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Y outh Media International Ltd,1 This instructional guide. 2 Four student activity masters,3 A wall poster for classroom display. Y outh Media International in cooperation with,the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and. Sciences is proud to present the third in a series of. 4 A response card for teacher comments, This program has been designed for students in sec. study guides that focus on the different branches of. the Academy In this guide students will learn about ondary school English language arts visual arts and. film editing one of the many craft areas involved in communications courses. creating a motion picture The kit has been designed. for students in secondary school English language, arts visual arts and communications courses The 1 To encourage students to use critical thinking as they.
activities have been developed to capitalize on stu learn how film editing contributes to the meaning of. dents natural interest in current films and the a film. excitement generated by the Academy 2 To engage students in an exploration of film as a. Awards to teach valuable lessons in critical thinking medium of communication. and to develop visual literacy skills 3 To help students become more visually literate. The Academy organized in 1927 is a pro 4 To enhance student interest. fessional honorary organization composed of in and knowledge about. more than 6 000 motion picture craftsmen motion picture development. and women Its purposes include advancing the production process and. the art and science of motion pictures its history. encouraging cooperation among creative, leaders for cultural educational and techno Introduction. logical progress recognizing outstanding The first Academy Awards were. achievements and fostering educational activi handed out on May 16 1929. ties between the professional community and just after the advent of talkies. the public at large Academy members are the By 1930 enthusiasm was so. people who create movies the cream of the great that a Los Angeles radio. industry s actors animators art directors station did a live one hour. cinematographers costume designers direc broadcast and the Awards have. tors documentarians film editors make up enjoyed broadcast coverage. artists composers producers studio and ever since, marketing executives sound and visual effects The number and types of. experts and writers awards have grown and changed, Please share this material with other teachers in over the years to keep up with the development of the. your school Although the material is copyrighted motion picture industry Since 1981 Awards of Merit. you may make as many photocopies as necessary to Oscars have been presented in each of the following. meet your students needs categories or their sub divisions acting art direction. To ensure that you receive future mailings please cinematography costume design directing feature and. fill out and return the enclosed reply card Also feel short documentary film film editing foreign language. free to e mail us at schoolroom aol com to com film make up music best picture best animated and. ment about the program at any time We welcome best live action short film sound sound effects editing. your thoughts and suggestions visual effects and writing This year the very first award. for animated feature will be presented In an age when. Sincerely awards shows are commonplace the Academy Awards. are unique because the judges Academy members,are top filmmakers from around the world The ques. tion Who gets the Oscar is decided by a true jury,Roberta Nusim of peers.
Publisher With the exception of Best Picture which is decided. by the entire Academy and the foreign language film and. feature animation categories which are selected by. This is the third in a series of guides that special viewing committees nominations are determined. focuses on different branches of the Academy of by a secret ballot of Academy members representing. Motion Picture Arts and Sciences If you would each craft All active Academy members vote to select. like to receive future kits from the Academy the final winners in every category. about its various branches please be sure to fill The awards nomination and selection process pro. out and return the enclosed reply card vides a wonderful opportunity to teach your students. about the many craft areas and the many communications walking through the camp in Bound for. techniques that play a part in creating a motion picture Filmmaking is Glory and the shot from the dressing. by nature a collaborative process with each craft area supporting and room to the ring in Raging Bull Good. being supported by others Because our space is limited this kit focus examples of rapid cutting can be found. es on just one of those areas film editing in the film within a film sequence of. Buster Keaton s Sherlock Jr the Odessa, Selecting Films for Student Viewing Steps sequence in The Battleship. Students may select the films they wish to view for the following activi Potemkin the ambush scene in Bonnie. ties or you may wish to suggest films that are appropriate and Clyde the shower scene in Psycho. The following films have won Academy Awards for film editing are and the phone booth attack scene in. available on videotape and may be appropriate for your students Titanic The Birds. 1997 Apollo 13 1995 The Last Emperor 1987 Star Wars 1977. Forrest Gump 1994 and Schindler s List 1993 Other classic films that Add on Activity Ask your stu. won for editing include Dances With Wolves 1990 The Right Stuff dents to take a short scene from a film. 1983 Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 Rocky 1976 The Sound of Music and discuss the effect that re arranging. 1965 Lawrence of Arabia 1962 West Side Story 1961 and The Bridge the placement of the sounds or dia. on the River Kwai 1957 logue would have Ask students to consider what happens when we. hear one thing and see another instead of just seeing the sound and. Activity One picture from one source,The ORIGINS Activity Two. of MOVIE MAGIC WRITING with IMAGES, T he very first films in the late 1800s made by the Lumiere Bros and. Thomas Edison among others were single shot actualities a train. pulling into a station people leaving a factory ladies walking down the. E diting is one of the most creative aspects of filmmaking The film. editor in conjunction with the director establishes the pace and. structure of a film by connecting various shots to create scenes and. street The camera was locked in place It recorded in its entirety the sequences that form the final movie The shots the editor chooses and. event taking place It was the magic of capturing movement that the ways they are combined set the mood develop the action create. captivated audiences Editing was originally called cutting as it actually the rhythm establish the film s time and space and guide the viewers. was the cutting together of two pieces of film Cutters held the strips attention For a typical feature length film the editor begins with hun. of film up to the light and cut them with scissors cementing the two dreds of thousands of feet of film and must reduce it to less than. pieces together at the desired point 10 000 feet, It was no coincidence that several early filmmakers performed as. magicians The jump cut a deliberate mismatching of two scenes. P a rt A Film editor Carol Littleton describes editing a film as being. evolved into the first special effect of movies and was probably dis. a lot like writing You become a writer but you re writing with. covered by accident Within the same scene an actor could be made to. images Ask your students to think about how visual images differ. disappear by stopping the camera removing the actor and resuming. from those created by the written word For example have them write. the scene without moving the camera George M li s a Parisian magi. a paragraph describing a disagreement between an official and two. cian produced dozens of elaborate trick films using this effect as one. runners about the outcome of a race Then ask them to draw a series. of his primary marvels, of pictures stick figures are fine that depict a similar scene Ask them.
