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Who we are,People focus,right thing,Foreword from,What we do 10. Paul Taylor Highlights,and challenges,2 3 FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Introduction Doing the right thing,04 Foreword 33 Integrated Management System. 06 What we do 34 Contributing to communities,08 Who we are. Forward thinking,Highlights and challenges 39 Introduction.
11 Contract wins and renewals 41 Industry opinion,13 Infrastructure investments. People focus 42 Appendix 1,17 Health and safety Waste management methods. 20 Equality and diversity 43 Appendix 2,22 Competence Carbon emissions. Management System,23 ABCD Awards,Environmental commitment. 25 Regulatory compliance,26 Reducing our energy use.
28 Land restoration,30 Energy crops,Environmental,commitment. As one of the UK s largest waste management,and recycling businesses our corporate social. responsibility is a meaningful gauge of FCC,Environment s sustainability. Over the last five years we have Will demand curtail or will increased We look ahead to the future with. transformed our safety culture recycling to meet the demands of the enthusiasm despite the uncertainties. improved our standards of working Circular Economy Package mean our we face not least the British. made strategic investments in European neighbours need more fuel referendum on EU membership. infrastructure supported local to keep their lights on the possible adoption of the. communities developed new revenue Circular Economy package and. In the meantime we continue to look, streams and significantly reduced its undetermined impacts on the. ahead and provide leadership in the,the environmental impacts of our marketplace.
sector We have a number of energy,activities, from waste facilities in the pipeline With these factors compounding the. All of this reflects how our core in Buckinghamshire Worcestershire effects of austerity the coming years. values are driving change within our and an expansion at our Eastcroft will demand a solid and sustainable. organisation and it is rewarding to be plant in Nottingham as well as a new business model Corporate social. part of a workforce that acts sincerely combined heat and power project responsibility is a good place to start. on these values in Edinburgh and Midlothian We are. So for now let s reflect on our,planting energy crops to turn our. Our successes have in some cases progress over recent years and. closed landfills into abundant sources, been in spite of a challenging continue to set the bar ever higher. of renewable fuel and in 2015 alone,economic and political backdrop. contributed more than 20 million to,with commodity price volatility and.
local communities,light touch legislation leading to a. lack of confidence in the market Re use continues to play a vital role. The resulting shortage of inward in reducing waste and benefitting. investment certainty and direction society We have added to our re use. means we are likely to encounter more portfolio with new ventures in Hull. challenges on the road ahead and Ipswich and are planning even. more in 2016 Our pioneering work,The debate about the adequacy of the. in this area has been recognised with,UK s waste processing infrastructure. a National Recycling Award along,capacity has become further. with charity partner Abacus and HMP,complicated by questions around.
the export of refuse derived fuel,4 5 FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Paul Taylor,Chief Executive Officer,FCC Environment. We are planting,energy crops to turn,our closed landfills into. abundant sources of,renewable fuel and in,2015 alone contributed. more than 20 million,to local communities,What we do Business waste solutions.
Business waste solutions,FCC Environment is offers services for our. business and industrial,one of the leading customers to help them. waste management save money waste less and,recycle more. and recycling,businesses in Britain Municipal services. Municipal services helps, We reclaim the value in household and business waste local authorities serve their.
through recycling waste processing and green energy communities with long. programmes Our activities contribute to the UK s resource and short term contracts for. and energy security and reduce the climate change collecting recycling and. impacts of managing waste treating household waste. We drive behavioural and technological change helping. society reduce waste and manage resources sustainably. Our recycling and,composting technology,extracts the maximum value. from the waste we collect,with the minimum effort,6 7 FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Green energy,We continue to invest in,and expand our range of. treatment technologies,Environment,The business, to recover as much clean in numbers FCC Environment. employs 2 449 people,energy as possible from across England.
waste material Scotland and Wales at,more than 200 sites. Waste processing,We process all our,customers waste including. chemical and hazardous,waste in a safe secure and,We manage waste. sustainable way avoiding for more than 6 000,landfill where possible business customers. and 60 local,Appendix 1 see page 42 shows how authorities.
we are recovering more and more,value from waste,In 2015 we managed. 8 311 639 tonnes,of waste for our,Who we are,Our business values give. clarity and direction to,our strategic priorities and. everyday working practices,Operating according to,these values enables us to. deliver on our corporate,social responsibility,commitments maintaining.
high standards for our,workforce our customers,and the communities we. Safety Health Environmental and,Quality Policy Statement 2016. Our corporate social responsibility,activities are underpinned by our Safety. Health Environmental and Quality Policy,Statement 2016 approved by FCC s Board. of Directors To view the policy in full,please visit www fccenvironment co uk.
