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1 PURITANS,Seminar 1a,Dr Amy Morris Monday 8 October 2 00 3 30 GR03. Core Texts, Elisa New New England Beyond Criticism In Defense of America s First Literature. Chichester Wiley Blackwell 2014 Introduction pp 1 20. Mary Rowlandson The Sovereignty and Goodness of God 1682. Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown 1835, Use any scholarly edition for Rowlandson e g Norton or Women s Indian Captivity Narratives ed. Derounian Stodola and Colonial American Travel Narratives ed Martin. Related Texts, John Cotton Gods Promise to his Plantation 1630 ed Reiner Smolinski. John Bunyan Grace Abounding 1666, Anne Bradstreet To My Dear Children in Works ed Hensley.
John Williams The Redeemed Captive 1709,Jonathan Edwards Personal Narrative 1765. Nathaniel Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter 1850 including The Custom House preface The. Minister s Black Veil 1836 The Celestial Rail road 1843. Further Reading, Brooks Lisa Our Beloved Kin A New History of King Philip s War New Haven Yale University Press 2018. Burnham Michelle Captivity and Sentiment Cultural Exchange in American Literature 1682 1861 Hanover NH. University Press of New England 1997 Chs 1 and 2 pp 10 62. Colacurcio Michael The Province of Piety Moral History in Hawthorne s Early Tales Cambridge MA Harvard. University Press 1984, Gordis Lisa M Opening Scripture Bible reading and Interpretive Authority in Puritan New England Chicago. University of Chicago Press 2003, Donegan Kathleen Seasons of Misery Catastrophe and Colonial Settlement in Early America Philadelphia University. of Pennsylvania Press 2013 introduction pp 1 20, Donohue Agnes McNeill Hawthorne Calvin s Ironic Step Child Kent OH Kent State University Press 1985.
Heimert Alan and Andrew Delbanco eds The Puritans in America A Narrative Anthology Cambridge MA Harvard. University Press 1985, Householder Michael Inventing Americans in the Age of Discovery Narratives of Encounter Farnham Ashgate 2011. Ch 6 Terror and Tears in New England Gender Violence Victimhood and American Identity pp 177 98. Madsen Deborah L Allegory in America From Puritanism to Postmodernism 1996 Ch 3 Captivity Narratives. Mary Rowlandson Harriet Jacobs and the Rhetoric of Exceptionalism 58 81. Hawthorne s Puritans From Fact to Fiction Journal of American Studies 33 1999 509 517. Mencken H L Puritanism as a Literary Force in Book of Prefaces New York Knopf 1917. Minter David The Puritan jeremiad as a literary form in The American Puritan Imagination ed Sacvan Bercovitch. Cambridge University Press 1974 pp 45 55, Rivett Sarah The Science of the Soul in Colonial New England Chapel Hill Univ of North Carolina Press 2011 Ch 2. Masculine Form and Reluctant Women in Puritan Testimony pp 70 124. Robinson Marilynne Puritans and Prigs An Anatomy of Zealotry in Salmagundi 101 2 1994 36 54. Toulouse Teresa A The Captive s Position Female Narrative Male Identity and Royal Authority Philadelphia. University of Pennsylvania Press 2013, Van Engen Abram Sympathetic Puritans Calvinist Fellow Feeling in Puritan New England Oxford Oxford. University Press 2015 Ch 6 Bewildered Sympathy pp 173 98. Seminar 1b,Dr Amy Morris Wednesday 10 October 2 00 3 30 GR03. This seminar will have a workshop format Please select two poems by different authors to compare. and comment on in class as we consider the question of American Puritan poetics. Core Texts, American Poetry of the Seventeenth Century ed Harrison T Meserole University Park.
PA Pennsylvania State University Press 1985 alternate title Seventeenth Century. American Poetry Read Meserole s selection from Anne Bradstreet Edward Taylor Roger. Williams Thomas Tillam and the Bay Psalm Book, Michael Wigglesworth Meat Out of the Eater 1689 selection on Moodle. Later verse Jupiter Hammon An Evening Thought Salvation by Christ with. Penetential Cries Emily Dickinson This World is not Conclusion There s a certain. Slant of light Robert Frost Apple Picking Nothing Gold Can Stay Design. Stopping by Woods Robert Lowell Jonathan Edwards in Western Massachusetts. Jorie Graham Prayer The Geese Wendell Berry Sabbaths 1979 IV poems available. online e g via www poetryfoundation org,Related Texts. The Bay Psalm Book being a facsimile reprint ed W Eames NY New England Society 1903. Works of Anne Bradstreet ed Jeannine Hensley Cambridge MA Harvard University Press 1967. Poems of Edward Taylor ed Donald E Stanford New Haven Yale University Press 1960. Poems of Michael Wigglesworth ed Ronald A Bosco Lanham MD Univ Press of America 1989. Roger Williams A Key into the Language of America 1643. Further Reading, Brown Matthew P The Pilgrim and the Bee Reading Rituals and Book Culture in Early New England Philadelphia. University of Pennsylvania Press 2007, Colacurcio Michael J Godly Letters the Literature of the American Puritans Notre Dame University of Notre Dame. Press 2006 Ch 11 Gods Altar The Fall to Poetry, Donohue Betty Booth Native Poetics in Edward Johnson s Wonder Working Providence of Sions Saviour in New.
