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HigHer PurPose 3 saCramental giFts 13,FaitH in aCtion 3 Family 14. Planning tHe Program 4 FooD For Families 14, serviCe Program Personnel rePort 4 Family oF tHe montH year 14. imPlementing tHe serviCe Program 4 KeeP CHrist in CHristmas 14. CounCil organizational meeting 4 Family Fully alive 15. BeFore tHe organizational meeting 4 Family weeK 15. ParisH Pastor CounCil CHaPlain 4 ConseCration to tHe Holy Family 15. DraFt news artiCle 5 Family Prayer nigHt 16, Program Portion oF tHe CounCil gooD FriDay Family Promotion 16. organizational meeting 5 Community 17, aFter tHe organizational meeting 5 Coats For KiDs 17. KeePing Program Personnel motivateD 5 gloBal wHeelCHair mission 17. star CounCil awarD 6 HaBitat For Humanity 17,ColumBian awarD 6.
Disaster PrePareDness 18,FatHer mCgivney awarD 6,Free tHrow CHamPionsHiP 18. FounDers awarD 7,CatHoliC CitizensHiP essay Contest 18. state CounCil serviCe Program awarDs 7,soCCer CHallenge 18. international serviCe Program awarDs 7,HelPing HanDs 19. saFe environment,oFFiCe oF youtH ProteCtion 8 liFe 20.
orDering suPPlies 9 marCH For liFe 20,online Fraternal training 9 sPeCial olymPiCs 20. weBinars 9 ultrasounD Program 21,Program Categories 10 CHristian reFugee relieF 21. suPreme reCommenDeD Program silver rose 21, Category matrix 10 mass For PeoPle witH sPeCial neeDs 21. FeatureD Programs 11 PregnanCy Center suPPort 21,requireD Programs 11 novena For liFe 22. FaitH 12 suPreme CHaPlain s FaitH in aCtion,reFunD suPPort voCation montHly CHallenge 23.
Program rsvP 12 FaitH in aCtion montHly,into tHe BreaCH 12 CHallenge instruCtions 23. marian Prayer Program 12 saFe environment Program training anD. BuilDing tHe DomestiC CHurCH BaCKgrounD CHeCK requirements. KiosK 12 taBle 1 8, rosary Program 13 FaitH in aCtion Programs taBle 2 10. sPiritual reFleCtion 13 FeatureD Programs taBle 3 11. Holy Hour 13 requireD Programs taBle 4 11,Faith in action. HiGHer PurPose way that is clear to our leaders members and prospective. in the opening lines of Evangelii Gaudium The Joy of the Knights The simplicity of Faith in action is that it fully. Gospel His Holiness Pope Francis invites Christians integrates Building the Domestic Church programs as a. everywhere at this very moment to a renewed personal foundational part of the model limits the number of. encounter with Jesus Christ 3 The Faith in action required programs to earn the Columbian award and. program model extends that same invitation to Knights most importantly allows councils to concentrate on. of Columbus members and their families it is a renewed implementing quality faith filled family programs our. personal invitation to live out the calling of their faith goal is for men to lead their family in service not leave. the call to service of their neighbor and to answer the age their family for service The focus of this streamlined. program is quality not quantity,old question am i my brother s keeper gn 4 9. today a man s work can follow him home through his. smartphone at the same time he is picking up a larger. share of household responsibilities and striving to meet. more intense demands of fatherhood as the pace of kids. activities has accelerated Despite this many men are. drawn to opportunities to be hands on and to express. their faith by working alongside peers in service to others. They want to spend precious free time involved with. their families while also building bonds of friendship and. fraternity that will last a lifetime,as supreme Knight Carl anderson said if we can t.
meet young Catholic men where they are they will go. somewhere else and in this era it is too easy to go. somewhere else when we need them to be home Home,in the Catholic Church home in their parishes and. home with their families as leaders and brother, Knights who care about the long term sustainability of. the order we are excited about men s desire to serve and FaitH in action. the opportunity to consistently adapt to meet the This Faith in action manual provides you and your. demand of a changing world and the needs of future council with information to both implement supreme. members we know that the chance to roll up our sleeves recommended programs and create unique programs. and demonstrate our faith through service is as powerful that help men to live out their commitment to the. as it is rewarding The calling is a fundamental part of Catholic faith and their desire to serve family parish. the order s history and genesis for our new program and community. model Faith in action This mission driven platform is. an excellent way to express our service program as it woven within these four categories is the opportunity to. speaks to our own e orts and to the interests of share something that all generations and cultures within. prospective Knights our organization seek in their membership in the. Knights of Columbus The Faith in action model allows. The Faith in action model is a realization of the changing us to come together to share our faith celebrate fraternity. needs of men in the twenty first century it seeks to with our families and do what we do best stand. balance all of our key priorities with theirs Faith shoulder to shoulder in service to our community and to. Family Community and life and present them in a defend life at all stages and in every condition. Faith in action, this manual fully explains the Faith in action supreme Council Department of Fraternal mission with. program model its four categories and associated only the new or changed information. supreme recommended programs for each additional, service program resources and recommendations can implementing the service Program. be found at kofc org it is critical that the grand knight have an organizational. meeting with the council s appointed directors and chairs. The resources included in this guide and online are in advance of the new fraternal year before July 1 This. meant to serve as guidelines and not intended to meeting sets the groundwork for the entire fraternal year. be prescriptive or exacting your council should and is essential to the success of the council. adapt the information for each program to meet the. needs and resources of your local parish and community council organizational Meeting. By conducting well run programs your council Council o cers including the program and member. continues the vision of our founder by assisting people ship directors with their respective committee chairs and. in need strengthening the bonds that unite our your council s financial secretary and chaplain should. members and continuing the strategy of Building the attend use it to help set the program calendar. Domestic Church membership and insurance goals budget and social. Planning the Program, start planning immediately after the election of council before the organizational Meeting.
