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Fateless Director Lajos Koltai unable to publish for nearly a decade. aka Sorstalans g Koltai was an internationally esteemed When the novel finally appeared in. Director of Photography before he 1975 it received little critical attention. Director Lajos Koltai made his directorial debut with Fateless With the end of communism came the. Hungary Germany UK 134 mins 2005 This background helps explain the publication in 1990 of the first German. powerful visual quality of a film in which language edition of the novel and his. Cast images have as much if not more reputation soon began to grow in. Marcell Nagy Gyuri Koves power than words or even plot Europe The novel was later published. Aron Dimeny Bandi Citrom At 14 Koltai shot his first film on in more than 10 languages and won him. Andras M Kecskes Finn Super 8 made on holiday with his the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2002. Jozsef Gyabronka Unlucky Man family At school he wrote and directed. Endre Harkanyi Old Kollmann a number of films with his classmates I have heard it said before and now I. Daniel Craig US Army Sergeant Graduating from the Hungarian Film can attest to its truth narrow prison. Academy Koltai eventually came to walls cannot set limits to the flights of. Crew work in the state television station our imagination. Director Lajos Koltai Koltai finally came to work for Fateless novel page 188. Screenwriter Imre Kert sz based on director Istvan Svabo in 1974 shooting. his novel Sorstalansag a film for him for television This We can never start a new life We can. Music Ennio Morricone resulted in a collaboration that lasted only continue the old one I took my own. Cinematography Gyula Pados for fourteen films His work was steps No one else did And I remained. Editor Hajnal Sello recognized when Svabo s 1980 film honest in the end to my given fate. Production Designer Tibor Lazar Mephisto was nominated for a best Why can t you see that if there is such a. foreign language film Oscar thing as fate then there is no freedom. Recognised by other directors If on the other hand there is freedom. Koltai came to America and worked then there is no fate That is we. on such films as Max 2002 When a ourselves are fate. Man Loves a Woman 1994 Wrestling Fateless pp 188 189. Ernest Hemingway 1993 and White,Palace 1990 He divides his time Synopsis. between Europe and America and most The story of Fateless begins with the. recently received an Academy Award removal of a young boy Gyuri K ves. cinematography nomination for the from his family and home in Budapest. Italian film Malena 2002 in 1944 He is deported by train to. His second film as a director is the concentration camps at Auschwitz. Evening which features Meryl Streep Poland and then to Buchenwald. and Toni Collette and will be released Germany Close to death on several. this year occasions he barely survives the hard,labour and inhuman conditions of the. Writer Imre Kert sz camp He is liberated by American. At the age of 14 Imre Kert sz was troops in 1945 one of whom advises. deported with other Hungarian Jews the now barely recognisable boy not. during World War II to Auschwitz to return home to Hungry but to. and then Buchenwald from which he escape to the USA go to college and. was liberated in May 1945 Returning try to make a new life for himself. to Hungary he worked as a journalist The boy however decides to go back. for the newspaper Vil goss g but was to Budapest where he is met with a. dismissed and turned to translation mixture of indifference hostility and. as a means of supporting himself curiosity Despite the horror of his. Kert sz is best known for his first experiences he is strangely unable. novel Sorstalans g Fateless which he to satisfy people s expectations of. completed in the mid 1960s but was his suffering,freshfilmfestival. Historical Context 1942 Although a subsequent request and work under a beech tree It was. The Holocaust and Hungary was refused and the majority of the this place which was chosen by the. The film deals with a small story Jewish population believed they had Nazis to establish the concentration. from one of the most disturbing and escaped the fate of their fellow Jews in camp of Buchenwald Beech Wood. distasteful events of human history Poland and elsewhere this process was The gates of the concentration camp. the Holocaust The Holocaust is the greatly enlarged upon with the invasion bore the inscription Jedem das Seine. name applied to the massive highly and defeat of Hungary by the Nazis in To each according to his merits. organised ethnic cleansing or genocide 1944 By the end of June that year half of Between July 1937 and April 1945. of minority groups by Germany s ruling all Hungary s Jews who had numbered approximately 250 000 people were. Nazi party from 1939 until its defeat in 825 000 were deported to Auschwitz incarcerated in Buchenwald by the. 1945 By far the biggest group targeted The pro Nazi government who took Nazi regime The number of deaths. by the Nazis were the Jews some 6 control continued to persecute and is estimated at 56 000. million Jews from Germany Poland execute Jews until the end of the war by Many thousands of Jews arrived. and other conquered territories were which time 564 500 Hungarian Jews had at Buchenwald from Hungary and. executed during this time Including been sent to their deaths various eastern camps in 1944 and. all the minority groups and individuals 1945 Most had been evacuated by. killed under the Nazi regime brings the The Concentration camp at railroad from Auschwitz and other. total figure to between 9 and 11 million Buchenwald camps threatened by the advancing. considerably more than twice the Weimar is a famous German town Red Army. population of Ireland known for centuries for its cultural American soldiers liberated the. The Hungarian government had life Goethe Schiller Franz Liszt camp and its remaining 21 000. begun deporting Jews on the request and Bach lived in Weimar Goethe inmates including 900 children on. of the German government as early as used to climb the Ettersberg and sit April 11th 1945. freshfilmfestival,That is hope beyond the immediate. horror of what is happening to the Jews,for no comprehensible reason exists.
at this time It must be understood he,proposes as some part of God s great. plan because it cannot be explained,Gyuri neither accepts nor denies. this interpretation He is a Jew who,does not speak Hebrew he cannot pray. in the language of his God He remains,passive unmoved neither heroic not. victimized He is sent to the camps for,being Jewish yet it is not a religion he.
