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More Than 140 Years of Compressed Air Innovation, Ingersoll Rand introduced its first air compressor in 1872 Over the next 140 years we have continued. to develop rugged reliable industry leading rotary screw compressor technologies No matter what. the application Ingersoll Rand rotary screw technology provides clean dry air in all. operating conditions to meet your specific performance needs reduce costly downtime. and maximize your productivity,UP6S Series 15 30 hp 11 14 kW. O ering the same reliability you ve come to expect the well equipped Ingersoll Rand UP6S Series of oil ooded. rotary screw compressors has now raised the bar in functionality performance upgrades and improved intelligence. We have designed a complete air solution that captures more information and puts more control into your hands. With greater control comes greater effectiveness,Reliability. TEFC Tri Voltage 208 230 460 V motor allows the unit to adapt to each voltage for all customers. V ShieldTM technology uses premium PTFE hoses on all oil carrying lines as well as O ring face seal. connections virtually eliminating leaks and increasing hose life. NEMA 4 enclosure defends against harsh weather conditions. Power Outage Restart Option PORO safely restores the machine to previous settings following. power interruption,Productivity, Poly V belt premium drive system applies patented automatic tensioning to eliminate belt. stretch and increase air output, Whisper quiet operation as low as 67 dBA allows for installation closer to point of use.
reducing costs and ensuring a better safer work environment. The UP6S Total Air System TASTM option provides clean dry air in a single package that. minimizes installation costs and space, Key maintenance components are grouped to provide ease of serviceability. Electronic Drain Valve EDV cost e ectively removes condensate on a set timer. Intelligence, Xe 70m programmable controllers deliver increased control functionality through an intuitive. user interface with large navigation buttons, Built in event logging and trip history allow for greater machine usability and peace of mind. 2 www ingersollrandproducts com,Proven Reliability Robust Design. High Efficiency Integrated Compression Module, The airend interconnecting piping and separation system have all been integrated into one simple design to provide.
maximum performance efficiency and serviceability,2 Advanced Control with Remote Access. The ultimate in intelligent control systems the,Xe Series controller e ortlessly matches. 1 Total Air System Cabinet compressed air supply to air demand. The TASTM integrated dryer,option provides clean dry air. in a single package minimizing,installation costs 2. 5 Advanced Cooling,Efficient aftercooler and pre filter.
3 Simple Serviceability can be accessed from both sides of. All consumables have been the compressor for easy cleaning. conveniently positioned to top discharge simplifies ducting. facilitate serviceability,4 Long Life Separation System. Integrated high efficiency compression,module eliminates leaks and pressure. loss while spin o separator improves,serviceability and maximizes uptime. www ingersollrandproducts com 3,Flexible Performance You Can Count On. Using sophisticated computer analysis our product engineering experts developed optimum design features and improved. manufacturing techniques The result is a superior airend with smoother cooler and quieter operation A NEMA Type 4 IP55. TEFC motor provides an energy efficient solution even in the harshest operating conditions The unique Tri Voltage configuration. ensures exibility in any installation,Improved Flexibility and Reliability.
Unique Ingersol Rand Tri Voltage motor designed for heavy duty. industrial applications, All new TEFC motor improves reliability by protecting motor. windings from harsh environmental conditions,Maximized Uptime. Optimized bearing arrangement reduces resistance and improves power. management for greater reliability and endurance, Airends equipped with robust steel cage ball bearings are engineered. for exceptional reliability and efficiency, Precision machined rotors with coolant paths are integral to the cast. Premium drive system applies patented automatic tensioning to eliminate. belt stretch and maximize air output,Peace of Mind.
Integrated V ShieldTM technology with robust piping maintenance free. stainless steel braided hoses and PTFE seals allow for repeatable. leak free connections, Standard package pre filter prevents contaminates from entering the. compressor package,4 www ingersollrandproducts com. Simple Controls for Advanced Diagnostics, All new Xe Series programmable control systems have the capability to sequence up to four compressors without additional. hardware This allows for greater ease of operation and peace of mind complemented by built in event logging and trip history. for superior diagnostics All these advancements are included in an intuitive LED backlit display. Progressive Adaptive Control, PACTM software continuously monitors key operations such as. separator element condition and adapts system parameters to. maximize uptime and increase motor life,Simple Diagnostics Dual Control Operation.
Operating status plus data log input and ability to Reliable and e ective load no load control along. troubleshoot failures with automatic stop and restart maximizes exibility. Last 15 trips are dated and time stamped in trip Eliminates rapid cycling and destructive condensate. history with sensor readings at time of trip for root build up in lubricant. cause analysis, Built in event log stores up to 250 events such as. start stop faults warnings and trips,Specifications. 2 75 monochrome display operates in over 30 languages Remote start stop control enhances ease of operation. Soft ware updates executed via service tool Integrates seamlessly with Xi System Controller. Standard Modbus RTU protocol Ethernet connection supports web enabled devices. Available with ECO option Can only use one at a time due to shared port. www ingersollrandproducts com 5,Convenient Choices for a Complete Air Solution. To provide the most comprehensive air solution Ingersoll Rand UP6S Series 11 22 kW compressors are available with a Total Air. System TASTM option These complete cooler and dryer systems come with water separators drain ports and filters No matter. the capacity Ingersoll Rand provides the complete answer in a compact solution that fits your air and workspace requirements. 1 3 in 1 heat exchanger 3 Condenser 5 Moisture separator with timed. EDV discharges condensate,4 Reliable refrigerant compressor. 2 High capacity general purpose filter,Energy Saving Refrigerated Air Dryer.
