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Essenes Circulating File,The Essenes,Contents Pages. A Commentary by Ann Lee Clapp 4,B The Essenes and The Dead Sea Scrolls 6. C The Essenes And The Christ Child 13,Reading 1152 3 for The Inn Keeper s Daughter 20. D Categorized Excerpts from the readings,1 Essenes 27. 2 Essenes Wise Men 98,3 Sex Female Essenes 99,4 Temples Essenes 99.
5 Work E C Publications Essenes 101,E Other Related material. 1 Articles, a 8 2 65 Extracts from History Of Freemasonry Illustrated 38. b 2 69 Mystery Gradually Unfolding Scrolls Add Insight 38. c 2 1 51 Archbishop Claims Ancient Scrolls Prove Prophecies 44. d 2 16 69 Virgin Birth Support From Science 100, a Journey to Mount Carmel edited by Violet M Shelley 102. b Edgar Cayce s Hidden History of Jesus by Kirk Nelson 102. formerly titled The Greatest Story Never Told, c Edgar Cayce on the Dead Sea Scrolls Glenn D Kittler 103. d Edgar Cayce Library Series Vol 6 The Christian Epoch 103. e The Essenes A Historical Interpretation,by Enid Severy Smith 104.
3 Circulating Files,a Archaeology Egypt and Gobi,b Christianity and the Church. d Reincarnation Part 2 Groups, Circulating Files Research Bulletins are available from A R E membership services at. 800 333 4499 or http www edgarcayce org health circulatingfilesinfo html. Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971 1993 2006 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Essenes Circulating File,Essenes Commentary,by Ann Lee Clapp. The Edgar Cayce readings give a unique and fascinating look into the group that. prepared the way for the coming of the Christ, Those referred to in the Cayce readings as Essenes were the outgrowth of the. periods of preparations from the teachings by Melchizedek as propagated by Elijah and. other prophets for three hundred years Their purpose was to set themselves aside to. offer themselves to be in the direct line of choice for the coming of the promised one. the Messiah They were preparing for and expecting this event thus the name Essene. means expectancy Though there were different sects of Essenes the Cayce readings. focus on a particular group established by Elijah called the School of the Prophets. situated on Mt Carmel, Their studies included astrology numerology the return of individuals or.
reincarnation and phrenology the study of character analysis related to configurations of. the skull They emphasized purity of body and mind certain diets and communing with. universal forces as expressed in nature The use of intuition and the development of. psychic ability was encouraged Attention was given to dreams visions and psychic. experiences They accepted both Jews and Gentiles, Men and women were considered as equals within the order even to the extent. that a woman Judy reading 1472 was chosen as head of the Brotherhood at the time. just preceding the entrance of the Messiah She had been trained at the School of the. Prophets and was a prophetess Although the focus was on the Essenes at Carmel. another group was mentioned that was located on the way above Emmaus that goeth. down towards Jericho on the northern coast from Jerusalem Qumran A woman. named Eloise reading 1391 who had been trained at the School of the Prophets was in. charge of that community, The Essenes knew from astrology and from observing the signs in the heavens. the relation of Polaris to the southern clouds that this was the beginning of a new cycle. the Piscean age Twelve maidens young children of which Mary was one were chosen. to represent each of the tribes of Israel These little girls went through very strict training. for a number of years A beautiful description is given as to how Mary was designated. by an angel as the chosen one when she was about twelve years old Mary s further. training betrothal and marriage took place at Carmel. The events at the inn in Bethlehem are very different from those which have. previously been presented The inn keeper and his family were Essenes and were aware. of what was to take place The readings give a beautiful and inspiring account of this. After the birth when Joseph knew it was necessary for the family to go into. Egypt the Brotherhood prepared the way The family traveled only at night Their stay. was near Alexandria Mary and Josie studied in the library of Alexandria all the. prophecies that had been given concerning the birth of Jesus Josie was the maiden. chosen by the Brotherhood to assist Mary and the child When it was safe to return after. about four and one half years the family went to Capernaum where Jesus later began His. Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971 1993 2006 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Essenes Circulating File, Jesus developed as a normal child He was taught by Mary and Josie in the home. and by Judy head of the Essenes at Carmel He was trained in the tenets of the. Brotherhood as well as in Mosaic law and in ancient teachings of the east from Persia. India and Egypt, Judy determined where Jesus would travel and study In His teens He first went. to Persia then to India and finally to an Essene school in Egypt Jesus remained in Egypt. until His final initiation in the Great Pyramid in the same rites as were set 10 500 years. previously during the time of Ra Ta in Egypt Then Jesus returned to Palestine and was. baptized by His cousin John who had also trained in Egypt and was initiated in the. Pyramid John had returned before Jesus to prepare the way for Him. The Essenes continued during Jesus lifetime but how long after that is not given. Though their purpose had been fulfilled with the coming of the Master the School of the. Prophets may have remained as a school to study the tenets and practices of the. Brotherhood and the teachings of the east, The Master came when the cycle changed to the Piscean age This is the.