England in American Literature and the New Puritan Studies ed Bryce Traister CUP 2017 111 25. Hammond Jeffrey Sinful Self Saintly Self The Puritan Experience of Poetry Athens Univ of Georgia Press 1993. The American Puritan Elegy A Literary and Cultural Study Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2000. Hass Robert Edward Taylor How American Poetry Got Started in What Light Can Do Essays on Art Imagination. and the Natural World New York Ecco 2012, Holberton Edward Prophecy and Geography in Anne Bradstreet s Contemplations a transatlantic reading in. Transatlantic Traffic and Mis Translations ed R Peel and D Maudlin Durham Univ of New Hampshire P. 2013 157 76, Morris Amy The Art of Purifying The Bay Psalm Book and Colonial Puritanism Early American Literature 42. 2007 107 30, Patterson Daniel J ed Edward Taylor s Gods Determinations and Preparatory Meditations A Critical Edition Kent. OH Kent State University Press 2003 Introduction pp 1 46. Schweitzer Ivy The Work of Self Representation Lyric Poetry in Colonial New England Chapel Hill University of. North Carolina Press 1991 esp Ch 4 on Williams verse pp 181 228. Weimer Adrian Chastain From Human Suffering to Divine Friendship Meat Out of the Eater and Devotional Reading. in Early New England Early American Literature 51 2016 3 39. Ziser Michael The Pomology of Eden Apple Culture and Early New England Poetry in Early Modern Ecostudies. From the Florentine Codex to Shakespeare ed Hallock et al NY Palgrave Macmillan 2008 193 218. Seminar 2a,Dr Sarah Meer Monday 15 October 2 00 3 30 GR03. Core Texts,Frederick Douglass My Bondage and My Freedom 1855.
Recommended editions Yale University Press ed David Blight Penguin Classics ed Ira. Dworkin University of Illinois Press ed William L Andrews. Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom s Cabin 1851 2, Recommended editions Penguin Classics ed Ann Douglass Norton Critical Edition ed. Elizabeth Ammons Oxford World s Classics ed Jean Fagan Yellin. Related Texts, Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass 1845 Harriet Jacobs Incidents in. the Life of a Slave Girl 1861,Further Reading, Andrews William L To Tell a Free Story The First Century of African American Autobiography 1760 1865 Urbana. IL University of Illinois Press 1986, Brown Gillian Getting in the Kitchen with Dinah Domestic Politics in Uncle Tom s Cabin American Quarterly 36 4. 1984 503 523, Fisch Audrey The Cambridge Companion to the African American Slave Narrative Cambridge Cambridge University.
Press 2007, Lee Maurice S ed The Cambridge Companion to Frederick Douglass Cambridge Cambridge University Press. Levine Robert S Martin Delany Frederick Douglass and the Politics of Representative Identity Chapel Hill NC. University of North Carolina Press 1997, McHenry Elizabeth Forgotten Readers Recovering the Lost History of African American Literary Societies Durham. NC Duke University Press 2002, Meer Sarah Uncle Tom Mania Slavery Minstrelsy and Transatlantic Culture in the 1850s Athens GA University of. Georgia Press 2005, Meer Sarah Slave Narratives as Literature in The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of American Slavery. Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2016, Riss Arthur Race Slavery and Liberalism in African American Literature Cambridge Cambridge University Press.
Sundquist Eric To Wake the Nations Race in the Making of American Literature Cambridge MA Harvard University. Press 1993, Tawil Ezra ed Cambridge Companion to Slavery in American Literature Cambridge Cambridge University Press. Tompkins Jane P Sentimental Power Uncle Tom s Cabin and the Politics of Literary History Glyph 2 1978 or in. Tompkins Sensational Designs the Cultural Work of American Fiction Oxford Oxford University Press 1985. Seminar 2b,Dr Sarah Meer Wednesday 17 October 2 00 3 30 GR03. Core Texts,Dion Boucicault The Octoroon 1859, Good edition is ed Peter Thomson Plays by Dion Boucicault Moodle. Wonderful edition is ed Sarika Bose The Octoroon Broadview Anthology edition 2014. Branden Jacobs Jenkins An Octoroon 2014,Recommended edition London Nick Hern Books 2017. Related Text,Reed Ishmael Flight to Canada 1976,Further Reading.
