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Please check in on the,mobile app see your,class record remember. what tests to take and,help us improve,Confidential. WiFi SSID SSID IRsummit,WiFi PW Prognosis,Download the Slides from. https Online Prognosis com,If you haven t registered for it register now and. let us know to get you approved,Confidential,Learning Objectives.
After completing this course you should,1 Be able to understand options to detect a. problem before it occurs,2 Be able to understand what to do with an alert. 3 Be able to prescribe resolutions in alerts,4 Understand tools available to assist users and. troubleshoot issues,5 Be aware of new functionality recently added. Confidential,What is the real issue,Confidential,Prognosis Architecture.
Automation Alerts Aggregation Displays Root Cause Real time. Analysis Troubleshooting,Prescription,SNMP AXL SDN Base Postili. MQ SQL WMI AD MTS and,SOAP HTTP SNMP API LOGS 24 on. Confidential,Use Case Examples,A few use case Examples. 1 Database lock,2 Information Security impacting your system. 3 Long Processing Times,4 Application Memory Leak,6 Chronic Problems.
Confidential,What the customer witnessed,Confidential. The cause was,Confidential,Ancillary Application Impact. Sometimes it,is an another,application,causing the. Confidential,Long Processing Times,Confidential,Abnormal CPU Memory Spikes. Understanding the,normal CPU utilization,of individual processes.
and setting thresholds,can help detect events,and root causes. Confidential,Chronic Problems,Chronic Problems,are not always. detected by looking,at a single record or,happen every. Confidential,Reduce MTR,by Turning,Detection into,Investigation. Confidential,Build your toolbox,Have the information you most.
commonly need already collected,Capture it at the time of the problem. SQL WMI AD AXL HTTP SNMP SOAP MQ MTS Base 24 Postili on FTM and more SNMP LOGS Aggregation Real time Troubleshooting Automation amp Prescription Root Cause Analysis Alerts Displays Confidential Use Case Examples A few use case Examples 1 Database lock 2 Information Security impacting your system 3 Long Processing Times 4 Application Memory Leak 5 Events 6 Chronic Problems

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