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V Grade Computation, 8 Case Summaries 1 each out of 12 individually assigned Independent 8. 1 Executive Summary Independent 8, 1 Midterm Case Staff Analysis Case Exhibits Independent 20. 1 Group Case 8 and Case Presentation 6 14,2 Case Exercises 4 each Independent 8. 1 Final Case Staff Analysis Case Exhibits Independent 25. Class Attendance Participation Preparation 12,1 Business Issue Debate 5. Final letter grades will be assigned according to the following criteria. A 93 A 90 92 9 B 87 89 9 B 83 86 9 B 80 82 9 C 77 79 9 C 73 76 9 C 70 72 9 etc. You will receive a numeric score for each assignment Final grades will not be determined until the scores. for all assignments are averaged as indicated above Final course grades may reflect the application of a. small curve The target GPA for the course is approximately 3 40 All course grades are final except in. the instance of a recording error, Assignments that are submitted on a timely basis will be returned approximately two weeks after their.
submission If you have a question about any grade assigned you must submit the question in writing. within one week after the assignment is returned Your inquiry should include your name UT EID. section number the title of the assignment and a written explanation of why you think the grade is. incorrect I retain the right to raise or lower grades after review. VI Written Work 69 of course grade, This course carries the Writing Flag Writing Flag courses are designed to give students experience with. writing in an academic discipline In this class you can expect to write regularly during the semester. complete substantial writing projects and receive feedback from your instructor to help you improve your. writing You will also have the opportunity to revise one assignment and to read and discuss your peers. work This peer review and rewrite occur on the same writing assignment. This course also carries the Independent Inquiry Flag The purpose of the Independent Inquiry flag is to. engage students in the process of inquiry over the course of a semester providing them with the. opportunity for independent investigation of a question problem or project related to their major To. that end courses carrying this flag require students to complete projects and assignments involving. independent investigation and presentation of their own work. Each student will submit multiple written assignments based on cases from the course packet The two. major independent case assignments Midterm and Final include a Staff Analysis SA and a set of. prepared Case Exhibits CE Three other case assignments include 1 an independently prepared. Executive Summary ES 2 a group Staff Analysis with Case Exhibits to accompany a case presentation. and 3 independently prepared Case Summaries for each case discussed in class. A Submission of Written Work All individual case assignments Executive Summary Midterm and. Final are due before 11 00 a m on the dates indicated in the course schedule Papers submitted after. 11 00 a m will be penalized 5 points out of 100 for each 24 hour period or fraction thereof beyond the. deadline The late penalty will be allocated to both the hard copy and electronic copy of your paper. Individual cases Executive Summary Midterm and Final must be submitted in two ways. 1 A hard copy of your paper is due in the Finance Department office CBA 6 222. A pretty pink grade sheet bearing an electronic time date stamp to document timely. submittal is required when submitting case papers No other cover sheet is required. Papers without a time date stamp will automatically be deemed late. Papers will not be accepted after the case assignment is reviewed in class. 2 An electronic copy of your paper must be uploaded to Canvas. Due dates times and late penalties also apply to the electronic copy of your paper. B Peer Review Revision Students will have the opportunity to revise and rewrite the Executive. Summary assignment following an in class peer review. C Case Summaries Students will prepare a Case Summary to evidence their preparation for each case. In contrast to other written work Case Summaries are due in class at the beginning of the class. session You must attend class to fulfill this requirement unless you have an excused absence Late. papers cannot be accepted as this material will be discussed during class Students are responsible for 8. of 12 Case Summary assignments, v As this course has a writing flag many assignments require that the work be entirely your. own i e Executive Summary Midterm Case Final Case and Case Summaries. v Group members may not work together on these assignments and the specific language. structure and format of each student s paper must be independent. v Do not share your analyses use the papers of any other FIN 370 student current or. former or use unauthorized sources in preparing a written assignment. o The peer reviewed assignment and the Group case analysis are the only exceptions. to the sharing rule,VII Case Exercises 8 of course grade. Two case exercises are assigned These cases are included in the Course Packet with worksheets included. in the Staple Packet The assignments are due at the beginning of class on the days assigned No late. papers are accepted Should a student be unable to attend scanning and sending the assignment in before. class will be accepted and graded with a 10 point penalty Should a student have an excused absence. the penalty will not be accessed,VIII Group Presentations 11 of course grade. The class will be organized into groups for two different purposes Business Issue Debate Teams will be. randomly selected by the instructor and will work together for one debate During the second half of the. semester case groups will be formed Six case groups of five to six students each depending on class size. will work together when preparing the SA and CE for group presentation Groups are formed at students. discretion on a first come first served basis, A Business Issue Debates Two groups will present opposing sides of a contemporary business issue.