o cers at that time the grand knight should appoint review the programs that were conducted in the past. program and membership directors remember that year and examine the reasons for success or failure of each. programs and membership go hand in hand a council project Develop a brief summary on each and be. cannot conduct successful programs without member prepared to discuss the analysis during the program. support but without quality faith filled family programs portion of the Council organizational meeting. prospective members will not be interested in joining. your council Parish Pastor council chaplain, Consultation with the pastor and his sta is critical well. after the appointment the program director works with in advance of the Council organizational meeting. the grand knight to name committee chairs for each of discuss your council s tentative plans for the new fraternal. the four program categories year on programs that may come out of the meeting. Personally invite him to the Council organizational. service Program Personnel report, once the directors and committee chairs are appointed. complete and submit the Service Program Personnel,Report 365 through the member management. application located in the o cers online section of. kofc org no later than aug 1 The report is also found. at kofc org forms,submitting this report allows the directors and. chairpersons to receive important information from the. supreme Council and the state council, if there are changes in committee chairs during the.
fraternal year you may also use the member, management application to make updates or submit a. new Service Program Personnel Report 365 to the,Faith in action. meeting with ample time for him to plan his attendance. obtain his guidance and permission an important and. fundamental aspect of our relationship with our pastors. chaplains and our ability to serve the parish community. draft news article, assign a public relations chairman to write a draft news. article updating the parish and community on the success. of the council s activity in the previous year and asking. for parish and community support in the coming year. Program Portion of the council organizational Meeting. During the programming portion of the Council,organizational meeting your council o cers should. review the programs that were conducted in the past. Discuss the summary analysis of each project,review and approve the draft of the news article.
prepared by the public relations chairman,Based on the review decide which programs should. be repeated in the current fraternal year and which. new programs should be included,assign directors and chairmen responsible for. each program,assign tentative dates for each program and when. each program will conclude establish a meeting,schedule for the program committee chairs. council leadership should work with the parish, Consider the parish calendar before finalizing leadership to secure required facilities as needed.
these dates and review with the pastor and his,parish sta keeping Program Personnel Motivated. set a budget for each program The program director and committee chair are responsible. Prepare a list of programs to present to your for keeping volunteers motivated recognition for a job. council for approval well done can go a long way to keeping morale high Here. Communicate the date of each program to the are some suggestions. public relations chair to ensure that your council s Publish the work the council is doing in the parish. programs are communicated to the parish and and community use the various resources available to. community in a timely fashion using the sample you to help with this and refer to the Public Relations. announcements prepared for many of the programs and Publicity Guide 2235 for assistance. Be sure that each Knight gets full credit and,after the organizational Meeting. if the pastor or chaplain was not in attendance the grand recognition for his work an occasional personal. knight should arrange to follow up with him on the note may mean a great deal to the recipient. outcome of the Council organizational meeting and Consider presenting a Certificate of Appreciation. obtain final approval of programs and associated dates 1462 to the directors chair and other individuals. that the council seeks to conduct within the parish The who were instrumental in the success of the program. Faith in action,listen to the suggestions of your council members. and acknowledge good advice tell your brother, Knights that you appreciate their interest and will. consider their ideas, Be prepared to listen when a member has a question.
or problem guide him but allow him to do most of, the thinking This indicates respect for his judgment. giving him confidence and a feeling of importance, accept responsibility for your mistakes This shows. your team that you know you are human and fallible. star council award, The goal of every council is a commitment to obtain the. star Council award Councils that conduct well, rounded Faith in action programs will find that their. activities are attractive to men of the parish recruitment. and retention are far easier when programs invite men. and their families to live their faith in service to one percent etc of your council s membership quota For. another their parish and the communities in which they additional information on how your council can earn the. live and work star Council award visit kofc org star. The star Council award recognizes the e orts that columbian award. councils put forth in continuing venerable michael earn the Columbian award for well rounded council. mcgivney s mission in order for your council to earn the programs There is no reason why every council in the. star Council award it must Knights of Columbus should not earn the Columbian. earn the Columbian award for well rounded award it recognizes your council s quality faith filled. council programs family programs in each of the four Faith in action. submit the Columbian Award Application sP 7 program categories in order for your council to earn the. due by June 30 Columbian award it must, earn the Father mcgivney award for membership Conduct at least four major programs in each of the.
growth Faith in action categories of Faith Family,Community and life. earn the Founders award for insurance growth,Complete the Columbian Award Application sP 7. submit the Service Program Personnel Report 365,due by June 30. in the Catholic Church home in their parishes and home with their families as leaders and brother Knights who care about the long term sustainability of the order we are excited about men s desire to serve and the opportunity to consistently adapt to meet the demand of a changing world and the needs of future members we know that the chance to roll up our sleeves and demonstrate our

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