Anderson Joel Theatre and Photography London Palgrave 2015. Billington Michael An Octoroon Review Blackface Meets Whiteface in Quicksilver Drama The Guardian 26 May. Brantley Ben An Octoroon A Branden Jacobs Jenkins Comedy About Race New York Times 26 Feb 2015. Brody Jennifer Devere Impossible Purities Blackness Femininity and Victorian Culture Durham NC Duke. University Press 1998, Brooks Daphne Bodies in Dissent Spectacular Performances of Race and Freedom Durham NC Duke University. Press 2006 on Octoroon,DOBAMA Theater Teaser Trailer. https www youtube com watch v 0nSvUa8n8Cw, FEED Interview with Writer and Director An Octoroon. https www youtube com watch v psqmqqvlCS8, Green Lewis Jennifer Framing the Victorians Photography and the Culture of Realism Ithaca NY Cornell. University Press 1996, Meer Sarah Boucicault s Misdirections Race Transatlantic Theatre and Social Position in The Octoroon Atlantic.
Studies 6 1 2009 81 95, Richardson G A Boucicault s The Octoroon and American Law Theatre Journal 34 2 1982 155 164. Roach Joseph Cities of the Dead CircumAtlantic Performance New York Columbia University Press 1996. Sollors Werner Interracialism Black White Intermarriage in American History Literature and Law Oxford Oxford. University Press 2000, Sollors Werner Neither Black Nor White But Both Thematic Explorations of Interracial Literature Oxford Oxford. University Press 1999,3 TRANSATLANTIC IMAGININGS,Seminar 3a. Dr Sarah Meer Monday 22 October 2 00 3 30 GR03,Core Texts. John Brougham Po Ca Hon Tas or The Gentle Savage 1855. Richard Moody ed Dramas from the American Theatre Boston Houghton Mifflin 1969 pp. 403 421 Moodle, Mark Twain A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court 1889 Suggested.
editions Oxford World s Classics or Norton Critical Edition. Related Text, William Leman Rede Flight to America 1836 Reprinted in W T Lhamon Jr Jump Jim Crow. Lost Plays Lyrics and Street Prose of the First Atlantic Popular Culture Cambridge MA Harvard. University Press 2003 Moodle,Further Reading, Cockrell Dale Demons of Disorder Early Blackface Minstrels and Their World Cambridge Cambridge University. Press 1997, Lhamon W T Jr Jump Jim Crow Cambridge MA Harvard University Press 2003 Introduction. Lhamon W T Jr Raising Cain Blackface Performance from Jim Crow to Hip Hop second edition Cambridge MA. Harvard University Press 2000, Miller Tice L Entertaining the Nation American Drama in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Carbondale IL. Southern Illinois University Press 2006, Nye Russel The Unembarrassed Muse the Popular Arts in America New York Dial 1970.
Richardson Gary A American Drama from the Colonial Period through World War I A Critical History New York. Twayne 1993, Rourke Constance American Humor A Study of the National Character New York Harcourt Brace 1931. For Brougham, Clinton Baddeley V C The Burlesque Tradition in the English Theatre after 1660 London Methuen 1973 first. published 1952, Detsi Diamanti Zoe Burlesquing Otherness in Nineteenth Century American Theatre the Image of the Indian in. John Brougham s Met a mora Or The Last of the Pollywogs 1847 and Po Ca Hon Tas or The Gentle Savage. 1855 American Studies 48 2007 101 123, Ryan Pat M The Hibernian Experience John Brougham s Irish American Plays MELUS 10 1983 33 47. Schoch Richard W Not Shakespeare Bardolatry and Burlesque in the Nineteenth Century Cambridge Cambridge. University Press 2002, Baetzhold Howard G Mark Twain and John Bull the British Connection Bloomington Indiana University Press.
Howells W D My Mark Twain Reminiscences and Criticisms New York Harper 1910. Budd Louis J Cambridge Companion to Mark Twain Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1995. Emerson Everett The Authentic Mark Twain Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania Press 1984. Fishkin Shelley Fisher Was Huck Black Mark Twain and African American Voices Oxford Oxford University Press. Gillman Susan Dark Twins Imposture and Identity in Mark Twain s America Chicago University Press of Chicago. Levine Lawrence W Highbrow Lowbrow The Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America Cambridge MA. Harvard University Press 1988, Kaplan Amy The Anarchy of Empire in the Making of U S Culture Cambridge MA Harvard University Press 2002. Knoper Randall Acting Naturally Mark Twain in the Culture of Performance Berkeley University of California. Michaelmas Term Foundation Course Colacurcio Michael J Godly Letters the Literature of the American Puritans Notre Dame University of Notre Dame Press 2006 Ch 11 Gods Altar The Fall to Poetry Donohue Betty Booth Native Poetics in Edward Johnson s Wonder Working Providence of Sions Saviour in New England in American Literature and the New Puritan Studies ed

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