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GAS SAFETY INSTALLATION AND USE REGULATIONS 1998 AS AMENDED. It is the law that all gas appliances are installed by a registered person in accordance with the above regu. lations Failure to install appliances correctly could lead to prosecution It is in your own interest and that of. safety to ensure that the law is complied with, Read these instructions carefully before attempting to operate the appliance Comply with all applicable warn. ings Do not interfere with any sealed components and use the appliance only in accordance with these. instructions,INTRODUCTION, The Fagor FEB 24ED is wall hung room sealed fan assisted microprocessor controlled fully modulating. gas combination boiler for providing both central heating and domestic hot water. 1 Pressure gauge 5 Orange light Burner on, 2 Heating service and heating temperature selector 6 Red light lock out. 3 Main control reset and D H W temperature selector 7 Display between both knobs. DOMESTIC HOT WATER SERVICE, Turn the left knob 3 in order to turn the boiler on The display will show On indicating that the boiler is ready. to supply Domestic Hot Water DHW whenever there is demand for it When a hot tap is opened the boiler. automatically fires to deliver hot water and the orange light will come on indicating the burner is on A water. temperature of between 35 and 60 C can be selected by turning the domestic hot water temperature regu. lating knob The value selected will be shown in the display when it is changed with the knob. HOT WATER AND CENTRAL HEATING SERVICE, With the main control switch on and the display showing On.
turn the heating selector knob clockwise from the summer set. ting The boiler will fire up automatically when either the time. clock room stat or boiler stat calls for central heating or a hot tap. is opened for hot water If a hot tap is opened the boiler gives pri. ority to hot water delivery with the central heating on standby. until the tap is closed, The temperature of the radiators can be selected between 60 C. and 85 C by turning the right knob 2 the value will be shown on. the display, Note If the boiler has been configured for under floor heating the temperature cannot be altered by the user. operating the control knob Only the pre set value set up by the installer will be available. USING THE PROGRAMMABLE CLOCK, 1 Set the correct time by rotating the minute hand until the arrowhead. points at the correct time on the 24 hour dial, 2 Check the position of the manual override switch just to the bottom of. the clock face This has three positions,Left is ON overriding the timer mode.
Middle is timer mode with ON OFF times governed by the time clock. Right position is OFF The heating will not work at all regardless of the ON OFF. main boiler control switch except if triggered by the built in frost protec TIMER. tion thermostat, 3 To set on off times move all the white tappets in the outer ring. between the required on and off times to the outer position For exam ON OFF. ple if you want the heating to come on at 6am and switch off at 10am. move all the tappets outwards between these two times Each tappet. represents a quarter of an hour Set as many on off times as required. within a 24 hour period, N B THE TIME CLOCK MUST BE RESET TO THE CORRECT TIME IF. THE POWER SUPPLY TO THE BOILER HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED. POWERCUTS SEASONAL TIME ADJUSTMENT,RED LIGHT LOCK OUT. Should the boiler fail to ignite due to lack of gas or component failure etc It will lockout and the red light. will be displayed and the relevant fault code will be shown on the digital display. Note To reset turn the left main control knob 3 to off then turn on again If the boiler constantly locks out. call your service engineer,TURNING THE BOILER OFF,Turn the main control switch to the position. NOTE In this position the automatic safety devices such as frost protection and anti pump seizure are still. operative To shut down completely isolate the mains supply to the boiler. GENERAL GUIDANCE NOTES ON HOT WATER DELIVERY, The temperature of the hot water is governed by both the ambient temperature of the cold water supply and.
its flow rate through the boiler I E at a flow rate of 10 0L min there will be a maximum rise of 35 C above. ambient At a flow rate of 6 8L min there will be a rise of 50 C above ambient the slower the flow rate the. greater the temperature rise, The flow rate of the hot water is controlled by the hot outlet tap. The temperature selector on the boiler is effective only when there is either a low water flow rate or a high. ambient water temperature, The boiler can theoretically supply more than one outlet simultaneously However in practice the tap which. is nearest will receive the most hot water If the shower is in use and a kitchen tap is opened virtually all the. hot water will be diverted to the kitchen as it offers the least resistance. If an outlet is too restrictive it will slow down the flow rate and increase the temperature For example the. shower ensure the head is free from blockages caused by scale. Due to the restrictive nature of simple mixer showers it is wise to turn the temperature selector down on. the boiler before using the shower, If a tap or shower head is too restrictive due to a fault or blockage the flow rate will be reduced to below. the rate at which the boiler is able to modulate resulting in a wide swing in temperatures Either fix the. restriction or turn the temperature selector on the boiler down. Caution The boiler can produce water at over 70 C when in central heating mode If you run a hot. tap when the boiler has been heating the radiators the initial flow through the hot tap could be very. hot DO NOT PLACE YOUR HANDS under the tap or use the shower until this initial flow has passed. Allow time 30 seconds for the temperature to stabilise after making an adjustment at the tap. before making further adjustments,APPLIANCE SAFETY LOCK OUT. Whenever a malfunction is detected in the boiler the boiler switches off automatical. ly and the red LED lock out indicator lights up along with the digital display see P19. To reset the boiler turn the left main control knob 3 to the position and go back. to the chosen position Some lockout sequences require the sensors to cool to with. in normal operating temperatures before the boiler will reset The red indicator light. should go out IMPORTANT Whenever the boiler has been left idle for any length of. time or when a new gas bottle is installed propane models the appliance may. switch off due to the presence of air in the pipes In cases such as these repeat the ignition operation until. all of the air has been purged from the system,FROST PROTECTION.
