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FlowAnalyser,Three measuring and,calibration tools for. various applications,FlowAnalyserTM FlowAnalyserTM FlowAnalyserTM. PF 300 PF 301 VAC PF 302 LOW, The standard model for universal Includes an additional sensor for Includes an additional sensor measur. applications vacuum measurements up to 1 bar ing minimal pressures up to 5 mbar. Nowadays decisions are often based on information provided by medical and industrial equipment But. who guarantees that the data delivered is accurate Measuring your pneumatic equipment for reliability. and precision with a dependable calibration tool is critical in avoiding fatal errors Precision and reliability. are exactly what the FlowAnalyser provides The FlowAnalyser measures flow pressure temperature. humidity and O2 concentrations bi directionally The one of a kind Adult Pediatric and High Frequency. ventilation measuring modes make the FlowAnalyser the ideal calibration tool for all ventilators anaes. thesia machines and spirometers The FlowAnalyser distinguishes itself from other calibration tools by. combining a simple intuitive multilingual user interface with the most precise sensor technology With. the push of a button all measured values can be stored directly on the FlowAnalyser and later retrieved. for documentation purposes FlowLab software complements the FlowAnalyser by offering a wide range. of graphical analysis capabilities Swiss devotion to detail at its best. Accessories,FlowAnalyserTM Adapter Set, The Adapter Set assists in connecting the test object to the FlowAnalyser The. smallest possible dead space as well as minor differences in the cross section. dimension of the flow current help increase measurement accuracy This Adapter Set. is included free of charge in your FlowAnalyser purchase. FlowAnalyserTM Carrying Case, The FlowAnalyser case provides protection and order at work This robust case.
includes storage space for your FlowAnalyser Adapter Set bacteria filter power. USB cord FlowLab software CD and user manual,MultiGasAnalyserTM OR 703 optional. The MultiGasAnalyser OR 703 measures all anaesthesia and breathing gases and is. the smallest multi gas sensor in the world It includes the most modern Microsystems. technology and has a direct data interface with the FlowAnalyser Key Features include. complete data collection and test reports, SmartLungTM Adult SmartLungTM Infant test lungs optional. The most intelligent and cost effective test lungs that safely tests ventilators and. anaesthesia machines for function and precision Variable patient parameters such as. resistance compliance or airway leakage can all be adjusted independently The. SmartLung is also extremely handy and user friendly. The Basics,Simplicity Reliability,and Accuracy, Bidirectional Flow Measurement Respiratory Parameters Pressure Measurements Data Storage. Two measuring canals evaluate flow 16 respiratory parameters can be All pressure information included Memorize internally all measured and. pressure temperature humidity and calculated including PEEP Vti and with up to 6 different pressure respiratory parameters in order to. O2 Compliance sensors simplify the testing procedure. Gas Standards EasyCalTM USB RS 232 and External Trigger Battery Operation. 13 gas standards and 10 gas types The fastest and easiest calibration The FlowAnalyser communicates with Convenient and independent work. adapt the FlowAnalyser to the service in the world your test software and ventilator when you are on the go. tested device,High quality reporting,documentation. Minimum System Requirements,Intel Pentium III 800 MHz P4 1200 MHz recommended.
Microsoft Windows 98 Me 2000 XP,Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 01 or higher. 128 MB RAM 512 MB recommended,160 MB free space on the HD full installation. CD ROM drive,Display 800 x 600 1024 x 768 recommended. FlowLab is the ideal software package Its uniqueness is reflected in the simplicity of its menu Selecting. your preferred display mode Panels Trending or Numerics with a few simple mouse clicks is easy The. user configured test reports also allow all data to be conveniently collected. Test Report,Test report printouts with one click,User defined configuration. Logo insertion available,FlowAnalyser data automatically retrieved.
Various input options for each tested object,Unique control number for each report. Displayed in time relation or as a loop,Various cursors measure the curves. Unique trigger used to display real time curves in Single Shot. Norm or Auto mode,User defined layout and colours,Option of setting a title printing and saving. Simultaneous display of up to 6 different curves,Up to 100 hours of data logging. User defined trending interval,Up to 10 values simultaneously.
Data export to Excel etc,User defined layout and colours. Option of setting a title printing and saving,Automatic file size calculation. All measurements displayed on one page or combined with panels. User defined layout and colours, Statistical data including mean max and min for each value. Input of target value with tolerances,Automatic verification. Up to 20 values displayed simultaneously,300 718 000 08 08.
FlowAnalyserTM Technical Data PF 300 PF 301 PF 302. Flow Pressure Measurements Range Accuracy,Flow Measuring direction bidirectional. Temperature compensated yes,Pressure compensated yes. Humidity compensated yes,O2 compensated yes,High 300 L min 1 75 or 0 1 L min. Low 20 L min 1 75 or 0 04 L min,Pressure High 0 10 bar 1 or 10 mbar. Average 150 mbar 0 75 or 0 1 mbar Difference Relative Relative. Low 0 5 mbar 1 or 0 01 mbar,High in Flow Canal 0 150 mbar 0 75 or 0 1 mbar.
Barometer 0 1150 mbar abs 1 or 5 mbar,Vacuum pressure 1000 mbar 0 5 or 2 mbar. Measuring unit Flow L min L s cfm mL min mL s,Pressure bar mbar cmH2O inH2O Torr inHg. hPa kPa mmHg PSI,Additional Measuring Values Range Accuracy. Oxygen Concentration 0 100 1 O2,Pressure compensated yes. Temperature High in Flow Canal 0 50 C 1 75 or 0 5 C. Dew point High in Flow Canal 10 50 C 2 or 1 C,Air humidity High in Flow Canal 0 100 3.
