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Children accessing pastoral support have been supported in forming positive attitudes to self others and school and have been better able to access their learning. as a result There have been no permanent exclusions and fixed term exclusions are rare and well below national. 100 attendance at Y6 SATs breakfast club ensured a calm and relaxed start to each day and we saw increases in the disadvantaged pupils achieving the. expected standard in all subjects,1 Quality of teaching for all. Desired outcome Chosen action approach Impact Lessons learned Cost. Will the strategy continue be,enhanced or be cancelled as a result. of your evaluation, Phonics T L support in EYFS Additional phonics groups smaller F2 21 PPG on track on entry 17 all Phonics booster sessions need to start more. and Y1 for identified vulnerable group size allowing for more others promptly beginning of September and to be. groups personalised support Jul 18 58 PPG on track 75 all others more focused on key marginal pupils those. Y1 falling just below level for their age at end F2. Phonics booster sessions for pupils Sept 17 8 28 PP children 29 at 20 Nov target PP group pupils at start Y1 This will. identified as falling behind increase to 17 32 53 July 2018 81 PP mean that children are supported to reach the. at standard required level at an earlier stage in the year. and will then require fewer booster sessions,Provision at EYFS is effective and pupils are. making good progress from low starting,points Making an earlier start to phonics.
learning in F1 will ensure children have more,secure basic phonic knowledge at start of F2. start RWI in F1 in October 2019, Improve oral language across Philosophy for Children pilot July 2018 Pupil voice and teacher feedback show that 900 supply. Y5 classes programme supported by N Lincs LA Y5 Teachers report significant improvement in there has been an improvement in children s costs. children s oral expressive language expressive oral language and confidence. Weekly P4C sessions Fridays P4C is being rolled out into all KS2 classes. S L Y5 76 PP on track increased 20 as part of the academy s Healthy Body. since Sept 17 compared to 77 all on track Healthy Mind initiative on Friday afternoons. Higher rates of progress across Quality First Teaching PP pupils meeting GDS Data shows PP pupils do less well in Writing Maths Mastery. all key stages for pupils eligible this is be a focus in 2018 19 Subject 3000. for PP Catch up afternoon TA support in R W M leaders are working with Chris Quigley to look. More able PP pupils make good every classroom at planning for depth and mastery across the. progress and the difference is Y1 13 Y1 3 Y1 13 curriculum Sept 18 which we anticipate will. diminishing between PP pupils Maths Mastery Reception and Year 1 Y2 17 Y2 3 Y2 11 improve quality of teacher planning and. and all pupils nationally quality first teaching at the higher levels and. Termly tracking of PP outcomes by PP Y3 20 Y3 14 Y3 23 result in higher levels of progress. Y4 25 Y4 18 Y4 25 pupils working at higher levels in Maths in. Whole school focus on OAHA learning KS1 is lower than at KS2 but continued use. skills one each half term Y5 16 Y5 11 Y5 16 of MM approach should increase the. Development of role of PP Champion Y6 16 Y6 22 Y6 20 numbers as it becomes embedded and. to track PP pupils and ensure throughout the school. appropriate interventions are put in, place with additional support staff PP Champion will track provision for MA. deployed effectively NFER research focussing on writing all YGs and particularly. in the new Y2 and Y6 cohorts where data, Weekly Raising Aspirations group led indicates fewer PP MA achieving at the. by Physical and Well Being Lead higher levels,targeting MA disadvantaged pupils.
Raised attainment in Reading Additional teacher in Y6 2 terms and ARE of PP pupils Booster teaching in Y6 continues to prove a 36582. Writing and Maths Y5 1 term 0 5 FTE R W M successful strategy in raising attainment of. Y2 75 Y2 58 Y2 72 PP pupils Moving this support to Y5 after. Additional teacher in KS1 0 3 FTE Y5 65 Y5 70 Y5 78 SATs means that vulnerable PP pupils can. Y6 67 Y6 71 Y6 80 be identified and supported before summer. and groups are ready to start from,Purchase PiXL Code programme for September. pupils with poor decoding and phonics, skills at upper KS2 Lexia has proved to be an effective. Lexia programme initiated Nov 17,intervention for pupils from Y2 Y6 struggling. 47 pupils have consistently accessed the, Lexia purchased for phonics with phonics and reading. programme since it installation at the end, intervention in KS2 of October O track assessments show End of KS1 and KS2 data shows increases in.
