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Additional Events 4,Venue Map 6,ANZATA Timetable 7. ANZATA Workshops and Presenters 8,CTAA Timetable 14. CTAA Workshops and Presenters 15,Registration 21, ANZATA CTAA 2013 Symposium Exploring New Pathways p 2. We are very excited to present this joint venture so that together we can celebrate promote and explore new. pathways for the creative arts therapy profession in Aotearoa New Zealand The symposium is brought to you. by ANZATA Australia and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association and CTAA Creative Therapies Association of. Aotearoa ANZATA is the professional body of arts therapists who are trained to a masters level in Australia. New Zealand and Singapore CTAA is an integrative umbrella organisation which includes creative therapists. expressive arts therapists community art workers and professionals interested in using creative media in. education rehabilitation health community health counselling and psychotherapy. Saturday s Events, ANZATA are honoured to have as our international guest speaker renowned arts therapist Dr Shaun McNiff. Professor at Lesley University in Cambridge Massachussetts who will present a guest lecture titled Art based. knowing Therapy research and personal practice Prior to Shaun s presentation there will be a range of. workshops in varying modalities offered in the morning These will include dance movement drama art therapy. sandplay and multimodal presentations Later in the day following Shaun s presentation the programme will. feature an exciting line up of research presentations including a book launch and a collaborative plenary session. focussing on exploring new pathways for the profession. Sunday s Events, CTAA offers a range of experiential workshops and presentations of recent research from professionals across.
modalities Our session streams cover drama dance movement music therapy rhythm creative writing. arts therapy and multimodal therapy Our guest presenter and long time friend Joanna Jaaniste Australian. dramatherapist will present Grief and loss through ritual on the Sunday morning We also have Australians. Justine Bristow and Nicholas Townsend offering a TaKeTiNa rhythm workshop after lunch This will be an. introduction to the approach and also leads into their full day workshop on the Monday at Blockhouse Bay. hosted by CTAA The CTAA Annual General Meeting will be held during the extended lunch break which anyone. is welcome to attend and learn more about what the organisation has done over the past year. Building Access, Whitecliffe College has secure access both to enter and exit the building and to move around the building. There will be a team of volunteers who are students at the college who will be available to get you in and out. and between floors During the symposium there will always be people in Pearce Seminar Room on Level 3 who. can let you in but you will need assistance to get to another level All security doors are clearly marked on the. map on page 6 of this programme,Food and Drinks, Tea coffee morning and afternoon tea and lunch will be provided on both days in the Whitecliffe cafeteria on. Level 3 or on Level 5, ANZATA CTAA 2013 Symposium Exploring New Pathways p 3. Additional Events,Panel Discussion with Shaun McNiff. Thursday 24 October 4 15pm,The University of Auckland Epsom Campus.
Gate 3 74 Epsom Avenue parking at Gate 2 Building N Room 5. On the two days before the Auckland symposium the Faculty of Education of the University of Auckland is running. a symposium Critical Journeys in Applied Theatre Creative Participation Wellbeing and Disadvantage on 24 and. 25 October The two day symposium includes confirmed keynote presenters from Eire Australia and New Zealand. applied theatre performances practical workshops and academic papers. Associate Professor Peter O Connor who has organised the symposium has invited Shaun McNiff and Amanda Levey. President of ANZATA to join some of the keynote speakers from that symposium for a panel discussion chaired by. Professor Robyn Ewing from the University of Sydney The topic for the discussion is Theatre the Arts Well Being in. the Post Normal World Following the panel there will be a Ethnodrama performance Capturing the Tales a project. involving residents of a retirement village in West Auckland and the teenage researchers From 6 30 to 7 30 canapes. and drinks will be served Those who register for the ANZATA CTAA symposium are invited to attend these events as. guests as well as keynote talks It is wonderful that we are able to connect our events and we imagine there will be. many attendees who will attend both symposia, The Faculty of Education symposium celebrates theatre as a humanising and liberating process whilst also. interrogating its potential to realise hope and possibility in communities of despair disenfranchisement and. disadvantage It also will consider the manner in which applied theatre can contribute to the creation of healthy. individuals and communities bringing together artists and professionals working in education health community. and youth work with opportunities to share their research and practice Of particular focus will be work that is. concerned with wellbeing in marginalised and disadvantaged communities For more information about that. symposium www education auckland ac nz uoa home events template event item jsp cid 579699. ANZATA CTAA 2013 Symposium Exploring New Pathways p 4. CTAA Creative Therapists Association Aotearoa presents. Additional Events,The TaKeTiNa,Rhythm Experience,Taketina is a pure rhythm experience. Rhythm is used as a catalyst to merge,polarities or allow seemingly opposite. realities to coexist within ones self,Polarities of Freedom and Structure. Flow and Pulse Stillness and Movement,Chaos and Order Self and Other.
