Cloud 2 0, There are two types of version number within PCMark 8 the application. version number and the benchmark version numbers, The application version number refers to the software as a whole It changes. often as we update PCMark 8 with new features and to ensure compatibility. with the latest hardware We recommend using the latest application version. A benchmark version number is specific to a test For example the Home. Creative and Work tests each have a specific version number Benchmark. version numbers change rarely and only when absolutely necessary to. accommodate changes in third party applications or from other bug fixes. Futuremark guarantees that benchmark results are comparable across. application versions provided that the major digit of the benchmark version. number is the same For example Work 2 0 scores from the latest application. version are comparable with Work 2 0 from previous releases A change in the. minor digit of a benchmark version number i e from 1 0 to 1 1 indicates a. new feature or a bug fix that does not affect the comparability of scores. The Compatibility Mode setting in PCMark 8 Professional Edition lets you run. older versions of each test if you need to compare scores with historical. benchmark results,Page 5 of 90,System requirements.
Minimum Recommended,Windows 71 Windows 7 or Windows 82. 32 bit and 64 bit are supported 32 bit and 64 bit are supported. Processor Dual core processor Dual core processor,Memory 2 GB 2GB. Graphics DirectX 93 DirectX 11,Display 1366 768 resolution 1920 1080 resolution. Storage 30 GB free space 30 GB free space, Internet Explorer 10 or later required Internet Explorer 11. recommended, You must have the relevant Adobe and Microsoft applications.
installed in order to run the Applications tests PCMark 8 is. compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 2010. An Internet connection is required for activation and some. program features, For Windows 7 SP1 recommended or at least Windows Updates KB 2729094 KB 2731771 KB 2533623 KB. 2670838 and KB 2786081 are required, Users of Windows 8 N Edition and Windows 8 KN Edition will need to install Windows Media Player 12. DirectX 9 hardware needs Shader Model 2 0 support and 128MB of video RAM PCMark 8 Creative benchmark. requires hardware that supports all DirectX 11 features. Page 6 of 90,Benchmark accuracy, The accuracy of a measurement method can be described with trueness and. precision as defined in ISO 5725 1, Trueness refers to the closeness of agreement between the arithmetic mean of. a large number of test results and the true or accepted reference value. Precision refers to the closeness of agreement between test results. The precision of PCMark 8 scores is usually better than 3 This means that. running the benchmark repeatedly on a consistently performing system in a. well controlled environment will produce scores that fall within a 3 range. Individual scores may occasionally fall outside the margin of error since the. factors that influence the score cannot be completely controlled in a modern. multitasking operating system There are also devices that simply do not offer. consistent performance due to their design In these cases it is necessary to. run the benchmark multiple times and then take either an average or a mode. of the results,Page 7 of 90,How to benchmark performance.
In general you should benchmark every device you test under the same. conditions For example you should test every system in the same location at. room temperature and away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. Recommended process, 1 Install all critical updates to ensure your operating system is up to date. 2 Install the latest approved drivers for your hardware. 3 Close other programs,4 Run the benchmark,Expert process. 1 Install all critical updates to ensure your operating system is up to date. 2 Install the latest approved drivers for your hardware. 3 Restart the computer or device,4 Wait 2 minutes for startup to complete. 5 Close other programs including those that may be running in the. background,6 Wait for 15 minutes,7 Run the benchmark. 8 Repeat from step 3 at least three times to verify your results. Page 8 of 90,How to benchmark battery life, Measuring performance and battery life provides a better view of the overall.
profile of a device than benchmarking performance alone You can test a. device s battery life using the Home Creative Work and Applications. benchmarks in PCMark 8, The battery must be at least 80 charged before the test will start The test. loops the benchmark until the battery charge drops below 20 The reported. battery life is an estimate for a 95 duty cycle from 100 charged to 5. extrapolated from the actual measured battery life during the benchmark run. At 20 battery charge level warnings and pop up alerts instruct the user to. connect a power source As such we consider 20 charge to be the lower limit. of comfortable use, Battery life testing can take several hours during which you will not be able to. use your device for other tasks Do not use the charging cable while the test is. Windows Power Plan settings, We do not recommend changing the Power Plan setting in the Windows. Control Panel when benchmarking battery life Instead one should use the. configuration that is shipped to and used by the end user You should make a. note of Power Plan used though to be able compare devices fairly. Calibrate the battery, When a device is brand new or is usually connected to a power supply and. hasn t been discharged for a long time or has been shut down and. disconnected from power for a month or more you must calibrate its battery. before running the test, You can calibrate the device s battery with a full drain charge cycle followed by.
a couple of hours left connected to mains power For better accuracy we. recommend two complete drain charge cycles The device manufacturer may. provide special software to calibrate the battery Check with the manufacturer. for details,Screen brightness settings, Screen brightness can have a significant effect on a device s battery life To. produce comparable results you should calibrate every device you test to the. same screen brightness In practice this is difficult without expensive. specialist equipment, PCMark 8 provides a pure white calibration screen to help you calibrate the. brightness If you don t have access to a luminance meter you can calibrate. Page 9 of 90, your devices by comparing the pure white calibration screen to a reference. such as a monitor light box or similar Alternatively place your devices side by. side and adjust the brightness levels by eye, It is not a good idea to calibrate the screen using the device s built. in brightness settings Different screens offer different levels of. maximum brightness The 50 brightness setting on one device. may not be equal in luminance to the 50 setting on another. device for example,Recommended process, 1 Test the device at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat.
2 Disable automatic screen brightness adjustment, 3 Use the pure white calibration screen in PCMark 8 to set the device s. screen brightness to a defined level ideally 110 cd m2. Expert process, To produce accurate comparable results you should test devices under. controlled conditions Our recommendations below match those given in the. ECMA 383 standard Measuring the Energy Consumption of Personal. Computing Products, 1 Test the device in an environment that meets ECMA 383 requirements. 1 1 Temperature 23 5 degrees Celsius,1 2 Relative humidity 10 80. 1 3 Ambient light 250 50 lux,2 Disable automatic screen brightness adjustment.
3 Use the pure white calibration screen in PCMark 8 and a luminance meter. to calibrate the screen brightness to 110 cd m2, Luminance is occasionally expressed in Nits Nit is a non SI name. used for units of luminance and is equivalent to the SI unit i e 1. nit 1 cd m2,Page 10 of 90,PCMark 8 settings, The settings found on the Help tab apply to all PCMark 8 benchmark tests. Register Unregister, If you have a PCMark 8 Advanced or Professional Edition upgrade key copy it. into the box and press the Register button If you wish to unregister your key. so you can move your license to a different machine for example press the. Unregister button,Automatically view results online. When this box is checked PCMark 8 will automatically open a browser window. allowing you to view your results on the Futuremark website after you. complete a benchmark run This option is selected by default and cannot be. disabled in PCMark 8 Basic Edition,Enable compatibility mode.
Check this box if you wish to run benchmark tests from a previous version of. PCMark 8 for instance to compare a system against a historical set of test. results This option is disabled by default and cannot be selected in PCMark 8. Basic Edition,Scan SystemInfo, SystemInfo is a component used in Futuremark benchmarks to identify the. hardware in your system or device It does not collect any personally. identifiable information This option is selected by default and is required in. order to get a valid benchmark test score,SystemInfo monitoring. Applications benchmark Microsoft Office 1 0 Applications benchmark Adobe Creative Cloud 2 0 There are two types of version number within PCMark 8 the application version number and the benchmark version numbers The application version number refers to the software as a whole It changes

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