that all pupils accessing Lexia made at PP pupils achieving ARE in all core. Weekly release for core subject least 1 level progress on the programme subjects Strong subject leadership. leaders for in house monitoring and Testing showed that pupils have made an supported by professional development. support average of 13 9 months improvement in Teaching Leaders ensures a focus on the. reading age outcomes of disadvantaged children As, Additional release 1 0 FTE for ALT 76 made expected progress such these strategies will continue into 2018. for in house monitoring and support Of the 24 who didn t 5 were very 19 as despite the improvements there is a. close to expected stubborn gap between the attainment of. Exceptional Teacher Programme to 65 children accessing Lexia achieved disadvantaged children and those not. increase teachers working at their class predicted target for Reading disadvantaged. consistently outstanding level quality,first teaching. 2 Targeted support, Desired outcome Chosen action approach Impact Did you meet the success Lessons learned Cost. criteria Include impact on pupils not, eligible for PP if appropriate Will the strategy continue be. enhanced or be cancelled as a result,of your evaluation.
Improve oral language skills Quality First Teaching using Tower 69 90 pupils assessed at age related for Baseline assessments show that increasing 10939. across all age groups Hamlets language structures language Of the 21 identified for numbers of pupils entering the academy have. additional language support 17 did not poor oral language This impacts higher up. Wellcomm introduced to replace have English as their primary language Of the school in difficulties with vocabulary. the Language Links assessment the 4 WBr not at age related 2 had been andexpressive language in reading and 160. package as changes to the identified as SEND, programme made it impractical to writing We need to continue this strategy in. use in the academy Wellcomm Maths outcomes in F2 2018 19. Language Assessment is being 86 all at ELG, used to identified reception pupils Observations of teaching and learning in. who are below age related in Maths outcomes in Y1 Maths in the reception and Y1 classes have. language once the full cohort has 71 PP pupils at ARE provided strong evidence that the emphasis. been assessed targeted pupils will on spoken language in the Maths Mastery. receive a language intervention programme is having a positive impact on. programme These pupils will be pupil outcomes in Maths their deeper. reassessed at the end of the year to understanding of taught concepts and their. track progress made Until the full confidence when discussing their learning. cohort has been assessed interim The strategy will continue to be rolled out on. language groups have been set up a year by year basis. using EAL TA s to target NTE pupils,in F1 and F2,Maths Mastery approach spoken. language emphasis,Talk for Writing, Higher rates of progress across Develop metacognition and self PP pupils meeting ARE PP pupils do better in Maths than Literacy 56862. all key stages for pupils eligible regulation strategies that encourage where they do less well in Writing Y1 Y4. for PP pupils to plan monitor and evaluate R W M than in Reading Although the majority of. More able PP pupils make good their learning focus on the OAHA children read 4 times a week at home the. Y1 84 Y1 58 Y1 71, progress and the difference is learning skills quality of this support varies We anticipate.
diminishing between PP pupils Y2 78 Y2 67 Y2 75 that the introduction of Accelerated Reader in. and all pupils nationally Quality First Teaching Y5 and Y6 in September 18 will support. Y3 77 Y3 71 Y3 71 disadvantaged pupils as it introduces a. Catch up afternoon TA support in quizzing element which will appeal to boys. Y4 64 Y4 61 Y4 64, every classroom and encourage more independent reading in. Y5 65 Y5 70 Y5 78 school In addition we have visited OA. Maths Mastery Reception and Year 1 Hobmoor which has a similar intake to. 10 minute maths meetings introduced Y6 67 Y6 71 Y6 80 OAHA where AR has proved to be an. in all classes Y2 Y5 effective strategy in raising attainment in. More PP pupils achieved ARE in Maths in F2 reading. Half termly tracking of PP, outcomes with RAPs for teachers Boys attainment at ARE. Maths Mastery has had a positive impact on, Whole school focus on raising boys R W M maths standards in EYFS and Y1. attainment,PP NPP PP NPP PP NPP,There is still a gap in the attainment of boys. Weekly Raising Aspirations group led and girls raising boys attainment will. by Physical and Well Being Lead 6 68 79 64 83 76 79. continue as a priority in 18 19 with a focus, targeting MA disadvantaged pupils on delivering an exciting and engaging.
