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Franz Liszt the traditional forms of the Classical era in or. Franz Liszt 1811 1886 created an oeuvre of der to make room for the imagination He liked. around 1500 compositions written between extra musical sources of inspiration such as lit. 1823 and the end of his life His best known erature a painting a sculpture or a landscape. repertory mostly dates from the period 1848 Liszt introduced a way of composing in which. 1861 when the composer had stopped giving a motive is developed by means of transforma. concert tours and had become conductor of the tion He experimented with unusual chords. court theatre at Weimar He was doing well and and unexpected modulations This composi 3. could invest the necessary time and energy in tion method was diametrically opposed to that. writing large scale compositions In that same of the conservative Leipzig School of Men. period Liszt also revised works he had writ delssohn and Brahms Liszt as the founder of. ten in earlier years 1839 1847 when he was the New German School paved the way for the. the most celebrated pianist of his time and gave music by Wagner Ravel and Bart k. concerts all over Europe For the most part, Liszt had composed these earlier works for his Piano Concertos nos 1 and 2. own use As the greatest virtuoso of his time he Fourteen works for piano and orchestra by. did not have to make any concessions as far as Liszt have survived Between 1825 and 1827 he. technical abilities were concerned wrote three youth concertos which have been. When Liszt revised these earlier pieces during lost The works you hear by far the most are the. his time in Weimar he did take into account Piano Concertos nos 1 and 2. that other pianists had to be able to play them Liszt s Piano Concerto no 1 in E flat has been. and he simplified those notes that might pose nicknamed the Triangle Concerto because. insurmountable problems to others At the this small percussion instrument plays a promi. same time the composer who was becoming nent role in the Scherzo No composer had done. more mature discovered that he could produce anything like that before In the conservative. more effect by using less notes Liszt would town of Leipzig where Liszt was not all that. continue this trend until the end of his life by popular in the first place this immediately. which time he cut back nearly all unnecessary caused a scandal Julius Rietz conductor of the. notes so only the musical essence remained Gewandhaus Orchestra ostentatiously left the. This essence is often very visionary modernis concert hall. tic and always original A letter by Liszt from 1832 suggests that this. Liszt was an innovator in every musical genre was the year he started writing this concerto. he tried his hand at He broke radically with There are several versions of the work Given. its key E flat major and its harmonic develop lier as a cantilena in the Bellini like solo pas 1853 and was dedicated to Robert Schumann It is often said that the work is based on the. ment the 1835 version which still has three sage in the second movement In a letter dated who in turn dedicated his Fantasy in C opus Faust theme which Liszt has used in numer. separate movements might have been inspired 26 March 1857 Liszt pointed this out himself 17 to Liszt With a duration of half an hour ous works However there are also thematic. by Beethoven s Piano Concerto no 5 in E flat This kind of binding together and rounding off the Sonata in b in one part is Liszt s ultimate resemblances to Liszt s Via Crucis which has. In 1839 Liszt merged the three movements into a whole piece at its close is somewhat my own masterpiece led others to attribute an ecclesiastical religious. one through composed composition which but from the standpoint of musical form it quite So it is all the more surprising that it was never programme to his Sonata in b Be that as it may. back in those days was a novelty until then holds its ground and is justified Later compos recognised as such by Liszt s friends pupils and musically the work is so convincing that any. 4 concertos nearly always consisted of three sepa ers would endorse this idea of Liszt and adopt colleagues Rumour has it that Brahms even fell programme is almost immaterial 5. rate movements In another version from 1849 this cyclic form asleep when Liszt played the piece to him But. the definite version is audible The final version While the First Piano Concerto is divided into there again Brahms was his greatest adversary Christo Lelie. dates from 1855 it was premiered in Weimar four clearly defined parts Piano Concerto no Incidentally Liszt himself kept the work out of Translation Hilary Staples. that same year with Liszt playing