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Change for a Dollar,Week 1 Monday Math, There are over 100 ways to make change for a dollar How many ways can you find. Directions Find as many coin combinations as you can Each one must equal a dollar List the. coins in order on each line from greatest value to smallest value The list has been started for you. Abbreviations,p penny n nickel d dime q quarter hd half dollar. Teacher Created Resources 11 8848 Summertime Learning. Running to Win,Week 1 Monday Reading, What was called the most daring move ever seen on a track occurred on August 4 1936 in Berlin. Germany The move was performed by John Woodruff a black American competitor in the middle of. the 800 meter running race at the 1936 Olympic Games Young and inexperienced Woodruff was only. a 21 year old college freshman when he earned his spot on the United States Olympic team. At the start of the race the 6 foot 3 inch 2 m tall Woodruff became trapped boxed in by the more. experienced runners All the spectators assumed Woodruff would lose He was surrounded and if he. broke between the two leaders he would be disqualified with a foul Woodruff may have been an. inexperienced novice but he was a quick thinker He made a decision and as the crowd gasped in. disbelief he acted on it, Woodruff came to a complete stop After waiting until all the other runners in the pack had passed him. he quickly moved to an outside lane Once alone and in the outer lane Woodruff charged for the winner s. tape that stretched across the finish line As the roars of the astonished crowd filled the stadium Woodruff. extended his stride so that it measured nearly 10 feet 3 m and with a burst of speed he took the lead. Woodruff was victorious with a winning time of 1 minute 52 9 seconds. Directions Answer the following questions based on the passage. 1 One could say that when Woodruff made 2 From this story one can learn that. his move it was like giving the other a runners can be disqualified. runners b only daring runners win gold medals,a a foul c runners always want the inside lane.
b an affront d older runners have an edge over,c a head start younger runners. d a spot in an outer lane, 3 Tell what the numbers mentioned in the story Running to Win refer to. Challenge Imagine Running to Win is a newspaper article and you need to come up with a new. title for it Write down a headline that gives readers a good idea of what they will learn in the article. Your headline must be less than 10 words long, 8848 Summertime Learning 12 Teacher Created Resources. Weight of a World,Week 1 Tuesday Science, When you step on a scale it measures how powerfully Earth s gravity is pulling on you Your weight. is expressed in pounds The surface gravity of each planet moon or object in the solar system is. different Some planets have a greater gravitational pull than Earth Others have less This chart. shows the surface gravity on each planet Earth has a 1 and is the basis of comparison for all other. Planet Surface Gravity Percent,Mercury 0 38 38,Venus 0 91 91.
Earth 1 00 100,Mars 0 38 38,Jupiter 2 36 236,Saturn 0 92 92. Uranus 0 89 89,Neptune 1 12 112, Directions Estimate the weight of an object Then multiply the weight times the surface gravity of. each planet listed above Use the decimal to multiply. Example 100 pounds x 0 38 surface gravity 38 pounds weight on Mercury. Estimate the weight of a large watermelon or Now choose something much heavier like a. pumpkin Calculate its weight on each planet piece of furniture or a large boulder Compute. List your answers on this chart the weight of this new object on each planet. Planet Weight Planet Weight,Mercury Mercury,Venus Venus. Earth Earth,Jupiter Jupiter,Saturn Saturn,Uranus Uranus. Neptune Neptune, Challenge The moon s surface gravity is 0 17 What would each object weigh on the moon.
