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Table of Contents,Table of Contents 2,Introduction 3. Character Description Shorthand 4,Realmspace 5,Shou Lung 5. The Dock 6,T u Lung 7,Kozakura 8,Shou Fleet 11,Waan Fleet 13. The Path The Way and the Nine Travellers 17,Greyspace 19. Suhfang 19,Suhfang Mythos 20,Chomur and Changol 21.
Chomur Mythos 21,Mystaraspace 22,Myoshima 22,Hackjammer 23. Celestial Empire 23,Spelljammer 24,The Rock of Bral 24. The Path and the Way 29,Legend of the Spelljammer 30. Mythic Earth 31,Spelljammer Oriental Adventures Timeline 32. Bibliography 37,OA Banner products 37,FR Banner products 37.
Historical Reference 38,Spelljammer 38,Generic 38,Dragon Articles 39. Dungeon Adventures 41,Polyhedron Articles 41,AD D Trading Cards 42. Non gaming Sources 43,Appendix 44,Timeline of Kara tur 44. Medieval Japanese battle flags from O Uma Jirushi by Ky an 15th century. Introduction, From the beginning oriental cultures have had a place within the Spelljammer. campaign setting The Shou Lung Empire of Toril is described as a groundling nation. with a realistic approach to space travel and exploration in the entry on the dragonship. a distinctively Oriental Shou designed spelljammer Oriental Adventures was a popular. book with most gamers and especially with TSR s designers It was natural to add this. setting to the Spelljammer campaign both as an example of human groundling culture. beyond the standard medieval feudal societies of the major campaign settings and as an. exotic element for dungeon masters to draw on while designing Spelljammer campaigns. Oriental Adventures was never a run away sales success further Oriental themed. products were produced but they never made the mainstream of gaming culture They did. remain a part of the Spelljammer setting however with various Oriental elements. occurring in different Spelljammer products, From my point of view this worked out well but it did have draw backs Kara tur.
the official setting for Oriental Adventures was published as part of the sprawling. Forgotten Realms campaign This was one of my favorite settings but if every. Spelljammer culture or character originated on the planet Toril then it would loose its. cosmopolitan mulit setting flavor And that everything including the kitchen sink. flavor was one of Spelljammer s greatest charms in my opinion So I started searching. for example of Oriental cultures and settings other then Kara tur to inject into. Spelljammer This booklet is the result, This project is a bit different from my other pdf gaming books It is not only a. compilation and guide to published material although it does gather and collect a great. deal of material published by TSR WOTC and other comapnies for the 1st and 2nd. editions during Dungeons Dragons Golden Age This information is mixed in with a. great deal of my own original writing expanding on this original material It was written. over the last two decades I have been playing AD D since 1980 and my writing has. accumulated accordingly Much of the original material has been seen on various. AD D discussion lists or on Static s Beyond the Moons Spelljammer website other. parts appear here and in some of my other pdf books most particularly my Realms. Updates and The Stellar Main A Sphere Guide to Bralspace which are not yet finished. Hopefully other dungeonmasters will find this useful I know I will use it in my. own campigns,Character Description Shorthand, The work uses a shorthand format to describe non player characters NPCs in the. text The format is Name alignment race gender class level notes For example. Elrohir Amroth CN em T13 a chaotic neutral elven male 13th level thief or Taran. Goblinkiller NG hm F11 a neutral good human male 11th level fighter Multi class. characters have the classes dived by a while dual classed characters list the dormant. class in parentheses Additional information such as kits or deities is spelled out in the. notes as are odd races or classes For example Sasha Wavesilver CG hef F P sp 9 9. Selune a 9th level Fighter Priestess of Selune Helix CN hm F T 8 9 human male 8th. level warrior former 9th level thief or Ferric Gundson LN Dragon male F5. swashbuckler a half dragon fifth level warrior with the swashbuckler kit. When a range of levels is given for groups of NPCs use the 90 rule ie 100. F1 3 90xF1 9xF2 1xF3,LG Lawful Good,LN Lawful Neutral. LE Lawfull Evil,NG Neutral Good,NE Neutral Evil,CG Chaotic Good. CN Chaotic Neutral,CE Chaotic Evil,he half elf,ho half orc.
