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The Fall of the,House of Usher,Definitions,1 acuity uh KEW uh tee sharpness of perception. Synonyms Antonym denseness, His acuity in determining the facts made him a good judge. Derivatives acuities acute acuteness, 2 affinity uh FIN uh tee a likeness a natural relationship a kinship. affinityuh,Synonyms Antonym repulsion, Having suffered himself he felt an affinity for the homeless. Derivatives affinitive,3 anomalous uh NAHM uh lus out of place abnormal.
anomalousu,Synonyms Antonym fitting a pattern, Seeing a Toyota in the background of that World War II movie was anomalous. Derivatives anomalously anomalousness anomaly anomalies. 4 antiquity an TIK wuh tee the quality of being ancient ancient times. Synonyms Antonym, Many scholars spend years studying the records left from antiquity. Derivatives antiquities antiquitarian, 5 apathy AP uh thee a lack of concern or feeling indifference. Synonyms phlegm stoicism stolidness Antonym enthusiastic devotion. The man looked upon the turn of events with apathy. Derivatives apathetic apathetical apathetically, 6 desolate DES uh lit deserted without inhabitants barren. Synonyms Antonym populous, Some of the western states have large areas that are desolate.
Derivatives desolately desolateness desolater desolating desolation. 7 dirge DURJ funeral hymn lament,dirgeDURJd,Synonyms Antonym dance. The music was so morose and solemn that it sounded like a dirge. Derivatives dirgeful dirges, 8 discern deh SURN to differentiate between two or more things. discerndeh,Synonyms Antonym to ignore to be oblivious to. Because of the fog I was barely able to discern the landing strip confuse. Derivatives discerner discernible discernable discernibleness discernibly discernably discerningly discernment. 9 discord DIS kord lack of agreement tension strife. discordDIS, Synonyms contention dissension variance Antonym harmony agreement. There is a lot of discord in the nation over the issue of abortion. Derivatives discordance discordancy discordant discordantly discordantness. 10 dissolution dis uh LOO shun disintegration decomposition and dispersion. dissolutiondi,Synonyms Antonym integration, The dissolution of the partnership caused him much grief.
Derivatives dissolute dissolutely dissoluteness dissolutive dissoluble. 11 emaciated eh MAY she ay tid very thin usually as a result of starvation wasting away. emaciatedeh,Synonyms Antonym fat corpulent, As a result of receiving little food most prisoners of concentration camps become extremely emaciated. Derivatives emaciate emaciation, Copyright 2002 by Advanced Placement Strategies Inc All rights reserved. Used under license by Laying the Foundation Inc www layingthefoundation org. 12 equivocal eh KWIV uh kul ambiguous usually intended to mislead. equivocaleh, Synonyms abstruse ambiguous cryptic enigmatic obscure recondite Antonym clear straightforward. His speech was difficult to understand because of all his equivocal statements. Derivatives equivocacy equivocality equivocally equivocalness equivocate equivocation equivocator equivocity. 13 fervid FUR vid ardent burning impassioned, Synonyms fervent passionate perfervid Antonym indifferent. The evangelist is a fervid crusader against sin,Derivatives fervidity fervidly fervidness.
14 goad GODE to urge on in a negative sense,Synonyms Antonym to dissuade. He was goaded by his friends to take drugs,Derivatives goaded goading. 15 hideous HID ee us very ugly offensive shocking,hideousHID. Synonyms Antonym delightful, Some characters in the horror movie had hideous faces. Derivatives hideously hideousness hideosity, 16 impetuous im PECH oo us violent hasty rash impulsive.
impetuousim,Synonyms Antonym reserved, His impetuous behavior caused him to make many mistakes. Derivative s impetuosity impetuously impetuousness impetus. 17 import IM port relative importance significance. Synonyms Antonym meaninglessness, The full import of today s events will not be realized for years. Derivatives importance,18 insipid in SIP id boring and stupid. Synonyms banal flat inane jejune vapid Antonym spirited and animated zestful. I am bored by your insipid talk,Derivatives insipidity insipidly insipidness. 19 interred in TURD buried,interredin,Synonyms Antonym exhumed disinterred.