CO2 Concentration 0 20 8 or 0 3 with OR 703 with OR 703 with OR 703. N2O Concentration 0 100 8 or 2 with OR 703 with OR 703 with OR 703. HAL ISO ENF Concentration 0 12 8 or 0 2 with OR 703 with OR 703 with OR 703. SEV Concentration 0 15 8 or 0 2 with OR 703 with OR 703 with OR 703. DES Concentration 0 22 8 or 0 2 with OR 703 with OR 703 with OR 703. Gas types Air Air O2 N2O O2 Heliox 21 O2,He O2 N2 CO2 customized gas types. Gas Standardisation ATP ATPD ATPS AP21 STP STPH BTPS BTPD. 0 1013 20 981 15 1013 25 991 20 1013,Respiratory Parameters 1. Range Accuracy,Rate 1 1000 bpm min 1 bpm or 2 5,Time TI TE 0 05 60 s 0 02 s. I E ratio 1 300 300 1 2 5,Ti Ttotal 0 100 5,Breath volumes Vti Vte 10 L 2 or 20 mL. Minute volumes Vi Ve 0 300 L min 2 5, Pressure Ppeak Pmean PEEP Pplateau 0 150 mbar 0 75 or 0 1 mbar.
Peakflow Peakflow Insp Exp 300 L min 1 75 or 0 1 L min. Compliance Cstat 0 1000 mL mbar 3 or 1 mL mbar, Trigger Adult Pediatric HFO Adjustable on flow or pressure curves. with user defined limits,General Information,Electrical. AC input 90 260 VAC 50 60 Hz,Physical Data,3 hrs with OR 703 2 hrs. lead rechargeable battery,Power consumption 23 VA,Weight 3 7 kg. Dimensions w x d x h 22 x 25 x 12 cm, Data Storage all parameters measured as well as respiratory values.
Display Graphic display Intuitive user interface with numerical measuring values. statistics volume trigger configuration,gas type selection and calibration menus. Communication USB for Windows Software FlowLabTM,Interfaces RS 232 for individual communication. TTL for external trigger,Calibration annually,Conditions Ambient temperature 10 40 C 50 104 F. Humidity 10 95 R H,Approvals CE CSA,Tolerance related to the measured value. Absolute tolerance,Non condensing,The greater tolerance is valid.
Tolerance related to the optimal calibration of the trigger imtmedical ag. Subject to technical changes Release 05 2007 Gewerbestrasse 8. 9470 Buchs SG,Switzerland,T 41 81 750 66 99,F 41 81 750 66 95. www imtmedical com,MultiGasAnalyser,Expanded Capabilities. imtmedical is expanding the capabilities of the FlowAnalyserTM with the MultiGasAnalyserTM. OR 703 by offering instant gas concentration measurements of CO2 N2O Halothane. Enflurane Isoflurane Sevoflurane and Desflurane,Main Features. The world s smallest and lightest Multi Gas Sensor. Seamless integration of the MultiGasAnalyserTM with the FlowAnalyserTM and its. FlowLabTM Software, Direct interfacing of all data with the FlowAnalyserTM. Total bench or portable operation with an integrated battery. Fast response without stabilization time, Full data storage and test report printing capabilities.
300 165 000 10 07, Data instantly available on the Easy and simple Plug Play. FlowAnalyserTM display installation through the RS 232 port. The imtmedical MultiGasAnalyserTM OR 703 probe is designed using the latest advances in micro. system technology The MultiGasAnalyserTM OR 703 provides a complete in line real time monito. ring system with unique versatility and design When testing the performance and accuracy of. anesthesia delivery and monitoring systems or CO2 monitoring devices the sensor proves its abso. lute reliability The MultiGasAnalyserTM OR 703 sensor head measures infrared light absorption at. several different wavelengths and determines the precise gas concentrations of the mixtures. Measurements CO2 Range 0 10,Accuracy 8 of reading or 0 3. N2O Range 0 100,Accuracy 8 of reading or 2,HAL ISO ENF Range 0 5. Accuracy 8 of reading or 0 2,SEV Range 0 8,Accuracy 8 of reading or 0 2. DES Range 0 18,Accuracy 8 of reading or 0 2, Response Time CO2 60 ms N2O and the 5 Anaesthetic Agents 150 ms.
Monitoring Numerical data available through the FlowAnalyserTM. Numerical data and real time curves available through the FlowLabTM software. Interface through RS 232 port,Physical Data Weight 30 g excluding cable. Size 3 70 x 2 7 x 2 5 cm 1 45 x 1 1 x 0 9 inches,Environmental Data Operating 10 40 C. Storage 20 50 C,Humidity 10 95 non condensing,Atm pressure 700 1200 mbar 3048 m. Compliance and Approvals CE marked according to the 93 42 EEC MDD. ISO 11196 1997 EN 864 1996 EN 12598 1999 ISO DIN 21647 2003. ISO 7767 ASTM F 1452 92 ASTM F 1456 92 and ASTM F 1462 93. Please contact us directly for further information We would be glad to assist you. imtmedical ag,Gewerbestrasse 8,9470 Buchs SG,Switzerland. T 41 81 750 66 99,F 41 81 750 66 95,www imtmedical com.
Product Line When it comes to precision 2 Respiratory Parameters 16 respiratory parameters can be calculated including PEEP Vti and Compliance USB RS 232 and External Trigger The FlowAnalyser communicates with your test software and ventilator Gas Standards 13 gas standards and 10 gas types adapt the FlowAnalyser to the tested device Battery Operation Convenient and independent work

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