Relaxation and Intensity Time and Timelessness,Awake Consciousness and Dream Consciousness. Merging Polarities brings together the ultimate polarity. the I and the It I play a drum but It grooves I plan. but it unfolds I do but it happens,This gives one the experience of emergence. letting the deeper intelligence of life to surface and move through us. Meditation Rhythm Transformation,Workshop date,Monday October 28th 2013 Labour day holiday. Venue Blockhouse Bay Boat Club,91 Endeavour St Blockhouse Bay Auckland. Facilitators Senior trained TaKeTiNa teachers Nick Townsend Justine Bristow AUS. One Day EARLY BIRD RATE By 1st October One Day STANDARD RATE. ANZATA or CTAA Members 70 ANZATA or CTAA Members 80. Non Members 90 Non Members 100, This TaKeTiNa workshop at Blockhouse Bay Boat Club is hosted by CTAA Creative Therapists Association.
Aotearoa immediately following the ANZATA CTAA symposium Exploring New Pathways for the Creative. Arts Therapies, TaKeTiNa will also present a 3 hour workshop on Sunday as part of the symposium. Special Offer A special price of 50 for this TaKeTiNa full day at Blockhouse Bay s workshop will be offered to. anyone who also attends the CTAA symposium day Sunday 27th October upon presentation of a receipt It is. recommended to attend both Sunday workshop and Monday full day as TaKeTiNa works best if one has an overnight. between sessions, For details of the full weekend symposium please check the CTAA website www ctaa org nz. Please email Gwen Mann at info ctaa org nz,to register attendance or get more information. www newworldrhythm com www taketina comANZATA CTAA 2013 Symposium Exploring New Pathways p 5. Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design 24 Balfour Street Parnell. Steep driveway,from Balfour St,Available in the weekend. There is plenty of street parking nearby,Level 3 Outdoor Seating Area.
Studio 4 Pearce,Studio Studio 2,The Main Entrance on street level to Whitecliffe. College of Arts and Design at 24 Balfour Street,Davis Stairs. Seminar Studio 1 in Parnell,Stairs Reception,Main Entrance. on street level,Lift Foyer,Level 5 General areas open to. participants,Symposium workshop,and presentation,Main Entrance rooms and exhibition.
Lecture Hall Main space,Foyer on street level,Lift Locked need a swipe. card to open,No swipe card needed, ANZATA CTAA 2013 Symposium Exploring New Pathways p 6. Day One ANZATA,ANZATA CTAA Symposium Saturday 26 October 2013. 8 30 9 00 Registration Level 5, 9 00 9 30 Welcome and Introduction Lecture Hall Level 5. 9 30 10 00 Morning Tea and mingling Cafeteria Level 3. Studio 2 Lecture Hall Studio 5 Pearce Studio 3 Studio 1. Session A 1 Collaborative 2 Teacher 3 Carving our 4 Art therapy 5 Feel good 6 Sandtray. 10 00 12 00 play lab aide as arts experience happiness felt better Cassandra. Amanda Levey therapist A sculptural Janet McLeod Brigitte Hendry. 2 hours workshop, Angie Anaia Treefoot Art therapy Houvenagel Rene Andre.