He was interred by the avalanche,Derivatives inter interment. 20 malady MAL eh dee a disease or unwholesome condition. Synonyms Antonym good health, The poor old woman seems to suffer one malady after another. Derivatives maladies,21 melancholy MEL un kol ee depression of spirits. melancholy,Synonyms Antonym happiness, After Dad lost his job he fell into a state of melancholy. Derivatives melancholia melancholic melancholiac melancholically melancholily melancholiness melancholious. 22 morbidity mor BID eh tee unwholesomeness and gloominess gruesomeness. morbiditymo,Synonyms Antonym wholesomeness, The boy talked about dead people and gruesome things He soon frightened me with his morbidity.
Derivatives morbid morbidness,23 munificent myoo NIF eh sent very generous. munificentm,Synonyms Antonym parsimonious stingy, The munificent gift to the school was appreciated by all of the students. Derivatives munificence munificency munificently munificentness. 24 orthodox OR thuh doks conforming to established standards conventional. Synonyms Antonym unconventional, The church is founded upon a set of orthodox views. Derivatives orthodoxness orthodoxical orthodoxically orthodoxism orthodoxly orthodoxy. 25 pallor PAL ur extreme paleness usually relating to the face. Synonyms Antonym ruddy color, The strange disease left the man with a sickly pallor. Derivatives pallors, Copyright 2002 by Advanced Placement Strategies Inc All rights reserved.
Used under license by Laying the Foundation Inc www layingthefoundation org. 26 palpable PAL puh bul tangible perceptible easily noticeable. palpablePA,Synonyms Antonym, I do not see how I overlooked such a palpable miscalculation. Derivatives palpability palpably palpableness, 27 paradoxical pair uh DOKS uh kul something that appears false or contradictory but is actually correct. paradoxicalp,Synonyms Antonym, It is paradoxical that a man from the South Lyndon Johnson led the fight for the passage of a civil rights bill. Derivatives paradoxicality paradoxicalness paradoxology paradoxality. 28 pertinacity pur tuh NAS eh tee stubborn persistence or act of refusing to yield on an opinion or belief. pertinacityp,Synonyms Antonym vacillation, Because of his pertinacity the fighter was able to go the entire twelve rounds and win the fight. Derivatives pertinacious pertinaciously pertinaciousness. 29 ponderous PON dur us very heavy unwieldy from weight. ponderousP,Synonyms cumbersome cumbrous Antonym lightweight.
The ponderous furniture was hard to move and thus became a burden. Derivatives ponderosity ponderously ponderousness, 30 potent POTE unt powerful having a strong effect. potentPOTE,Synonyms Antonym ineffectual, They gave me a potent pain killer to stop the throbbing sensation in my leg. Derivatives potence potency, 31 precipitous preh SIP eh tus marked by great rapidity haste or lack of caution. Synonyms hasty sudden rash steep sheer Antonym gradual. Her precipitous behavior led her to make silly mistakes The precipitous slope rose before us. Derivatives precipitously precipitousness precipice. 32 prodigious pruh DIJ us extraordinary in bulk quantity or degree great in size enormous. Synonyms Antonym puny minuscule, His prodigious appetite allowed him to eat the entire turkey. Derivatives prodigiously prodigiousness, 33 profuse pruh FYOOS extravagantly abundant flowing freely.
profusepruh, Synonyms lavish lush luxuriant prodigal Antonym meager. Cutting that artery will cause profuse bleeding, Derivatives profusely profuseness profusion profusive profusively. 34 prostration pros TRAY shun a stretching out due to lacking vitality and being completely overcome. prostrationp,Synonyms Antonym vitality, During late summer football practices players sometimes suffer from heat prostration. Derivatives prostrate prostrator prostrating,35 protract pro TRAKT to prolong. protractpro,Synonyms Antonym to shorten, The union hopes to protract the strike in order to force management to settle.
Derivatives protractedly protractedness pretractible protraction protractive. 36 quaint KWAYNT unusual in character or appearance. Synonyms eccentric peculiar queer unique Antonym ordinary. When we go to New England we like to stay in a quaint old inn that gives us the flavor of the area. Derivatives quaintish quaintly quaintness,37 rend REND to tear violently to split. Synonyms cleave rive Antonym to unify, He tried to rend the flag as a protest against the war. Derivatives rent rended rending rends,38 reverie REV uh ree daydreaming. Synonyms Antonym attentiveness,Spring seems to lend itself to reverie. Derivatives reveries reverist, 39 stealthy STEL the acting in a secret and sneaky way this is a negative term.
