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3 Introduction,4 The Freudenberg Group,6 Freudenberg in China. 8 Activities in China,22 Environmental Responsibility at Freudenberg. Committing to a Sustainable Future,24 Social Responsibility at Freudenberg. Earthquake School Project,26 We all take care, Bringing the Guiding Principle Responsibility to Life. 27 Being Part of an Innovating Team,Freudenberg as an Employer.
28 Guiding Principles Freudenberg Group,30 Contacts. INTRODUCTION,INNOVATING TOGETHER IS KEY, Excellence in technology long term peoples health and the environment. commitment and strong partnerships by reducing CO2 emissions supporting. have been driving the Freudenberg renewable energies keeping water and. Group s success for more than 165 years air clean innovating in medical care and. As a global technology group close ensuring food and beverage safety. cooperation with our customers and, partners throughout the world and here Our innovations reflect the changing. in China lies at the heart of our culture world around us but the foundation. of our success remains unchanged, The Freudenberg Group has been de an uncompromising commitment to. veloping strong business relations with excellence in technology innovation. China for more than a century Today the and quality Our stakeholders in China. country is the Group s third largest can rely on our continued investment. market and vital to our strategy With here To us at Freudenberg innovating. our leading edge technologies products together is key And we are proud to. and solutions we contribute to our be innovating together with China. customers success in numerous sectors of,China s dynamic economy Freudenberg Sincerely.
innovations made in China help,strengthen economic development and. make Freudenberg a partner of choice,Bettina Schoen Behanzin. As a socially responsible company the Regional Representative for Asia. Freudenberg Group also prides itself on,being a good neighbor a good citizen. We actively support the engagement,of our companies and employees in. social and environmental initiatives,Responsibility also means striving for.
solutions that support global sustain,ability and sustainable development. in China Our technical infrastructure,in China is state of the art and adheres. strictly to global standards for work,place safety and environmental protec. tion Our product portfolio helps protect,THE FREUDENBERG GROUP. Freudenberg is a global technology group These values continue to be the basis. that strengthens its customers and society of Freudenberg s activities globally The. long term through forward looking Group strives for solutions that support. innovations Together with its partners global sustainability and lives responsibly. customers and the world of science in everything it does in the way it. Freudenberg develops leading edge interacts with employees customers. technologies and excellent products business partners neighbors and the. solutions and services for more than environment Innovating Together. 30 market segments and for thousands close collaboration between colleagues. of applications seals vibration control from different areas with customers. components nonwovens filters specialty and other stakeholders is lived across. chemicals medical products IT services Business Groups and world regions. and the most modern cleaning products This allows Freudenberg to best meet. the specific needs of its customers by, Whether in mobility transport energy combining global presence with local.
resources industry manufacturing expertise,healthcare the food industry household. textiles or services Freudenberg The Freudenberg Group is owned by. connects around the world through its more than 320 descendants of company. proximity to customers the know how founder Carl Johann Freudenberg. of its specialists in some 60 countries Financial independence and commercial. worldwide and its materials and process foresight allow it to take a long term view. expertise Freudenberg products are, always indispensable although mostly In 2015 the Group employed over 40 000. hidden from view people worldwide and generated sales. of more than 7 5 billion euros including, Innovation strength strong customer pro rata consolidation of 50 50 joint. orientation diversity and team spirit are ventures Its global headquarters are. the cornerstones of the Freudenberg located in Weinheim Germany. Group Commitment to excellence,reliability and proactive responsible. action belong to its core values lived,for more than 165 years.
The Freudenberg Group,The Freudenberg Group,FREUDENBERG. Freudenberg has held business ties with employees in China One example is the. customers and partners in China for Freudenberg Leadership Development. more than 100 years The Group has a Program Asia FLDPA It provides an. workforce of some 6 000 employees at opportunity to Chinese employees. over 70 locations in China with leadership potential who have. already gained some years of work, The Freudenberg Business Groups are experience to further develop their. represented with more than 20 produc careers in a diverse and dynamic. tion sites as well as numerous sales and working environment. service offices They serve most industries, in China including au tomotive Responsibility for society is an issue that. energy and chemical medical and phar Freudenberg takes very seriously The. ma ceutical textile and clothing and Group encourages social engagement. mechanical and plant engineering The and environmental protection in all. Regional Corporate Center Asia based in countries and communities in which it. Shanghai offers the Freudenberg com operates As an example the Freudenberg. panies centralized support and services Group has rebuilt and is providing long. term help for the Ke De Bao Primary, Freudenberg in China has experienced School in Haijin village near Jiangyou. strong development in the last few one of the towns that was hit severely. years Together with its partners in the by the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. region the Group has invested over,2 5 billion RMB 300 million euros in.
China over the last decade Significant,recent projects included the expansion. of the Qingpu site with state of the art,research and development facilities an. administration building as well as a new,training center. Career development and professional,educational opportunities have a high. priority for Freudenberg The Group,offers various training programs for its.
Freudenberg in China,Production Sales or Service,Sales or Service. Freudenberg Regional Corporate Center, Freudenberg has a direct presence in 28 cities in China An extensive network of. dealers and distributors completes the presence in all regions. Status October 2016,FREUDENBERG,SEALING TECHNOLOGIES IS. a leading manufacturer of sealing Locations Beijing Changchun Chong. and vibration control technology for a qing Guangzhou Hefei Hong Kong. broad range of markets the automotive Taicang Tianjin Wuxi Shanghai. industry civil aviation mechanical Wuhan,engineering shipbuilding as well as the. food pharmaceuticals and agricultural, As Freudenberg s largest Business Group in China since it established its first.
