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IN THIS PROGRAMME,YOUR FORUM 06,Wednesday SCHEDULE 08. OPENING PLENARY 09,Thursday SCHEDULE 10,AWARDS EVENING 16. Friday SCHEDULE 18,CLOSING PLENARY 22,SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES 24. DELEGATES DETAILS 64,WELCOME As the new Director,by Pamela Hartigan. Now is an opportune moment to explore how social, of the Skoll entrepreneurs navigate leverage and influence power.
Centre for Social dynamics in their work and in their efforts to address. Entrepreneurship it is these seemingly perennial and intractable problems. a great pleasure for This year s theme of Shifting Power Dynamics offers. me to welcome you to an opportunity to examine the current context of social. the 2009 Skoll World entrepreneurship glean critical lessons and accelerate. Forum at the University of Oxford momentum for change. My ambition is that the Skoll Centre becomes Through the motivation and conviction of all the. the premier hub for collecting developing agents of change attending this Forum you will. and disseminating knowledge about social have the opportunity to learn about the models and. entrepreneurship around the world and inspires a mechanisms that leverage power You can discuss. new group of business leaders to invest their talents ways in which to operate in changing political. in transformational social change The Skoll World economic social and power systems and explore. Forum is so critical to that vision how new models and innovative solutions can. emerge and thrive Here at the Skoll World Forum, The seismic shift in the global economic order and are your essential partners for change. the historic election of the first black US President. has prompted thinking about new possibilities For now I hope that you will walk away from this. Yet despite these significant changes relentless Forum with new friends new ideas and with a. challenges to humanity remain poverty climate sense of validation and solidarity. change disease and more They continue to erode,lives communities and economies and present a. Pamela Hartigan,threat to us all,Director Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. SHIFTING POWER DYNAMICS, Social entrepreneurs tend to operate where With this in mind the 2009 Skoll World Forum will. markets and governments structures for allocating facilitate discussion debate and critical questioning. economic and political power have failed Yet social around the theme of Social Entrepreneurship Shifting. entrepreneurs themselves usually start with extremely Power Dynamics exploring how social entrepreneurs. limited power They have few financial resources no access navigate and influence power dynamics in their. hierarchical power of position and limited political approach to change. power Instead they tap two levers of power,innovation and persuasion to reach their goals.
SKOLL CENTRE,FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP,BACKGROUND. WHO WE ARE, The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship at the Sa d Business School. connects prominent social entrepreneurs with University of Oxford and The Skoll Foundation. essential actors in the social academic finance Both organisations share a commitment to. corporate and policy sectors all working to understanding expanding and supporting the field. accelerate sustainable social benefit The Forum is of social entrepreneurship. a joint venture between The Skoll Centre for Social. ABOUT THE SKOLL CENTRE FOR ABOUT THE SKOLL FOUNDATION. SOCIAL Entrepreneurship The Skoll Foundation was created in 1999 by eBay s. The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship was first president Jeff Skoll to promote his vision of. launched in 2003 at the Sa d Business School a more peaceful and prosperous world Today the. University of Oxford to promote the advancement Skoll Foundation advances systemic change to. of social entrepreneurship worldwide It was benefit communities around the world by investing. created with a donation of 4 44 million by in connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs. the Skoll Foundation In addition to delivering individuals dedicated to innovative bottom up. innovative teaching programmes the Skoll solutions that transform unequal and unjust social. Centre has developed a portfolio of research environmental and economic systems. which employs theory but that is also valuable The Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship is. to practitioners in the field The Centre acts the Foundation s flagship programme celebrated. as a network hub for social entrepreneurship at The Skoll World Forum The Skoll Foundation. linking key actors in the sector and contributing connects social entrepreneurs and other partners. towards creating new and effective partnerships in the field via an online community at. for sustainable social change It engages in social www socialedge org and through the annual Skoll. innovation and aims to have a decisive influence World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship The. on policy Foundation also celebrates social entrepreneurs by. For more information telling their stories through partnerships with the PBS. visit www sbs ox ac uk skoll Foundation The Sundance Institute and Public Radio. International with the goal of promoting large scale. public awareness of social entrepreneurship,For more information. visit www skollfoundation org,YOUR FORUM,GET THE MOST OUT OF IT. The Skoll World Forum is designed to inspire you includes a range of experiences and session. help you innovate and connect you with your formats outlined here to help you adapt the. essential partners for change The programme Forum to your needs. SESSIONS CONNECT, Thematic Sessions offer insight into Networking is core to the Skoll World Forum Here are.
the forces driving significant shifts in power some tools to help you make connections. From capital markets in crisis to technology,New Partnerships is an immediate opportunity to. innovation to corporate engagement in the,meet new and essential partners. social sector these sessions explore how, social entrepreneurs can leverage navigate The Networking Lounge located in the centre. and influence power dynamics in their courtyard at Sa d Business School is open throughout. approach to change the day and is a place to connect with fellow. NETWORKING is core to the Skoll World, Forum experience The Networking Lounge Delegate Dinners offer an evening of dining and. is available throughout the programme and discussion at one of the Oxford Colleges Exeter Harris. breakout times are highlighted Delegate Manchester Keble and St John s Please check the. Dinners and the Skoll Awards Reception invitation in your badge pack for the location of. will provide more opportunity to make your dinner, connections Connection Finder will enable you to identify and.
contact delegates on line during and after the Forum. Evergreen Sessions are developed,Visit www skollworldforum com connect community. around topics of perennial and practical,Privacy This information is provided solely to. interest to social entrepreneurs worldwide and,foster connections and should not be shared with. address areas such as leadership finance,third parties used for marketing purposes and or. replication and scale impact assessment,aggressive networking.