Richardson Lucy Mulholland Jennie Halliday workshop Art therapy Sandplay. Alecia Steel Multimodal Multimodal workshop workshop. DMT workshop workshop,dramatherapy,12 00 1 00 Lunch Cafeteria Level 3. Session B 7 Art based knowing Therapy research and personal practice. 1 00 2 30 International guest speaker Dr Shaun McNiff Lecture Hall Level 5. Lecture Hall Pearce Seminar Room, Session C 8 From research to publication 9 Research presentations. 2 30 3 30 Assessment and outcomes in the arts therapies Framing the problem Art therapy and cartooning. Caroline Miller et al Jennie Halliday and Sarah Lawn. 3 30 4 00 Afternoon Tea Cafeteria Level 3, Session D 10 Participatory plenary session Exploring new 11 Research presentations. 4 00 6 00 pathways for the creative arts therapies A r tography and arts based research Being. Chaired by members of the Symposium Committee present in multiplicity Deborah Green. ANZATA CTAA 2013 Symposium Exploring New Pathways p 7. 1 Collaborative play lab,Amanda Levey Angela Richardson Alecia Steel. Studio 2 Saturday 10 00 12 00 Dance movement therapy dramatherapy. Recent scientific research looks at the behaviour Angie Richardson. of flocks schools and colonies to understand how ATCL Dip Tchng BEd MAAT Clinical Hons AThR. humans can harness cooperation a smart swarm is Angie completed her MA in arts therapy at Whitecliffe. a group of individuals who respond to each other and College in 2010 She is an experienced and registered. to their environment in ways that give them the power primary school teacher Currently she works part time. as a group to cope with uncertainty complexity and at a West Auckland special school doing dramatherapy. change Miller 2010 This workshop is interested in with students who have special needs She is also. enhancing the ability of participants to increase their contracted by Spark Creative Studio and is presently. engagement with their embodiedness playfulness and on the team working with clients who have had. nonverbal cooperative creative interaction with others strokes and also on the team doing art with children. Often in our work as therapists we are holding the on the autism spectrum She has worked in private. space and providing structure for our clients When practice using drama art and sandtray therapy under. we come together with our tribe it is a wonderful the company name The Chrysalis with a focus on. opportunity to work at an advanced level together children teens and their families including those with. with others who are resilient skilled and empathic special needs. who can readily resonate with us and also challenge Alecia Steel. and extend us in our play selves Dip Performing Arts PGDip Bus HR currently in MAAT. Clinical Whitecliffe,Miller P 2010 Smart swarm Using animal behaviour.
Alecia has a background in performing arts and dance. to change our world London UK HarperCollins, and is a practising visual artist She has spent 25. Amanda Levey years working in corporate settings in organisational. BA Hons Psych MAAT Registered Psychologist AThR,behaviour and change management in the USA. Amanda studied psychology at the University of Australia Singapore and New Zealand Alecia is. Melbourne Australia and subsequently trained employed by SPARK Centre in Auckland as an Arts. extensively in the Halprin Method in the USA This Therapist working as part of a multi disciplinary team. model is an integration of movement dance visual using the modalities of Dance and Movement and. arts performance techniques and therapeutic Visual Arts She is also involved with Dance Therapy. practices She gained her MA in arts therapy at New Zealand Her areas of experience primarily lie with. Whitecliffe College She has worked extensively in adults affected by Dementia Stroke Cerebral Palsy. movement based arts therapy for over 20 years physical and intellectual disabilities and with children. Amanda is the current president of ANZATA and is on the Autism Spectrum. the Director of the MA AT Clinical programme at,Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. 2 Teacher aide as arts therapist Bringing 1 1 arts therapy. to a classroom setting,Anaia Treefoot Lucy Mulholland. Lecture Hall Saturday 10 00 12 00 Multimodal workshop. This Panel Presentation will introduce participants ADHD in a classroom setting Presentation will include. to three unique perspectives the mother the Arts an experiential component introducing relevant tools. Therapy Trainee Teacher Aide and the Arts Therapy Anaia Treefoot. Supervisor Consultant on an innovative Arts MAAT Clin DTAA Assoc ADTA Assoc. pathways for the creative arts therapy profession in Aotearoa New Zealand The symposium is brought to you by ANZATA Australia and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association and CTAA Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa ANZATA is the professional body of arts therapists who are trained to a masters level in Australia New Zealand and

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