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Fall from Innocence,STEPHEN KING,Retold by Robin Waterfield. Series Editors Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter,Pearson E d u c a t i o n L i m i t e d. Edinburgh Gate Harlow,Essex C M 2 0 2JE England,and Associated Companies throughout the world. ISBN 0 582 41817 8, Fall from Innocence The Body from D I F F E R E N T SEASONS by Stephen King. Copyright Stephen King 1982, Published by arrangement with Viking Penguin a division of Penguin Books USA Inc.
This adaptation first published by Penguin Books 1994. Published by Addison Wesley Longman Limited and Penguin Books Ltd 1998. N e w edition first published 1999,Text copyright R o b i n Waterfield 1994. Illustrations copyright Ian Andrew 1994,All rights reserved. T h e moral right of the adapter and of the illustrator has been asserted. Typeset by RefineCatch Limited Bungay Suffolk,Set in 11 14pt Monotype Bembo. Printed in Spain by Mateu Cromo S A Pinto Madrid, All rights reserved no part of this publication may he reproduced stored. in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the. prior written permission of the Publishers, Published by Pearson Education Limited in association with.
Penguin Books Ltd both companies being subsidiaries of Pearson Plc. For a complete list of titles available in the Penguin Readers series please write to your local. Pearson Education office or contact Penguin Readers Marketing Department. Pearson Education Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE. Introduction iv,Chapter 1 The Hardest Things to Say 1. Chapter 2 The Tree House Gang 1,Chapter 3 The Forests of Maine 5. Chapter 4 A Jar of Pennies 6,Chapter 5 Making Plans 8. Chapter 6 Brother Denny 9,Chapter 7 The Gun 11,Chapter 8 The Railway 15. Chapter 9 The Dump 17,Chapter 10 Milo and Chopper 20.
Chapter 11 Night Sweats 25,Chapter 12 The Bridge 28. Chapter 13 The Loser s Life 33,Chapter 14 Darkness in the Forest 38. Chapter 15 A Dream of Deep Water 40,Chapter 16 The Deer 44. Chapter 17 Leeches 47,Chapter 18 Short Shadows Dusty Shoes 50. Chapter 19 A Serious Matter 51,Chapter 20 The Body 52.
Chapter 21 Ace Merrill 58,Chapter 22 Hailstones 62. Chapter 23 A Twenty Year Old Dream 65,Chapter 24 Love Has Teeth 67. Chapter 25 Empty Kitchen 69,Chapter 26 Some People Drown 69. Chapter 27 Tears for a Friend 72,Activities 73,Introduction. So what s this all about Vern Teddy asked He and Chris were still. playing cards I was reaching for a detective magazine. Vern Tessio said You guys want to go and see a dead body. Everybody stopped, Gordie Lachance and his three friends are always ready for an.
adventure So when a boy dies out in the forest it s a chance to see. something they have never seen in their lives a dead body. But for the four boys their journey will teach them as much. about life as about death As they face the dangers on their way they. begin to learn what it is to grow up and nothing will ever be the. same for them again, With the enormous success of books such as The Shining Salem s. Lot and Misery Stephen King is one of the world s highest earning. writers There are over 150 million copies of his novels in print and. he makes two million dollars a month from his books and the films. made of his books, He grew up in a poor family in Portland Maine in the USA but. he went to university and became a teacher However he gave up. teaching and became a full time writer in 1973 after his first novel. The Body is different from most of King s work It is not a horror. story although there are a few unpleasant moments It is based. on his own childhood in Maine and shows a softer side of his. imagination It was filmed in 1986 as Stand by Me with River. Phoenix as Chris Chambers, You can also read Stephen King s The Breathing Method and. Misery in Penguin Readers,Chapter 1 The Hardest Things to Say. The most important things are the hardest things to say They. are the things you get ashamed of because words make them. smaller When they were in your head they were limitless but. when they come out they seem to be no bigger than normal. things But that s not all The most important things he too. close to wherever your secret heart is buried they are clues that. could guide your enemies to a prize they would love to steal It s. hard and painful for you to talk about these things and then. people just look at you strangely They haven t understood. what you ve said at all or why you almost cried while you were. I was twelve nearly thirteen when I first saw a dead person It. happened in 1960 a long time ago although sometimes it. doesn t seem very long to me Especially on the nights when I wake. up from dreams in which the hail falls into his open eyes. Chapter 2 The Tree House Gang, We had a tree house in a big tree which hung over some empty.
ground in Castle Rock It was a kind of club although it had no. name There were five or six regulars and some other pussies who. came and went We d let them come up when we were playing. cards for money and we needed some fresh blood, The sides of the tree house were made out of wood and the roof. was metal we had taken from the dump looking over our shoulders. all the time because the manager of the dump had a dog which ate. children for breakfast or so people said We found a screen door out. there on the same day It stopped the flies getting in but it was really. rusty It didn t matter what time of day you looked out through that. screen door it always looked like sunset, Besides playing cards the club was a good place to go and smoke. cigarettes and look at girlie books We built a secret space under the. floor to hide magazines and cigarette packets when somebody s. father decided to do the Me And My Son Are Best Friends routine. and visit us, That summer had been the driest and hottest since 1907 the. newspapers said and on that Friday in September a few days before. school started again the grass was dry and brown Teddy and Chris. and I were up in the club in the morning complaining about. school being so near and playing cards and telling the same. jokes we d told each other a hundred times before Teddy was. laughing his peculiar laugh at the jokes Eeee eee eee like a finger. nail scratching on a board He was strange we all knew it Close to. being thirteen like the rest of us the thick glasses and his deafness. made him seem like an old man sometimes, In spite of the glasses Teddy couldn t see very well and he often. misunderstood the things people said to him His eyesight was just. naturally bad but there was nothing natural about what had hap. pened to his ears Back in those days when it was the fashion to get. your hair cut really short Teddy had Castle Rock s first Beatle. haircut four years before anyone in America had even heard of the. Beatles He kept his ears covered because they looked like two. lumps of warm wax, One day when Teddy was eight his father had got angry with.
