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Attendance rates Attendance Officer salary Targeted attendance support structure has enabled Continue to work with Education 12000. will improve for Education Welfare Officer Time is increase by 5 of Disadvantaged children Welfare Officer and purchase. targeted pupils in, the short and long given to meet with parents at school to compared to 2017 additional support from SOL. term A culture of find out the issues and provide Neither whole school or disadvantaged Attendance Consultancy. attending school will support Home visits are undertaken as attendance was however at national standards. become the norm required,for our targeted,families which will. impact positively,upon attainment,and achievement, Parents confidence Parental workshops in EYFS to Workshops for maths and English were held in Continue to build on this 5000. and self esteem will teach parents how they can best every year group and were well attended approach next year Look at. increase Increased support their children with Questionnaires completed by the parents. support at home phonics reading writing and overwhelmingly 97 said that they felt more possibility of using website to. linked with what we maths Parent workshops in KS1 confident supporting their child children at home further support parents working. are doing in school and KS2 to teach basic skills in a following the sessions with their children at home. will lead to the maths and English Informal coffee. pupils making faster mornings to listen to parents. progress views and give them an,opportunity to engage. The basic skills for all Staff to provide additional Overwhelming majority of children achieved their Continue with pre teaching and 60000. pupils are increased in interventions and support inside and individual targets throughout the primary phase post teaching intervention. line with national outside of the school day supporting approaches. expectations Children across EYFS KS1 and KS2,targeted for specific.
support according to, All pupils are able to School will fund subsidise as Registers show no child was left behind for not Continue with this approach 10000. access visits and after appropriate paying for trips or excluded from attending a club. school clubs offered by due to financial hardship,the school broadening. their experience, To improve the Smaller groups for English and This approach has been successful for a number of Continue with this approach 50000. educational outcomes Numeracy in Year 6 years and is being built on further with the. for pupils in Year 6 introduction and consolidation of PIXL. Higher than national average SATs results and,significant progress achieved. Learning will either be Two homework clubs required in Key Registers show clubs were consistently full and Clubs will expand further as there 8000. extended or Stage1 and Key Stage 2 learning environment enabled children to work in a are now four classes in each year. consolidated This will calm a purposeful environment group up to and including Year 5. lead to a rise in progress,and achievement, There has been an We will train two staff members to Pupils able to access the curriculum more Impact of TAs work has been 20000.
increase in the number support the LA therapists work effectively and make accelerated progress in line positive. of pupils who come into with their ability Next year they will keep up with. Reception with best practice and continue to,additional needs linked disseminate to staff. to speech and language, To ensure that all Year 6 Breakfast club for Year 6 pupils This club worked brilliantly as it ensured the Continue with provision next year. pupils have had a children arrived in plenty of time for the tests and it. healthy breakfast created a togetherness which reduced anxiety It. before siting their SATs also ensured the children sat the tests having eaten. tests and that they a good breakfast,come into school in a. calm manner, To ensure children are The cost of school uniform has All purchases have been correctly actioned and all Fund will continue next year 3000. able to wear the correct increased considerably following the paperwork is filed for audit purposes. uniform introduction of blazers shirts and ties,in Key Stage 2.
Secondary Phase, Desired outcome Chosen action approach Impact Did you meet the success criteria Include Lessons learned Cost. impact on pupils not eligible for PP if appropriate Will the strategy continue be. enhanced or be cancelled as a,result of your evaluation. Quality first teaching Newly established network of Lead 93 teaching Good or better by July 2018 Continue to develop next year 80000. improves progress for Practioners LPs to lead best practice Above national progress both by Year 11 overall. learners particularly in key areas of pedagogy to enable. disadvantaged learners progress One LP to focus particularly In school data shows a similar picture. supporting accelerated progress for,Academically More Able Pupils. Improved learning in Purchase of new resources to support Maths attainment in Year11 at has matched English Renew Maths Mastery License 55000. Maths which at least delivery of new curriculum including and Science 2017 18 and extend into Year 8. matches progress and Maths Mastery at Year 7, achievement in English Regular CPD made available for staff. Increased progress and New Head of Year structure supported Progress of disadvantaged has been tracked and Continue to refine approach next 50000. attainment of by Key Stage Assistant Principals to early intervention put in place as required year to ensure stronger progress. disadvantaged learners increase tracking of progress and P8 progress not quite at national standards for made. in each year group attainment and intervene early to disadvantaged. arrest underachievement, Careers Guidance Mentoring offered by highly trained Destinations data shows reduction in NEET from Continue to develop careers 40000.
Mentoring priority for member of staff with L5 careers and Year 13 guidance. disadvantaged pupils progression qualification Career 0 NEET from Year 11 cohort 2017 18. ambitions and destinations, Eradicate low level Expert behaviour training for four Exclusions down on previous year Strategy effective so build on this 80000. disruption to enable staff enables peer to peer coaching to No permanent exclusions recorded. more impactful improve behaviour management skills. teaching learning for In school monitoring shows greatly improved. for all staff,all conduct for learning, Emotional barriers to Range of strategies including Place2be Services are well utilised and have greatly increased Expand Place2Be provision into 30000. learning addressed and for expert psychological support and the capacity of this provision the Primary Phase next year. overcome increased Educational Psychology,support for assessments. Additional learning time After school Holiday and Residential Attendance at additional learning sessions was Continue with provision next year 20000. opportunities outside Intervention programmes increase excellent and undoubtedly helped to prepare the. of the school day progress for KS4 learners Year 11 students for their GCSE examinations. maximise progress,3 Prior Year achievement, Achievement for 2017 2018 pupils Whole school Pupils eligible for PP your Pupils not eligible for PP your school national Y6. achieving expected standard in reading writing and Maths KS2. achieving expected standard or above in reading KS2 81 100. achieving expected standard or above in writing KS2 77 100. achieving expected standard or above in maths KS2 77 100. achieving expected standard or above in reading writing and maths Y2 77 100. achieving expected standard or above in reading Y2 74 89. achieving expected standard or above in writing Y2 68 82. achieving expected standard or above in maths Y2 71 88. achieving expected standard or above in phonics Y1 97 86. achieving expected standard or above in GLD 79 79,Progress 8 n a n a.
