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Fearless revised indd 5 3 27 12 9 00 AM, Excerpted from Fearless by Eric Blehm Copyright 2012 by Eric Blehm Excerpted by. permission of WaterBrook Press a division of Random House. Inc All rights reserved No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without. permission in writing from the publisher,Published by WaterBrook Press. 12265 Oracle Boulevard Suite 200,Colorado Springs Colorado 80921. All Scripture quotations unless otherwise indicated are taken from the New King James Version Copyright. 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc Used by permission All rights reserved Scripture quotations marked niv are. taken from the Holy Bible New International Version NIV Copyright 1973 1978 1984 by Biblica Inc TM. Used by permission of Zondervan All rights reserved worldwide www zondervan com. Some dates locations times distances and names including those of some civilians have been changed and. military tactics techniques and procedures altered in order to maintain operational security for the safety of the. U S Navy SEALs and those who work alongside them,ISBN 978 0 307 73069 5. ISBN 978 0 307 73071 8 electronic,Copyright 2012 by Eric Blehm.
Cover design by Kristopher K Orr cover image of Navy SEAL Trident Corbis. All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic or mechanical including photocopying and recording or by any information storage and retrieval. system without permission in writing from the publisher. Published in the United States by WaterBrook Multnomah an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group. a division of Random House Inc New York, WaterBrook and its deer colophon are registered trademarks of Random House Inc. Cataloging in Publication Data is on file with the Library of Congress. Printed in the United States of America,2012 First Edition. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,Special Sales, Most WaterBrook Multnomah books are available at special quantity discounts when purchased in bulk by. corporations organizations and special interest groups Custom imprinting or excerpting can also be done. to fit special needs For information please e mail SpecialMarkets WaterBrookMultnomah com or call. 1 800 603 7051,Fearless revised indd 6 3 27 12 9 00 AM. This book is dedicated to the fallen American heroes killed. in action on August 6 2011 in Wardak Province Afghanistan. Fearless revised indd 7 3 27 12 9 00 AM,Author s Note xi.
Prologue 1,1 Foundations 3,2 Something Special 10,3 The Wolf Pack 21. 4 Slipping 29,5 The Dark Time 37,6 In God s Hands 47. 7 Kelley 61,8 Rising Up 78,9 Pays to Be a Winner 88. 10 A SEAL Is Born 97,11 The Calling 109,12 War 123. 13 Something Important 138,14 Green Team 152,15 Top Secret 166.
16 Heart of a Warrior 185,17 Objective Lake James 199. 18 I Got It 214,19 Unconquerable Soul 226,Epilogue 241. Afterword 251,Acknowledgments 254,In Memoriam 256,Fearless revised indd 9 3 27 12 9 00 AM. Author s Note, Adam Brown s civilian and military life has been recounted to me by his family. friends and teammates all eyewitnesses to each event portrayed in this book in. cluding what Adam told them directly about his history and spiritual testimony I also. used official documents statements military records and reports criminal records. family archives letters e mails and journal and diary entries Some dates locations. times distances and names including those of some civilians have been changed. and military tactics techniques and procedures altered in order to maintain opera. tional security for the safety of the U S Navy SEALs and those who work alongside. All information about the Naval Special Warfare Development Group the. SEALs and individuals including the use of real names has already been published. widely by the media and is deemed common knowledge Nearly a dozen active duty. SEAL operators including those in leadership roles have unofficially but no less. meticulously reviewed this manuscript for factuality and to point out any issues that. might endanger lives in future operations I have removed or rewritten sections to. their approval and in the few cases of discrepancy among the operators I went with. the majority Any vagueness in the manuscript is intentional to protect these men and. their allies, All quotes slang inner thoughts dialogue and descriptions have been conveyed.
to me by those intimately involved in the story to the best of their ability and indi. vidual memories Nothing has been contrived dramatized or fabricated. What you are about to read is the account of an American hero who bravely gave. permission in his final written requests to share his journey from small town America. to the gutter to jail to Jesus to war to the top tier of the U S military SEAL Team SIX. Fearless revised indd 11 3 27 12 9 00 AM, From May through July 2011 when it seemed that every journalist on the planet was. scrambling to get an inside angle on the Osama bin Laden kill mission in Pakistan I. was making my way around the United States interviewing over a dozen U S Navy. SEALs Although most were from the Naval Special Warfare Development Group or. as the Obama administration announced to the world SEAL Team SIX the team. that had taken out bin Laden I was meeting with them for a different reason. altogether, I traveled from California to Pennsylvania to Alaska to Virginia to Arkansas in. terviewing each of the SEALs for several hours Although the mission of a lifetime. that some had taken part in only days before was still on their minds we weren t there. to focus on bin Laden They d met with me an outsider to their ranks for something. equally important and deeply personal to them the family of one of their fallen SEAL. brothers Chief Special Warfare Operator Adam Brown wanted his story told. And if the world was to learn about Adam Brown the SEALs wanted it done. right As one of the men Thomas Ratzlaff humbly said to me while we stood in the. rain watching the muddy currents of the Copper River flow through the Alaskan. wilderness Adam is the one SEAL from our command whose story absolutely de. serves a book, When I first heard about Adam s past Matt Mason said looking out over the. stormy Atlantic Ocean I didn t believe it It was hard for me to wrap my mind. around what he overcame and how Kelley stood by his side. You need to tell the whole story John Faas admonished me as we ate at a favor. ite restaurant of Adam s near the Virginia Beach boardwalk There are enough books. that show how tough SEAL training is there s enough Tom Clancy fiction What. Fearless revised indd 1 3 27 12 9 00 AM,2 Fea rless. there isn t enough of is the humanity When you start digging you are going to find. a whole lot of humanity in Adam Brown, Slapping his hand against the desk in a small hotel room Kevin Houston said.