Stage bound presentations which had actors performing in the. to analyze how the written description differs from the visual images. proscenium like frame of the film without moving the camera soon. they used and how this difference may affect the way films are made. gave way to bold close ups medium shots and tracking shots under the. While the written version may describe very specific thought process. direction of film pioneers Alice Guy Blache of France and Edwin S. es the pictures probably illustrate specific actions People say A pic. Porter and D W Griffith of the U S among others The storytelling. ture is worth a thousand words and Actions speak louder than. concepts used in magic lantern slide shows and later comic books. words Have students consider in what ways these sayings are true in. were used to create a language of film Cutting from a long shot of an. regard to motion pictures and in what ways they neglect the difficulties. actor standing by a tree to a similar shot of just his face near the tree. of communicating with images In what ways do the interactions of. created a sense of continuous action even though the shots may have. characters in a written story differ from the interactions of characters. been filmed on different days Cutting evolved into editing the manip. in a traditional narrative film, ulation of time and space The ability to manipulate time and space also. allows the filmmaker to change our emotional and intellectual respons. P a rt B In the 1920s Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov conducted a. es to what we see on the screen, series of experiments designed to demonstrate that when two sepa. Review the editing terms listed on the activity master You might. rate shots are projected in succession the viewer assumes a connec. complete the viewing activity as a class using one of the films suggest. tion between them In one experiment Kuleshov spliced together a. ed below or students might make their own selections and complete. series of shots that had been taken in different places and at different. the activity at home in preparation for a class discussion Films with. times The shots were of a waiting man a walking woman a gate a. sequences that have no edits at all include the opening sequence of. staircase and a mansion Kuleshov s viewers who interpreted the. Orson Welles Touch of Evil the shot on top of the train or the shot. sequence as a man and a woman meeting at the gate in front of the. mansion had in essence inferred a whole narrative on 3 MS Overhead Boy staring at phone facing right. the basis of seeing only portions of it This effect allows Phone on right side of screen. filmmakers to use exteriors and interiors miles apart and 4 CU Mom s face Mom facing left You should call your. imply that they are in the same place to have people Grandma. filmed on different days appear to be talking to each other 5 ECU Boy picking up phone Hand enters from left. to have actors seemingly facing dangerous situations or to side of screen. imply that what actors are thinking about is represented 6 CU Boy on phone Phone on left side of screen Boy s. by a subsequent cutaway image right ear Hello Grandma. To illustrate the Kuleshov effect show your students 7 CU Grandma on phone Grandma facing left Why. drawings or photographs as described above that are don t you call more often. not necessarily related but which when viewed together 8 CU Boy staring at phone Phone on left side of. can be mentally connected in time and space to create a screen. brief scene 9 ECU Phone Boy s hand on left side,10 CU Boy hanging up phone Phone on left side of. t The Kuleshov effect is an editing technique that screen Boy looking at phone. illustrates how the human brain tries to find connections. between objects when viewed together Other editing If your students have access to. techniques rely on how the human eye works For exam video cameras ask them to replicate the Kuleshov effect. ple there usually must be an appropriate change in dis This can also be done using digital or still photographs. tance for a shot not to seem like a mistake or jump cut drawings or pictures cut from magazines. The direction in which things move across the screen is. also an editorial concern A car that exits the screen on. the right is expected in a subsequent shot to reappear on. the left otherwise the car could be perceived as a differ. ent car coming from the opposite direction Scenes featur. ing characters in opposition to each other a hero and. villain for example usually feature one,character continually facing one direction. with the other character continually facing,n the editing process the editor does not.
usually attempt to create an exact record of,what happened as viewed through the eyes of. the other direction This keeps the two one character Rather the editor in collabora. sides clear tion with the director and in keeping with the. Have your students prepare a shot list vision of the writer must translate the. see example below listing the shots from a events of each scene into the most effective. sequence of a film they ve watched The list images placing each one in the order and. should outline the details of direction posi length most appropriate to telling the story. 1965 Lawrence of Arabia 1962 West Side Story 1961 and The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 Activity One The ORIGINS of MOVIE MAGIC The very first films in the late 1800s made by the Lumiere Bros and Thomas Edison among others were single shot actualities a train pulling into a station people leaving a factory ladies walking down the

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