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Four Against,A solitaire dungeon delving pen and paper game. Four Against Darkness,Written and illustrated by Andrea Sfiligoi. Some art by Heather Shinn and J M Woiak of the STINKYGOBLIN. Some art by Jack Badashski,Edited by Craig Whiting. Dungeon flowchart by Victor Jarmusz,Pocket booklets formatted by Wes Camp. Playtesters Samuele Mariotti Andrea Sfiligoi Craig Whiting Victor. Jarmusz Diego Chisena Diego Riccitelli Massimo Moscarelli. Cover painting reference pictures and models fantasystock. valentine fov stock mjranum stock castock liancary stock. phelendavion minotaur queen valerianastock dragon orb. For more rulebooks visit www ganeshagames net,For miniatures visit www songofblades com.
Questions Suggestions Contact the author at andreasfiligoi gmail com. via our Facebook www facebook com ganeshagamesfantasy or via the. Song of Blades Yahoo Group,Four Against Darkness,Contents Epic Rewards table d6 40. Moving Through The Dungeon 41,Warrior 8 Running out of Paper 41. No Room for a Room 41,Retracing Your Steps 41,Rogue 10 The Final Boss 43. Time Limits 43,Wizard 11 Let s Get Outta Here 43,Splitting the Party 44. Barbarian 12,Fallen Heroes 44,Elf 13 Maximum Levels 45.
Increasing Life with Level 45,Halfling 15,Encounters 48. Equipment 16,Random Spell Table d6 47,Buying Equipment 16. Marching Order 48,Crushing or Slashing 18,When Do Monsters Attack 49. Selling equipment 19,Defense Roll Modifiers 49,Who is Attacked 50. Leveling Up 45,Running Away From Combat 52,Entrance Rooms 25 When Monsters Flee 52.
Room Contents Table 2d6 31 When Does a Combat End 52. Special Feature table d6 32 Looting 53,Special Events table d6 33 Carrying Loot 53. Treasure table d6 34 Searching Rooms 53, Magic Treasure table d6 34 Empty Room Search Table d6 53. Vermin table d6 35 Wandering Monsters 54,Minions table d6 36 Secret Door 54. Boss table d6 37 Hidden Treasure 55,Weird Monsters table d6 38 Clues 55. Quest table d6 39 Hidden Treasure Complication d6 55. Four Against Darkness,Clues and Dying Characters 57 Quest table d6 76.
Epic Rewards table d6 76,Traps table d6 59,Rogues Disarming Traps 60. Locked Doors 60,Save Versus 61,What s on the Deeper Levels 61. Things to Remember 62,Frequently Asked Questions 64. Play Sheet 68,Monsters Killed 69,Quick Reference Sheet 71. Room Contents Table 2d6 72,Special Feature table d6 72.
Traps table d6 72,Special Events table d6 73,Treasure table d6 73. Magic Treasure table d6 73,Vermin table d6 74,Minions table d6 74. Random Spell Table d6 74,Hidden Treasure Complication d6 74. Boss table d6 75,Weird Monsters table d6 75,Four Against Darkness. numbers with some modifications,Introduction Try running three adventurers per.
This is an old school dungeon player doubling the number of all. bashing solo game that can be monsters and treasure found and. played with minimum space and increasing the difficulty of all non. equipment You ll need pencil two monster dangers traps saving. dice and graph paper You can also rolls etc by 1,play on a dry erase whiteboard or. even use any dungeon tiles already Length of the Game. in your possession You can play it Your first game will take a bit longer. solo or play cooperatively sharing than an hour After you familiarize. the characters with a friend or two yourself with the mechanics a. You control a party of four heroes typical solo game lasts about 45. who adventure into a dungeon minutes Cooperative games last. generated by dice rolls If you have longer due to the discussions that. miniatures you may use them to arise among participants. mark their marching order but this, is not essential The game can also Monsters Roll No Dice. be played with two players each,All the rolls in the game are. running a party of dungeon,performed by characters The. explorers and taking turns to,power and danger level of a.