half halfling,F Fighter Warrior W I Wizard W C Wizard P Priest. Illusionist Conjurer,Pal Paladin W T Wizard W D Wizard P Sp Priest. Transmuter Diviner Specialty,R Ranger W N Wizard W E Wizard D Druid. Necromancer Enchanter,W Wizard W A Wizard Abjurer W IN Invoker T Thief. W El Wizard W Wizard Wild Ps Psionicist B Bard,Elementalist W Mage.
Medieval Japanese battle flags from O Uma Jirushi by Ky an 15th century. Realmspace, The sections in SJR2 Realmspace on Kara tur were perhaps the worst researched. sections of a very poorly researched book The headquarters of the Shou Lung fleet. according to SJR2 is Chumning for instance That is quite a coup considering that. Chumning is actually in T u Lung Shou Lung s archrival With that in mind much of. that material had to be severely altered below, The eastern portion of the main continent on Toril is called Kara tur Kara tur is. the home of the Torilian nations most active in spelljamming and is thus the area most. visited by spelljamming traders While generalities cannot hold true concerning the. populations and topography of this vast region the educated folk here are more likely to. know and accept spelljamming than any other region on Toril In fact two Kara turan. nations are major powers in Realmspace, The vast empire of Shou Lung is undoubtedly the most powerful nation on the. face of Toril With an immense population vast territory and governed by an efficient. and generally honest bureaucracy the Shou could with a great deal of effort come to. completely dominate the planet That they do not is due to cultural rather then military or. economic factors The Shou have been expansionistic in the past but the current emperor. finds more pleasure in knowledge and culture then military conquest This tendency has. been reinforced by the recent Horde invasion which devastated many of the northwestern. provinces decimated the armed forces and left the upper ranks of the Mandarinate in a. leaderless shambles The nation is thus still recovering from the upheavals So while this. nation controls the largest military fleet in Realmspace 45 War Dragons those vessels. are employed in a strictly defensive role rooting out pirates and acting as a counter to the. fleets of Wa and the Elves, Shou Lung remains a fairly popular destination within Realmspace The. population is civilized enlightened and spelljammer aware The taxes are mostly. reasonable and laws concerning spelljamming vessels follow common sense guidelines. flying over cities at low altitude is prohibited for instance The nation s primary port. Karatin is as welcoming to spelljammers as it is to any other foreign trade. Karatin is the capital of the Hai Yuan or Maritime provinces and is said to be the. home of the legendary Sea Lords of Karatin Besides acting as the headquarters of the. fleets of the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Glorious Flight several nobles and. temples from the region have dabbled in spelljamming themselves The people of Hai. Yuan province are particularly confident and adventurous vessels seeking crew should. have little trouble hiring sailors here, The landlocked Kao Shan province holds the only other important spelljammer.
