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To undermine artists right to use their work to protest as well as defend American war efforts would. not only stand in opposition to the fundamental liberties that make our country free but also endanger. one of the chief checks to the sort of needless intervention and warmongering that can cause the lives. of courageous soldiers to be sacrificed in vain In fact artists speaking out against war such as. Muhammad Ali Joan Baez and Bob Dylan in the countermovement to the Vietnam War have been. extremely important in helping to mobilize support for the United States to heed the lessons of history. and exercise caution in involving itself in foreign conflicts It is artists right and duty as active. participants in American democracy to honestly express their views on war and in turn we must. respect what they have to say While I personally believe that you can support the troops but not the. war the fact that not everyone else has to share this belief and that others have the freedom to publicly. oppose it is one of the virtues of American liberty. Norman Rockwell serves as an example of not only the integral role artists can play during wartime but. also of why their right to abstain from doing so is of vital importance Rockwell wanted to fight in World. War I but was underweight and instead supported the country in his own way He drew government. posters and Saturday Evening Post covers during both World Wars to rally support for the troops and. war efforts His work commissioned in this context ranks among the most important American imagery. including Rosie the Riveter the iconic posters promoting war bonds and the series of paintings. memorializing Franklin Delano Roosevelt s Four Freedoms And yet of all the Four Freedoms that he so. vividly illustrated the one he considered most important was freedom of speech and expression It is. precisely to uphold this right to protect American values and to live by the beliefs for which we fight. abroad that this freedom applies to everyone and thus it is critically important yet not mandatory that. artists support America s bravest men and women,Second Place High School. Jentry Myers 12th Grade Van Buren High School Van Buren AR. Laughter and Joy in War, When you are leaving or are gone on deployment you would give ANYTHING for just one more. moment Whether it s just to hear their voice or it s being able to see their faces any moment possible. is priceless and that is exactly what the USO has given service members so thank you These words. were spoken by Sgt 1st Class Tyler Arnold a veteran of multiple combat tours He was able to attend. fall concert by the USO and Hunter Hayes Many service men and women state that without celebrities. and artists honoring them with their time the monotony of life in service would be much harder to. Entertainers and artists during wartime do not have any binding obligation to give their time to the. troops in the field but some do it anyway They aren t volunteering up their own lives during the. fighting but they are giving their time and trying to give those that are sacrificing their lives a sense of. well being and hope They are providing a small taste of what they ve left behind they are giving them a. little glimpse of the normalcy of home The entertainment is a welcomed diversion from the front lines. and the day to day struggles of those enlisted to fight. During World War II Betty Grable gave those serving overseas this taste of home in the form of. autographed pictures and responses to the letters they sent her Glenn Miller used his fast music to. bring the troops morale by boosting tunes and slow ballads to rekindle thoughts of their loved ones at. home An entire nonprofit organization sprung up during the horrors of World War II to bring some form. of entertainment and art to the fighting men the United Service Organizations or USO The USO gave a. quoted home away from home to those men and still continues to provide that same feeling to. troops today, Given all that entertainers and artists have done both in the past and today I don t feel that they re. obligated to reach and support men and women fighting in our wars I think that the entertainer being. obligated would cheapen what they provide If a soldier knows that they re being forced to perform for. them then it would lessen the enjoyment they would derive from the entertainer I believe it would only. be detrimental The role of entertainers during wartime should be what it is during peacetime to. provide some enjoyment relaxation and a break from whatever monotonous form life has taken I. don t think that an artist or entertainer should remain neutral or uninvolved with politics during times of. war If they are forced into something against their beliefs then what are the men even fighting for. As an American I feel that even if I don t agree completely with someone they are still entitled to their. opinions The only thing I think entertainers and artists should do during wartime is what they want to. do If that s volunteering their time and talents to the men and women fighting then so much the. better I feel that knowing that they re voluntarily giving of their time and entertaining for their own. sense of purpose would mean far more to those doing that same thing during war Bob Hope put it best. I was offering time and laughs the men and women fighting the war were offering up their lives They. taught me what sacrifice was all about The troops exemplified what sacrifice was and if those doing. the fighting and those that know what sacrifice truly is can see those artists coming to give them a small. taste of home it means immeasurably more to them If soldiers can see that the entertainers are in it. because they personally believe in what is being done It would let them know that people still care. Those at home aren t ignoring their sacrifices and aren t forgetting what s happening in the fighting. man s world If people are still remembering them and appreciating what they are doing the boost to. morale will be all the greater, Bob Hope showed this from his first performance on the RMS Mary Queen in September 1939 all way. until the Gulf War in the beginning of the 1990 s He proved to the fighting men and women who viewed. his performances that he personally appreciated their sacrifices and I think that enhanced the effects of. his visits and those of the USO Entertainers artists and musicians don t have any kind of obligation to. perform for the troops during times of war They have no moral obligation to remain silent in their. beliefs on current events They are entertainers not soldiers or politicians Their job is to make people. feel a little happier laugh and enjoy their downtime Those that do support the troops and use their. platforms to show support as well are the ones who will have the most impact They will be the most. effective at letting the soldiers know that people back home care They will provide that little slice of. normal home life the break from the routine horrors of war and they will give the most sense of. enjoyment to those doing the true sacrificing The entertainers like Bob Hope that do this kind of work. are the entertainers and artists that truly appreciate the individuals they are entertaining. Third Place High School, Rowan Taylor 12th Grade Blue Springs South High School Blue Springs MO.
