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The Organising Committee wishes to acknowledge the support of the following Sponsors Other sponsorship. opportunities are available upon request, Welcome message SANCOLD Chairperson 1 Technical One Day Tours 7. Invitation from the President of ICOLD 2 Technical Exhibition 9. ICOLD Information 3 Study Tours 10, Technical Committees 4 Accompanying Person Programme 12. ICOLD 2016 Programme 5 Accommodation 16,Symposium 6 Registration fees and conditions 21. Workshops 6 General Information 22,ICOLD 2016 ORGANISING COMMITTEE. Chairperson Danie Badenhorst,Vice Chairperson Quentin Shaw.
Secretary Paul Roberts,Study Tours Henry John Wright. Technical Tours Wally Ramokopa,Exhibition and Sponsorships Quentin Shaw. Symposium and Workshops Louis Hattingh,Finance David Cameron Ellis. Publication on SA Dam Engineering Michelle Blaeser. Professional Conference Organiser Event Dynamics,CONTACT INFORMATION. GENERAL ENQUIRIES REGISTRATION SYMPOSIUM SANCOLD SECRETARY. Website www icold2016 org E mail secretary sancold org za. Email info icold2016 org, Tel 27 11 676 3417 3000 O ce Hours 08 30 17 00 GMT 2 hours.
It is my pleasure to invite you,Welcome Message SANCOLD Chairperson. on behalf of the South African National Committee on Large Dams. to the 84th ICOLD Annual Meeting Symposium Workshops as well. as interesting pre and post study tours This event will take place in. Johannesburg South Africa from 15 to 20 May 2016,Sunny South Africa is known. for its friendly rainbow nation as demonstrated during the highly. successful 2010 Soccer World Cup event, for its beautiful scenery with the Big Five animals in our National. and Private Game Parks the Drakensberg Mountains with its. Lesotho Highlands dams and Cape Town with its world heritage. site Table Mountain, to have 5 030 registered dams of which more than 1 114 are large. for contributing signi cantly since 1965 to ICOLD and Africa. regarding development of the art and science of dam. engineering, Our SANCOLD Organising Committee is working very hard to ensure.
that this event is well organised, We welcome you to South Africa experience a taste of Africa. Danie Badenhorst,Chairperson SANCOLD, Refer to the ICOLD 2016 website for further details. www icold2016 org,email info icold2016 org, Invitation from the President of ICOLD On the behalf of ICOLD I m delighted to invite delegates from the National Committees of. the International Commission of Large Dams ICOLD and specialists and experts working in. the eld of dams and reservoirs as well as their accompanying persons to the 84th Annual. Meeting in Johannesburg South Africa which will take place from 15 20 May 2016 Only after. 22 years namely since the ICOLD Congress and Annual Meeting in Durban South Africa in 1994. ICOLD delegates can meet nally again in Africa For all the delegates who participated at the. 1994 Congress in Durban the speech of Nelson Mandela in the opening ceremony is. unforgettable He concluded his welcome address with the following. I understand that many of you will stay after the Congress and take part in a number of study. tours to our dams and to our other attractions I invite you to make use of the opportunity. to look around you and to observe the many problems we have to contend with Although. you will see modern infrastructures as good as any in your countries you will also see grossly. underdeveloped rural areas and large urban settlements with barely any infrastructure It is. my earnest intention and that of my Government to bring about changes We want to improve. the lot of the poorest of our people Next time when you again have a Congress or Executive. Meeting in this country you will be able to see these changes with your own eyes. That I promise, Without doubt all participants of the 84th Annual Meeting in Johannesburg will have the. occasion to see this extraordinary development for the welfare in South Africa not only during. the meeting but also during the technical and study tours Nevertheless in many other countries. in Africa there is still an urgent need for increased development of water and energy resources. as a basis for the economic prosperity and cultural wealth of the societies Today only about. 12 of the economically and environmentally feasible hydropower potential is used in average. on the continent and only some 17 GW are under construction The remaining economically. and environmentally feasible hydropower potential per year in Africa corresponds to 150 of. the yearly generation of all hydropower plants under operation in Europe This reveals again the. high potential for dams and reservoir development in Africa as a trigger for welfare. The participants of the 84th Annual Meeting in Johannesburg will have the chance to discuss in. the Symposium the topic of appropriate technology to ensure proper development operation. and maintenance of dams in developing countries which will have a broad application in many. countries in Africa and may contribute to the urgently needed future development Furthermore. current issues will be addressed in several special workshops including the workshops of the. ICOLD technical committees, In view of this challenge for dams and reservoir development in Africa I encourage you to come.