generate one room each as their,monster is indicated by a number. parties advance through different,that is the monster s level When. paths In this case roll a die to,the characters attack they perform. determine which party goes first,attack rolls and compare them with. every turn,the monsters level to determine if,the monsters are killed When it is.
the monsters turn to attack your, A party of four characters is the characters perform defense rolls. optimum to have enough variety of versus the monsters level taking. abilities Four characters are not wounds if they fail. too difficult to control for a single,player and allow for the occasional Dice Codes. non player character joining the,The game uses regular six sided. party If you play cooperatively the,dice annotated as d6 We use the. game can work with larger,following dice codes,Four Against Darkness.
D6 roll a die,D6 1 roll a die and add 1 to the,2d6 roll two dice and add them. 2d6 1 roll two dice add them,together and add 1 to the total. D6 x d6 roll two dice and multiply,the result of one die by the other. generating a number from 1 to 36,D6 1 roll one die and subtract 1. from the result generating a,number from 0 to 5,D6 L roll a die and add the.
character s level,D6 L roll a die and add half the. character s level rounded down,D66 roll two dice of different color. reading the first as tens and the,second as units generating a. number from 11 to 66,Explosive Six Rule,Whenever you roll a 6 performing. any character action immediately,roll another d6 and add the result.
to the total This is cumulative if,you roll another 6 roll again and. add it to the total With enough,luck you could roll ANY number In. combat this will let you kill multiple,minions with a lucky blow In other. situations it will let a character save,against a threat higher than 6. Four Against Darkness,A character is described by his.
The Party name level and character type For, You have a party of four example Bruggo level 2 rogue Each. adventurers Each belongs to one character has an Attack value. of the following classes warrior describing how powerful he is in. cleric rogue wizard barbarian combat a Defense Value. dwarf halfling or elf Each class has describing how well protected he. special abilities and weaknesses is or how skilled he is in parrying. that will become evident during the or dodging and a Life value the. game For example a wizard is number of wounds that the. weak in combat but is good at character can take before dying. casting spells and at solving The profile sheet has spaces for the. puzzles Elves and halflings are character s special skills such as a. more agile than other characters wizard s spells treasure and. Warriors and barbarians can equipment,withstand more punishment. Barbarians are the toughest but,they cannot wear the best armor Creating Your. and may not use any magic items,due to their superstitious fear of Party. magic A good party generally has,At the beginning of the game your.
a mixture of classes,four heroes are just starting out. Your characters can be of any their adventuring career They are. gender but for brevity we use all level 1 Each belongs to one of. masculine pronouns in the the classes described below Traits. rulebook are the rules that differentiate a, Print out a copy of the Party Sheet class from another skills. at the end of the book to keep track equipment that the character can. of your characters wounds use and limitations Each class lists. possessions gold and level These also some basic equipment and a. numbers will change throughout few coins,the game so use a pencil. All your characters begin as first,level adventurers. Four Against Darkness,Traits A warrior adds his level to his Attack.
rolls A warrior may use a shield light,armor heavy armor and any weapon. Starting equipment A warrior begins the,game with light armor shield and a hand. weapon He may trade in his shield and,hand weapon for a two handed weapon or. a bow if he wants,Starting wealth,2d6 gold pieces,Life points 6. level A first level,warrior has 7 life,Four Against Darkness.
allows the cleric to heal a number,Cleric of life points equal to d6 plus his. level The cleric may use,healing at any moment,even during a fight but. he may not attack on the,same turn In which he,heals someone A cleric. may use healing on,himself or on a friend,Starting equipment. Light armor shield hand,weapon He may trade in,his shield and hand.
weapon for a two,handed weapon Clerics,usually prefer crushing. weapons because the,chances of meeting,skeletons and skeletal. rats in dungeons are,pretty high,Starting wealth d6 gold. Traits A cleric adds half of his level Life 4 level A first level cleric has. rounded down to his Attack rolls 5 life,and his full level when he attacks. undead creatures He may wear,light or heavy armor and use a.