8 9 FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report,Our values. Delivering,clarity and,People Environmental Doing the Forward. focus commitment right thing thinking, Valuing and investing in Our focus on managing Delivering high quality We look ahead prepare. the people who work for us resources sustainably services is the foundation for change challenge the. is vital if we are to provide means it is important that of a secure and successful status quo and provide. our customers with the we lead by example with future and we pursue leadership to drive a more. best possible service activities that conserve and continual improvement resource efficient future. protect the environment in everything we do,Highlights and investments. We have celebrated some,major successes in 2015 from.
contract and award wins to,the opening of new re use. and waste processing centres,10 11 FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Contract wins and renewals contracts,Hull and East Riding South Ribble. of Yorkshire Our new contract with South Ribble Suffolk County Council. Our new 10 year contracts Borough Council commenced in June Transfer station and. 2015 During the seven year contract haulage of residual waste. commenced in April 2015 seeing, investment in excess of 4 5m and we will help the Council save 4 2m. the redevelopment of our Wilmington Meanwhile the Council has pledged Luton Borough Council. waste transfer facilities We are now to invest 1 5m in next year s budget Integrated waste. responsible for the management of for five new wagons creating a fleet management service. of more environmentally friendly extension,13 household waste recycling centres.
and the onward treatment of domestic waste collection vehicles. waste from East Ridings Council Thurrock Council,Oxfordshire Treatment and disposal. Falkirk Two waste transfer stations at,Sutton Courtenay and Dix Pit are Conwy. In May 2015 we launched a new seven, now operational handling around Green waste treatment. year kerbside contract collecting, the contents of residents recycling 45 000 tonnes of Oxfordshire County. boxes textile sacks and food waste Council s residual waste per year Buckinghamshire. containers We have developed a new The 25 year contract will see the sites County Council. depot to house the collection fleet at bulk up municipal waste for onward Biowaste. Bonnybridge with Falkirk Collections transport to an energy recovery. and Transport Manager Willie facility Oxfordshire County Council North Yorkshire. Patterson and his team transferred formally sent its thanks to FCC County Council. from their previous location at Environment s team for how smoothly Disposal and asbestos. Greengairs Landfill the change to the new contract was disposal. managed in recognition of the on site,team s hard work Rushmoor.
Torfaen Borough Council,Our new contract with Torfaen Glass recycling. County Borough Council includes the,operation and management of a new. Norfolk County Council,household waste recycling centre and. Interim treatment, waste transfer station at Panteg Way transfer and haulage. New Inn Pontypool The seven year,contract commenced on 1 April and.
will see us help the Council to achieve Carlisle Council. Collection of recyclables,its ambitious recycling rates During. the first year of the contract a 75, target has been set increasing to Merseyside Recycling. 80 in years two to four and 85 in and Waste Authority. year five Interim treatment,Highlights and,investments. National Recycling Award Successes, In July 2015 our bike re use scheme Service Recycler of the Year for. with HMP Rochester and Abacus HMP and Young Offenders Institute. Furniture Project won a prestigious Rochester and Best Energy from. National Recycling Award for Waste Initiative for FCC Environment s. Best Partnership Project Our bike Lincolnshire Energy from Waste Facility. restoration and reuse scheme not only These accomplishments are testament. sees bikes that would otherwise go to to our commitment to our core values. landfill brought back to life but helps,Environmental commitment.
prisoners gain new skills and improve,their chances of gaining employment People focus. upon their release Doing the right thing, Alongside this success we were also Forward thinking. selected as Finalists for two other July 2015,National Recycling Awards Public. 12 13 FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report,Infrastructure investments In 2015 FCC. Environment s,re use shops,NEW NEW raised 484 227,for charity.
Re use shop Re use shop,East Riding Ipswich, In July 2015 we opened a new re use A new charity partnership between. shop in the East Riding of Yorkshire FCC Environment and The Benjamin 2015 total. following a 400 000 investment,Working with the local Hull City. Council and East Riding of Yorkshire,Foundation has resulted in the. launch of another re use shop,in Ipswich Suffolk FCC staff. Council FCC is running the re use salvage re usable items from the 11. shop which sells products that have Household Waste Recycling Centres. been rescued from our recycling it runs in Suffolk Local residents. centres across the region are also invited to donate items. they no longer want for resale,The shop is the first to be run entirely.
by FCC Environment in support of The goods are sold from the shop. local charities run by The Benjamin Foundation,and the resulting profits will be used. to support the charity s work with,families children and the homeless. We re delighted to have entered into this,partnership with Suffolk County Council and. The Benjamin Foundation Our re use stores,have proven incredibly popular across the. country and are providing residents with,bargains as well as preventing items which.
are re usable from being discarded,Steve Longdon,South Region Director. Highlights and,investments,Infrastructure investments. Greatmoor Energy from Waste Facility,Buckinghamshire 300 000 tonnes. 300k of residual waste, Greatmoor EfW will become fully operational in spring 2016 and will per year. treat up to 300 000 tonnes of residual waste per year The facility. will generate 22MW of electricity equivalent to the energy required. to power 36 000 homes the total population of Aylesbury and. Buckingham combined Greatmoor EfW will receive waste via FCC. The facility will, Environment s new waste transfer station at High Heavens.
generate 22MW, FCC Group Development Director Richard Belfield said The of electricity. construction of Greatmoor EfW marks an important step forward for. FCC Environment as the business continues to develop focusing on. its customers requirements for extracting value in the form of energy. from the waste left over after recycling has taken place Greatmoor. EfW represents an integrated service that the county can be proud of Enough energy. The facility also recently achieved a big milestone the completion of. 36k to power,36 000 homes, more than 1 million working hours without a Lost Time accident during. its construction Paul Stokes Head of Safety Health Environment and. Quality SHEQ at FCC said This is a significant achievement and. FCC Environment Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015 Contents 10 08 04 06 16 32 Highlights and challenges Who we are Foreword from What we do Paul Taylor People focus Doing the right thing 2 3 FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report 38 Forward thinking Introduction 04 Foreword 06 What we do 08 Who we are Highlights and challenges 11 Contract wins and renewals 13 Infrastructure

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