port in Shou Lung the semi independent city of Kai Shan A den of vice corruption and. shady dealings Kai Shan is ruled by the Tsui Tong the largest of the criminal. organizations in Shou Lung The Tsui are permitted a free hand in Kai Shan due to aid. they gave to Wo Mai the Emperor who brought Shou Lung back from the brink of ruin. during the Black Cycle 985 Shou Reckoning Kai Shan can only handle vessels able to. set down on land but it sees a steady traffic in pirate Wasps smuggler s Dragonflies and. other vessels It is rumored that the Tsui have contacts with the Chainmen though selling. Shou citizens to slavers would surely bring the wrath of the Emperor down on the city if. discovered the Tenth Pit and even the Zhentarim of Faerun The accuracy of such. rumors is doubtful but the Tsui certainly have contacts among the space going Wako. and this port is considered the best place in Realmspace to sell items of doubtful origins. no questions asked, There are no Imperial troops stationed in Kai Shan nor are there any magistrates. or town guard The city s reputation is its greatest defense though the Shou Spelljammer. fleet would certainly counter any attempts by outsiders to invade the city as it is. technically still a part of Shou Lung and surrounded by other Imperial territories. The dragonships of the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Glorious Flight are. the official representatives of the Shou in Realmspace but there are many nonofficial. vessels as well The Order of the Dragon a monastery devoted to the Path and the. Emperor sponsored several vessels as have several of the richest noble houses The. Society of the Purple Lotus a group of noble artists has also sponsored several. dragonships This is disturbing to some as it is rumored that this group of decadent. languid nobles is secretly a group dedicated to restoring the power of the nobles and. destroying that of the bureaucracy It also seems that the Kuo tan a secret society. dedicated to supporting the Emperor has established a branch on the Rock of Bral This. branch calls itself Yakuza a term more properly applied to Waan or Kozakuran criminal. groups those in the know say this is simply to cover its tracks The Kuo tan is led by the. Shou Emperor s maternal grandfather and they are deadly enemies of the Tsui Tong. Deep in the heart of the Wu Pi Te Shao mountain chain surrounded by. impassable peaks lays a fantastical spelljamming port Known simply as the Dock this. port was established by the Arcane following a series of negotiations with the Shou. Emperor At the end of the negotiations the Emperor had 30 new helms and the Arcane. had the deed to this relatively useless piece of Torillian real estate Both sides still feel. they received the better deal, The Dock is located at the center of the glacier field which lies furthest south. within the range The Yikarian Empire is the closet organized nation controlling the. mountains to the south Fear of this evil destructive and magically powerful nation has. forced the Arcane to place a permanent ban on selling spelljamming equipment to them. they know that if the Dock s advantage of a defensive fleet were matched the Yakmen. would soon conquer and control the lucrative city For their part the Yakmen know. legends concerning a magical settlement to the north but have little direct knowledge of. This is the primary port for purchasing helms and other merchandise from the. Arcane the city itself is completely dependent on imports for food The surface is bitter. cold year round due to the altitude the businesses and other inhabitants are all indoors. space is at a premium The Arcane have used magic to carve landing zones for ships of. many descriptions even those vessels normally only able to land on water are capable of. putting down here Shipbuilding facilities here can build a wide variety of vessels and. this is one of the few places vessels with special Arcane modifications can be constructed. The prices of course are exorbitant, The Dock is administered by the Arcane Calabrie Zhentle though at least three. other Arcane are known to make their homes here She runs the port in a very open. manner essentially commerce rules There is only one rule for merchandise at the dock. besides the import and export taxes Only Arcane or their representatives are permitted to. sell helms or ships of any sort Adventurers bringing captured helms and vessels must sell. them to the Arcane who of course will make a handsome profit on them after resale. Calabrie s rule at the dock is enforced by several hired mercenary companies the Arcane. prefers to hire Giff and Anadian halflings for this duty These companies officer. themselves but answer to Calabrie s two bodyguards Jor Demyse NE hm F10 and. Shoah N hm F9 Open brawls and other events which disrupt business are dealt with. harshly while discreet poisonings and kidnappings tend to be ignored Justice is not the. primary concern ending the disturbance and preventing a reoccurrence is the main goal. Besides privateers hired on as needed the Arcane have permanently acquired the. services of the 97th Giff High Space Flotilla This fleet consists of 2 clippers and a Great. Bombard one of the largest concentrations of pure firepower in the sphere These vessels. all remain near the Dock at least one is in the air at all times. T u Lung has been a separate state from Shou Lung since breaking away from its. northern neighbor nearly three centuries ago Since that time Shou Lung and T u Lung. have officially be at war the conflicts have ebbed and flowed of course but the. Oriental Adventures was never a run away sales success further Oriental themed products were produced but they never made the mainstream of gaming culture They did remain a part of the Spelljammer setting however with various Oriental elements occurring in different Spelljammer products

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