The Art of War, The beauty of art is not just in its appearance but in the power of its purpose Entertainment happiness. and improving morale are important impacts of art but its valuable influence can reach even deeper. into peoples minds and transform their ideas and actions In times of chaos and confusion brushstrokes. and ballads can stop bullets Everyone has a job to do during times of war a moral obligation to help. their fellow man Artists role in war is to create unity and expose the truth in order to help bring peace. to the nation both internally and externally, Whether they are singers or comedians or painters artists can bring people together with their. creations in a moment of shared happiness creating a bond over something simple yet so powerful This. is especially important in times of war when everyone is being torn apart Political divides us vs them. attitudes and separated families can divide the nation internally at a time when we need to work. together the most Artists should use their talents help bridge that divide reminding everyone that they. are all fighting to protect a shared home and values In WWII American jazz singer Glenn Miller sung for. the troops and the American people playing songs laced with love hope and joy Soldiers could listen. to the same song their family was hearing back at home bringing them closer to what they loved most. while helping unify the Home Front with the front lines Bitter feelings between soldiers of different. ranks could melt away with the melodies Different types of people could watch a Bob Hope comedy. show sitting shoulder to shoulder sharing a laugh instead of their opposing political opinions The. essence of American values laced within Hope s jokes and the diversity of his subject matter created. common ground among the audience If people can laugh together they can learn to work together. Artists also have a unique ability to help people understand and relieve their emotions finding peace in. their shared grief Poems like In Flanders Field written by John McCrae during WWI express the. sorrows that weighed down the souls of the millions afflicted by the violence This inspired people to. share their feelings openly creating a sense of camaraderie that transcended societal divisions Art still. unifies us today after events such as the 9 11 attacks Photographs of first responders pulling people out. of rubble and country songs with patriotic lyrics personified America s hopeful undying spirit and. helped us pay our collective respects A unified nation is a strong nation and only when our internal. wounds are healed can it make peace with a world waging war. Artists possess the influence to display the truth about the horrors of war in a personable and. absorbable way Without the confusion or bias of the money driven media and propaganda fueled. politicians they can display the true anguish that war causes providing people with broader perspective. and greater motivation for peace Instead of remaining neutral and watching their homes crumble. beneath them they can take a stand to create positive change During the Vietnam War artists like. Giles Caron and Nick Ut used photography to shed light on the truth with gripping scenes depicting. napalm attacks and burning villages spurring an anti war movement that defined a generation Eric. Kensington a WWI soldier and an avid painter told his personal story on canvas and exposed the. gruesome reality of trench warfare This helped spur a realization in the French upper class that more. legislation was needed to aid their soldiers, Even today we are still seeking the truth masked by muddled conflict America has been at war in the. Middle East for seventeen years with no resolution in sight It has been part of our culture for so long it. has faded to the background of our collective consciousness The excess of opinions and biased report. make it difficult to understand what is real Artists can cut through the static and remind the public that. there are still brave soldiers fighting out there at this very moment Steve Mumford was embedded in. the U S army recently in Afghanistan and Iraq painting the parts of war most people don t get to see. like the female barracks that couldn t keep out the heat and the destruction of farms made by IEDs. More artists like Mumford are needed to paint a whole picture for the public Younger generations tend. to ignore the news but they respond well to art forms like music that mirror the emotions they are. feeling Artists can inspire them to be the change that can end the wars we are still fighting By showing. the tears and tribulations of individual men and women art can influence politicians and public opinion. by making the battle personal and real for those not fighting With the truth that artists illuminate. comes understanding and with understanding can come peace. Art has always captivated me with its ability to weave emotions of events I ve never experienced into. my mind bringing me closer to people thousands of years or miles away Listening to our favorite song. unites me with my best friend who moved to the other side of the country and walking through my. local art museum helps connect me with my culture s past When my uncle was in the navy stationed at. Pearl Harbor he and his shipmates would bond by listening to the local Hawaiian music as they worked. When he came home he found it easier to show us pictures and sketches of his submarine than to talk. about it I have seen how art has brought unity and truth to my family s life and I believe it has the. power to shed that same light on a global scale Artists today should carry the torch lit by artists like. Hope Kensington and Mumford to bring peace to the battles we still face today. High School Honorable Mentions, Graham Templeman Swampscott High School Swampscott MA. Daniel Coppinger Simsbury High School West Simsbury CT. Grace Keller Ursuline Academy of New Orleans New Orleans LA. Randi Wilk Deerfield High School Deerfield IL, Julia Abbott Palisades Charter High School Los Angeles CA.
Teddy Tawil 11th Grade Hunter College High School New York NY Freedom to Entertain To most Americans the idea of fighting a war evokes the traumatic scenes of combat gunfire and carnage that soldiers on the front lines experience However there is more than one way to serve your country Indeed those who itch to serve but cannot choosing to contribute their time and laughs

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