Providing the boiler power supply and gas supply is connected the boiler will automatically fire on minimum. when near freezing conditions are detected When the temperature in the system reaches 20 C it will. switch off For winter storage see notes at the end of this section. NOTE It is still necessary to drain the domestic hot and cold water system. ANTI PUMP SEIZURE DEVICE, When central heating is not being used but the boiler is in the summer setting for domestic hot water only. the pump will automatically run for 30 seconds every 23 hours to prevent it seizing If the appliance has been. shut down with the electrical supply switched off for a period this device will not work The pump may be. found to have jammed when the appliance is switched back on If so consult your installer or service engi. NOTE Seized pumps are not covered under warranty,PRESSURE GAUGE. The pressure gauge should indicate approximately between 0 8 and 1 6 bar If the pressure is seen to. decrease over a period of time there is a water leak on the central heating system. The boiler is fitted with a safety device to prevent it working below a pressure of 0 8 bar. ROUTINE SERVICING, To ensure continued safe and efficient operation of the appliance it is recommended that it is checked and. serviced as necessary at regular intervals The frequency of servicing will depend upon the particular instal. lation conditions and usage but in general once a year should be regarded as a minimum even if only occa. sional usage has occurred, It is the law that any service work MUST be carried out by a competant gas registered engineer. It is essential that these instructions are strictly followed for the safe and economical operation of this appli. ance The appliance is a fan assisted room sealed gas boiler and therefore the flue terminal MUST NOT BE. OBSTRUCTED under any circumstances If it is damaged turn off the appliance and consult your installer. or service engineer If it is known or suspected that a fault exists on the appliance it MUST NOT be used until. the fault has been rectified by a competant gas registered engineer. PRECAUTIONS AGAINST FREEZING DURING WINTER STORAGE. If the holiday home is to be un occupied during cold periods and whenever there is a threat of freezing the. domestic hot and cold water circuit must be drained as follows. Turn off the cold water supply,Open all hot and cold taps.
Open all drain plugs in the hot and cold water system Do not drain the central heating circuit which should. have been filled with antifreeze If the boiler is installed in a Caravan Holiday Home refer to the user. manual for the home for the positions of all drain plugs. Note There are no drain plugs fitted to the actual boiler. Leave all taps and plugs open until the boiler is next needed for service This will allow any residual water to. continue to drain,NOTES ON FROST PROTECTION, The boiler inbuilt frost protection feature is designed primarily to prevent damage to the heating cir. cuit and radiators It will not protect the hot and cold water pipes from freezing under the holiday. home and will provide only a limited protection to the boiler pipework and hot and cold pipework. inside the holiday home, The heating circuit and radiators should contain the correct level of antifreeze to prevent damage. during freezing conditions and should not be drained down. For the frost feature to work the gas supply must be left on and the electrical power supply wall. socket must be connected and switched on the central heating control knob on the boiler must be. in the off position, Do not rely on the boiler frost protection to prevent freezing of the hot and cold water pipes. including those inside the boiler during severe frost conditions it will not. ALL FROST DAMAGE IS OUTSIDE OF THE WARRANTY,2 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS. The Fagor FEB 24ED is a wall hung room sealed Central heating expansion vessel. fan assisted microprocessor controlled fully modu, lating gas combination boiler for providing both cen Differential air pressure switch Prevents the boil.
tral heating and domestic hot water It is particularly er firing if there is insufficient air supply due to a fault. suitable for Caravan Holiday Home and Park Home or blockage. use Maximum heat output in either heating or hot, Water pressure switch Prevents the boiler firing if. water mode is 23 7 kW 80 840 Btu h and priority is. there is less than 0 5 bar in the system,always given to the supply of hot water. Thermistors NTC There are two thermistors fitted,NOTE The central Heating power is factory set at. for automatic control of the domestic hot water and. 70 of its maximum,the central heating flow temperature. The appliance flue is supplied seperately with a con. Safety thermostat Shuts down the boiler in the, centric air flue duct and wall terminal however addi.
event of overheating Resets after a few minutes, tional extension kits vertical flue kit are available as. optional extras, Electronic controls incorporating the following fea. The appliance is intended for use with sealed central. heating systems and is supplied for use with, propane gas Temperature selection for central heating from. between 60 to 85 C Pre set between 40 to 60 C for, The appliance includes the following components under floor heating. Temperature selection for domestic hot water from,Induced draught fan for the extraction of combus.
between 35 to 60 C,tion products and induction of combustion air. Continuous modulation of the gas valve, Modulating gas valve with double safety valves Flame control by ionisation. Ignition control, Circulation pump with manual anti seizure device Anti frost control in the central heating circuit. Anti seizure of the pump, Schematic diagram Hydraulic circuit 27 Expansion vessel valve. 1 Expansion vessel 28 Draining valve C H,2 Pump with Automatic air bleed.
3 Water pressure switch,4 Central heating thermistor. 5 Three way valve,6 High limit thermostat,7 Air pressure switch. 10 Sealed air box,11 Copper heat exchanger,12 Combustion chamber. 13 Ignition electrode,15 Flame sensing electrode,16 Modulating gas valve. 17 Gas inlet,18 D H W Thermistor,19 Hot Water outlet.
20 Plate heat exchanger,21 C H flow,23 Cold water inlet. 24 C H return,25 Pressure relief valve,26 Automatic By pass. BOILER OUTPUT EC TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE PIN0099BN794 Morco House Riverview Road Beverley East Yorkshire HU17 0LD Morco Products Ltd Tel 01482 325456 Fax 01482 212869 WEBSITE www morcoproducts co uk 2 3 CONTENTS Section Page 1 USERS INSTRUCTIONS 4 2 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS 8 3 TECHNICAL DATA 10 4 GENERAL INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS 11 5 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 15 6 COMMISSIONING

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