feels a strong sense of connection to,What does it mean to be Jewish Why. should it mark him out to be sent away,This sense of distance and naivety is. central to the character of Gyuri When,he is first arrested by the policeman. and later encouraged to escape he,shows no emotion no sense of really. understanding his situation He is borne,on the tide of history confused about.
whether he can or should escape,There is a touching scene where the. boys lie about their ages so that they,can work When the German officer. believes Gyuri s lie he is delighted,he has passed a test he does not yet. suspect the meaning of The boy in him, Story Coming of Age extreme circumstances imaginable It clings to the adventure. The film begins with an image of a happy begins with a warning from his uncles Later he will decide to accept what. healthy teenager on his way home I that his carefree days are behind him he calls the secret of his universe. didn t go to school today he tells us They have no idea of the irony of their that anything can happen at any time. simply Spying from behind a partition words His move from childhood to including death. he sees his father and step mother manhood will be swift and savage. in conversation with a businessman Central to their advice is the issue Story In the Camps. with whom they are trading jewellery of Gyuri s religion his identity and his Fateless is unusual in the way it renders. in return for assistance His father Jewishness are indivisible At a sad last the experience of the camps It does. following the increased pressure on Jews supper for Gyorgy s father his uncle not try to communicate their horror. since the German invasion of Hungary is tells him that he is part of the common in some objective way showing us. about to be sent to a labour camp Gyuri Jewish fate What does that mean sickening us To be sure the horror is. would rather play cards with the pretty For the uncle it means a millennium there but it is available to us through. girl upstairs This is our introduction of continuing persecution doled out the point of view of Gyuri coloured. to the story s hero a dreamy boy who by God in reprisal for the sins of our by his dimming consciousness It gives. will soon be exposed to the harshest of ancestors In short the uncle is saying an other worldly quality to a good. human experiences that the inescapable fate of the Jews as deal of the action an almost poetic. The centrality of so young a figure God s chosen people is suffering distance As he becomes hungrier and. in the story makes Fateless a kind of In a paradoxical sense this gives the more exhausted the camp is shown in. coming of age tale albeit in the most uncle a religious believer some hope shorter less complete impressions. freshfilmfestival, that are virtually wordless A number image that is both specific to the setting suspicious A knock on the door will.
of scenes at the centre of the film and universal in its implications never be the same again Who is this. powerfully convey his diminished Next Gyuri is tossed onto the Bandi is not here Come back later. humanity and loss of perspective back of a cart carrying naked and his mother tells him more in hope than. The first is a strange only half twisted bodies Once again the distance conviction What happened to Bandi. explained scene where the prisoners between life and death is narrowed to Did his discipline spare him We never. are standing out in a courtyard Why so fine a difference that we are not sure find out As the mother calls after. are they here Has someone escaped what we are looking at What s going Gyuri he simply walks away He has no. It is not made clear In a half light on here Is he being taken to the gas interest in talking about the camps. somewhere between dark and light in chambers He sees the world upside Finally he reaches home After. the glistening mud the prisoners stand down a powerful visual equivalent for discovering his family apartment now. Barely Until morning For an eternity the capricious inexplicable nature of belongs to someone else as if he. Their vertically striped uniforms seem this parallel world he lives in In fact he had ceased to exist he discovers. to blow in a breeze like reeds but is taken to the infamous showers but old Jewish neighbours are still living. they sway from pitiful weakness and they turn out to be only that showers down the hall They are delighted to. exhaustion One is continually on the What is remarkable about these see him and want to know all about. verge of breaking that is of falling over and other scenes in the camp is how it But again he disappoints them no. He steadies Another finally falls a dull much is left to our imagination They it is not like hell because hell doesn t. thump on the muddy earth Dead begin after the action has commenced exist whereas the camps do They send. In the next scene sometime later and conclude with often unresolved him off in search of his mother he has. Gyuri s only friend Bandi Citron gives meanings The story telling is linear but made a vague insinuation that they and. out to him for not washing and taking not consecutive others simply sat idly by when he and. care of himself Bandi is something of others were deported It didn t have. an older brother to Gyuri A veteran Story Return to Budapest to be the way it was There is no fate. of the Ukraine prisoner of war camps On returning to Budapest Gyuri has only choice This is uncomfortable. he preaches self discipline and order three encounters which show us how for these two old men who have. as the way to survive A strong spirit he has changed on the bus looking for trouble remembering the name of the. cultivates a strong body self esteem Bandi Citron and finally reaching his concentration camp where his father. is more important than bread and old apartment building meeting with died or his mother s new husband. soup because having a will to live is his uncles They d sooner deal in generalities. an advantage over those who have Refusing his fate once more Gyuri As he walks away from the building. surrendered to their fate But though walks away from the train he and other to search for his mother and begin. he tried hard to practice the advice at prisoners are being directed towards his future Gyuri is reminded of the. first now the younger boy is beginning in comparison with the train he concentration camp It is the time of day. to break down I am cold is all he can innocently boarded earlier with a Jewish he liked there most the time between. manage Bandi stops yelling and slips his crowd We are stuck by his presence work and the night time roll call when. own jacket over the boy Gyuri is losing in a city where life has simply continued the prisoners would congregate talk. the fight exhausted and in crippling mostly unchanged while he was in the and console each other It is a strange. Fateless pp 188 189 Synopsis The story of Fateless begins with the removal of a young boy Gyuri K ves from his family and home in Budapest in 1944 He is deported by train to the concentration camps at Auschwitz Poland and then to Buchenwald Germany Close to death on several occasions he barely survives the hard

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