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Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design,Guidance Note,This guidance note aims to provide an. 1 0 Introduction understanding of the underlying design. The concept of providing purpose designed principles the technical issues and the critical. indoor spaces for fitness and exercise is factors that need to be considered in a well. widespread in England Perhaps a modern day designed project. response to the sedentary lifestyle and time The language used to describe such facilities is. pressures that our technological age has also diverse and potentially confusing Terms. created such facilities enjoy a strong market that such as studios gyms suites and zones seem. seems to be constantly developing and to be almost interchangeable when describing. diversifying The forms and designs can be various spaces and are often linked with brand. extremely varied and are often enhanced with names to enhance market identity. strong branding with the addition of music and, plasma screens Please refer to the glossary in Appendix 1 for. some of the basic technical terms such as,Cardiovascular Aerobics and Pilates. The concept of providing,purpose designed indoor,spaces for fitness and. exercise is widespread in,England Fitness and,exercise spaces may form.
stand alone clubs or be,part of a larger public,sports and leisure. Open exercise space,However these facilities should not be dismissed. as an extension of the fashion and leisure,industries They can provide a valuable way for. people of all ages ethnicities and abilities to, introduce physical exercise into their daily lives. with the obvious benefits in health fitness and,Space with fitness machines.
March Revision 002 1 Sport England 2008,Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design. Guidance Note,4 3 Studios,Studio Formats,1 0 Introduction o Multi purpose exercise studios. 2 0 General o Dance studios,o Spinning studios,Location and Site Planning. o Yoga and Pilates studios,Accommodation,o Martial Arts studios. Accessibility for All,Studio Shape, 3 0 Common Activities and New Trends Typical Usage.
3 1 Studio Trends Storage Allocation,Studio Design and Finishes. o Daylight and views,Yoga o Walls,Kickboxing o Mirrors. Dance Aerobics o Ceilings,3 2 Fitness Gym Trends o Acoustics. Vibration training 5 0 Building Services, PC Games Console linked equipment Environmental Requirements. Group cross training Audio Visual and Electrical Equipment. Personal trainers Lighting,Stretch and conditioning.
6 0 Appendix 1,Elite training,Children and youth gyms Glossary of Terms. Youth zones Aerobics,Mobile gyms Cardiovascular,4 0 Facility Planning Cross training. Fitness Gym,4 1 General Areas,Fitness program,Reception and Entrance Free weights. Offices Health and Fitness Suite,Caf or Lounge Pilates. Customer Sales and Marketing Area Resistance,Changing Rooms Group exercise bikes.
4 2 Fitness Gyms Strength and Conditioning,Stretching area. Fitness Gym Size and Shape,Space Allocation,o Fitness Gym desk and desk area. o Information area,o Assessment rooms,Individual Fitness Gym Areas. o Stretch Area,o Cardiovascular CV Area,o Resistance Area. o Free Weights Area,Equipment Selection,o Space requirements.
o Installation replacement and storage,Fitness Gym Design and Finishes. o Daylight and views,o Ceilings,March Revision 002 2 Sport England 2008. Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design,Guidance Note,Ensure that coaches service and emergency. 2 0 General vehicles can be accommodated, Location and Site Planning Allowance for possible future expansion to. cater for new activities and trends,Prior to designing a health fitness facility the.
proposed site location and development should Consider external factors such as security. be assessed in terms of catchment area and environmental issues that may impact. potential market and target user demographics upon the location and orientation of the. building or the overall design,Refer to existing Sport England design. guidance with regard to site layout1,The health fitness suite may be a stand alone. facility or be part of a larger development This,may impact upon the extent of site facilities. A well designed facility should take into account,the following. Impact of site shape and contours on the,building s location and orientation.
Clearly defined welcoming and attractive,Site accessibility including proximity to roads. and links to public transport A traffic analysis,may be required to ascertain impact on the. site and surrounding infrastructure,Vehicular circulation and parking provision for. cars bicycles motorcycles and staff parking,Any need for an overspill parking area. Adequate provision for accessibility in respect,of both parking and building access.
consider site gradients and avoid stepped or 1,Sport England design guidance note Car Park. ramped approaches Landscape Design 1999,http www sportengland org carparking pdf. March Revision 002 3 Sport England 2008,Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design. Guidance Note,Accommodation facility,Health Fitness suites incorporating fitness and. exercise spaces may be provided to suit specific Fitness suites should have a. needs and market requirements They may,bright open design.
A self contained public facility which,Circulation should be clear. complements other indoor sports as part of a and simple long or narrow. multi sports complex corridors should be avoided,Part of a health and fitness club which. includes other facilities e g swimming pool,treatment areas sauna steam room and spa. pool Examples of additional facilities, Part of a school or higher education Caf and or bar. establishment for use by students staff and Retail outlets or concessions. the wider community,Swimming training or leisure pools.
A dedicated fitness training unit for sport e g, as part of a rugby club Health spas e g saunas steam rooms and. A corporate unit for use by employees and, possibly their families Health and beauty treatments e g massage. relaxation alternative therapies hairdressing, A facility provided within a hotel complex and manicure. A rehabilitation unit or medical fitness facility Cr che. forming part of a hospital or physiotherapy,unit Squash courts. Health fitness suites typically include a fitness Tennis courts. gym containing fitness equipment studio Physiotherapy sports injury clinics. spaces reception area caf bar changing rooms, including showers and toilets and other sundry First Aid room.
facilities,User demographics and facility requirements will. impact upon the design and size of the facility It. is vital that the service provider identifies market. criteria at an early stage There are a wide range,of potential disciplines. The space should be flexible and able to,accommodate new classes programmes or. trends that may become popular in the future, A typical health and fitness suite will consist of. Changing Rooms Toilets including,accessible facilities.