shield a hand weapon a two,handed weapon or a sling. A cleric may cast the Blessing spell,up to three times per adventure A. cleric may use the Healing power,three times per game This power. Four Against Darkness,orc so now the adventurers,Rogue outnumber the orcs 4 to 3. Traits A rogue adds his level on When the rogue s turn to. rolls to disarm traps and to his attack comes the rogue adds. Defense rolls A rogue may wear his level to his Attack roll This. only light armor and may not use represents the rogue slipping. heavy weapons or shields past an enemy and stabbing. A rogue adds his level to his Attack him in the back. rolls only when attacking an Starting equipment A rope lock. outnumbered minion i e if the picks light armor and a light hand. party is more numerous than a weapon,group of minions Starting wealth 3d6 gold pieces.
Example a party of four Life 3 level A first level rogue has. including a rogue attacks four 4 life,orcs The party s cleric kills an. Four Against Darkness,Starting equipment Light hand. Traits A wizard or sorceress adds weapon spell book and writing. his level only when attacking with implements,spells or on rolls to solve puzzles. or riddles A wizard may use only Starting wealth 4d6 gold pieces. light weapons or a sling He may Life 2 level A first level wizard. not wear armor or use a shield has 3 life points,A wizard begins the. game with two,spells plus one,spell per level so a.
first level wizard,has 3 spells The,wizard must decide. which spells he has,prepared before,starting the,adventure He may. prepare multiple,copies of the same,spell or any,combination of the. six spells allowed in,the game A wizard,may find additional. adventures and,add them to the,repertoire of spells.
that he can,prepare Spells,acquired when,leveling up may be. used immediately,Four Against Darkness, Traits A barbarian adds his level to his Attack rolls A barbarian may use a shield. and light armor and any weapon A barbarian may not wear heavy armor. A barbarian may not use magic items scrolls or potions He may grudgingly. accept the healing from a cleric since that s technically not magic but divine favor. and may use holy water,Once per game a,barbarian may. perform a rage,attack During a,rage attack roll,the Attack die. three times and,choose the best,result If the rage.
attack hits a boss,monster it inflicts,two wounds,equipment Light. armor shield and,a hand weapon,You may trade in,his shield and. hand weapon for,a two handed,weapon or for a,Starting wealth. d6 gold pieces,Life 7 level A,first level barbarian. has 8 life points,Four Against Darkness,Starting equipment light armor.
Elf hand weapon bow, Traits An elf adds his level to Starting wealth 2d6 gold pieces. Attack rolls An elf can advance up, to the 3rd level maximum Life 4 level A first level elf has 5. life points,The elf can wear light or heavy,armor and may use a. shield He can cast a,single spell per level per,adventure but only if he. is wearing light armor,and NOT using a shield,An Elf may carry a shield.
strapped to his back and,waste one attack to,ready the shield. A 2nd level elf may,prepare two spells and,a third level elf may. prepare three spells For,spell casting purposes,the elf adds his level like. An elf has 1 to his Attack,or spell roll when fighting. Like a wizard an elf may,find additional spells in.
adventures and add,them to the repertoire of,spells that he can. prepare Spells added,when leveling up may be,used immediately. Four Against Darkness,Dwarves are natural goldsmith and. Dwarf gem experts When you sell a gem, Traits A dwarf adds his level to or jewelry item if you have a dwarf. Attack rolls except when using in the party you are paid 20 more. ranged weapons like bows for the gem round fractions down. crossbows or slings Dwarves have Starting equipment light armor. 1 to their Defense rolls against shield hand weapon OR heavy. trolls ogres and giants and 1 to armor and two handed weapon. their Attack rolls against goblins,Starting wealth 3d6 gold pieces.
himself or on a friend Starting equipment Light armor shield hand weapon He may trade in his shield and hand weapon for a two handed weapon Clerics usually prefer crushing weapons because the chances of meeting skeletons and skeletal rats in dungeons are pretty high Starting wealth d6 gold pieces Life 4 level A first level cleric has 5 life Four Against Darkness 10 Rogue Traits

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