Evaluating contextualization and Insider Movements

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5 Primary difficulties in Islamic,Ministries,1 Persecution. 2 Extraction,3 Parasitism,4 Dependency,Thus Missiologists are looking for any new. paradigm to alleviate these problems,1 Gospel in the Qur an Camel. Finding Stories verses in the Qur an as a,Using these stories to introduce Gospel truths. Once they believe these truths about Jesus,you can then introduce the Gospels.
Sura 19 33 15 Jesus did die on the Cross,Sura 19 19 Jesus was the only perfect Man. Advantages,It begins with something they are familiar. with the Qur an,It doesn t confront their view of Isa. It makes it easier to make contacts,It is not as threatening. It is eisegesis reading into the Qur an what is,It can create anger in Muslims who know better.
It can give authority to the Qur an,unintentionally. It can easily cheapen the gospel,Once you start with the Qur an it s hard to. 2 Contextual Model,Breaking down any social cultural barriers. to the Gospel by incarnating oneself in,the local context. Became popular in the 1970s i e Phil,Parshall Frontiers.
Walking eating dressing living,incarnationally etc C1 C6. C 1 to C 6,The following is a brief summary of the. contextualization scale developed by John Travis,to describe models of contextualization. C1 Traditional church using non indigenous,language Christian churches in Muslim countries. entirely removed from the culture Christians exist. as an ethnic religious minority,i e Anglican Churches in foreign cities.
C2 Traditional church using indigenous language,The cultural forms are still far removed from the. broader Islamic culture,C3 Contextualized Christ centred communities. using Muslims language and nonreligiously,indigenous cultural forms Style of worship dress. etc are loosely from the indigenous culture Local,rituals and traditions if used are purged of. religious elements May meet in a church or a,more religiously neutral location The majority of.
the congregation is of Muslim background and call,themselves Christians. C4 Contextualized Christ centred communities,using Muslims language and biblically. permissible cultural and Islamic forms Similar,to C3 except believers worship looks like. Muslim worship they keep the fast avoid pork,and alcohol use Islamic terms and dress. Community is almost entirely of Muslim,background,Though highly contextualized believers are not.
seen as Muslims by the Muslim community,Believers call themselves followers of Isa Al. Masih Jesus the Messiah,C5 Christ centred communities of Messianic. Muslims who have accepted Jesus as Lord,and Saviour Believers remain legally and. socially within the Islamic community Aspects,of Islam incompatible with the Bible are rejected. or if possible reinterpreted Believers may,remain active in the mosque Unsaved Muslims.
may view C5 believers as deviant and may,expel them from the Islamic community. If sufficient numbers permit a C5 mosque or,Jamaat may be established. C6 Small Christ centred communities of,secret underground believers These can be. individuals or small groups isolated by extreme,hostility Openly sharing faith is typically not. Advantages,Contextualizing helps you to become part of the.
culture and adapt easily, It makes it easier to gain relationships and trust. People tend to be more responsive initially,The Church and converts don t stand out as. foreign or strange,There is normally not as much persecution of. Can lead to Syncretism,Son of God Jesus as Lord saviour Jesus as. 5 Pillars are all salvific We are now freed from them. Often seen as deceitful leads to persecution when,they find out.
Can mis communicate confuse the Gospel, Muslim worship forms were imposed on all cultures thus. define Islam,To adapt prayers dress or x tian mosques confuses. threatens them,Muslims define themselves by external dress. Forms function by reinforcing the meanings of beliefs. and ideology,3 C 5 Insider Movement,Acts 21 20 26 Paul does purification. rites to show he is still living under the,1 Cor 9 19 22 Paul says we must.
Become Like those we minister to i e,Become like Muslims. 1 Cor 7 17 22 Paul says those who,believe should stay like that which God. called them to,Advantages,There is little to no Persecution. Thus there is no Extraction i e Put new wine,love for Jesus in new wine skins Islam and. not old wineskins Christianity,There is little to no Parasitism no dependency.
No Financial responsibilities,The Numbers are great as there are many. believers many Jamaat s,Insider believers can minister to their families. Evaluating contextualization and Insider Movements 2011 Jay Smith amp Bill Nikides 5 Primary difficulties in Islamic Ministries 1 Persecution 2 Extraction 3 Parasitism 4 Dependency 5 Numbers Thus Missiologists are looking for any new paradigm to alleviate these problems 1 Gospel in the Qur an Camel Finding Stories verses in the Qur an as a Bridge Using these stories

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