to the 84th Annual Meeting in Johannesburg in May 2015 in order not only to contribute to the. discussion of the emerging professional and socio economic issues but also to meet the ICOLD. family As ICOLD president my sincere wish is also that we succeed to increase the ICOLD family. with new African member countries during this event Finally I m convinced that the South. African National Committee SANCOLD ensures a high quality technical content for the meeting. and an attractive social and accompanying person s programme to give us a taste of Africa As. in 1994 in Durban it will without doubt be again an unforgettable ICOLD Annual Meeting in. Johannesburg, Prof Dr Anton Schleiss SANCOLD Chairman Theo van Robbroeck. now Honorary President ICOLD,President of ICOLD, greets President Mandela at the Opening of the 1994. ICOLD Congress,ICOLD Board, The ICOLD Board consists of the President the six Vice Presidents and the Secretary General ICOLD. The current Board is composed of the following persons Information. The International Commission,President on Large Dams ICOLD. Prof Dr A Schleiss Switzerland 2015 2018 is a non governmental. organization that provides,Vice Presidents a forum for exchange of.
A Zielinski Canada 2013 2016 knowledge and experience. in dam engineering, J Polimon Spain 2013 2016 construction and operation at. K T Yum Korea 2014 2017 the international level,L Lia Norway 2014 2017. A Chraibi Morocco 2015 2018 ICOLD leads the profession in. M Rogers USA 2015 2018 ensuring that dams are built. safely e ciently economically,and without detrimental. Secretary General e ects for the environment, M de Vivo France 2006 date ICOLD was founded in 1928. and currently has 96 Member,Member Countries Countries.
1 Albania 33 Guatemala 66 Panama,2 Algeria 34 Guinea Bissau 67 Paraguay. 3 Argentina 35 Honduras 68 Peru,4 Armenia 36 Iceland 69 Philippines. 5 Australia 37 India 70 Poland,6 Austria 38 Indonesia 71 Portugal. 7 Belgium 39 Iran 72 Romania,8 Bolivia 40 Iraq 73 Russia. 9 Bosnia Herzegovina 41 Ireland 74 Serbia,10 Brazil 42 Italy 75 Slovakia.
11 Bulgaria 43 Ivory Coast 76 Slovenia,12 Burkina Faso 44 Japan 77 South Africa. 13 Cameroon 45 Kenya 78 Spain,14 Canada 46 Korea 79 Sri Lanka. 15 Chile 47 Latvia 80 Sudan,16 China 48 Lebanon 81 Sweden. 17 Colombia 49 Lesotho 82 Switzerland,18 Congo 50 Libya 83 Syria. 19 Costa Rica 51 Luxemburg 84 Tajikistan,20 Croatia 52 Madagascar 85 Thailand.
21 Cyprus 53 Malaysia 86 Tunisia,22 Czech Republic 54 Mali 87 Turkey. 23 Dominican Republic 55 Mexico 88 Ukraine,24 Egypt 56 Morocco 89 United Kingdom. 25 Ethiopia 57 Mozambique 90 Uruguay,26 Finland 58 Myanmar 91 USA. 27 Former Yugoslav Rep of 59 Nepal 92 Uzbekistan,Macedonia 60 Netherlands 93 Venezuela. 28 France 61 New Zealand 94 Vietnam,29 Georgia 62 Niger 95 Zambia.
30 Germany 63 Nigeria 96 Zimbabwe,31 Ghana 64 Norway. 32 Greece 65 Pakistan,Annual Meetings and Congresses. ICOLD holds an Annual Meeting each year in a di erent country The Annual Meeting has a. high technical content and attendance is invaluable for capacity building and networking in. the international arena The management of ICOLD is conducted during the General Assembly. previously Executive Meeting Every three years ICOLD holds a Congress in addition to the. normal Annual Meeting activities, ICOLD held the following Annual Meetings and Congresses latter indicated in bold type. ICOLD Meetings and Congresses 1931,1933 Stockholm 1966 Rio de Janeiro 1994 Durban. 1934 London 1967 Istanbul 1995 Oslo,1935 The Hague 1968 Stavanger 1996 Santiago.
1936 Washington 1969 Warsaw 1997 Florence,1937 Paris 1970 Montreal 1998 New Delhi. 1938 Vienna 1971 Dubrovnik 1999 Antalya,1939 Zurich 1972 Canberra 2000 Beijing. 1946 Paris 1973 Madrid 2001 Dresden,1947 The Hague 1974 Athens 2002 Igua u. 1948 Stockholm 1975 Tehran 2003 Montreal,1949 Brussels 1976 Mexico 2004 Seoul. 1950 London 1977 Salzburg 2005 Tehran,1951 New Delhi 1978 Cape Town 2006 Barcelona.