Pluto s surface gravity is 0 06 What would each object weigh on Pluto. Teacher Created Resources 13 8848 Summertime Learning. Developing Your Ideas,Week 1 Tuesday Writing, Many authors draw on past experiences when they are writing Reread a passage from a favorite. book Think about what experiences the author might have used from his or her own life when. writing this passage, What interesting experiences happened in your past Do you have any relatives who said or did. odd things How did you react Think of a time when something unusual happened in your family. just because one person acted a certain way, Directions Brainstorm unique family situations Then write about a specific event You may add. extra fictional details if you like If you need a starter use the following prompt. When came to visit,a relative the event that happened. Read what you wrote How did you incorporate relevant details Have you included too much. unnecessary information, Challenge Think of a sport you would like to try On another piece of paper draw a picture.
showing a character playing that sport Then write a story about the character s your adventure. Ideas rock climbing surfing curling discus croquet shot put lawn bowling water polo. 8848 Summertime Learning 14 Teacher Created Resources. Boyd s Home Inspection,Week 1 Wednesday Math, Boyd is a home inspector He also does minor installations The larger the room that he must. inspect the more he charges for his services When he is asked to inspect a room the first thing. that he must do is find the area and perimeter He uses this information to calculate individual. prices for his services, Directions Complete the input output tables and answer the questions. Part I Part II, Complete the following table to help Boyd The Boyd orders materials for a room based upon its. sizes for the rooms that he will measure will size He is preparing to install baseboards This. increase by equal amounts Figure out the item will be installed around the perimeter of. equal amount that the room increases by and each room Help him to complete the table. use that amount to calculate the measurements The rule for the table is given below Use the. of the other rooms You will develop a rule rule to complete the pricing guide for baseboard. and that rule will help you make all of the other installation. calculations,Rule Input multiplied by 150 is equal to output. Input x Output y,Input x Output y,100 feet 150,540 sq feet 1 080.
200 feet 300,600 sq feet 1 200,660 sq feet,720 sq feet. 780 sq feet,For this input output table the input x is equal. For this input output table the input x is equal to the perimeter of the room and the output y is. to the area of the room and the output y is equal to the service price. equal to the service price,1 How much will Boyd and his associates. 1 What steps did you follow in order to charge to install baseboards for a room. determine the rule for the table that has a 400 ft perimeter. 2 If the client had a room with a perimeter,of 150 ft what would be the baseboard. installation price Hint Use the rule from,2 For the table above is the statement.
the table to calculate your answer,x multiplied by 2 is equal to y true. Teacher Created Resources 15 8848 Summertime Learning. Just Like New,Week 1 Wednesday Reading, Directions Fill in the missing words in the advertisement below Use this glossary to help you. tamper to interfere decrepit broken down,assure to promise salvage to save from waste. reserve something saved for future use furnish to give supplies. Computer for Sale, This unique machine is a homemade computer that I put together from parts of other computers. that I was able to 1 The condition is excellent and I suggest that. you not 2 with it It will serve you well for many years just as it is. Although it is four years old it is certainly not 3. My asking price is 250 That s a good deal I 4 you If you have a. 5 of money this would be a good way to spend it Call me at 555. 4120 I will even 6 you with a one of a kind printer that I built from. Directions Unscramble the words to spell your new vocabulary words correctly. pecdrite nurhsif,glavsea pratem,sevreer serasu,Challenge Fill in the blanks with your new words.
1 The Abbotts keep a of food in case of an emergency. 2 I can you that my friend can be trusted with your money. 3 The Army will the soldiers with weapons,4 My washing machine is old and. 5 Do not with my private journal,6 Could they anything from the shipwreck. 8848 Summertime Learning 16 Teacher Created Resources. Week 1 Thursday Social Studies, Directions Using the landmark names listed in the box label each landmark Start with the ones. you are sure of and use the process of elimination. Big Ben Angkor Wat Golden Gate Bridge Great Pyramid of Giza. Taj Mahal Gateway Arch Parthenon Sydney Opera House. Great Wall Chich n Itz Kremlin, Teacher Created Resources 17 8848 Summertime Learning. Sentence Possibilities,Week 1 Thursday Writing, There are four main types of sentences Good writers usually use all the types in their writing to vary.
