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A network of more than,1 000 Present in more than,medical experts. 30 countries on,4 continents,Areas of expertise human. veterinary environment pharma,450 million,European 1. medical diagnostics,test results per annum,Sales revenues of approx. Ranked EUR 1 5 BILLION,in all key markets,SYNLAB AT A GLANCE.
SYNLAB offers a full range of medical laboratory services for patients. practising doctors clinics and the pharmaceutical industry Formed through. the combination of Labco and synlab the new SYNLAB Group is the un. contested leader on the European market for medical laboratory services. SYNLAB the best service,anywhere any time,Who we are. SYNLAB is Europe s number one medical diagnostics service provider offer. ing the full range of medical laboratory services for patients practising doc. tors clinics and the pharmaceutical industry Formed through the combination. of Labco and synlab the new SYNLAB Group is the uncontested leader on. the European market for medical laboratory services. Combining the networks and extensive range of innovative diagnostic tests. of both companies SYNLAB s reliable and local laboratory services are now. available in more than 30 countries SYNLAB combines the benefits of a. European wide network with the advantages of a local diagnostic services. provider We offer local access and personal counsel to our customers while. at the same time drawing from the breadth and depth of SYNLAB s interna. tional expertise,Austria Estonia Italy Romania Ukraine. Belarus Finland Lithuania Slovakia United Arab Emirates. Belgium France Macedonia Slovenia United Kingdom,Croatia Germany Norway Spain. Cyprus Ghana Poland Switzerland,Czech Republic Hungary Portugal Turkey. Sales organisations Brazil Lebanon Peru,logistics partners Colombia Mexico Saudi Arabia.
Egypt Morocco,not consolidated,Information as of September 2016. What we offer,SYNLAB provides a multidisciplinary approach for. fast high quality efficient and accurate diagnostics. Human medicine1 Veterinary medicine1, We provide complete clinical labo We offer comprehensive diagnos. ratory services CLS to laboratories tics,services to veterinaries domes. practitioners hospitals and patients tic animals livestock health farm. covering all fields of medical diag and exotic animals and laborato. nostics We attach great importance ry rodents Services to universities. to the advancement of medical diag research institutes pharma ceutical. nostic and are a driving force of med and food industry as well as stud. ical progress by pursuing growth and farms and animal breeders. innovation,Pharma1 Environmental analysis1, In our network of European medical We provide comprehensive diagnos.
experts we have excellent relation tics services in the areas environmen. ships to industry and leading univer tal safety and food safety Our offer. sities We offer a dedicated expert ing includes ground air and water. testing service for the whole lifecycle analysis industrial analysis ecotoxi. from drug development through clini cology compositional food analysis. cal trials to drug safety and response food hygiene and labelling checks. availability of services may vary across countries. Full range of diagnostic,C linical chemistry,H ematology. C oagulation,M icrobiology,I mmunology,P athology,L iquid biopsy. C ompanion Diagnostics,E ndocrinology,N uclear medicine. CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS ALONG,THE ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN, SYNLAB collects your blood sample delivers it fast and safely to one of our. regional labs or centers of excellence analyzes the sample provides differential. diagnosis and interprets the results in our network of medical experts. Doctor patient dialogue,SYNLAB International Network.
Expert support for diagnostics,Research Sample Logistics Results. Close collaboration with univer Interdisciplinary medical. sities continuously enhance our experts deliver interpretation. diagnostic offering,Fast delivery,Continuous exchange with Regional Lab. Centre of Excellence, diagnostics and pharma industry Rapid diagnosis supporting. Special diagnostics,clinical decision,Synthesis of reports with interpretation. and recommendations for differential diagnosis,Focusing on our p.
atients health,We offer a seamlessly integrated approach. covering all stages of the disease to best,serve our patients. 1 Predispositions 2 Primary Prevention,Possible phenotypic development Avoiding disease. Genetic predisposition for a disease Preventing infections. 3 Secondary Prevention 4 Treatment Control, Avoiding unnecessary treatment Limiting the relapse risk. and care Improved clinical management,Improving patient care and effective.
management, Our patients are at the Benefits for our customers. centre of our work Best in class processes, In everything we do our focus is on deliver igh quality and low costs. ing the best possible services for our patients O ne stop shop. We aim at delivering top quality services for P ersonal counselling. state of the art medical diagnostics and be the S ecurity and expertise. partner of choice for health professionals and B readth and depth of diagnostics. patients across Europe and beyond M edical innovation based on our access to and. collaboration with universities and research,Innovative solutions. 1 New diagnostic tests and 2 Companion diagnostics. technologies personalized m, SYNLAB is the preferred partner for The effectiveness of a drug highly. the public and private sector when it depends on genetic variations of. comes to entering new markets and patients As therapies are entering. developing innovative diagnostics ever more sophisticated stages they. Our close collaboration with research at the same time become more indi. departments from universities and vidual A rapid ly growing field within. the pharmaceutical industry enables this so called personalized medicine. us to make new tests available to the is companion diagnostics. medical community early,Companion diagnostics is the diag.
Focus areas of our research are ge nos tics developed alongside the. netics women s health cardiology drug development This diagnostics. ge nomics and others At the enables doctors to make better de. same time we constantly develop cisions regar,ding effectiveness and. and improve IT s olutions and services dosing of drugs. to make our diagnostic tests more, easily accessible for our customers Synlab has entered this area of di. agnostics to always provide doctors,with the latest and most innovative. service offering,3 B2B Solutions, For hospitals dialysis centers poly Point of Care PoC. clinics outpatient clinics laboratories Management and Supply. and others we offer different models Outsourcing,of integrated diagnostic solutions Joint Ventures.
Consulting,Outsourcing of Complete outsourcing SYNLAB runs. single analysis of analysis customer lab, Time critical Time critical routine analysis Laboratory on site incl PoC. routine analysis on site incl PoC,Other routine,and special. performed by Laboratory managed and,SYNLAB supplied by SYNLAB. 16 50 133 EN 112016,SYNLAB International GmbH,Moosacher Strasse 88.
80809 M nchen 2016 SYNLAB International GmbH,No liability for errors mistakes and incorrect. Germany price data Changes reserved All texts,images and contents are under copyright of. Tel 49 89 307 602 0 SYNLAB International GmbH, Fax 49 89 307 602 190 www synlab com As of 11 2016. English www synlab com Europe s Number One Medical Diagnostics Provider in all key markets Ranked 1st 3rd 1 2 3 Areas of expertise human veterinary environment pharma 450 million test results per annum Approx European 1 medical diagnostics provider 13 000 employees Sales revenues of approx EUR 1 5 BILLION 30 countries on Present in more than 1 000 medical experts A network of

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