1952 Chicago 1979 New Delhi 2007 St Petersburg,1953 Paris 1980 Rome 2008 So a. 1954 Paris 1981 Stockholm 2009 Brasilia,1955 Paris 1982 Rio de Janeiro 2010 Hanoi. 1956 Lisbon 1983 London 2011 Lucerne,1957 Istanbul 1984 Tokyo 2012 Kyoto. 1958 New York 1985 Lausanne 2013 Seattle,1959 Helsinki 1986 Jakarta 2014 Bali. 1960 Tokyo 1987 Beijing 2015 Stavanger,1961 Rome 1988 San Francisco.
1962 Moscow 1989 Copenhagen,1963 Cairo 1990 Sydney. 1963 Paris 1991 Vienna,Technical Committees, ICOLD presently has 26 technical committees as listed below with their term of o ce These. Committees address current and new issues related to the development and management of. water resources The Technical Committees produce publications called Bulletins and these are. available for purchase on the ICOLD website www icold cigb net. A Computational Aspects of Analysis N Public Awareness and Education. Design of Dams 2014 17 2015 18, B Seismic Aspects of Dam Design 2013 17 O World Register of Dams Documentation. C Hydraulics for Dams 2013 16 2014 17,Technical Committees. D Concrete Dams 2015 18 P Cemented Material Dams 2013 17. E Embankment Dams 2014 17 Q Dam Surveillance 2015 18. F Engineering Activities with the Planning R Multipurpose Water Storage 2013 16. Process for Water Resources Projects S Flood Evaluation Dam Safety 2015 18. 2014 17 T Prospective and New Challenges for, G Environment 2015 17 Dams and Reservoirs in the 21st Century.
H Dam Safety 2015 18 ad hoc 2013 16, I Public Safety around Dams 2013 16 U Dams and River Basin Management. J Sedimentation of Reservoirs 2013 16 2015 18, K Integrated Operation of Hydropower V Hydromechanical Equipment 2013 16. Stations Reservoirs 2015 19 W Selection of Dam Type ad hoc 2015 18. L Tailings Dams Waste Lagoons 2014 17 X Financial and advisory ad hoc 2015 16. M Operation Maintenance Rehabilitation Y Climate Change 2014 17. of Dams 2015 18 Z Capacity Building Dams ad hoc,The schedule of Technical Committee meetings is. Monday 16 May 14 00 18 00 Technical Committee Workshops. Selected Committees shown below will present Workshops. Further Workshop detail will be provided on the website and in the Pocket Programme. Tuesday 17 May 09 00 12 30 and 13 30 17 00 Technical Committee Meetings. All Committees meet on this day in the allocated venues which will be indicated in. the Pocket Programme,Technical Committee Workshops. Technical Committee Workshops, Technical Committee Workshops is a new ICOLD innovation and was rst implemented at the.
83rd ICOLD Annual Meeting in Stavanger in 2015 The objective of these Workshops is to obtain. a greater involvement in the important functioning of ICOLD Technical Committees by way of. New Committees at the start of their term of o ce meet to re ne their term of reference. and the work programme, Technical Committees which have reached the end of their term meet to discuss the draft. Bulletin with a wider audience in order to enhance knowledge transfer. Delegates are encouraged to attend and participate in these important Technical Committee. activities and to take them into account when you make your travel plans The Technical. Committee Workshop Programme is given below The Technical Committee code and the. Workshop topic are given, Time Technical Committee Workshop Topics on Monday 16 May 2016. Refer to the list above for the coding of the Technical Committees. Venue 1 Venue 2 Venue 3 Venue 4, 14 00 16 00 R Water V Best Practices W Selection of Z ICOLD. Storage Essential for Achieving Dam Type New Capacity Building. Elements and Reliability of Bulletin Approach Plan. Emerging Trends Flood Discharge, 16 00 18 00 A Outcomes of B Earthquake J Draft bulletin M Technological. the XIII ICOLD Data Recorded at on case studies Progress in. Benchmark Dam Sites of sediment the Operation,Workshop on management of Hydraulic.
Numerical national Structures of,Analysis of Dams regulations Dams. ICOLD 2016 Programme, Date Technical Programme Accompanying Social Programme. 92 Uzbekistan 93 Venezuela 94 Vietnam 95 Zambia 96 Zimbabwe Annual Meeti ngs and Congresses ICOLD holds an Annual Meeti ng each year in a di erent country The Annual Meeti ng has a high technical content and att endance is invaluable for capacity building and networking in the internati onal arena The management of ICOLD is conducted during the General Assembly previously Executi ve

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