Fitness Gym,Plant Room, Staff Facilities appropriate to size of the Diagram of relationships of main spaces. March Revision 002 4 Sport England 2008,Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design. Guidance Note,Example of relationships in a large Health Club. March Revision 002 5 Sport England 2008,Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design. Guidance Note,Fitness suites should have a bright open.
design Circulation should be clear and simple,long or narrow corridors should be avoided The. club foyer should allow views of the main,amenities allowing users to orientate. themselves as well as display the facilities,Split level clubs spread over more than one. level may utilise a feature stair located in the, foyer reception Lifts are required in any facility. split over more than one level These should be,strategically placed to minimize horizontal.
travel clearly signposted and easy to locate,from the main entrance. Diagram of relationships of main spaces,showing sight lines into facilities. Example of a multiple level club layout,March Revision 002 6 Sport England 2008. Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design,Guidance Note,Accessibility for All Staff Training. All facilities providing services to the public need Marketing. to be accessible to people with a wide range of, disabilities Information on aspects of disabled Policies and Procedures.
usage is contained within sections of this Sport England and the IFI has been working in. document and readers should also refer to Sport partnership with a number of fitness equipment. England s design guide Access for Disabled manufacturers for more than five years to ensure. People Reference should also be made to all that the equipment available on the market is as. existing legislation and standards2 inclusive as current technology and development. The Inclusive Fitness Initiative 3 IFI is a will permit. valuable resource for information on The lack of availability of accessible fitness. accessibility inclusive equipment that can be equipment can no longer be used as an excuse. used by both disabled and non disabled people for exclusive fitness facilities Furthermore it. alike staff training and inclusive marketing has been shown that if planned properly the. strategies provision of inclusive fitness equipment does not. lead to the need for additional investment or,additional space It simply ensures that your. fitness gym is functional for more users than,ever before. The IFI has worked alongside the industry to,create an accredited list of fitness equipment. the only list of its kind anywhere in the world In. the UK this accredited equipment list is the,definitive guide to the most inclusive fitness. equipment available on the market,The initiative can award the Inclusive Fitness.
Mark which is a quality mark accreditation Accessible exercise equipment meeting the IFI mark. scheme based on the following,A standard paragraph for use in tender. Facility Accessibility documentation is available from the IFI. Fitness Equipment Specification All fitness facilities in England should aim for. full accessibility IFI Mark accreditation should,be the goal for all new and refurbished. BS8300 2001 Design of buildings and their approaches. centres The Mark is applicable to all fitness, to meet the needs of disabled people facilities regardless of sector and greatly. Building Regulations Approved Document Part M 2004 increases the size of the market able to be. and the Sport England guidance note targeted by a fitness suite. Access for Disabled People,http www sportengland org disabled pdf. See http www inclusivefitness org,March Revision 002 7 Sport England 2008.
Fitness and Exercise Spaces Design,Guidance Note,Pilates A low impact stretching and. 3 0 Common Activities New Trends conditioning exercise that builds core. Fitness and exercise is an evolving market and strength improves posture flexibility. new trends are constantly emerging For through small repetitive movements Pilates. example emphasis in recent years has been to can be offered as a mat based session but. combine aerobics with another activity such as more intensive classes involve a range of. boxing dance or martial arts It is becoming specific Pilates equipment The apparatus. more accepted that fitness should be viewed as will need to be positioned permanently in a. a fun leisure activity and programs are studio as Pilates requires concentration low. beginning to reflect this noise levels and the equipment is too large to. be moved regularly Pilates is practiced by,It is also becoming more commonplace for users. men women and children from a,to want individual attention or group. recreational level through to professional,environments to replace the solitary workout. This section gives examples of common, activities and a number of trends which have Yoga A studio mat based class Yoga is a.
developed in recent years and may be tranquil exercise based on body positions. considered when planning fitness and exercise controlled breathing and meditation Studios. spaces will require good acoustic separation to allow. for quiet concentration Yoga and other,meditation based exercise classes may also. require privacy and low levels of illumination,or specialist lighting Blinds to all glazing. should be considered,An aerobics class, 3 1 Studio Trends Kickbox boxing aerobics These classes. Most classes such as Step or Legs Bums mix traditional aerobic exercise with boxing. Tums require the simple addition of lightweight and kick boxing techniques using gloves. equipment and rethinking of the space required pads and punch bags They provide a high. Prior to making further or more permanent powered high impact work out. changes consideration should be given to the,Dance Aerobics There are many variations. classe s likely long term popularity to ensure that. of the idea of mixing aerobic exercise and,it is not just a short term fad The following.
dance from belly dancing to ballet The aim,classes requiring specialised spaces have. is to allow for exercise and fun whilst,proved to be popular and durable. learning basic dance steps These classes, Spinning See glossary for definition of will need additional space for the extended. provision of inclusive fitness equipment does not lead to the need for additional investment or additional space It simply ensures that your fitness gym is functional for more users than ever before The IFI has worked alongside the industry to create an accredited list of fitness equipment the only list of its kind anywhere in the world In the UK this accredited equipment list is the

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