the solo part 2 in A is written more like a free fantasy with the limelight and rarely let pupils play it It was. The final version shows that by then Liszt had fast mood swings In 1839 Liszt jotted down as if he knew the work was ahead of its time. several years of experience conducting sym the first sketches of this concerto during a stay Pianistically the Sonata in b is extremely de. phonic music He knew exactly what he had to in the Italian village of San Rossore near Pisa manding with difficult octave passages bril. do for the soloist to remain audible in this he However one of the themes from the Presto liant chords and huge contrasts in musical. roic piece To achieve this his instrumentation is agitato can be traced back to a Feuille d Album expression The greatest difficulty however. aimed at clarity Characteristically Liszt incorpo in f sharp from 1828 Like with the First Piano is playing the work with rhythmic precision. rates chamber music like moments in his piano Concerto Liszt also made a new version of his structured and in an unwavering tempo. concertos A fine example of this can be found Second Piano Concerto in 1849 his first year It is interesting that Liszt who mainly wrote. in the opening movement of the First Piano Con in Weimar This version changed a number programmatic music with descriptive titles. certo when the piano enters into dialogue with of times before it was first published in 1863 chose the classical name of Sonata However. the clarinet while the orchestra remains silent Liszt s pupil Hans von Bronsart premiered the the piece is nothing like a sonata in the tradition. Furthermore the piano solo in the Quasi Adagio work in 1857 of Mozart and Beethoven Yet Liszt did do all he. is reminiscent of an aria by Bellini Like the First Piano Concerto the Second Piano could to present and develop his themes in a. Although the First Piano Concerto is meant to Concerto also has a beautiful chamber music solid structure in the same way composers did. be performed without any pauses the 1855 ver like moment a slow melody in the cello ac in the classical sonata. sion does consist of four movements Allegro companied by broken chords in the piano Although Liszt never mentioned a programme. Quasi Adagio Scherzo Allegro marziale performers and musicologists have speculated. The movements are not autonomous Liszt took Sonata in B minor about this a lot It speaks for itself that there is. motives he had introduced earlier and reused Unlike the two piano concertos the Sonata in an underlying story considering the diabolical. them in a transformed form For example the b does not have a long history of earlier ver knocking motives alternated with for example. main theme of the Allegro marziale is used ear sions This large scale work was written in sacred plainchant or a charming song theme. Brussels Philharmonic the Orchestra of at the Cit de la musique in Paris and annual. Flanders was established in 1935 under the ae concerts at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. gis of the public broadcasting network NIR For the 2010 2011 and 2011 2012 seasons the or. The orchestra has performed with leading con chestra has been invited by the Festival Musica. ductors and soloists and in the course of its exi in Strasbourg and the Festival de Besan on as. stence has created new works by world famous well as having a number of tours in Germany. composers such as Stravinsky Messiaen and Austria the United Kingdom and Asia and con. 6 Francesconi certs in Metz Venice Salzburg Grosses Fest 7. The work of Brussels Philharmonic the Or spielhaus and Vienna Musikverein. chestra of Flanders is centred on a number, of series in Brussels both in Flagey where it Among the most innovative and dynamic con. rehearses in Studio 4 which ranks among the ductors of his generation Enrique Mazzola is. best in the world in terms of acoustics and in already well established on an international. BOZAR the Centre for Fine Arts In addition level Alongside a broad range of operatic con. the orchestra is at home at major venues in ducting he is an expert interpreter of contem. Flanders the Concertgebouw in Bruges de porary music and also specializes in the clas. Singel and the Queen Elisabeth Concert Hall sical and early romantic periods Born in Spain. De Bijloke the Kursaal in Ostend and in major into a musical family he started violin and pi. cultural centres such as Hasselt Leuven Roese ano studies at an early age later graduating to. lare and Turnhout conducting and to composition at the Giuseppe. Since 2008 Music Director Michel Tabachnik Verdi Conservatory in Milan. has been a key figure in the work of Brussels As both an opera and concert conductor he. Philharmonic the Flemish Radio Orchestra