beginning of a new cycle the Aquarian age It is prophesied that He will come again in. this age not as one born but will appear in the flesh to walk and talk with those of every. clime We can be present day Essenes to help hasten that day by practicing kindness. mercy patience the fruits of the spirit and by living that which Jesus taught to love God. with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself We must seek to know Him within. our own hearts before we may expect to know Him when He walks the earth again in the. flesh to call His own by name, Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971 1993 2006 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Essenes Circulating File,The Searchlight,Vol X No 10. October 1958,The Essenes and The Dead Sea Scrolls,by Lytle W Robinson. When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in caves not far from Bethlehem in. Palestine the news of their contents detonated a chain reaction among scholars that will. be many years in subsiding Indeed the controversy may rage for decades. It has been variously estimated that it will take from ten to fifty years to decipher. all the uncounted thousands of encrusted manuscripts and fragments of copper leather. and papyrus As they are published from time to time the debate about their significance. is almost certain to grow in intensity, Although there are some rather large areas of speculation and disagreement about. the scrolls there is one point on which men of science almost unanimously agree that is. their source Undoubtedly the writers or at least the keepers of these scriptures were the. Essenes a group which flourished during the first stages of Christianity The. announcement of this fact immediately thrust into controversial prominence this little. known and almost forgotten sect of Hebrew ascetics And it is around them that much of. the contention revolves, The mystery of the Essene brotherhood has intrigued scholars for many centuries.
but with the discovery of the Scrolls the Essenes have suddenly become quite important. The public s thirst for information about the Scrolls has been whetted Who were the. Essenes What were their beliefs and practices What connection if any did Jesus of. Nazareth have with them Could He have been a member of the order If so how much. did their doctrines influence His teachings And there is also that enduring question. Where was He and what was He doing the first thirty years of His life. Although something was known of the Essenes before the Scroll discoveries. much still remains unknown Certainly a great deal more will be established after all the. manuscripts and fragments have been deciphered Until then the missing gaps loom. rather large in comparison with the whole cloth Nevertheless striking similarities. already have been found between the doctrines of the brotherhood and the early. Christians, Translations have thus far been made of a script of the Old Testament Book of. Isaiah a scroll called The Thanksgiving Psalms a Manual of Discipline for the. brotherhood a commentary on the Book of Habakkuk which includes references to a. Messiah and a Teacher of Righteousness a commentary on Psalm Thirty Seven a. commentary on Nahum commentary on Micah a paraphrase of the Law the Oration of. Moses and a manuscript describing a War of the Sons of Light with the Sons of. Darkness or the children of Belial These scrolls bring up perplexing questions about. the carpenter from Nazareth, This article and the one that follows were written before the readings were computerized Certain. passages and reading numbers have been misquoted corrections have been made where possible. Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971 1993 2006 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Essenes Circulating File, Most of our knowledge concerning the Essenes has come from three sources. Pliny the Elder Philo and Josephus who was a Jewish historian contemporary of Jesus. Although the accounts of these are not entirely in accord scholars have pieced together a. fairly accurate but limited description of the manner of life along the Dead Sea. According to these accounts the Essenes lived in Palestine in scattered groups. from about 150 B C until the second century A D The membership was composed of. adult males who led a celibate life although at least one faction admitted women They. abhorred riches worldly honors and personal gain holding all things in common Their. food was of the simplest and their attire consisted of plain long white flowing robes. Their labor was devoted to agriculture and a few simple handicrafts They were opposed. to commerce on the grounds that it led to covetousness and to the making of weapons of. war They also rejected the animal sacrifices which played so prominent a part among the. other Hebrew sects the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The order adopted young boys and brought them up as novices admitting them to. the group upon maturity if they so desired It also received adult males who had grown. weary of the trials of life after a three year period of probation Here is a people says. Pliny that never dies out yet in which there are no births so fruitful for them is others. disgust of life, Like the Society of Friends the Quakers the Essenes forbade oaths maintaining. that a man whose word needed to be confirmed by oath was not to be believed at all. Their only pledge of allegiance was to the order itself and that for which it stood The. Essenes were so highly regarded for their integrity that outsiders considered their word as. being sufficient in all matters, Upon admission to membership the candidates vowed according to Josephus.
First that he will practice piety toward the Deity next that he will observe justice toward. men that he will wrong no one whether of his own mind or under another s orders that. he will hate the unjust and fight the battle of the just that he will forever keep faith with. all men especially with the powers that be since no ruler attains his office except by the. will of God that should he himself bear rule he will never abuse his authority nor by. his dress or by any other external mark of superiority allow himself to outshine his. subjects to be forever a lover of truth and to expose liars to keep his hands from stealing. and his soul from unholy gain to conceal nothing from the members of the sect and to. report none of their secrets to others even though tortured to death. This is the summation of what history knows of the Essenes and it leaves much to. be desired,Another Source of Information, There is one other source of information and it reveals a great deal more about. these godly Jews certainly the most righteous people of their day That source is the. Edgar Cayce readings, While the nature of the evidence may cause some raising of scholarly eyebrows. the information itself appears entirely plausible and convincing At worst it is no more. speculative than some of the hypotheses already put forth by scholars in order to. reconcile or separate as the case may be the historical Jesus and the order of the. Essenes This indeed is the very heart of the question what is the relationship between. Jesus and the Essenes, Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971 1993 2006 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Essenes Circulating File, The metaphysical philosophy emerging from the Cayce readings is complex and. comprehensive Its code of ethics is a stern one Although it incorporates reincarnation in. the spiritual evolution of man it integrates the highest religious ideals throughout and it. places the figure of Christ at the apex of the philosophical structure. Among the thousands of questions put to the sleeping Cayc. Essenes Circulating File Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971 1993 2006 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation 5 Jesus developed as a normal child He was taught by Mary and Josie in the home

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