You need to promise me don t start this story at BUD S that is so clich You have. to go to Hot Springs and tell those stories, Has anybody told you about his last mission Chris Campbell asked as he. prepped his gear for a week of training in Alaska The whole purpose of that op was. to protect our brothers these conventional Army guys who were just getting pounded. by this thug that was the mission But then within that you ve got what we do indi. vidually for our troop and that s protect each other That s what Adam was doing. In back to back interviews Brian Bill Big Bird to Adam s children explained. how Adam made him want to be a better person and was the model of the father he. himself hoped to be one day while Heath Robinson said Adam was both fearless and. compassionate on operations Adam was the first to volunteer to go through that. black hole a breached doorway into an enemy building the first to help carry an. Afghan s load and the first to sit down and try to calm women and children after a. For days I heard similar accounts from Adam s family friends and teammates. all of whom had one goal to honor him by ensuring that his legend among the SEALs. Since many of the SEALs from Adam s squadron were about to embark on yet. another rotation into Afghanistan they wanted to speak with me sooner rather than. later As warriors they were firmly grounded in the reality of their job. We re about to deploy one of Adam s closest SEAL buddies said as we began. our interview in June You never know what might happen I could get killed on. my next mission I want to do Adam right so let s get it done. Where would you like to start I asked him, Let s begin with March 17 he said Let s get that out of the way first. Fearless revised indd 2 3 27 12 9 00 AM,Foundations. When Adam Brown woke up on March 17 2010 he didn t know he would die that. night in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan but he was ready. Seven thousand miles away in a suburb of Virginia Beach his ten year old son. Nathan was worried about him From the moment he d opened his eyes that morn. ing he felt something bad was going to happen to his daddy but he kept it to himself. rolled out of bed and got ready for school It was Saint Patrick s Day and he made. sure to wear something green so he wouldn t get pinched. On a previous deployment Adam had written in his journal to both Nathan and. Savannah Nathan s seven year old sister a letter they weren t meant to see unless the. worst happened, I m not afraid of anything that might happen to me on this Earth because. I know no matter what nothing can take my spirit from me How much. it pains me to think about not watching my boy excel in life or giving my. little baby girl away in marriage Buddy I ll be there you ll feel me there. when you steal your first base smash someone on the football field make all. A s I ll be there for all of your achievements But much more Buddy I ll be. there for every failure Remember I know tears I know pain and disappoint. ment and I will be there for you with every drop You cannot disappoint me. I understand, Adam Brown did understand what it meant to disappoint to feel the shame he d.
experienced on a hot humid August afternoon years earlier when his parents had him. arrested It s time for you to face what you ve done his father had told him in 1996. Fearless revised indd 3 3 27 12 9 00 AM,4 Fea rless. just before Adam was handcuffed and escorted to the backseat of the Garland County. sheriff s cruiser When the deputy slammed the car door shut Adam watched his. mother s legs buckle and as she collapsed his dad caught her and held her tightly. against him She began to cry and Adam knew he had broken her heart. That vision of his mother sobbing into his father s chest would haunt him for. the rest of his life but it also sparked the journey that defined who he would become. Officially known as a Chief Special Warfare Operator SEAL Adam Brown was. one of the most respected Special Operations warriors in the U S Navy He worked. for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group NSWDG a k a DEVGRU. Before May 2011 details about Adam s unit popularly called SEAL Team SIX. were neither confirmed nor commented on by the Pentagon and the White House. One night changed everything the wave of publicity following Osama bin Laden s. death thrust the little known unit into the spotlight. When Adam s team deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom in March 2010. the SEALs were spread across Afghanistan to cover a range of responsibilities dictated. to them by the generals and admirals in charge of strategic operations Adam and part. of his team were stationed at an assaulters base in a remote corner of northern Af. ghanistan This region along the Pakistan border was still after nearly eight and a half. years of the War on Terror a safe haven for Afghan insurgents foreign jihadists and. terrorist cells often working in concert It was a land of high value targets raids in. the region almost always resulted in fruitful intelligence which led to further disman. tling of the insurgency against the Afghan government and yielded more pieces to the. puzzle that eventually revealed the whereabouts of bin Laden. Since late 2009 intelligence networks had been tracking a Kunar Province Tali. ban leader code named Objective Lake James who had already taken credit for. numerous deaths among coalition forces The most recent intelligence confirmed that. James planned to attack a U S Army battalion preparing to relocate from its current. position adjacent to the Pech River Valley The valley was a deadly piece of real estate. where insurgents could strike coalition forces and then retreat into their mountain. strongholds villages and valleys whose inhabitants in many cases had never seen an. American There were lines on the map beyond which the insurgents knew they. would not be pursued, That was about to change Intelligence pinpointed James s current location a. compound in a secluded village in the mountainous Chapa Dara district of Kunar. Fearless revised indd 4 3 27 12 9 00 AM,Fou ndations 5. Province Even though this particular hamlet was a way over the line safe haven. for insurgents Adam and his teammates began planning to either capture or kill. First they viewed images of the compound Confirming details of the landscape. and structures was always difficult until the SEALs were on the ground but the target. residence didn t appear any more problematic than the hundreds of other compounds. they d raided during multiple deployments Further surveillance of the valley revealed. Fearless revised indd 9 3 27 12 9 00 AM Author s note Adam Brown s civilian and military life has been recounted to me by his family friends and teammates all eyewitnesses to each event portrayed in this book in cluding what Adam told them directly about his history and spiritual testimony I also used official documents statements military records and reports criminal records

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