sentence length and to make the text clear and graceful Here are the four types of sentences. simple The sentence has only one clause,Lena tripped on the stair. compound The sentence has at least two clauses separated by words like and but and or. coordinating conjunctions Each clause could stand alone as its own sentence. Lena tripped on the stair and the entire class saw it happen. complex The sentence has at least two clauses separated by words like because after. unless and although subordinating conjunctions At least one of the clauses could not stand. alone as its own sentence, Lena tripped on the stair though she managed not to fall. compound complex The sentence fits the description of both the compound sentence and. the complex sentence It has at least two clauses that could stand alone and at least one. clause that could not stand alone as its own sentence. Though she managed not to fall Lena tripped on the stair and the entire class saw it happen. Directions Choose the correct sentence type for each sentence. 1 I received an award at the science fair,a simple c complex. b compound d compound complex, 2 Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and he was also an avid gardener. a simple c complex,b compound d compound complex, 3 Leroy never goes to the mall because he finds it boring.
a simple c complex,b compound d compound complex, 4 Although I love to cook I am not a very good baker and I tend to burn cookies. a simple c complex,b compound d compound complex, Challenge Explain the four sentence types to a friend or family member and give examples Come. up with your own example for each sentence type, 8848 Summertime Learning 18 Teacher Created Resources. Nonfiction Passage,Week 1 Friday Test Taking Practice. Directions Read the passage and then fill in the bubble for the correct answer to each question. The ground shakes when Earth s crust moves This is called an earthquake It can be caused by the crust sliding. volcanic bursts or man made explosions Earthquakes that cause the most damage come from the crust sliding. At first the crust may only bend because of pushing forces But when the pushing becomes too much the crust. snaps and shifts into a new position Shifting makes wiggles of energy that go out in all directions This is like. ripples when a stone is dropped into water These are called seismic waves The waves travel out from where the. center of the earthquake is located Sometimes people can hear these waves This is because they make the planet. ring like a bell It must be awesome to hear this sound. The crust moving may leave a crack or fault in the land Geologists scientists who study Earth s surface say that. earthquakes often happen where there are old faults or breaks in the crust Where there are faults earthquakes. may happen again and again, Sometimes when earthquakes happen under the ocean floor they cause huge sea waves These waves are called.
tsunamis They can travel across the ocean as fast as 598 miles per hour Tsunamis can produce waves over. 49 feet high, Although earthquakes are usually frightening keep in mind that the distance to the center of Earth is 3 960. miles Most earthquakes begin less than 150 miles below the surface Earthquakes are not a sign that Earth. is unsteady, 1 Earthquakes are caused by 4 The author s purpose in this passage is. a a giant sound beneath the ground a to scare the reader. b explosions and the crust sliding b to inform the reader. c volcanoes c to entertain the reader,d b and c d to bore the reader. 2 Huge waves that rush across the ocean 5 When earthquakes happen under the. can be caused by ocean floor they sometimes cause,a tsunamis a tidal waves. b storms b jet streams,c earthquakes beneath the ocean c tsunamis.
d waves as high as 49 feet d none of the above, 3 According to the passage seismic waves 6 You read in the newspaper that an old fault has. can be compared to been discovered nearby What might happen. a ripples in water a It will swallow you alive, b a bell ringing b An earthquake might happen there. c faults in the ground c A flood might happen there. d none of these d Nothing will happen, Teacher Created Resources 19 8848 Summertime Learning. Rhyming Pairs,Week 1 Friday Friday Fun, Directions Find an adjective that rhymes with a noun so that together the two words have about. the same meaning as the phrase that is given An example has been done for you. There are over 100 ways to make change for a dollar How many ways can you find from greatest value to smallest value The list has been started for you Abbreviations p penny n nickel d dime q quarter hd half dollar 2 hd 1 hd 2 q 1 hd 5 d 1 hd 10 n 8848 Summertime Learning 12 Teacher Created Resources Running to Win Week 1 Monday Reading What was called the most

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