partnering with business engaging with policy, makers and marketing Social Edge will feature blogs during and after the. Forum www socialedge org swf connects you to a, Innovators in Action offer delegates vibrant online community helps you research issues. a rare opportunity to learn from the and approaches and encourages you to share your. world s most senior and celebrated social ideas with others in your field You can continue your. entrepreneurs These engaging presentations Forum conversations on Social Edge when you. showcase leading innovations in healthcare return home. environment education community,development market transformation and. partnering with business and government,Tag swf09 and share your 2009 Skoll World. SKILLS WORKSHOPS are designed to ground, Forum experiences with others through blogs Flickr.
theoretical concepts discussed at the Forum in,YouTube and Twitter tag swf09. social entrepreneurial practice Each workshop,is lead by experts in the field and provides. practical tools skills and techniques that Don t miss a thing. can be applied to your growing venture Skills Sessions will be video recorded or audio. Workshops are limited to 50 participants taped Visit www skollworldforum com to. please arrive early to ensure your place experience a session after the Forum. 0900 1600 REGISTRATION,UNIVERSITY,NEW PARTNERSHIPS. reception room FOR SOCIAL SEMINAR ROOM B,ENTREPRENEURSHIP New partnerships is an. 1000 1200 immediate opportunity to, NELSON MANDELA LECTURE THEATRE meet new and essential.
The plenary session will partners Facilitated by IDEO. aim to Re envision Social to help you maximise your. Entrepreneurship Education Forum experience this can. It will focus on innovative be your starting point for. teaching and research unpacking first thoughts and. resources and cross sector making lasting connections. collaborations There will,also be a presentation of. the Faculty Pioneer Award welcome,winner and the Oikos Case RECEPTION. Competition finalists 1500 1600,entrance hall,Come to the Welcome. Reception for refreshments,and start networking with. Skoll World Forum delegates,NEED TO KNOW,See page 24 for.
speaker profiles,See page 76 for maps,Find your invite to a delegate. dinner in your badge pack,Luggage room is open,Please note that you are. required to wear your official,Skoll World Forum badge at all. Forum events,DELEGATE DINNER,Exeter College,Keble College. Harris Manchester College,St John s College,A uniquely Oxonian evening of.
1700 1830 dining and discussion at one,of four University of Oxford. Colleges Exeter College Harris,Manchester College St John s. College and Keble College The,invitation in your badge pack. will indicate the location of,your college dinner Invitations. will be checked on entry and,badges must be worn, SHELDONIAN THEATRE 15 MINUTE WALK DOORS OPEN AT 1615 Seating is general admission.
Musical Performance Power to the People,Taiko Meantime Citizen Engagement and Social. Taiko Meantime strike at the heart of Taiko,Transformation. drumming s magic an enthralling show combining Moderator Ray Suarez Senior Correspondent. traditional Japanese rhythms and techniques The NewsHour PBS. with eclectic original compositions enticing their Kailash Satyarthi Chairman Global March. audience to follow them on a musical journey Against Child Labour President Global Campaign. for Education, Opening Remarks Daniel Lubetzky Founder and President. Stephan Chambers Chairman Skoll Centre for PeaceWorks Group. Social Entrepreneurship,The Honourable Mary Robinson President. Realizing Rights The Ethical Globalisation,welcome Initiative.
Jeff Skoll Founder and Chairman Skoll, Foundation and Participant Media UNFINISHED PORTRAITS OF. POWERFUL IDEAS, the power paradox Kenneth S Brecher Executive Director. Roger L Martin Dean Rotman School of Sundance Institute. Management University of Toronto,0900 1030 The Ripple. innovation to,Pathways to,Scale From,Communities power The uses prototyping to system. empowered and abuses of power change, through individual in social innovation LECTURE THEATRE 4.
transformation EDMOND SAFRA LECTURE THEATRE Explore the necessary conditions. LECTURE THEATRE 5 Speaking innovation to power is a and models for taking innovative. Effective models for key element of successful system solutions to scale with the ultimate. empowerment serve to transform changing social innovations This objective of systemic change Panel. not only power on a personal session will ground the dynamics members will focus on sustainable. level but have the ability to of challenging and channeling transport systems and explore. impact a wider community existing power resources to how this sector can serve as a. when executed effectively This support real change in cases model for scaling and engaging. session looks at proven models as diverse as helping displaced multiple stakeholders Panel. for empowerment from across persons camps in Eritrea members will map their initiatives. the globe and examines the facilitating multistakeholder against a 5 stage model of. relationship between personal collaborations in British Columbia innovation from early prospecting. empowerment and community and changing the power dynamics through prototyping and start up. power Panelists will discuss of environmental organisations enterprises to networked solutions. the critical design elements through the use of global search and ultimately system change. that make empowerment engines,models effective in achieving. lasting impact not only at an,MODERATOR John Elkington Founding. individual level but across entire, Frances Westley J W McConnell Director Volans Ventures Ltd. communities,Chair of Social Innovation SustainAbility. University of Waterloo,NEED TO KNOW MODERATOR,SPEAKERS Michael Granoff Head of Oil.
Pamela Hartigan Director Skoll Thomas B Lawrence Independence Policies Better. See page 24 for Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Weyerhaeuser Professor of Place. 1 www skollworldforum com skoll centre for social entrepreneurship the skoll world forum 12 on social entrepreneurship 25 27 march 2009 shifting power dynamics

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