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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Publication Information,Foreword to the HTML Edition by Forbidden Donut. Introduction, A Brief History of Psychedelics From the Creation of Gods to. the Demise of Psychedelic Reverence in Modern Times. Psychedelic Safety Understanding the Tools,I Traditional Psychedelics. LSD Molecule of Perfection, Psilocybin Mushrooms The Extraterrestrial Infiltration of. Mescaline Peyote San Pedro Cactus Shamanic Sacraments. II Empathogens,Ecstasy The Heart Opening Psychedelic.
2C B The Erotic Empathogen,III Exotic Highs of a Connoisseur. DMT Candy for the Mind,Harmala Alkaloids Link to the Ancient Spirits. Ketamine The Ultimate Psychedelic Journey,Multiple Combinations Cosmic Synergism. Further Explorations Where do we go from Here,DMT Water Spirit A Magical Link. Psychedelic Reality CydelikSpace,Bibliography,Purchasing The Essential Psychedelic Guide.
Back Cover Text,The Essential Psychedelic Guide By D M Turner. First Printing September 1994, Copyright 1994 by Panther Press ISBN 0 9642636 1 0. Library of Congress Catalog registration in progress Printed in the. United States of America, Cover art by Nick Philip SFX Lab Illustrations on pages 31 41. 45 and 59 by P B M,D M Turner is a trademark of Panther Press. Selected excerpt from The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley. Copyright 1954 by Aldous Huxley Copyright renewed 1982 by. Laura Huxley Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins. Publishers Inc and Chatto Windus Ltd, Selected excerpt from The Holotropic Mind by Stanislav Grof and.
Hal Zina Bennett Copyright 1992 by Stanislav Grof and Hal. Zina Bennett Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins. Publishers Inc, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any. manner without the written permission of the publisher. Warning Many of the substances discussed in this book are. currently illegal in the United States and many other parts of the. world The author and publisher do not advocate breaking the law. and will not be held responsible for use or misuse of the. information contained herein This book was written to expand the. body of knowledge available on psychedelics and is not a. recommendation or endorsement of their use, Additional copies of this book may be ordered for 14 95 each. 12 95 2 00 shipping and handling CA residents add 0 94 tax. for credit card orders add 1 00 processing fee, For Visa Mastercard orders only phone 415 753 6481. For mail orders and international orders see the order form on. For wholesale inquiries and any other information write to. Panther Press,1032 Irving 514,San Francisco CA 94122. Foreword to the HTML Edition,by Forbidden Donut, You dear reader are an extremely fortunate individual to have.
stumbled upon this particular digital doorway What lies ahead is. one of the most important volumes in the canon of psychedelic. literature The Essential Psychedelic Guide was written by D M. Turner an extraordinarily courageous and articulate pioneer in the. exploration of the imaginal realm However due to a tragic series. of events resulting in the untimely death of its author this book. was very nearly lost forever Only a few psychonauts lucky. enough to have found copies from the initial print runs would have. ever been the wiser Luckily though some mysterious force for. good in the universe has seen fit to digitize it for your reading. pleasure I for one am awfully thankful, The Essential Psychedelic Guide while deceptively slim in its. printed form is a veritable well spring of knowledge for the. aspiring psychonaut It brings together in a single volume the. basics of psychedelic history essential information on physical. and mental safety and detailed chapters on 8 of the major. entheogens including hard to find accurate data on dosage and. administration Turner also presents quite a bit of highly novel. thinking with regard to the philosophical underpinnings of the. bizarre extreme and sometimes sublime dimensions that. entheogens can make accessible Indeed one could scarcely dream. of a better introductory text for the newcomer to the visionary. way or a more practically useful reference for the experienced. psychedelic voyager, What really puts Turner s work in a class by itself are his vivid. lucid and evocative narrations from the very frontier of. consciousness itself His trip stories convey the essence of the. psychedelic experience in a manner that I had not previously. thought to be possible using such a crude instrument as the. English language Also particularly noteworthy is the wide variety. of novel and challenging chemical combinations which this master. alchemist brought together within his physical alembic and then. reported on This makes the work especially important as he was. likely the first and only person ever to have tried some of these. mixtures Some may consider certain of them to be excessive or. even dangerous indeed Turner s death appears to have been. directly related to one of his experiments Following his death it. has been pointed out that he was a bit of a hard head it took him. much higher dosages than most need to acheive the desired. effects Caution is the watchword especially for newcomers to. the psychedelic arena Nevertheless we must remember that. Turner was the Chuck Yeager of psychonauts a test pilot s test. pilot His voyages should therefore be judged accordingly. The sad circumstances regarding his demise however have cast. a foreboding shadow over some of his more intrepid adventures. and unfortunately have turned a hero s story into a cautionary tale. On or about December 31 1996 Turner prepared for another. voyage presumably to celebrate the coming of the new year. Sadly it was to be his last Shortly thereafter he was found dead. drowned in his bathtub with a vial of ketamine nearby It seems. likely that he either slid beneath the waterline while under its. effects or slipped fell and hit his head upon arising afterwards. leaving himself unconscious to drown in several inches of water. In light of Turner s glowing praise for ketamine in this book how. exactly is the reader supposed to view the fact that it seems to. have played at least a supporting role in his passing My own. favorite interpretation is from an anonymous friend s recollection. of Turner in the Summer 1997 issue of The Resonance Project. Mr Turner was in the process of revising his Essential Psychedelic. Guide but as the changes may never come to light it should be stated. that his opinion of ketamine had changed considerably He was. sensitive to safety issues and was increasingly troubled by what he. called the psychedelic heroin properties of ketamine He confided in. friends that DMT which he considered his most helpful ally had a. difficult time counteracting the addictive and increasingly life negative. effects of this drug DMT conveyed to him that ketamine was a sort of. Frankenstein molecule that didn t obey the shamanic rules and he was. given several warnings to drop it from his program Ultimately his. failure to completely do so led to his untimely passing. Whether or not one entirely agrees with the preceding quote I. believe that it offers the most useful perspective from which to. learn from the great loss that the psychedelic community suffered. on New Year s Eve 1997 If nothing else I hope that Turner s. death inspires us all to be just a little more careful when surfing. the cosmic jetstream Indeed if only he had a sitter nearby on his. final voyage he might still be among the living Also I would. hope that this tragedy might teach us to more fully listen to our. personal intuition s guidance as regards these powerful tools using. it as a balance by which to gauge the veracity of what the. materials themselves may tell us in one of their capricious moods. During the thirty four years he spent in his incarnation as D M. Turner he touched innumerable lives with his warmth wisdom. honesty courage and kindness And thankfully he has left us. with a rich and impressive legacy Enjoy,Forbidden Donut. September 29 1997, Over 300 mushroom stones have been found throughout Mesoamerica. some dating as far back as 1000 B C The mushroom stone above was. found in the Guatemalan highlands and was one of the first to be. discovered Photograph reprinted courtesy of Wasson Library Harvard. Botanical Museum,INTRODUCTION, Psychedelics are substances with the ability to expand human.