Synonyms clandestine covert furtive surreptitious underhanded Antonym open indiscreet. The secret organization moves by stealth to gather information on its enemies. Derivatives stealthful stealthfully stealthily stealthiness stealth. Copyright 2002 by Advanced Placement Strategies Inc All rights reserved. Used under license by Laying the Foundation Inc www layingthefoundation org. 40 sublime suh BLIME exalted noble uplifting,sublimesuh. Synonyms resplendent superb Antonym, The romantic dinner which included delicious food soft music and a beautiful setting was simply sublime. Derivatives sublimely sublimeness sublimer, 41 tarry TARE ee to delay in coming or going to linger. Synonyms Antonym to depart promptly,Please do not tarry I want you to be here on time. Derivatives tarriness tarried tarries,42 tempestuous tem PES choo us turbulent stormy.
tempestuous,Synonyms Antonym calm, The mayoral candidates had a tempestuous debate in which they exchanged many personal accusations. Derivatives tempestuously tempestuousness tempest,43 tenuous TEN yoo us flimsy barely attached. tenuousTEN,Synonyms Antonym firm or substantial, His position with the law firm became tenuous when he objected to hiring women. Derivatives tenuously tenuousness tenuity, 44 trepidation trep eh DAY shun fear trembling agitation. trepidationtr,Synonyms Antonym fearlessness, Since I did not have time to study I have a lot of trepidation about this examination.
Derivatives trepidate trepidant trepid trepidly trepidity. 45 trifling TRY fling not significant frivolous,Synonyms Antonym important significant. Some think that watching MTV is a trifling experience. Derivatives trifle trifled trifling trifles,46 trivia TRIV ee uh insignificant matters. Synonyms Antonym important matters, The English teacher is looking for substance not trivia in themes. Derivatives trivial triviality trivialization trivialize trivally. 47 unobtrusive un ob TRUE siv not readily noticeable inconspicuous. unobtrusive,Synonyms Antonym noticeable obvious, He is very unobtrusive sitting over there in the corner. Derivatives unobtrusiveness unobtrusively,48 upbraid up BRADE to scold harshly to reproach.
Synonyms berate rail at revile vituperate Antonym to praise. I must upbraid my son for staying out past his curfew. Derivatives upbraided upbraider upbraiding upbraidingly. 49 utter UT ur to express by speaking,Synonyms Antonym to leave unspoken. The teacher told me not to utter another word,Derivatives utters uttered uttering utterance. 50 vivacious vi VAY shus full of life very animated. vivaciousvi,Synonyms Antonym sluggish, Game shows are looking for vivacious contestants who are fun to watch and who will liven up the show. Derivatives vivaciously vivaciousness vivacity,51 vivid VIV id bright distinct and clear. Synonyms graphic Antonym lackluster,I have vivid memories of my trip to Europe.
Derivatives vividly vividness vividity vivific vivificate vivification vivifier vivify. 52 wan WAHN very pale and sickly,Synonyms Antonym full of vitality. I knew that something very serious was wrong by his wan appearance. Derivatives wanned wanning, Copyright 2002 by Advanced Placement Strategies Inc All rights reserved. Used under license by Laying the Foundation Inc www layingthefoundation org. The Fall of the,House of Usher,by Edgar Allan Poe, Copyright 2002 by Advanced Placement Strategies Inc All rights reserved. Used under license by Laying the Foundation Inc www layingthefoundation org. The Fall of the House of Usher,by Edgar Allan Poe, These words which appear in The Fall of the House of Usher have been identified as words or derivatives of. words that have appeared on past SAT tests They are listed here in alphabetical order. 1 acuity 14 goad 27 paradoxical 40 sublime,2 affinity 15 hideous 28 pertinacity 41 tarry.
3 anomalous 16 impetuous 29 ponderous 42 tempestuous. 4 antiquity 17 import 30 potent 43 tenuous,5 apathy 18 insipid 31 precipitous 44 trepidation. 6 desolate 19 interred 32 prodigious 45 trifling,7 dirge 20 malady 33 profuse 46 trivia. 8 discern 21 melancholy 34 prostration 47 unobtrusive. 9 discord 22 morbidity 35 protract 48 upbraid,10 dissolution 23 munific. These words which appear in The Fall of the House of Usher have been identified as words or derivatives of words that have appeared on past SAT tests They are listed here in alphabetical order The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe 14 goad 15 hideous 16 impetuous 17 import 18 insipid 19 interred 20 malady 21 melancholy 22

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