Particulate removal to 0 1 micron, High efficiency direct expansion refrigerated dryer operates continuously ensuring constant dew point. Removes moisture from compressed air eliminating internal piping rusting the main cause of premature. tool and seal wear,Smart Integration Benefits, Dry air receiver mounted as a compact package lowers the cost of installation optional oor mount also available. Easy access to all compressor and air treatment components promotes serviceability. Simplified piping eliminates potential leaks, Single point condensate drain system instead of separate points reduces installation cost. 6 www ingersollrandproducts com,Compressor Specifications. Ingersoll Rand Fixed Speed 60 Hz Performance, Max Pressure Nominal Power Capacity FAD Dimensions Length x Width x Height Weight Air cooled.
Model psig hp kW cfm in mm lb kg, UP6S 15 125 15 11 65 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 183 538. 150 15 11 58 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 183 538. UP6S 20 125 20 15 77 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 183 538. 150 20 15 67 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 183 538. 200 20 15 58 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 183 538. UP6S 25 125 25 18 98 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 203 547. 150 25 18 92 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 203 547. 200 25 18 75 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 203 547. UP6S 30 125 30 22 117 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 290 586. 150 30 22 112 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 290 586. 200 30 22 92 52 x 36 x 42 5 1 321 x 914 x 1 080 1 290 586. Nominal Power Dimensions Length x Width x Height Additional Mass. Mounting Options hp kW in mm lb kg, Integrated Dryer Option 15 11 67 x 36 x 42 5 1 702 x 914 x 1 080 225 102. 20 15 67 x 36 x 42 5 1 702 x 914 x 1 080 225 102,25 18 67 x 36 x 42 5 1 702 x 914 x 1 080 246 112. 30 22 67 x 36 x 42 5 1 702 x 914 x 1 080 246 112, 120 gal Tank mounted Version 77 5 x 36 x 72 1 962 x 914 x 1 797 327 147. 240 gal Tank mounted Version 94 x 36 x 76 5 2 390 x 914 x 1 941 596 269. FAD Free Air Delivery is full package performance including all losses Tested per ISO 1217 2009 Annex C and is measured at 10 psig lower than maximum pressure on non TAS units and at. maximum pressure on TAS equipped units,Your Trusted Partner in Compressed Air.
SYSTEM LIFECYCLE CARE, Ingersoll Rand products and services optimize total Cost of ownership while maximizing Availability Reliability. and Efficiency for the entire lifecycle,Optimize of your. total Cost system while maximizing Availability Reliability and Efficiency. of ownership,total Cost of ownership R T I Availability. Lifecycle cost planning Global technical support, System application configuration Comprehensive services. em design and engineering,System 24 7 service availability.
Fixed cost service agreements Factory certified technicians. Risk transfer Rental solutions,em optimization,System System health monitoring. Advanced system control Genuine replacement parts,onfigurations. Air distribution configurations System assessments. Performance upgrades Service technology tools,System leak assessments. L E System risk analysis,Efficiency C Y C Reliability. DesignDesign,Install Commission,Commission Operate.
Operate Maintain,Maintain Extend,www ingersollrandproducts com 7. Ingersoll Rand NYSE IR advances the quality of life by creating comfortable sustainable and efficient environments Our. people and our family of brands including Club Car Ingersoll Rand Thermo King and Trane work together to enhance. the quality and comfort of air in homes and buildings transport and protect food and perishables and increase industrial. productivity and efficiency We are a 13 billion global business committed to a world of sustainable progress and enduring results. www ingersollrandproducts com,Distributed by, Ingersoll Rand IR the IR logo PAC and V Shield are trademarks of Ingersoll Rand its subsidiaries and or affiliates All other trademarks are the property of. their respective owners, Ingersoll Rand compressors are not designed intended or approved for breathing air applications Ingersoll Rand does not approve specialized equipment. for breathing air applications and assumes no responsibility or liability for compressors used for breathing air service. Nothing contained on these pages is intended to extend any warranty or representation expressed or implied regarding the product described herein. Any such warranties or other terms and conditions of sale of products shall be in accordance with Ingersoll Rand s standard terms and conditions of sale. for such products which are available upon request. Product improvement is a continuing goal at Ingersoll Rand Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. We are committed to using environmentally conscious print practices 2015 Ingersoll Rand IRITS 0715 126. Ingersoll Rand introduced its fi rst air compressor in 1872 Over the next 140 years we have continued to develop rugged reliable industry leading rotary screw compressor technologies No matter what the application Ingersoll Rand rotary screw technology provides clean dry air in all operating conditions to meet your specifi c performance needs reduce costly downtime and maximize your

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