boys 5 67 83 72 80 78 94,curriculum with more contextual learning. 4 71 75 57 66 71 81 opportunities which appeal to boys. P4C sessions in Y5 classes, 3 71 75 57 66 71 81 P4C proved effective as a strategy for. developing boys oral skills and their,confidence in contributing to class. 2 68 65 63 61 68 78 discussions This is now being rolled out. across KS2,1 79 76 53 71 68 85, To improve language skills of Early intervention EAL support to EYFS January 2018 This intervention is working to continue into 7055. EAL pupils on entry pupils F1 booster groups set up delivered 3x week 18 19. F2 pupils being assessed using the to targeted EAL pupils Focus on vocabulary 56862. Wellcomm Language Assessment to and speaking with those with little or no. identify those pupils who are below age English on entry EAL A B 45 children. related for language Booster language July 18 at predicted target of above. groups will then target those pupils who R 78,require additional support W 76.
Additional TA support EYFS Y2 for, pupils who fail to reach ARE at the end Y1 EAL pupils. of the previous year R 85,EALIP intervention support for targeted M 82. Increased PP family Family Learning Programme 19 families currently being supported by Early Help outcomes and Children s Services 36713. engagement with learning Workshops for parents RWM FCEW 15 19 RAG at R 4 19 at A for referrals show an ever increasing demand for. Attendance 11 19 children with improved this additional support with increasing. Rich and varied extra curricular attendance av increase 7 87 numbers of families in crisis Outcomes of. provision Engagement 50 supported parents have the support provided by the FCEW show that. attended the Workshop Cafes this term 50 this is a very effective strategy and will. Target support from Family and also regularly attend weekly coffee mornings continue into 2018 19. Community Engagement Worker Practical family support clothing parenting. advice as required,Behaviour family based support 1 family. progressed to G as home and school,behaviour improved 7 19 high level beh. need children reduced to 3 19 as parents,engage with strategies.
3 19 families exited from FASST,2 19 families at risk of eviction now have. eviction overturned, To provide additional Literacy Premier Reading Stars reading support Y4 children Engagement levels are high and pupil 500. support and challenge for PP PPG ARE 100 on track for EXS Dec 2017 outcomes improved This is a cost effective. pupils in Y4 and Y5 Average SS 98 strategy which we will continue to use in 500. Study United sessions PPG MA Jul 18 100 PP children have made 2018 19. To raise academic outcomes Social and emotional support group Learning Mentor support on a 1 1 basis 81 Demands for pastoral support to support 101303. and develop resilience in pastoral provision nurture learning PPG pupils 100 accessing the curriculum vulnerable children to access teaching and. vulnerable pupils in all key mentors before and after school and at for literacy numeracy learning have increased The effectiveness. stages lunchtimes and timetabled sessions Increased confidence and self esteem of this support has been evidenced in positive. Learning Mentor support drop ins time out behaviour for learning judgements in all. etc PPG are 65 of the 25 pupils supported external and internal monitoring throughout 689. 2017 18 However this can be reactive, Decrease number of F T PASS survey all children to identify Specific pastoral and nurture sessions to support which is most effective on a short. exclusions and reduce number barriers to learning and ensure support vulnerable pupils 66 of the 29 term basis so we have decided to target. of red light incidents appropriate support is put in place pupils attending PPG 100 pupils remaining pastoral support based on a pyramid of need. in classroom accessing curriculum model and will be training pastoral staff in a. Mental Health Champion and mental Improvement in Boxall Profile scores number of specific interventions so that. School Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue curriculum Sept 18 which we anticipate will improve quality of teacher planning and quality first teaching at the higher levels and result in higher levels of progress pupils working at higher levels in Maths in KS1 is lower than at KS2 but continued use Maths Mastery 3000 Development of role of PP Champion to track PP pupils and ensure

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