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The Challenge, Decoupling of Growth from Natural Resource Consumption and. Negative Environmental Impacts,Human well being,Resource decoupling. Economic activity GDP,Resource use,Environmental impact. Impact decoupling, Source International Resource Panel Decoupling Natural. Resource Use and Environmental Impacts from Economic. Growth United Nations Environment Programme UNEP,Nairobi 2011.
Major Steps To Achieve Decoupling, A Comprehensive Consistent and Holistic Approach in all Productive Activities. 1 Greening of Existing Industries, Improve the environmental performance of existing industry by increasing resource efficiency. strengthening waste management phasing out toxic substances use renewable energy. sources etc,2 Creating New Green Industries, Support the creation of industries delivering environmental goods and services such as 3R. service providers pollution control equipment suppliers renewable energy technology etc. 3 Shift from Labour to Resource Productivity, Re orient the prevailing economic paradigm away from an emphasis on achieving labour. productivity towards maximizing productivity gains from efficient resource management. 4 Dematerialization of the Economy, Reducing the material footprint of productive activities through new business models eco.
design of products closing the material loop by promoting a circular economy. Clean and Environmentally Sound,Technologies,Technologies which contribute towards. the overall goal Decoupling economic,growth from the consumption of. natural resources and emissions to the,environment. Basic and applied research innovation deployment and transfer of. technology capacity building etc should be oriented towards meeting this. UNIDO s Role in,Technology Facilitation, Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development ISID. UNIDO s renewed mandate of ISID emphasizes economic growth within an. environmentally sustainable framework and contributes towards decoupling. economic growth from natural resource consumption and the reduction of emissions to. the environment, UNIDO provides policy guidance technical assistance productive capacity.
building applied research, We believe that many technologies to achieve ISID are available today. UNIDO assists developing countries with,Access to independent information and assessments. Selection of appropriate technologies, Deployment and implementation of selected technologies. Long term maintenance and operational know how,Successful Examples. Non Combustion Technology for PCB Destruction, Chemical dechlorination process deployed in three countries.
Treatment of 167 tonnes of PCB contaminated equipment and. oil stationary batch process,Philippines, Treatment of 45 tonnes plus 128 kg of Askarel pure PCBs of. PCB contaminated equipment and oil stationary batch. Treatment of 40 tonnes of PCB contaminated equipment and. oil mobile unit continuous process,Successful Examples. Developing an Enabling Environment for Transfer of Renewable Energy Technology. India Cambodia Zambia Cuba, Promoting ultra low head micro hydropower ULH MHP technology gasifier solar. panels to increase access to renewable energy for rural productive use. Promoting business models for increasing penetration and scaling up of solar energy. Myanmar Thailand and Viet Nam, Overcoming policy market and technological barriers to support innovation and. South South technology transfer the pilot case of ethanol production from cassava. West Africa 18 countries, Enhanced access to energy based on renewables including demonstration.
deployment and transfer of innovative low carbon technologies and dissemination of. best practices, Market transformation for energy efficiency in industry building and transport sectors. Successful Examples,Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances. Large refrigeration and AC companies using HCFC 22 as. refrigerant gas are being converted to hydrocarbons. Egypt Iran Mexico, Alternative propellant technology to CFC for the production. of metered dose inhalers developed and deployed,Ecuador Jordan Philippines. HCFC 141b as a foam blowing agent replaced by newer safer. systems in the manufacture of polyurethane and extruded. polystyrene foams in developing countries,Successful Examples.