him for breaking a plate His mother was out at work Teddy s dad. took him over to the big oven at the back of the kitchen and pushed. the side of Teddy s head down against one of the burner plates He. held it down for about ten seconds Then he pulled Teddy up by. the hair and did the other side Then he called the hospital and told. them to come and fetch his boy Then he sat down in front of the. TV with his gun across his knees When Mrs Burroughs from next. The club was a good place to go and smoke cigarettes. door came to ask if Teddy was OK she had heard the screaming. Teddy s dad pointed the gun at her Mrs Burroughs left the. Duchamp house at roughly the speed of light and called the police. When the ambulance came for Teddy his dad explained to the. ambulancemen that although the captain said the area was clear he. knew there were still German soldiers around Before long Teddy s. dad was in Togus which was a special hospital where they sent. soldiers who were mad from the war He had been on the beaches. in Normandy and had just got worse and worse ever since In spite. of what his dad had done to him Teddy was proud of him and. visited him in Togus every week, Teddy was the stupidest boy in our gang I suppose and he was. crazy He used to take the craziest chances like running out in front. of lorries on the road and jumping out of the way at the very last. moment This made him laugh but it frightened us because his. eyesight was so bad You had to be careful what you dared him. because he liked to do anything for a dare, In the middle of a game of cards we heard someone coming fast. up the ladder which was fixed to the side of the tree It was Vern. Tessio one of the other regulars He was sweating hard. Wait till you hear this guys he said,Hear what I asked. I ve got to get my breath I ran all the way from my house. All the way Chris asked unbelievingly Man you re crazy. Vern s house was two miles away It s too hot for that. This is worth it Vern said You won t believe this, Can you all camp out tonight Vern was looking at us in. excitement His eyes were dark and hard in his sweaty face I mean. if you tell your families we re going to camp in my back field. Yeah I think so Chris said picking up his cards and looking. at them But my dad s in an awful mood Drinking you. You ve got to man Vern said Sincerely You won t believe this. Can you Gordie, I usually could do things like that in fact I had hardly been at.
home all summer In April my older brother Dennis had died in a. Jeep accident He had just started training in the army An army. lorry hit the jeep he was in and he died immediately He was a few. days short of being twenty My parents, So what s this all about Vern Teddy asked He and Chris were. still playing cards I was reaching for a detective magazine. Vern Tessio said You guys want to go and see a dead body. Everybody stopped,Chapter 3 The Forests of Maine, We d all heard about it on the radio of course We had our old. radio on all the time listening to pop music Elvis Presley Roy. Orbison and the rest When the news came on we usually stopped. listening but the Ray Brower story was different he was our. age and from Chamberlain a town about forty miles away from. Castle Rock, Three days before Vern burst into the clubhouse Ray Brower. had gone out with one of his mother s buckets to pick wild fruit. When night fell and he still hadn t returned his mother called the. police and the search started But three days later no one had found. him We knew from listening to the story on the radio that they. were never going to find him alive Sooner or later they would just. stop searching They were already sending divers down into the. pools and lakes, Nothing like that could happen in south west Maine today. Jeep an army vehicle which is especially good at travelling off the roads. Suburbs have spread over most of the land The forest is still. there in places but if you walk steadily in a single direction. you ll find a road sooner or later But in those days it was. possible to walk into the forest and lose your direction there and. Chapter 4 A Jar of Pennies, Vern Tessio had been under the front of his house digging Before I.
go any further I d better tell you why he was digging there And. even before I tell you that I d better tell you that Vern and Teddy. were about equal in intelligence in not having very much intelli. gence that is Vern s brother Billy was even more stupid as you ll. Four years ago when he was eight Vern buried a jar of. pennies under the front of the house in the dark space he called. his cave He was playing a game about robbers and they were. hiding the pennies from the police He drew a map which. showed where the jar was put it in his room and forgot about it. for nearly a month Then one day when he wanted to go and. see a film and he didn t have enough money he remembered. about the pennies and went to find the map But his mother. had tidied his room and taken away the map along with old. magazines and other rubbish She had used them to start a fire in. the kitchen the next morning so Vern s map went up the kitchen. Ever since then Vern had looked for the jar of pennies They. added up to only about three dollars but as the years passed and. Vern became more and more desperate about these pennies of his. the jar held sometimes as much as ten dollars He never found the. place where he had buried them, Sometimes we tried to tell him what was obvious to us that. his big brother Billy had known about the jar and had dug it up. himself But Vern refused to believe this although he hated Billy. He also refused to ask Billy about it Probably he was afraid that. Billy would laugh and say Of course I took them you stupid pussy. and there were twenty dollars in the jar and I spent it all. Anyway he was digging there early that Friday morning when. he heard the screen door open and shut above him He kept very. quiet He heard Billy s friend Charlie Hogan say Jesus Christ. Billy what are we going to do, Now Charlie was one of the hardest guys in town He was in the. same gang as Ace Merrill and Eyeball Chambers so he had to be. hard So as soon as Vern heard him talk like that he was very. interested Something big was happening,Nothing Billy said That s what. Penguin Books Ltd both companies being subsidiaries of Pearson Plc For a complete list of titles available in the Penguin Readers series please write to your local Pearson Education office or contact Penguin Readers Marketing Department Pearson Education Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE

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