The debates will be conducted in a point counterpoint format with specific rules and time allotments to. be announced at a later date The debates should last approximately 60 minutes The class will be. randomly resorted into eight groups for the debates. B Group Case and Case Presentation Each case group will be responsible for writing a Group Staff. Analysis and presenting it The goal of the presentation is to teach the case to your classmates and. engage them in a discussion of the relevant qualitative and quantitative issues Case presentations should. last approximately 60 minutes and will be followed by a critique feedback session All presentation. grades are individual hence everyone in the group must participate in the presentation Groups. should balance the presentation time among the presenters These cases are presented during the second. half of the semester On the day due at the beginning of class each team must submit a copy of the. Group SA including the Case Exhibits created Copies of the Power Point Slides are also required. IX Class Attendance Participation Preparation A P P 12 of course grade. The success of this course depends on the active participation of the audience To this end a significant. portion of the course grade is devoted to qualities such as preparation timeliness attentiveness. responsiveness and professionalism A total of 12 days are denoted as days where a Case Summary is. due only 8 are required see Section VI C No additional attendance points are earned on these. assignment days No attendance points are awarded for attendance on Case Exercise days Feb 25 and. Mar 24 as attendance is included in the assignment grade. Notice on the Daily Schedule that certain days are marked with an A CP This denotes days that special. attention is given to attendance and class participation. Jan 28 One point for attendance class participation can be earned. Feb 3 One point for attendance class participation can be earned. Feb 11 One point for attendance class participation can be earned. Mar 3 Apr 7 Apr 21 and Apr 26 On each of these days one point can be earned for Debate Gallery. participation A Three Point Sheet is required Maximum allowed points is three total. Mar 8 One point for attendance class participation can be earned. After Spring Break the class will begin case presentations On these days one point of class participation. can be earned by anyone who contributes meaningful comment from the audience There are a maximum. five opportunities for this, May 3 One point for attendance class participation can be earned. These individual points add to a maximum of 13 only 12 are required to have a complete grade. X Other Grading Criteria, The primary basis for grading written assignments is content however professionalism in presentation is. also given substantial weight The writing skills component of the analysis considers grammar spelling. punctuation appropriateness clarity and thought The following book is recommended for aiding in the. preparation of written work Strunk William Jr and E B White The Elements of Style Macmillan. Anyone who needs additional assistance in mastering basic writing skills can receive help through the. Undergraduate Writing Center in the Flawn Academic Center Room 211 or by calling 512 471 6222. The website for the Writing Center is http www uwc fac utexas edu. Specific instructions for preparing Executive Summary and Staff Analysis writing assignments are. available in the course document entitled Guidelines for Writing Case Analyses which is. available as a class handout in the Staple Packet,XI Academic Integrity. Policy on Scholastic Dishonesty The McCombs School of Business has no tolerance for acts of. scholastic dishonesty The responsibilities of both students and faculty with regard to scholastic. dishonesty are described in detail in the BBA Program s Statement on Scholastic Dishonesty at. http www mccombs utexas edu BBA Code of Ethics aspx By teaching this course I have agreed to. observe all faculty responsibilities described in that document By enrolling in this class you have agreed. to observe all student responsibilities described in that document If the application of the Statement on. Scholastic Dishonesty to this class or its assignments is unclear in any way it is your responsibility to ask. me for clarification Students who violate University rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to. disciplinary penalties including the possibility of failure in the course and or dismissal from the. University Since dishonesty harms the individual all students the integrity of the University and the. value of our academic brand policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced You should refer. to the Student Judicial Services website at http deanofstudents utexas edu sjs to access the official. University policies and procedures on scholastic dishonesty as well as further elaboration on what. constitutes scholastic dishonesty, v Unless specifically indicated otherwise all writing assignments must be individually. prepared by the student to avoid scholastic dishonesty If you have any questions regarding. this policy please ask the instructor, v Instances of scholastic dishonesty will be referred to the Dean of Students and may result in.
significant grade penalties,XII Additional Policies. A Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities may request appropriate academic. accommodations from the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement Services for Students with. Disabilities 512 471 6259 http www utexas edu diversity ddce ssd. B Access to Canvas All students must have access to the Canvas web site for this course I will use. this venue to post class notes assignments announcements and grades I will also use the E mail feature. of Canvas to correspond with you Check the site and your E mail regularly to ensure that you have the. most current information Please note the following. Web based password protected class sites will be available for all accredited courses taught at The. University Syllabi handouts assignments and other resources are types of information that may be. available within these sites Site activities could include exchanging e mail engaging in class discussions. and chats and exchanging files In addition class e mail rosters will be a component of the sites. Students who do not want their names included in these electronic class rosters must restrict their. directory information in the Office of the Registrar Main Building Room 1 For information on. restricting directory information see http www utexas edu student registrar catalogs gi02. 03 app appc09 html, C Computers and Electronic Devices The use of laptop tablet computers to review cases during class. and make presentations is acceptable All other uses are prohibited Other electronic devices and. accessories cell phones MP3s etc should be stowed away during the class session Violation of these. policies including texting and web surfing during class will negate your attendance class. participation points earned on that day, D Religious Holy Days By UT Austin policy you must notify me of your pending absence at least. fourteen days prior to the date of observance of a religious holy day If you must miss a class an. examination a work assignment or a project to observe a religious holy day you will be given an. opportunity to complete the missed work within a reasonable time after the absence. FIN 370 Integrative Finance SPRING 2016 Course Information Instructor Information Location CBA 5 330 Instructor Regina W Hughes Times TTH 8 00 9 15 Office CBA 2 222 TTH 9 30 10 45 Office Hours TBA Prereq see course catalogue Office Phone 512 471 4764 E mail Regina Hughes mccombs utexas edu TA Justin Bosworth I Introduction Integrative Finance enables you to apply what you have

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