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06 Markets Germany Austria 16 Convenient heat supply 30 The winter sports season 2015 16. Switzerland,EDITORIAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, 02 The challenges emerging from the 16 Vitodens 300 W 333 F and 343 F 22 Energy CHP and Industry forums. energy transition digitalization and Gas condensing boilers fulfil great 23 25 years of Viessmann USA. demographic changes demands on convenient heat 24 Viessmann online magazine invi. supply tech, GUEST ARTICLE 18 Vitocal 300 A Air water heat pump. 04 Franzjosef Schafhausen Director for heating loads up to 250 kW PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. General of the Federal Ministry for 19 Vitosorp 200 F Gas adsorption 25 Refrigeration unit as attraction. the Environment Nature Conser heating unit employs solar heating Brewery pub offers guests a view. vation Building and Nuclear Safety or geothermal energy of the cooled specialty beers. Vitovent 300 W 300 F and 200 C 26 House by the lake has forward 1. 05 NEWS New enthalpy heat exchanger for looking energy concept. balanced indoor air humidity 28 Erftverband uses innovative heat. MARKETS GERMANY 20 Vitocell 100 V and 100 W DHW ing technology. AUSTRIA SWITZERLAND cylinder with energy efficiency. 06 The challenge of energy efficiency in label A SPORT. current systems Vitoset New universal radiators for 30 Three title contests and the Youth. A sizable modernization backlog new builds and modernization pro Olympic Games in Lillehammer. exists in all three DACH countries jects Norway, Germany Austria and Switzerland 21 Tecto Standard WL 100 Cold room. 12 Viessmann in Germany Austria and for dry beef aging VIESSMANN SELECTION. Switzerland 32 Viessmann selection now available, 14 Portrait of the canton of Aargau in a new online shop. Imprint Photography kentauros triplike1do Enno Tel 49 6452 702493. Friedrich www ef artfoto de Rolf Kosecki Fax 49 6452 705493. 47th year of publication LEG Stefan Marquardt www architekturbild E mail info pr viessmann de. Published 3 times per year de Stefan Schilling Michael F Schultes Internet www viessmann de. Manfred Witzig,Prof Dr Martin Viessmann Layout, Gramm Werbeagentur GmbH Title The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
Editorial office Alexander Tinter Main focus of this edition are the markets. Manfred Greis Albrecht von Truchse J rg in Germany Austria and Switzerland. Schmidt Michael Wagner Doris Hofmann Lithography and printing. Alexander Tinter Wolfgang Rogatty Carsten Bernecker Mediagruppe. Lucassen Kolorit Bremen GmbH Cover page 2 The 2016 calendar for. Viessmann customers,Photos Editorial address, Bau Fritz GmbH Braeutigam European Com Viessmann Werke GmbH Co KG. mission Salome Roessler Frank Feisel Foto Unternehmenskommunikation Cover page 3 The winterly Via. lia Sergeii Firgurnyi Jensen Images JFL 35107 Allendorf Eder Germany Temporis. The challenges emerging from the,energy transition digitalization and. demographic changes, Recognizing opportunities and joining forces to make use of them. T he signals coming from the,world s leading trade fair ISH. last year were encouraging 2 500,positive sales figures are primarily.
limited to gas and oil heating boilers,Products that use renewable energy. the retail sector Every second con,sumer already makes regular pur. chases over the internet so that ten, exhibitors displayed their innovations in continue to decline The same applies percent of Germany s retail sales are. Frankfurt They were also well received to combined heat and power gener now effected online and that share will. by the visitors 200 000 people made ation considered to be the technology double again by 2020 This dynamic. their way to the exhibition venue with of the future development is progressing at the cost. significantly more than one third from of over the counter retail stores. abroad Further action needed on frame, work conditions Radical change in entire industries. Viessmann chose the motto Hybrid The cause of generally weak market There are numerous other examples of. Connect Power for their attendance development in the renewable energy radical change in entire industries. at ISH It showed that we are facing the sector is not only due to low oil prices traditional taxi businesses are threaten. defining topics of the industry head on but also the still insufficient political ed in many cities by start ups like. 2 and introduced more than 40 innovative framework particularly the partially in Uber or mytaxi Or the hotel busi. new products Considerable space consistent subsidies policy that is also ness where a majority of reservations. was also devoted to the wide ranging not receptive to new technology have shifted to online portals and new. services Viessmann offers its market providers like Airbnb have had great. partners alongside its comprehensive Expanded market position success in brokering accommodations. range of products The markedly posi In spite of the difficult policy framework in private homes The automobile in. tive feedback from visitors confirmed in numerous countries we were still dustry is also being infiltrated by non. that our exhibit was successful and had able to expand our market position traditional players like Google and. struck a chord in the industry All in all so that we are quite satisfied with the Apple who are testing networked self. the upbeat atmosphere in Frankfurt results from the positive direction driving cars on public streets. continued throughout the year that of our business We also see good. followed prospects for the future because New market players. the politically enacted energy transition There are also new market participants. Mixed results in international will only be successful if modernizing in our industry who all have one thing in. heating markets existing heating systems also takes common they are not taking on estab. Nevertheless the international heating place lished players at their core competence. markets showed mixed development in levels They don t build boilers heat. 2015 While the EU countries and North Digital structural change pumps or solar thermal systems They. America proved to be relatively stable A challenge that is even bigger than don t install them either They are mak. we saw market declines elsewhere the energy transition is posed by the ing inroads in a completely different. especially in Russia and the Ukraine advancing digitalization That applies to area they are re defining the interface. but the Chinese market also lost the economy in general and of course with the end customers and inserting. momentum to the heating industry as well The themselves between the distribution. digital structural change is already in levels, Growth in the German market full swing and new business models.