awareness beyond our normal modes of perception The family of. psychedelics includes plants such as psilocybe mushrooms that. have been used in shamanistic settings for thousands of years as. well as recently developed synthetic compounds like LSD and. Psychedelics may be the most amazing substances known to. humanity Some are so potent that just 1 10 000th of a gram can. send one on a journey beyond time and space beyond life and. death Here the psychedelic voyager can unlock and experience. the collective evolutionary consciousness of billions of years past. and an infinite future He can transcend the body the personality. and view his mind from undreamed of perspectives He can. experience supersensory and extrasensory perception choose from. an infinite variety of realities and permanently change his. experience of life, I am writing this book because in this primitive time of political. power struggles and the war on drugs most information on. psychedelics that reaches the public is negatively biased and. erroneous There is a lack of accurate information available. regarding the history of psychedelics how they are consumed. dosage levels effects and experiences produced and whether they. I ve tried to focus on the less common psychedelics and on. combinations while also discussing more familiar substances such. as LSD psilocybin and MDMA In my 18 years as a psychedelic. user and researcher I have found only a few references to some of. the more exotic psychedelics frequently incomplete and written. by people who had not experienced them first hand The. information presented here draws upon my research as well as. extensive personal experience with these substances and. involvement in communities where they are used There are many. things I have not attempted to cover in these few pages and I. recommend the reader to the following books,THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE This is the premier. tripping guide which is useful to anyone trying to understand the. states of mind produced by psychedelics It is the most thorough. description I have seen of the changes and experiences one is. likely to go through on a psychedelic voyage However this book. is an adaptation of an Eastern spiritual text and may seem esoteric. and difficult to understand for those not familiar with the states it. PLANTS OF THE GODS This gives a brief overview on the. history of several plant psychedelics that have been used since. ancient times Having a long term perspective on the use of. psychedelics can give one a better understanding of how these. substances have affected human societies Many people today. don t even know that psychedelics existed before the Sixties and. that the last 30 years are just the latest paragraph in psychedelic. FOOD OF GODS Author Terence McKenna eloquently, expounds his theories on the role of psychoactive plant use. throughout human evolution His theories are startling yet well. grounded and offer a comprehensive view of the relationship. between humans and mind altering plants, Other books are listed in the various chapters as well as the. bibliography which also lists sources for the books that are in. I consider my research a work in process by no means. definitive or complete With psychedelics we are taking our first. steps into a realm of infinite possibilities like the first amphibians. stepping on dry land or a more accurate metaphor like the first. D M Turner Introduction, humans leaving earth s atmosphere and venturing into space I.
believe there will come a day when humanity recognizes. psychedelics as the universal medicine ambrosia of the heavens. and keys to higher intelligence, There are numerous other methods for entering altered states. being toted about from meditation and yoga to brain machines. and virtual reality I ve tried many of these methods enjoy them. and have found them most valuable used with psychedelics But to. compare the experience of these methods on their own to the. experience of psychedelics is like comparing a candle to the sun. Other methods don t even approach the realm of liquid flowing. digital dreams which can be accessed by psychedelics like DMT. A BRIEF HISTORY OF PSYCHEDELICS,FROM THE CREATION OF. GODS TO THE DEMISE OF,PSYCHEDELIC REVERENCE,IN MODERN TIMES. As prehistoric men and women foraged for food they must have. eaten the psychedelic plants which grow in nearly all regions of. the world Ingesting these plants would have produced awe. inspiring experiences and it is quite likely that the origin of ideas. about gods heavens and hells life after death etc began with the. ingestion of psychedelic plants, Try to imagine yourself as a neolithic human most of your. attention given to day by day survival the more complex areas of. your brain just beginning to develop Now ingest say a handful of. aspiring psychonaut It brings together in a single volume the basics of psychedelic history essential information on physical and mental safety and detailed chapters on 8 of the major entheogens including hard to find accurate data on dosage and administration Turner also presents quite a bit of highly novel

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