Attainment 8 40 1 46 9,A C 9 5 English and Maths 29 44. taking Ebacc 87 97,achieving Ebacc 17 23,Basics 4 9 46 67. Basics 5 9 29 44,Basics 6 4 8, Barriers to future attainment for pupils eligible for PP including high ability Please refer to the EEF documents Teaching and Learning Toolkit Families of. schools database and Evaluation Tool and also the Pupil Premium Awards website. In school barriers,A Often lower attainment particularly on entry. B Speech language vocabulary and comprehension skills are lower for some disadvantaged pupils than for other pupils. C Reduced opportunities to attend school trips and clubs. External barriers, D Attendance Some disadvantaged children have attendance and punctuality issues which have a detrimental effect on their progress.
E Home support a small percentage of disadvantaged children have limited support at home. F Circumstances in the home may have an impact on the pupil s emotional wellbeing in school. Desired outcomes, Desired outcomes and how they will be measured Success criteria. A Early gaps closed quickly by putting early intervention in place for pupils PP gaps narrowing or closed without reduced attainment overall. eligible for PP, B Improved S L and comprehension skills for pupils eligible for PP through PP make rapid progress by the end of the year so that all pupils eligible for PP meet. additional reading sessions and attendance at S L groups Regular at least age related expectations. questioning will develop oral explanations, C All PP children participate in school trips and clubs 100 attendance on trips No one excluded from clubs due to cost. D The attendance and punctuality of PP children improves Reduce the number of persistent lateness or absenteeism among pupils eligible for. PP EWO involvement not needed Attendance for the children is at least 96. E Greater engagement with parents to support their child at home Homework completed on time and to a good standard. An increase in parental attendance at basic skills workshops. Engagement with family worker pastoral team as required. F Greater capacity to support children with their emotional wellbeing Staff knowledge and capacity to support children struggling with their emotional. wellbeing increased, G Children in receipt of PP make at least the same progress as their peers Assessment data and tracking shows at least the same progress of PP children and. from the same starting point peers who started at the same point. 6 Planned expenditure,Academic year 2018 19, The three headings below demonstrate how pupil premium is being used in each phase of this all through academy.
Primary Phase, Issue identified Action to be taken What is the evidence and Intended outcome Staff lead Expected life Costs. rationale for this choice span of Does this include. strategy non PP funding in,months Years addition, Improve attendance Educational Children cannot learn if they Both whole school and SQC and JBO 11 months 40 000. Psychologist SOL are not in school disadvantaged group. consultancy and in achieve national average,school attendance. officer work together to,help students overcome,barriers to attendance. Our graduated system of,rewards support and,consequences to be.
further refined, Children lacking age Employ a speech Some of our children Improvement in TDO 11 months 15 000. expected oracy skills therapist to work with particularly those in the early children s oracy. children directly and to years have their progress skills evidence. lead staff inset hampered due to a lack of Academic progress. oracy skills of these children, Some parents cannot Money set aside to Experiences beyond the 100 attendance at MSH 11 months 20 000. afford the full cost of subsidise cost of curriculum particularly residential trip and. residential trip or activities for those who when experienced as a after school clubs. after school clubs require it group supports character. development,These events are also fun so,everyone should have the. opportunity to access and,enjoy them, Some children Money set aside to Having the correct uniform is All children wearing the JBO 11 months 4000. cannot afford the subsidise the cost of an integral part of the correct uniform. cost of uniform new and replacement school s ethos. and or to replace school uniform,lost or damaged, Identification and Purchase additional All children need support Reduced waiting time TDO 11 months 15000.
timely support for hours from Educational linked to their individual from teacher. children identified Psychologist to assist needs if they are to make the expressing concern. with SEN Inclusion Leader in most progress possible about a chid to SEN. managing SEN caseload assessment,Educational Psychologist SEN children will. to also support staff in achieve their individual,planning appropriate targets. Support for children Employ Mighty Men of Children being able to Reduced behaviour TDO 11 months 12000. who struggle with Valour mentors demonstrate strong self incidents and greater. behaviour choices Will be an additional control is vital if they are to progress made by. male role model maximise the progress they pupils involved. Continued strong Renew Maths Mastery Oasis Community Learning Increased mathematics MLE 11 months 6000. outcomes in maths licence and purchase the mandate that all schools in attainment and. particularly at the scheme for Year 2 the MAT purchase Maths progress. School Oasis Academy Shirley Park Academic Year 2018 19 Total PP budget 729 575 Date of most recent PP Review January 2019 Total number of pupils 1524 671 primary 853 secondary Number of pupils eligible for PP 679 44 5 246 primary 36 7 433 secondary 50 8 Date for next internal review of this strategy termly July 2019 2 Review of expenditure Previous Academic Year 2017

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