Economic Benefits of Energy Efficient Technologies Deployed in Cambodia. Technology Investment USD Annual Benefits USD, Biomass based paddy dryers in rice mills 800 000 540 000. Biomass based power generation using gasifiers 200 000 320 000. High draft fast baking kiln 150 000 120 000,Auto molding for bricks 320 000 150 000. Energy efficient ice units 80 000 95 000, Energy efficient compressors 26 000 unit 32 000 unit. Conversion of DO based oven to wood fired ovens 30 000 82 000. Replacement of DO fired boilers with biomass fuel 60 000 65 000. Replacement of DO based rubber drier with biomass 73 000 70 000. Replacement of lighting from T 8 to LED 26 unit 11 unit. Existing Global Mechanisms,International Technology Centres ITCs. The UNIDO International Technology Centres ITCs promote inclusive and. sustainable industrial development through global technology transfer. programmes, International Centre for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology ICAMT Bangalore.
International Centre for Small Hydro Power ICSHP Huanzhou. International Centre for Promotion and Transfer of Solar Energy ISEC Lanzhou. UNIDO Shanghai International IT Technology Promotion Centre Shanghai. UNIDO Shenzhen Environment Technology Promotion Centre Shenzhen. International Centre for Materials Technology Promotion ICM Beijing. Russia Brazil Centre for Technological Cooperation RBCTC Moscow. Existing Global Mechanisms,Investment and Technology Promotion Offices ITPOs. Specialized Network of UNIDO ITPOs, Connects developed and developing countries Bahrain. Partners investors technology suppliers client China Beijing. China Shanghai,countries Italy,Forms international alliances in industrial Japan. investment and technology transfer Republic of Korea. Russian Federation,South South Industrial Cooperation Centres SSICs. China South South Industrial Cooperation Centre,India South South Industrial Cooperation Centre.
Existing Global Mechanisms, Global Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production RECPnet. RECPnet enables and contributes to the effective and efficient development. application adaptation and replication of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production. RECP concepts methods policies practices and technologies in developing and. transition countries,55 RECPnet members in 45 countries. The network facilitates,effective North South and,South South collaboration. and the transfer of RECP,relevant knowledge,experiences and. technologies,Existing Global Mechanisms, Global Network of Regional Sustainable Energy Centres.
Programmatic approach to promote north south and south south knowledge and technology. transfer in cooperation with regional economic communities. ECOWAS Centre for Renewable, Energy and Energy Efficiency Southern African Centre for Caribbean Centre for. ECREEE for the West Renewable Energy and Energy Renewable Energy and Energy. African region Efficiency SACREEE Efficiency CCREEE. Renewable Centre for East African Centre for Pacific Centre for Renewable. Renewable Energy and Energy Renewable Energy and Energy Energy and Energy Efficiency. Efficiency RCREEE for the Efficiency EACREEE PCREEE. Arab region,Existing Global Mechanisms,UNIDO UNEP Green Industry Platform. High level multi stakeholder transformative partnership framework. Businesses governments international and civil society organizations have. joined by signing the Statement of Support, Scales up and mainstreams Green Industry approach in global industry. 190 Signatories of the Green Industry,Platform s Statement of Support. 30 Governments,95 Businesses,65 Int l Business,Civil Society.
Organizations,Existing Global Mechanisms, GEF UNIDO Global CleanTech Programme and Awards for SMEs. Participating Countries Armenia India Malaysia South Africa. Planned in Pakistan Russian Federation Turkey,Objective and Strategy. Encourage innovation in SMEs through incubation and. competition, Most promising entrepreneurs are identified through national. awards competition and are mentored promoted and connected. to potential investors partners and clients, Participating countries provide a strong foundation for regional. collaboration South South technology transfer and expansion. Key Activities,Training national academies webinars training.
Mentoring local global specialists business clinics. Access to capital strategic investors VC firms networking. Showcasing regional events global for a press exposure. Technology Investment USD Annual Benefits USD Biomass based paddy dryers in rice mills 800 000 540 000 Biomass based power generation using gasifiers 200 000 320 000 High draft fast baking kiln 150 000 120 000 Auto molding for bricks 320 000 150 000 Energy efficient ice units 80 000 95 000 Energy efficient compressors 26 000 unit 32 000 unit Conversion of DO based oven to wood fired

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