The heating market in Germany grew are in the process of changing entire Working together for mutual growth. by four percent to approximately industries in fundamental ways This There dear market partners is where. 700 000 heat generators However the process is already quite advanced in not only a big challenge lies but also an. opportunity for us to take up new ap Integration of refugees ities We only have to recognize them. proaches and continue to develop our The most important prerequisites for and join forces to use them to benefit. mutual business on the basis of our successful integration are learning us and society Then we will be. core competencies the language and an opportunity in successful in the future as well. the job market It is just at this point, The industry suffers from a lack of that a project we have initiated comes Prof Dr Martin Viessmann. qualified personnel in we are facilitating refugee assimi. Another challenge that we must face lation at our company s headquarters. are demographic trends and the result in Allendorf Eder by giving them. ing dearth of trained personnel which German lessons and letting them. is already affecting our industry That observe our company first hand If. is why effective strategies to acquire projects like this are successful not. qualified young employees are more only can it benefit the people affected. important today than ever All available directly but our entire country. potential must be taken advantage, of Integrating refugees can very Benefiting from opportunities. well play a role as many people It can be assumed that the challenges. who are currently coming to Germany that we must face will not get any. are young and want to start a new life easier in the coming year However. here every challenge also offers opportun,GUEST ARTICLE. Protecting the climate in Germany,and the world,by Franzjosef Schafhausen. Today we celebrate tomorrow we reality The greenhouse gases footprint has not been fully exploited in the past. have to get to work said EU Energy in Europe is to be at least 40 percent The opportunities for climate protec. Commissioner Miguel Arias Ca ete less in 2030 than in the base year 1990 tion but also for economic growth and. upon conclusion of the treaty on cli European emissions trading is meant employment are revealed when one. mate change at the Climate Confer to provide the lion s share of that considers that a mere one fourth of to. ence in Paris In fact there is still a lot day s installed heating and domestic. of work to do before all 194 participat On December 3 2014 the German water systems utilize state of the art. ing countries have laid the foundation Federal Government s Cabinet passed technology This treasure trove must. to achieve the two degree target the Climate Protection Action Program be uncovered otherwise realizing. 2020 which contains energy policy Germany s climate protection target. The EU is already quite a few steps measures and the National Plan of will be difficult However this will only. ahead On October 23 24 2015 the Action for Energy Efficiency NAPE succeed if the federal government. European Union country and govern The aims are scaled a 40 percent state governments and the economy all. ment heads already established a new reduction in greenhouse gas emissions act in concert It would also require. framework for EU climate and energy by 2020 55 percent by 2030 70 per commitment from trade professionals. 4 policy of which German climate protec cent by 2040 and 80 95 percent by and local engineers Homeowners and. tion policy is an integral part What the 2050 all as compared to 1990 As the other heating system operators must. European and German climate protec German greenhouse gas balance in realize that it is not only a matter of. tion policies have in common are very 2013 was still some distance from the protecting the global climate but also. challenging targets and measures 2020 target the Cabinet passed more that the trend in rising energy costs can. designed to make these policies a than 100 measures to ensure that be curbed by using the most modern. the national climate protection goal is technology Benefits for the environ. not missed The implementation status ment as well as for the wallet that. of each of the measures is recorded in just makes sense. a climate protection report submitted,to the cabinet on November 18 2015.
This target tracking radar will be,continued on a yearly basis Further. more the federal government s vision,for the year 2050 is in development. the Climate Protection Plan 2050,which is meant to supply investors. and other players a perspective on the,mid century and thus ensure more. dependability,The bundle of climate policy measures.
Personal details is aimed at all sectors Not only is the. Franzjosef Schafhausen is Director energy sector given special attention. General Federal Ministry for the as the biggest emitter of greenhouse. Environment Nature Conservation gases but buildings are a focus as well. Building and Nuclear Safety BMUB Specifically in that area the possibil. in Berlin ities for enormous reductions in CO2, Exemplary implemented based on the double Red Dot Award. strategy of increased efficiency and the, environmental expansion of renewable energy At the. goes twice to, management Allendorf site we reached the long Viessmann. term energy and climate targets set by, Viessmann has once again been the federal government as early as Two Viessmann products have been. honored for its environmental manage 2012 said Manfred Greis awarded the design prize Red Dot. ment The EU Commission had invited Award Product Design The gas ad. representatives from business science Photovoltaic sorption heating units Vitosorp 200 F. administration and politics from over and the wall mounted gas condensing. charging station at, 30 countries to the European Central boiler Vitodens 300 W were chosen.
Bank Together they celebrated the, the Allendorf plant by a high ranking international jury of. 20th anniversary of EMAS Eco experts to be included in the group. Management and Audit Scheme the of products allowed to display the. world s most ambitious system for coveted Red Dot logo. sustainable environmental management, As an EMAS pioneer Viessmann has The Red Dot Design Award dating. the oldest site registration originally from the 1950s is one of the. most important symbols of quality, Kestutis Sadauskas Director of the for outstanding design It is awarded. Green Economy section at the EU by the Design Center of North Rhine. Commission and Werner Studener Stock up on sunshine There are six charge Westphalia. points where the batteries of electric cars can,Ge. EUROPE S ECONOMIC CENTER The markets in Germany Austria and Switzerland VIESSMANN SCHWEIZ AG HEADQUARTERS Portrait of the canton of Aargau THE VIESSMANN MAGAZINE 3 2015

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