collaborates regularly with orchestras such as. Adopting a creative and audience friendly ap the Orchestre National de France Orchestre de. proach he combines the great orchestral re Paris the Orchestra dell Accademia Nazionale. pertoire with music from the 20th century His di Santa Cecilia the Orchestra Nazionale della. credo We are not a museum but a platform RAI and the NDR Radiophilharmonie Since. for living music Together with the orchestra 1997 he has conducted in major European fes. Tabachnik has given warmly received concerts tivals including an acclaimed new production. both at home and abroad of Falstaff at the Aix en Provence Festival the. Brussels Philharmonic the Orchestra of Flan M nchen Opernfestspiele the Festival de Ra. ders is also carving out a name for itself on the dio France the Rossini Opera Festival and the. international scene starting with a residency Biennale of Venice Since 2001 he has been in. Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort Varlerie Gernaey, vited by the principal European opera houses Mozart Beethoven Chopin Mendelssohn Franz Liszt pour ne conserver que l essence de la musique. Falstaff at the Paris Champs Elyse s theatre Il Schumann Liszt Tchaikovsky Prokofiev and Franz Liszt 1811 1886 l gua la post rit en En cela il fut souvent tr s visionnaire moder. barbiere di Siviglia at La Scala and Bayerische Rachmaninoff under conductors such as Cal viron 1500 uvres qu il composa entre 1823 et niste et toujours original. Staatsoper Il re pastore at La Monnaie La finta legari Gonz lez Goodwin Herreweghe Judd l ann e de son d c s De fa on remarquable les Dans tous les genres qu il pratiqua Liszt fut. giardiniera at the Maggio Musicale and Lucia di Levi Matchavariani Mazzola Varga Willens plus c l bres virent le jour entre 1848 et 1861 un innovateur Il rompit radicalement avec les. Lammermoor in Montpellier and Zollman with first class orchestras such C tait une p riode durant laquelle le compo formes traditionnelles de la p riode classique. as Het Kamerorkest the Belgian National Or siteur avait cess ses tourn es de concerts et afin de donner de l espace son imaginaire Il. 8 Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort 1984 has been the chestra the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra s tait vu confi la fonction de chef d orchestre affectionna les sources d inspiration non mu 9. protagonist of a new generation of Belgian pi the Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra the du th tre de la cour de Weimar L ordre r gnait sicales telles que la litt rature la peinture la. anists for some years From 2002 to 2009 he Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia the Co dans sa vie et il connut alors suffisamment sculpture et les paysages. studied with Jan Michiels Brussels Mena logne Academy the European Union Chamber de calme pour s investir dans la composition Liszt introduisit une nouvelle mani re de com. hem Pressler Bloomington Russell Sherman Orchestra the Amman Symphony Orchestra d uvres de grande envergure Durant cette poser en permettant un motif de se d velop. Boston and Eliss Wirssaladze Munich He and l Orchestre National d Ile de France p riode Liszt se mit galement revoir des per par transformation Il exp rimenta dans ce. made his international breakthrough in 2007 Liebrecht can often be heard on radio and tele uvres de la p riode pr c dente 1839 1847 cadre des accords singuliers et des modulations. when he became a laureate at the prestigious vision in Belgium and abroad He has already lors de laquelle il sillonna toute l Europe pour inhabituelles Cette fa on de composer tait. Queen Elisabeth International Music Competi recorded two albums His first solo album A donner des concerts Il tait alors le pianiste diam tralement oppos e l cole de Leipzig. tion while he was also awarded two prizes by Tribute to Felix Mendelssohn was released in le plus c l bre du moment Ces uvres plus conservatrice de Mendelssohn et Brahms Liszt. the audience 2008 and the second dedicated to music by anciennes Liszt les composa principalement fondateur de la Neu Deutsche Schule tra a le. Since then Liebrecht has given concerts in ma Robert Schumann in 2009 pour son usage personnel Au niveau du degr chemin la musique de Wagner Ravel et Bar. jor venues in Belgium Luxemburg the Neth de difficult technique de ses compositions le t k. Piano Concertos nos 1 and 2 Fourteen works for piano and orchestra by Liszt have survived Between 1825 and 1827 he wrote three youth concertos which have been lost The works you hear by far the most are the Piano Concertos nos 1 and 2 Liszt s Piano Concerto no 1 in E flat has been nicknamed the Triangle Concerto because

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