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies em production sites in Changchun and. ploys some 17 000 people worldwide Wuxi some twenty years ago Today. including more than 2 500 people in it is China s market leader in sealing. China Several expert sealing and vibra solutions for the automotive and. tion technology companies operate general industries Given its strong local. under its roof presence unmatched product range,and stringent quality standards. NOK FREUDENBERG CHINA is an NOK FREUDENBERG CHINA provides. equal share joint venture between NOK expert service to a diverse group of. and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies customers from automotive to industrial. The company has grown dynamically applications and from construction. and agricultural machinery to energy,and metallurgy. Corteco and Dichtomatik also operate in,China as Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. companies Corteco is an expert for the,Independent Automotive Aftermarket. Dichtomatik is Freudenberg s sales,organization for technical seals Brought.
together in one Business Group the,combined strengths of these compa. nies cover market segments and serve,customers in China even more efficiently. EAGLEBURGMANN IS, one of the world s leading providers Headquarters Shanghai Sales offices. of industrial sealing technology The Beijing Dalian Ningbo Shanghai Shen. product portfolio includes everything yang Xi an Zibo Sales and service cen. from mechanical seals and seal supply ters Dalian Dushanzi Huizhou Nan. systems to magnetic couplings carbon jing Shanghai Tianjin Yulin Production. floating ring seals expansion joints and sites Dalian Shanghai Tianjin. EagleBurgmann employs more than safety are highly reliable and used in. 6 000 people worldwide around 400 of virtually all industry branches including. them in China oil and gas refineries the petrochemical. chemical and pharmaceutical industries, As a leading manufacturer of industrial aerospace energy mining water food. sealing technologies the company of processing paper and other industries. fers customers a comprehensive service, package It comprises environmentally EagleBurgmann s operations in China.
compatible solutions standardization are managed by the regional head office. and application testing aftersales located in Shanghai Pudong There. service including installation start up are two joint venture subsidiaries. repair and damage analysis as well Burgmann Dalian and Burgmann Shang. as practical training and seminars hai In 2015 EagleBurgmann acquired. EagleBurgmann products offer maxi mum Tianjin Nibot Seal Technology Co Ltd in. Tianjin northeast China a specialist,in the maintenance retrofit repair and. service of gas seals used for example,in the oil gas petrochemical and. chemical industry sectors,The three plants in China operate as. production as well as service facil ities,and serve customers such as CNPC. CPCC CNOOC Bayer and BASF,EagleBurgmann has continuously.
strengthened its position in the Chinese,market over the past few years and has. become one of the leading manufac,turers of sealing technology in China. FREUDENBERG MEDICAL IS, a global partner for the design devel Headquarters Carpinteria CA USA. opment and manufacture of innovative Production site Shenzhen. medical device technologies, The comprehensive technical capabili Costa Rica Germany Ireland and Chi. ties of Freudenberg Medical range from na The Specialty Components business. the design and manufacture of mini focuses on custom thermoplastic and. mally invasive catheter and handheld silicone solutions as well as hypotubes. technology to the development and and specialty needles The Minimally. production of medical components uti Invasive Solutions business develops. lizing complex materials and processes and manufactures specialty catheter. The company leads the way in manu systems and complete devices for. facturing high precision silicone and cardiovascular peripheral vascular. thermoplastic components and tubing endoscopy and other applications. as well as metal hypotubes InHealth Technologies is a division of. Freudenberg Medical that develops, Freudenberg Medical and its joint ven and manufactures Blom Singer voice.
ture partners VistaMed and Cambus restoration products and other ear nose. Medical provide services to customers and throat devices. from ten locations in North America,The Freudenberg Medical operation in. China is located in Shenzhen The facility,includes four ISO Class 8 cleanrooms. Manufacturing capabilities include,cleanroom molding assembly pack. aging and a wide range of secondary,services In 2008 the facility was certified. ISO 13485 which attests to a quality,management system designed and.
implemented specifically for medical,devices Only a small number of firms. in mainland China fulfill the stringent,criteria necessary to hold this certification. VIBRACOUSTIC IS, the world s leading supplier of anti Headquarters Wuxi. vibration solutions for the automotive Other locations Yantai Shanghai. Vibracoustic s vibration control products locations and will further expand the. are not visible to drivers or passengers production capacity with a new plant. but are essential when it comes to com in 2018,fort safety and durability of vehicles. They are found everywhere from the Main clients are Volkswagen Ford. engine to the exhaust throughout the General Motors BMW Daimler Fiat. entire chassis in the body and in the and Nissan,steering wheel Vibracoustic products.
absorb vibrations and prevent the emer,gence of noise And what s more they. improve road holding and handling,while protecting cargo and ensuring. economical operation in commercial,The production plants in Wuxi and Yan. tai provide global OEMs and the local,Chinese market with engine mounts. chassis mounts and isolators and,dampers for passenger cars as well as.
air springs for commercial vehicles from,Vibracoustic CV Air Springs. Vibracoustic in China currently has,around 1 500 employees at its three. 6 Freudenberg in China 8 Activities in China 22 Environmental Responsibility at Freudenberg Committing to a Sustainable Future 24 Social Responsibility at Freudenberg Earthquake School Project 26 We all take care Bringing the Guiding Principle Responsibility to Life 27 Being Part of an Innovating Team Freudenberg as an Employer 28 Guiding Principles Freudenberg

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